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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Twenty-Five

Harry woke up with a smile on his face. He could feel a pair of tongues on his cock, coaxing him to a full erection.


He opened his eyes, looking down to see Emma and Hermione on either side of him as they licked and kissed his shaft.

Hermione and Emma felt the bed shift and looked up at Harry with sultry smiles before returning to lavishing attention on his cock.

They both pressed their lips to the head of his cock, flicking their tongues back and forth, causing Harry to groan in pleasure.

Harry wasn’t sure what his girls were up to, but he certainly wasn’t going to stop them.

He reached down, running his fingers through their hair as they teased his cock. He decided immediacy that this was by far the best way to wake up in the morning.

Hermione moved her lips down, licking Harry’s shaft lovingly. She and Emma owed a great deal to Harry. He had risked his life fighting Percy and his thugs, even willing to give up his entire fortune for them. She didn’t know if they could ever pay him back for that.

She felt his cock come to full mast as she gently sucked on his balls.

Before Harry, she had never even considered doing something like this. The old her would have found it demeaning, submitting to someone, but she hadn’t realized how intoxicating it could be, bending to the will of such a powerful wizard.

Sometimes she felt herself getting lost in it, letting her lust completely take over. It scared her at first, how she behaved when she let her inhibitions fall away, but she understood now. Harry was there, her Master, and he would take care of her.

Emma lovingly licked Harry’s shaft, wrapping her lips around him and taking him into her throat. Her gag reflex was gone, and she loved the way his cock felt inside her throat, throbbing and pulsing as she worked him towards an orgasm.

Harry tighten his grip on Hermione and Emma’s hair as he got close. It was incredible, the way they sucked his cock together. They were always in sync, knowing what the other was thinking, and working together to get him off. They were the best he had ever had, and by a wide margin.

Hermione knew Harry was getting close when she felt his balls twitch in her mouth. They had been sucking him for the better part of half an hour now, and even with Harry’s stamina, he could only hold out for so long.

Emma came to the same conclusion as she wrapped lips tightly around his shaft. She bobbed her head a few more times before Harry rewarded her with the salty-sweet flavor of his cum.

Harry grunted as he came into Emma’s mouth and watched as his girls shared his cum between them eagerly.

“That was amazing,” Harry praised. “But what’s the occasion?”

Hermione and Emma smiled as they lay down on either side of him. “Happy Birthday Master!”

Harry was caught by surprise. He had been so focused on his plans that he had completely forgotten about his birthday. Was it July 31st already?

“Don’t tell me you forgot,” Hermione laughed.

“Well, I have been pretty distracted,” Harry reminded them as he trailed his hands down their backs, resting his palms on their plugs.

“That was just the first part of your birthday present,” Emma replied as she sat up on the bed. “Let’s have a shower. We’ll tell you about your other present over breakfast,” she said, winking to Hermione as she got off the bed.

She unhooking her corset from the previous night and peeling off her stockings before stepping into the washroom.

“Come on Master,” Hermione said, stripping out of her lingerie and following Emma into the bathroom.

Harry watched them go, a smile coming to his face as he remembered the fun they had in the sex room. He couldn’t wait to get them back there for an encore performance.

Harry walked into the bathroom to find Hermione and Emma already in the shower. He watched as they soaped each other down, just like he had trained them.

He stood there for a moment, enjoying the erotic sight of his girls running their hands over each other’s bodies as they glancing over at him enticingly.

Harry smiled as he stepped into the shower, wrapping an arm around each of their waists and planted a kiss on Emma’s lips, followed by Hermione’s.

Emma reached down, her hand slick with soap, and wrapped her fingers around her master’s cock, pumping her hand up and down as he kissed Hermione.

When they broke this kiss, Hermione leaned over, kissing Emma as she reached down, fondling Harry’s balls.

Harry groaned in pleasure as they worked his cock. “Just like that girls,” he praised.

As his girls lavished their attention on his cock, he slid his hands down their backs and pulled the plugs from their asses, letting them drop to the shower floor, then pushed his index and middle fingers into their asses.

Emma let out a low moan as Harry’s fingers penetrated her ass, loving the feel of his soap slicked fingers sliding in and out of her ass.

Hermione was in much the same state, becoming more and more aroused as Harry fingered her asshole.

“Both of you, full wall position,” Harry ordered, brining and end to the foreplay.

Hermione and Emma peeled away from Harry, spreading their legs and leaning forward to press their cheeks against the cool tile of the shower stall. They reached back, spreading their ass cheeks, exposing their assholes and dripping pussies to Harry.

Harry drank in the sight of his girls, submitting to him so wantonly. They had been so, buttoned down and proper before he enacted his plan. It still amazed him how quickly and enthusiastically they had taken to their training.

He hooked his thumb into Hermione’s ass as he pushed his cock into her dripping cunt, slowly and sensually fucking her.

Hermione moaned, her toes curling as Harry fucked her at an agonizingly slow pace. She pushed her ass back against him, her body demanding more, only for Harry to suddenly stop, and turn his attention to Emma.

She watched enviously as he penetrated Emma next, pumping his cock into her pussy as he teased the rim of her ass with his thumb.

Hermione reached between her legs, ready to relive the tension herself when she felt a sharp slap on her ass.

“No Hermione,” Harry said sternly.

Hermione nodded, “yes Master,” a wave of arousal coursing through her body as Harry took charge of her.

Harry picked up the pace with Emma slapping his hips into her ass with each thrust.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Emma grunted as Harry fucked her. She was so close now, just a little more, and he would make her cum.

Just as Emma was about to reach her peak, he pulled out, slamming his cock back into Hermione’s pussy.

“GAWD!” Hermione moaned in ecstasy as Harry drilled into her cunt, quickly working her towards an orgasm. She really hoped Harry was done teasing her.

Harry grabbed Hermione’s hips tightly as he pulled her back to meet his thrusts, increasing both their pleasure.

Hermione let out a keening moan as Harry worked her, now slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. “Oh GOD! Master Please!!” she begged, unable to hold back any longer. “I need to CUM PLEASE!!”

“Cum for me, Hermione,” Harry ordered, not slowing his pace in the slightest. “AAAAAHHH!” Hermione screamed out as came, letting her hands dropping to her sides as she slumped against the wall.

Wasting no time, Harry lined up his cock, still covered in Hermione’s juices to Emma’s cunt, and pushed it inside her.

“Ohhhh,” Emma moaned in satisfaction as Harry grabbed her breasts, pinching her nipples between his fingers.

She pushed her ass back with each of Harry’s thrusts, enjoying every second of Harry’s attentions.

She shut her eyes tightly, letting out a loud groan as she came, “AWGAWD!!! MAASTER!” Then a second time when Harry’s cum sprayed into her cunt.

She slumped against the wall as Harry eased his cock out of her well-used cunt.

“That was amazing, Master,” Emma complimented between breaths as she came down from her orgasm.

Hermione could only nod from beside her as she thought about what Harry would do when they told him about his birthday present.

Harry looked at Emma and Hermione curiously. When did they find the time to get him a birthday present? They hadn’t been out of his sight for more than half an hour since their ‘capture.’

Emma finished to last bite of her porridge, sharing a smile with Hermione at the confused look on their master’s face.

“We have a birthday present for you, Master,” Emma explained. “Two actually.”

“Emma, you don’t have to get me anything,” Harry replied, thinking about what he had already taken for himself.

“I think you’ll change your mind when we tell you what it is,” Hermione said with a knowing smile.

“Alright,” Harry replied. “Don’t keep me in suspense. What is it?”

Hermione and Emma looked at each other coyly, trying to decide which one should tell him. They didn’t know why they were so nervous. It was clear from the way Harry looked at them it was something he wanted.

“Master,” Emma said, taking Harry’s hand. “We’re so grateful for everything you’ve done for us, and we want to give you something special, something we’ve never given anyone else.”

“It’s the one place you haven’t fucked as yet,” Hermione hinted.

You could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed as Harry tried to process what they told him. “…. What?” He asked, not quite believing what he had heard. “You mean?”

“We want to give you our asses,” Hermione and Emma said together.

Harry felt a smile forming on his face. He had thought it would take months to get them on board with the idea, especially Hermione, but it had all fallen right into his lap.

He had introduced them to anal play in the training room, and after a little encouragement, they seemed to enjoy it, but that was only fingers and tongues. Taking the full length of his cock was another matter entirely, or so he had thought.

In the end, all he had to do was wait for his birthday.

“We knew you’d love it,” Hermione kissed him. “That’s not all. Today we’re only going to focus on enjoying your birthday, so no research, no planning, and no talk of covens.”

“I think that’s a great idea,” Harry smiled. “In fact, I think we should start the day on the beach. I saw a couple of swim suites the would look great on you.”

Hermione and Emma walked out onto the beach after changing into their swimsuits, if you could call them that. They each wore a matching pair of red bikinis that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

The bottoms were a thin rectangular piece of fabric, at most, three inches across, and about four in length. They were high cut, and connected together by a string so thin it was almost invisible from the right angle. The tops were the same, about two inches wide, and three inches long, connected by the same near invisible string.

“I can’t believe these are even staying on,” Hermione said in surprise as she looked down at herself. “I feel like I could pop out of this top at any second.”

Emma nodded in agreement. “Maybe they have some kind of sticking charm applied to them,” she said, shaking her chest, but finding her top stayed exactly where it was.

“We’re basically naked,” Hermione said with an amused smile. “I wonder why Harry even asked us to get dressed at all.”

“Take a look,” Emma said, pointing down the beach.

Hermione followed Emma’s gaze, taking in the sight of Harry, or more accurately the look on his face, and blushed. The way he looked at them, it was like a lion stalking its prey.

“That’s why,” Emma said with a smirk as she took Hermione’s hand in hers and walked out onto the beach to join Harry.

“Wow,” Harry said appreciatively. “You both look incredible.”

“Thank you, Master,” Emma said as she did a spin for him, followed quickly by Hermione.

“Let’s go out for a swim,” Harry said as he led them out into the waves.

After a while Harry and Hermione came to a stop, watching as Emma swam back and forth.

Harry moved in behind Hermione, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Emma’s a pretty good swimmer,” he complimented.

Hermione nodded, leaning into Harry. “She was on the swimming team in University.”

Harry snaked his hand down Hermione’s stomach, sliding his fingers into her bottoms, earning a gasp from Hermione when he found her clit, and stroked it gently.

Hermione moaned as Harry pinched her clit, feeling a spike of arousal.

“Why don’t we go back to the beach,” Harry whispered into her ear.

Hermione nodded, following Harry out of the water. She knelt on all fours, facing the waves as Harry moved in behind her.

Harry pulled down Hermione’s bottoms until they were around her knees and fondled her ass, as he thought about what he was going to do to it tonight.

He lined up his cock with her quivering pussy and drove his cock inside in a single thrust.

Hermione let out a moan of pleasure as Harry bottomed out inside her. She could feel his thighs pressed against her ass and his hands on her hips.

Harry looked out across the ocean, watching Emma swim as he moved his hips back and forth, working up to a steady rhythm.

Hermione dropped to her elbows and pushed back with each of Harry’s thrusts, allowing Harry to get deeper insider her.

Harry watched as Emma took notice of them and made her way back to shore. The water cascading off her body as she stepped out of the waves. She looked every bit the fantasy every men dreamed about.

Emma dropped to her knees in front of Hermione, tilting her head up and planting a searing kiss on Hermione’s lips before moving to Harry and doing the same.

She knelt in front of Hermione, watching them fuck as she dipped her fingers into the waistband of her swimsuit.

Hermione looked so much like her now, that when Harry fucked her, it was like she was watching herself getting fucked.

Harry watched Emma finger herself as he fucked her daughter, the sight of it turning him on even more.

He picked up the pace, slapping his thighs into Hermione’s ass with each thrust.

“UGH UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Hermione grunted as Harry rode her, pushing her ass back to meet his thrusts as she looked up at Emma, fingering herself.

She stared lustfully at Emma’s cunt, desperately wanting to taste her as well.

“Take them off Emma,” Harry ordered, having the same idea as Hermione.

Needing no further encouragement, Emma slipped out of her bikini bottoms and scooted forward.

Hermione leaned her head down, licking Emma’s cunt, her new angle allowing Harry to penetrate even deeper inside her.

Emma moaned, running her fingers through Hermione’s hair as she was eaten out. “Oh yes, Hermione. Just like that,” she groaned as Hermione sucked on her clit.

Harry locked eyes with Emma, his eyes smoldering as he pistoned his dick in and out of Hermione’s cunt. He held back Hermione’s orgasm, keeping her on the edge as he enjoyed the feel of her cunt wrapped around his dick.

Emma grunted as Hermione started using her fingers to get her off faster, both of them realizing that Harry wanted them to cum at the same time.

She tightened her fingers in Hermione’s hair as she tilted her head back, reveling in the pure hedonism of the moment.

Hermione felt it first, screaming out her orgasm as Harry finally let her cum, followed quickly by Emma, and then Harry.

Harry looked at his girls as he pulled his dick out of Hermione’s pussy. Their hair was wild, sticking out everywhere. Sand stuck to their nubile forms, enhancing their beauty even more.

They had no idea how incredible they looked in this moment. So sexy, so slutty, and they both belonged to him.

Harry, Hermione, and Emma sat in the living room. Harry was in his armchair, while Hermione and Emma knelt on the rug beside him, sipping on champagne.

They had just finished dinner and were having a drink before Harry claimed his birthday presents.

Hermione superstitiously rubbed her thighs together. Her panties soaked, the anticipation was almost enough to make her cum.

Emma was not far behind Hermione, wondering what it would be like to have Harry’s cock back there.

She had grown used to having the plug in her ass, to the point where it felt strange not to have it insider her, but Harry was a lot bigger than her plug. She hoped he would fit.

“It’s time,” Harry said as he finished his drink. “Go to the bedroom and get ready for me,” Harry ordered.

“Yes Master,” Emma and Hermione said lustfully as they rose to their feet, putting a sway in their hips as they went to the bedroom.

Harry watched them go, seeing the faint outline of their plugs through their dresses as they walked. He fought the urge to shove them against the wall and claim their asses now, something that took a great deal of effort on his part.

He wanted this to crave his cock inside their asses, not just something they did on special occasions to make him happy. They needed to enjoy it, ache for it, beg for it.

Hermione and Emma walked into the bedroom, slipping off their dresses and stared into the full-length mirror.

Their lingerie was a matching set of sheer white lace and satin. The lace accents of their push-up bras and thongs, just enough to cover their nipples and pussy, while leaving everything else on display.

Their stocking and garter belts followed a similar pattern, accentuating their lithe forms.

The symbolism of their bridal lingerie was not lost on either of them. After tonight, they would be Harry completely, a commitment neither one of them took lightly.

This was an affirmation. Harry was their master, and they belonged to him, mind, body, and soul.

As they looked at themselves in the mirror, it was Hermione that spoke first. “I think you should go first, Emma.”

“Me? Are you sure?” Emma asked in surprise. “I thought you would want to… he was your friend first.”

“I do,” Hermione agreed, “but he took my virginity first, when we did the ritual. I think it should be your turn now.”

Emma put her arm around Hermione’s waist, placing a soft kiss on her lips. “Thank you, sweetheart.”

“So much has changed, hasn’t it?” Hermione said.

“It has,” Emma agreed. “Before all this started, I thought I could work things out with Dan, that he would come back, and everything would go back to the way it used to be.”

“Do you still want that?” Hermione asked.

“No,” Emma shook her head. “Not for a while now. That part of my life is over. I’m not that person anymore.”

“No, you’re not,” Hermione agreed. “Neither of us are. Everything has changed so much.”

“We agreed that in the bedroom we would be Emma and Hermione, and mother and daughter everywhere else,” Emma started.

“But it hasn’t really worked out that way,” Hermione finished.

“I love you Hermione. That will never change, but I don’t think of you the way a mother should think about their daughter. I haven’t for a while now. You’re so much more than that. You’re a grown woman, my equal, my lover, and the person I happily share a Master with.”

Hermione kissed Emma deeply. “I feel the same way, Emma. We can’t go back to the way tings were, even if we wanted to.”

“You both look beautiful,” Harry complimented as he walked into the bedroom.

“Thank you, Master,” Hermione and Emma said, turning to face Harry.

Harry moved to the bed. “Come here, girls,” he ordered.

Hermione and Emma shared a look before they dropped to their knees, crawling towards Harry, adding a sway to their hips as they did.

Settling between Harry’s legs, Hermione reached up, unbuckled his belt, and freed his cock. She gave it a long lick from base to tip before placing a kiss on his cock head, followed by Emma doing the same.

Emma pushed Harry onto the bed as she and Hermione climbed up, settling on either side of him.

She held his cock in her hands as she took him in her mouth, bobbing her head a few times before pulling back and giving Hermione a turn.

Harry was in heaven as his girls shared his cock between them. He ran his fingers through their hair, encouraging them to continue.

Emma tilted her head down, sucking Harry’s balls as Hermione continued to suck his cock.

Hermione took Harry’s cock into her throat, using her throat muscles to massage his dick. She held him there for as long as she could before pulling back to get a lungful of air, then descending on his cock again.

Harry tilted his hips up, slowly fucking Hermione’s throat as Emma’s tongue stimulated his balls. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, not with how in sync his girls were.

He knew now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they were made for this. The feelings of guilt he had over manipulating them were long gone. This is where they belonged.

With that thought, Harry erupted into Hermione’s waiting mouth.

As Hermione’s cheeks puffed out, straining to contain his cum, he locked eyes with her. “Share with Emma,” he ordered.

Hermione sat up and locked her lips with Emma as they shared his cum between them.

Emma knew Harry would need a few minutes to recover and leaned down onto the bed beside him, taking Hermione with her.

Hermione followed Emma’s lead as she straddled her waist, deepening the kiss as they explored each other’s bodies.

Harry watched as Hermione, and Emma writhed on the bed beside him. They looked so similar now. It was sometimes difficult to tell them apart.

He reached for Hermione’s bra, unclasping it, and pulling it away before discarding his shirt and pants.

Hermione felt the cool night air on her breasts as she pushed her tongue into Emma’s mouth. She leaned down, reaching underneath Emma, unhooked her bra, and pulled it away.

She caressed Emma’s breast, pulling on her nipples as she broke the kiss, then arched her back, leaning them over Emma’s face.

Emma eagerly took one of Hermione’s nipples into her mouth, sucking on it as Hermione moaned wantonly.

Harry hooked his thumbs into the waistband of Emma’s panties, pulling them off her long legs before plunging two of his fingers into her cunt.

She was already so wet. He slowly pumped his fingers as he used his other hand to work her clit.

Emma moaned in delight around Hermione’s breasts as Harry fingered her towards orgasm.

Harry reached for Hermione’s thong next, releasing the side clasp, and pulled it away, leaving both his girls in only their stockings and garter belts.

Using his free hand, he pushed two fingers into Hermione’s dripping cunt, earning a groan of pleasure from her. When he had them both on the edge, and ready to cum, he stopped.

Hermione and Emma groaned in frustration when Harry pulled out his fingers from their needy cunts. They scissored their legs together, hoping to get each other off that way.

Harry looked down at his girls lustfully as they ground their pussies together, desperately trying to make each other cum.

He gripped Hermione’s waist and lined up his cock, thrusting deep inside her.

Hermione arched her back, keening in pleasure as Harry fucked her. She felt his thighs slapping into her ass as she ground her pussy into Emma’s, doubling her pleasure.

Emma moaned as she sucked on Hermione’s breasts, enjoying the feel of Hermione’s cunt pressed tightly against hers.

Hermione closed her eyes as Harry quickly brought her over the edge, moaning louder as she came. “UUUGHHH!”

Harry pushed Hermione forward, and slid his cock inside Emma, loving how Emma’s cunt stretched to fit him.

Emma moaned in delight as she got her turn on Harry’s cock, grunting with each of his thrusts. “Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh!”

Hermione sucked on Emma’s neck and rubbed her clit as Harry fucked her towards another orgasm. The look of ecstasy on Emma’s face mirrored her own.

It wasn’t long after, that Emma came hard on Harry’s cock. “AWGAWD!” With both her lovers working her body expertly, she didn’t stand a chance.

Hermione and Emma were breathing hard, coming down from their orgasms as they looked up at Harry. His cock was still hard, covered in their combined juices, the powerful image turning them on even more.

“It’s time,” Harry said. “Who wants to be first?”

“Emma first,” Hermione replied lustfully.

“Alright,” Harry agreed, taking Emma’s ankles in each hand and pushed them up onto his shoulders, giving him a clear view of both her cunt and asshole. “Keep your legs here for Emma,” he ordered.

“Yes, Master,” Emma answered lustfully staring up at her master. She had been fantasizing about this moment since she and Hermione came up with the idea.

“Good girl,” Harry praised as he pulled the plug from her ass. “Stay just like that while I get your ass ready.”

Harry pulled out a bottle of oil from the nightstand, dripping it onto Emma’s asshole. He rubbed the oil onto her rosebud before he eased his index finger inside, slowly pumping his finger as he stretched her asshole.

“Master, can I help?” Hermione asked, wanting to be part of the moment as well.

Harry nodded, allowing Hermione to slide her finger in alongside his.

Emma moaned as Hermione and Harry’s fingers wriggled inside her ass, gradually loosening her ass, and spreading the oil inside her.

“Are you ready, Emma?” Harry asked.

“Yes Master,” Emma replied. She was still a little nervous about having something that big inside her ass, but she knew Harry would make it feel good.

Hermione watched as Harry dripped some of the oil onto his cock. She reached out, spreading the oil along his shaft, preparing his cock for Emma’s asshole.

Harry pressed the tip of his cock against Emma’s asshole, slowly pushing his way inside, enjoying how warm and tight she was.

“How does that feel, Emma?” Harry asked after getting half way in.

“You’re so big, master,” Emma moaned as her asshole stretched around her master’s cock. “How much more is there?” She asked, afraid to look down.

“I’m halfway in,” Harry replied. “Can you be my good girl for me, and take a little more?”

“Yes, Master,” Emma moaned, taking a deep breath to prepare herself. “I’m ready.”

Hermione pushed a finger into Emma’s cunt, pumping it in and out as Harry pushed forward again, getting another quarter of the way inside.

Emma bit her lip as she battled with the pleasure of Hermione’s fingers in her pussy, and the dull ache in her asshole as Harry filled her ass.

“You’re almost there Emma, just a little further,” Hermione said as she pressed her thumb onto Emma’s clit.

Emma nodded, keeping her asshole relaxed as Harry pushed the rest of the way into her.

“You did it Emma,” Hermione praised, looking down at Harry’s cock stuffed into Emma’s ass.

“Does it hurt?” Harry asked as he held onto Emma’s ankles, looking down at her.

“No Master,” Emma shook her head. “I feel full, but it doesn’t hurt.”

“Good,” Harry said, leaning down and kissing her tenderly. “You’re doing so well, Emma. I’m going to move my cock now. I promise I’ll go slow.”

“Ok, Master,” Emma nodded, feeling even more submissive than usual.

“Good girl,” Harry praised as he eased his cock half way out, before pushing it slowly back inside again.

Emma moaned as she felt Harry stretch her asshole, the dull ache fading away as her ass loosened for him.

Harry loved the velvety smooth feel of Emma’s ass. She was milking his cock with each thrust, increasing his pleasure even more. He would definitively make this a regular occurrence.

As Emma got more comfortable with his length, he increased the pace, building up to a steady rhythm.

Emma shut her eyes tightly, as she keened in ecstasy. Harry’s cock felt amazing. ‘I wish I tried this years ago,’ she thought.

Hermione pushed two fingers into Emma’s dripping cunt, pumping her fingers in time to Harry’s thrust.

“AWGAWD!!!” Emma screamed out as she came. It was too much for her, Hermione’s fingers in her cunt, and Harry stretching her asshole drove her over the edge.

Harry thrust into Emma’s ass a few more times, his orgasm already close before he buried his cock in her ass, filling her insides with his cum.

Emma’s eyes widened as another orgasm ripped through her body as she felt Harry’s cum fill her ass. “OH GAWD!!”

As Emma caught her breath, Harry polled his cock from her ass, laying down on the bed beside her as he caught his breath.

“That was amazing, Master,” Emma replied, placing a searing kiss on his lips.

Hermione looked between her lovers, lust filling her eyes as she thought about what it would feel like to have Harry’s cock in her ass too.

Harry caught Hermione’s eyes, flicking his gaze down to his cock. “I’ll need a few minutes to recover Hermione, unless you have some ideas on how to speed that up.”

Hermione gazed lustfully into Harry’s eyes, accepting his challenge. She moved between Harry’s legs and leaned down, licking the cum off his shaft.

She took Harry in her mouth, sucking him gently, running her tongue up and down the underside of his shaft.

Harry felt his cock stir as Hermione’s talented tongue slowly brought him back to full mast.

“My turn Master,” Hermione smiled triumphantly after she pulled her lips from Harry’s cock.

Harry smiled back, laying Hermione down on her side, and pulled her knees up. He dripped more of the oil onto Hermione’s asshole, using his thumb to work it into the ring of her ass.

Hermione moaned when Harry pushed his finger into her asshole, pumping it inside her ass. She relaxed under his touch, allowing him to insert a second finger, followed by a third.

Hermione groaned, feeling a dull ache as Harry stretched and lubricated her ass.

Emma watched as Harry’s fingers plunged into Hermione’s ass for a few moments before she moved between Hermione’s legs, sucking on her clit.

“Oh god, that feels so good Emma,” Hermione moaned as she griped Emma’s hair.

Harry knelt over Hermione, pressing his cock against Hermione’s asshole. “Are you ready, Hermione?”

“Yes Master,” Hermione moaned as she prepared herself for Harry’s cock.

Harry slowly pushed the tip of his cock into Hermione’s ass, careful not to go too fast. He stopped to drip more of oil onto his shaft before pushing forward again.

“Alright Hermione, here it comes,” he said as he eased his cock in a little further.

Hermione moaned as she felt the dull ache increase, now keenly aware of how much bigger Harry was than her plug.

Emma pumped two of her fingers into Hermione’s cunt as she sucked her clit, earning a squeal of pleasure from Hermione.

Harry pushed his cock the rest of the way inside, burying himself to the hilt in her ass. “I’m all the way in, Hermione. How are you doing?”

“Oh god Master,” Hermione moaned as Emma continued to lick her. “You’re so big.”

“It’s ok Hermione, you’re doing really good,” Harry praised. “Just relax. You’ll loosen up soon.”

Hermione let out a low moan, as Harry pulled his cock half way out before pushing it back in. She could feel it now. H was sliding in and out of her ass a little easier.

“Good girl,” Harry praised as Hermione’s ass stretched around his cock a little more. He slowly increased the pace as she got used to his size, building up to a steady rhythm.

Hermione felt the pain in her ass fade, gradually giving way to pleasure as Harry continued to fuck her.

She had never even considered letting someone do this before. She had thought it was dirty and demeaning, but as Harry took her last virginity, she had absolutely no regrets.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Hermione grunted as Harry fucked her towards her orgasm. It felt so good. Even without Emma fingering her, she was sure that Harry could make her cum like this.

Harry pumped his cock into Hermione’s ass, loving how tight she was. At the rate he was going, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

Hermione felt Harry’s cock pulse inside her ass before he erupted inside of her, the hot cum filling her ass, setting off her own orgasm. “AWGAWD!!!” she screamed out as she came all over Emma’s face.

Harry lay down beside Hermione, his cock still buried in her ass as he looked at his girls. His cum was still leaking out of their pussies and assholes.

Emma was the first to sit up. She leaned down, licking her master’s cum from around Hermione’s ass, then moved to Harry’s balls, flicking her tongue, and coaxing him back to full mast.

Harry let out a groan of pleasure as he stiffened inside Hermione’s ass, ready for another round.

As he pumped his cock into Hermione’s ass, he drank in the sight of his girls. His beautiful, sexy, and eager sluts.

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