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The Real Wizarding World Polls

The last day to vote will be on February 14th, so please make sure to get your votes in before then.

***You need to have a membership level of at least first year to see and vote on the polls. The story with the most combined points across all the polls will be the one I update.***

Please take a look at the notes and updates page for The Real Wizarding World for a summary of each story.

I’m planning to post the chapter three weeks after the poll closes.

I originally intended to have a single poll where each membership level got a set amount of votes, but I wasn’t able to find a poll plugin that did that. If anyone knows of one please let me know.

Voting will work like this:

Professor Membership: vote is equal to 7 points

Third Year: vote is equal to 3 points

Second Year: vote is equal to 2 points

First Year: vote is equal to 1 point

The story with the highest combined number of points will be the one I update.

To see the polls please log in or view the poll results post

I hope you enjoy the side stories, and please review 🙂