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RWW Side Story: How to Train Your Pet Slave Chapter Three

Bellatrix had a difficult time sleeping through the night, waking up every few hours. The position Longbottom left her in was uncomfortable, to say the least. She tiredly looked out the window as the sun rose, wondering what new humiliation Longbottom had planned for her next.

It was another two hours before she heard the door creak open and Longbottom walked inside. He had a tray of food in his hand, the smell instantly making her mouth water. Bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee. ‘At least the fool knows enough to provide a proper meal,’ Bellatrix thought haughtily.

Over the last few months, decent food had become more and more difficult to get. She had even resorted to breaking into muggle homes occasionally and imperiusing the muggles to serve her before she inevitably killed them.

She could never stay for very long, a few days at the most, before she drew the attention of the Aurors, or the ever-increasing number of bounty hunters trying to make a name for themselves.

Neville smiled at the hungry look in Bellatrix’s eye as he set the tray down on his desk. She would be in for a rude awakening, and a long overdue lesson in humility.

He reached into the trunk, pulling out another potion vial, and hooked it up to the dildo still logged in Bellatrix’s throat.

Bellatrix grunted in annoyance as she was force fed another potion, but it would all be worth it once she got to eat her breakfast. Longbottom would have to let her out of the pillory to eat, and once she finished, she would pounce on him. ‘He won’t even see it coming,’ she thought maliciously.

She already had a good idea what the potions were doing. The aches and pains she had been dealing with over the last few months were gone now, and the various injuries she picked over the last year were slowly getting better.

Neville sat down at his desk, making sure Bellatrix could see him. Catching her eye, he picked up a piece of bacon and ate it in front of her, enjoying the look of outrage and anger on her face as he tucked into his breakfast.

Bellatrix glared murderously up at Longbottom as he ate her breakfast, promising herself that when she got loose, he would pay dearly for this moment.

She could do nothing as he approached her again with another one of his foul tasting potions. He replaced the vial, forcing her to drink it as well, followed shortly by a third one.

The aroma of coffee and bacon permeated the room, making Bellatrix’s mouth water. The psychological torture was not lost on Bellatrix. She had done similar things during the war to break prisoners, and often times much worse, but this was the first time those same tactic were used against her.

“That was delicious,” Neville said, looking Bellatrix directly in the eye as he patted his stomach. “The elves really out did themselves today,” he said, expecting another temper tantrum from her.

He was a little surprised when she settled for simply glaring at him, especially considering how she behaved yesterday. She was obviously still furious. The glare she sent him was proof enough of that, but she also wasn’t thrashing around and screaming at him like a wild animal. ‘Progress,’ he thought triumphantly.

The book was right. She learned he wouldn’t tolerate that kind of behavior from her, and even faster than he expected. Now he just had to work on the murderous looks she kept sending his way.

Neville finished his last sip of coffee before he moved behind Bellatrix, starting her first spanking of the day. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Bellatrix yelped in surprise as Longbottom spanked her, wondering why he was even spanking her. She didn’t even do anything this time, her face flushing with humiliation as she could do nothing to stop him.


Neville looked down at Bellatrix’s ass as he spanked her, turning her cheeks from a pasty white to a rosy pink. He made a mental note to make sure she got some sun in the future as he much preferring the sun kissed look.


Bellatrix winced uncomfortably as Longbottom continued to spank her. She was still sore from her spanking yesterday, but she stopped herself from squirming out of the way, promising herself that she wouldn’t let him see that his tactics were having an effect on her.


She knew exactly what Longbottom wanted, for her to whimper and cry, beg and plead for him to stop. His little power play wouldn’t work on her. She promised herself she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.


As the spanking continued, a traitorous thought tickled at the back of Bellatrix’s mind. What if she just pretended to give in? He would stop spanking her. There wasn’t even anyone else to catch her in a moment of weakness, just Longbottom, and she would kill him soon enough.

‘NO’ she thought, viciously crushing the errant thought. Even pretending to submit to a man like him would be a step too far. What would the dark lord think of her if he saw her like that?


Neville smiled in satisfaction as he continued to spank Bellatrix. He knew this was important for establishing dominance, but he couldn’t wait to move on to the more enjoyable parts of her training.


After the fiftieth spank, Neville stopped, ready to move onto the rest of her training for the day. He could tell Bellatrix didn’t understand why he spanked her this time, but he knew that after a few more sessions, it would become clear to her.

Bellatrix let out a small sigh of relief when Longbottom went back to his desk, reading his strange book again. Her ass hurt more than she wanted to admit. More than once during her spanking, she bit down hard on the dildo in her moth to keep from screaming out, both in anger and from the growing pain.

She watched with apprehension as Longbottom nodded to himself as he put down his book a few minutes later and moved behind her again. She hoped he wasn’t planning on spanking her again, not knowing if she could stop herself from reacting this time.

She almost sighed in relief when he activated her plug again. The comparatively mild discomfort of the jet of water filling her ass was far more bearable than another spanking, though no less humiliating for Longbottom to have so much control over her.

“Mipsy,” Neville called after Bellatrix’s plug finished its work. “Bellatrix is ready for her bath.”

Bellatrix blinked as the house-elf appeared in front of her, a large claw-foot tub appearing beside it. She could see the steam wafting out of the tub invitingly, and could even smell the light scent of jasmine coming from the water.

When she had been a Black, this was commonplace for her. She had never given it much thought then, but between Azkaban and the war that followed, it had been years since she had indulged herself in this kind of luxury.

After the past year especially, it would have been something she enjoyed, craved, even, but not while Longbottom held her prisoner. But as she thought about it more, she smiled inwardly, realizing the opportunity that was presented to her.

Longbottom would have to release her from the pillory to get her into the tub. She knew he probably had some plan to keep her control, but no plan was perfect, and she only needed a single moment. If she paid attention, there would be some weakness she could exploit and escape, ‘then the tables will turn,’ she thought to herself.

Neville pulled out his wand, levitating Bellatrix just above the tub. He moved beside her and unlocked her ankle, holding it tight as he pushed it into the tub, ready to lock her ankle to the manacle inside the tub.

He could feel her struggling against his grip, but he was ready for it. With some effort, he locked her ankle to the shackle, then moved behind her, and lay a set of sharp smacks to her ass. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Bellatrix couldn’t keep the grimace of pain off her face as Longbottom spanked her for the second time. It had been a foolish idea to fight him then. Even if she successfully kicked him away, he still had her trapped, with no way to get free. She should have waited, bided her time until the right opportunity came along.

This time Bellatrix didn’t fight as Neville locked her other leg into the tub. He moved to her wrists next, opening the pillory just enough to pull one out, and locked it to the tub before he removed it entirely, and locked down her remaining wrist.

Bellatrix titled her head back and forth, stretching the stiff muscles in her neck and back as she sunk into the warm scented water. If she closed her eyes, she could even forget Longbottom was here, and just enjoy herself.

Neville looked down at Bellatrix on all fours, luxuriating in the tub. He could already see the effects of the potions he had her drink. Her numerous scars had already faded considerably, and within a couple of days would be gone entirely, leaving behind smooth, unblemished skin.

She already looked ten years younger now, closer to 45 years old. Her skin had even tightened up again, as she regained some of the curves she had in her youth.

Bellatrix would never say it out loud, but she loved the feel of the warm water on her skin. For the first time in a very long time, she allowed herself to relax, savoring the moment.

Months spent on the run, sleeping in abandoned buildings, sometimes even forest floors and caves, had taken its tolls on her. She could almost forget she was a prisoner in a moment like this.

Neville pulled up a chair, sitting down beside Bellatrix. He picked up the bucket Mipsy left for him and dipped it into the tub, pouring the scented water over Bellatrix’s back.

The book had been clear about this. It wasn’t just about pain. There had to be punishment and pleasure, both in equal measure, to tame, and bond with a new pet. Overtime Bellatrix would associate with not just punishments for misbehaving but also comfort and pleasure when she did what she was told.

Bellatrix’s reverie broke when she felt the water splash across her back, bringing her back to the reality. Even though she enjoyed the feel of the warm water cascading off her back and shoulders, she sent a hateful glare at Neville.

Neville let out an audible sigh as he set the bucket down and reached back, spanking Bellatrix again. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

It confused Bellatrix for a moment as she yelped into her gag, wondering what she had done this time. She winced with every spank before the realization finally struck. He was going to spank her every time she did something he didn’t like, even for something as simple as glaring at him.

She looked down at the water for a long moment, coming to a difficult decision. Just for now, she would do what he wanted. It was the first time since she got here that she felt comfortable, and she wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible.

Neville picked up the bucket again, pouring the water over Bellatrix’s body, washing away the dirt and grime.

As the water cascaded over Bellatrix head and back, she closed her eyes, putting out of her mind where she was, and just enjoyed the moment. A small smile of contentment working its way onto her face as Longbottom poured another bucket of water over her, pretending she was back home at Grimmauld place, before she left home, and her pampered and luxurious life fell apart.

Neville reached into the tub, pulling out the sponge floating in the water. He applied some soap to it before he rubbed in along Bellatrix’s back and shoulders in slow circles, working the soap into her skin.

Bellatrix’s eyes snapped open as she felt the sponge on her back, turning to look at Longbottom in shock, a myriad of emotions crossing her face as she struggled to process what she was feeling. Longbottom had an impassive look on his face as he locked eyes with her, daring her to react.

Bellatrix looked down at the water quickly, not trusting herself to stay calm, and play right into his hands again. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself. She wouldn’t let him manipulate her again.

Neville pretended not to notice Bellatrix’s reaction as he continued to work the sponge up and down her back a few more times before going lower. To her credit, Bellatrix didn’t react as he ran the sponge over her ass and the back of her thighs.

When he reached underneath, soaping her breasts and torso, he could feel her stiffen, but did nothing to stop him.

He couldn’t wait to do this without the sponge, and as tempting as it would be to do so now, he knew he had to be patient, especially in the beginning. She wouldn’t submit to him all at once. It would be in steps, slow at first. Each act of submission would build on the previous one, her resolve weakening, until she gave herself to him completely.

Bellatrix squirmed under Longbottom’s touch. Despite the promise she made to herself, she enjoyed the feel of the sponge on her chest, her nipples coming to attention under his surprisingly tender ministrations.

When Longbottom pushed the sponge between her legs, rubbing her pussy in slow circles, her resolve faltered.

Bellatrix’s eyes popped open as the rough texture of the sponge rubbed along her pussy lips, stimulating her. It had never felt like this before. Somehow, the pleasure she was feeling from the simple touch of Longbottom’s sponge was sending waves of pleasure directly to her core.

She tried to clamp her legs together, desperate to hide her arousal from Longbottom, but the damnable cuffs around her ankles made that impossible. She bit down on the dildo in her mouth, cutting off a moan of pleasure before it could escape her lips.

She knew what Longbottom was doing as he continued to rub her pussy. He wanted to make her cum, have her debase herself in front of him, and the worse part was, it was probably going to work.

If not for the tub, it would be obvious Longbottom was making her wet. It had been so long since the last time she came. She didn’t know how much longer she could hold out.

Just when he was about to force an orgasm out of her, Neville stopped, dropping the sponge into the water as he picked up the bucket again. He poured more water over her, washing away the remaining soap. As tempting as it was to make her cum, he knew it wasn’t the right time. When he let her cum, he would make her work for it, and beg for the pleasure he could only provide her.

Bellatrix looked up at Longbottom, a look of confusion and frustration on her face. She wasn’t sure if she should be mad at him for doing what he did in the first place, or stopping when she had been so close.

Her face flushed with embarrassment at the knowing look on his face, realizing that she hadn’t done as good a job as she thought, hiding her arousal.

Neville pulled out a bottle of shampoo next, working it into her hair, where most of the dirt and grime was before rinsing it out and repeating it twice more.

When Neville was finally satisfied she was clean, he drained the tub, and used his wand to dry Bellatrix off.

He then floated the pillory back in front of her, locking her neck and hands back in before he floated her out of the tub and onto the carpet, and left without a word.

Part of Bellatrix’s training was the silence, leaving her to her own thoughts and teaching her to crave his presence. In time, being left alone would become its own punishment, and she would crave his attention.

When Bellatrix heard the click of the door locking, she tried to stand up. Longbottom had forgotten to shackle her legs, a mistake that she could capitalize on, but as hard as she tried, she just couldn’t get the leverage to stand up. The heavy oak pillory didn’t budge so much as an inch off the floor.

After a few more minutes of straining her muscles, trying to stand, she finally gave up, realizing the pillory was enchanted. It seemed Longbottom thought of everything, she thought morosely.

She hated to admit it, but Longbottom had her trapped. Worse still, he hadn’t made a single mistake she could exploit. If something didn’t change soon, she would be stuck here forever.

With nothing better to do, she stared out the window, watching as the morning slowly turned to afternoon.

Her eyes started to droop. The lack of sleep the previous night catching up with her. She was still far from comfortable, but that didn’t seem to matter. Her eyes fluttered close as she fell asleep again.

When she woke up next, it was late evening. The sun was setting and she could feel the pangs of hunger gnawing at her stomach again, reminding her that she hadn’t eaten in more than three days. The closest thing to food being the potions Longbottom forced down her throat.

Just when she thought Longbottom intended to leave her in this state for the rest of the night, she heard a click, then the door creaked open.

A small part of her was glad Longbottom was back. Left to her own thoughts for so many hours had nearly driven her up the wall with boredom.

Neville went to the chest sitting near his desk and pulled out another three vials of potions, then stood in front of Bellatrix, taking in her appearance. It had only been about eight hours and she was already looking younger than in the morning. If he had to guess, she looked just under forty now. After another day or so, she would look just like her picture again.

Bellatrix eyed the potions vials in Longbottom’s hands wearily. There were far too many of them, and she was drinking them far too often for just restoring her health, but she couldn’t figure out what their purpose was.

Neville hooked up the first potion to her gag, watching as it slowly drained into Bellatrix’s mouth and down her throat, then activating her plug again.

Bellatrix grunted as she felt the now familiar jet of warm water fill her ass. She did her best to remain impassive, pretending she hadn’t even felt it. Longbottom was watching her intently for a reaction, just looking for a reason to spank her again, but she knew better now. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

She waited for the water to drain from her ass, plotting what she would do once she escaped. It would be difficult, but she had to play along with his little game, just until he let his guard down. Then she would capitalize on his mistakes and make him pay dearly for every humiliation he heaped upon her.

Bellatrix let out a sigh of relief when the plug finally drained the water out, and the uncomfortable bloated feeling finally subsided.

Neville hooked up Bellatrix’s second potion before he returned to his book again. He had been reading, and re-reading each chapter to prepare for Bellatrix’s training. The last thing he wanted was to make a mistake and ruin everything.

Bellatrix looked up at Longbottom again, wondering again what it was about that book that had him so engrossed. Every time she focused her eyes on the cover, the letters blurred, making it impossible for her to read them.

Neville looked up from his book, and switched out Bellatrix’s potion for the last one before he returned to his book again, continuing to read.

Bellatrix glared at Longbottom as he read his stupid book, furious that he was just ignoring her again. She couldn’t even taunt him with the gag in her mouth.

When Neville looked up from his book again, Bellatrix quickly looked away, hoping that he didn’t see the look on her face, but she was too late.

She watched as he put down the book down with a long sigh and moving behind her again. She knew what was coming and tensed her muscles, preparing herself.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Bellatrix grunted after each spank, but refused to move or show Longbottom any other sign his tactics were working, regardless of how much it hurt.

She hadn’t fully recovered from her previous spankings yet, and the sting of each spank quickly became unbearable.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Despite her best efforts, Bellatrix couldn’t hold back the occasional yelps of pain as Longbottom hit a sore spot, thankful that her gag at least muffled the sounds. It felt like her ass was on fire. Even though she knew it was useless, she futilely tried to move out of the way.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Bellatrix breathed a sigh of relief when the spanking finally stopped, keeping her eyes glued to the floor as her face flushed red with embarrassment.

She was a soldier, a warrior on the battlefield, one of the most powerful and feared witches in the world, and this man, barely even a man at all spanked her, like she was some unruly child.

Neville looked down at Bellatrix’s abused ass, now a bright red, as she stared at the ground, refusing to look up at him. He went to the trunk and pulled out a jar of salve, scooping some into his hands and rubbing them together for a moment. He moved behind Bellatrix, applying the salve to her ass.

Bellatrix looked over shoulder in confusion when Longbottom rubbed something onto her ass. It felt cold to the touch, but slowly warmed as he applied it.

Neville could feel how tense Bellatrix was as he kneaded her ass cheeks. ‘She probably thinks it’s another punishment,’ he thought wryly.

Bellatrix felt a small amount of relief as the salve soothed the pain from her spanking, dulling it before the pain faded entirely.

As the minutes passed, with no sigh of Longbottom stopping, she involuntarily relaxed her ass as something else replaced the pain.

Neville looked at Bellatrix’s ass as he kneaded it, running his finger along the edge of her plug, as he worked in the salve.

Bellatrix did her best to hide it, rubbing her thighs together as she became aroused despite her best efforts to ignore Longbottom. She bit down hard on the dildo as Longbottom snaked his finger around the rim of her ass, turning her on even more. The hatred she felt for him somehow enhanced the pleasure she was feeling as she felt her wetness dripping down her thighs.

Neville could tell Bellatrix was enjoying herself and took things to the next stage. Still fondling her ass with one hand, he pressed the other between her legs, separating her thighs.

He could feel her pressing her thighs together, trying to keep him out, but the salve also acted as a lubricant, letting him easily slip past her defenses. He cupped her cunt in his hand as he curled his fingers through her pubic hair.

A moan of pleasure escaped Bellatrix’s lips before she could contain herself. After all the spankings she had received over the last few days, the pleasure she was feeling now acted as a balm, making it even harder to resist his advances.

She clamped her thighs tightly around his wrist, not sure if she wanted him to stop or keep going. It was difficult to think clearly when he did things like this.

She could feel her pussy dripping in anticipation, her body betraying her as it reacted to his touch.

Neville could feel the death grip Bellatrix’s thighs had on his wrist loosen as he played with her pubic hair. He eased his wrist back, now running his fingers over her pussy lips.

Bellatrix arched her back, another moan escaping her lips as her pleasure intensified. Realizing there was no point in hiding it now. She decided to take what pleasure she could from it, and deal with the consequences later.

Just as she was about to cum, Longbottom abruptly stopped, pulling his hand back, and left the room without a word.

Bellatrix stared at the closed door in shock and frustration. He had done it again! She had been so close to cumming. Why would he just leave her like this? Why didn’t she see it coming?

A rage overtook Bellatrix a moment later as she screamed into her gag, thrashing around, trying to rip her arms free of the pillory. Longbottom was playing with her. She promised herself that he would pay dearly for this, and every other humiliation he heaped on her.

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