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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Eight

Hermione and Emma woke in the morning as the lights turned on, and got out of bed. They would not have to wait long as Arcanum walked in, holding two bowls of porridge.

Hermione found herself relieved, while the porridge was not something she would have looked at twice before she felt her mouth practically watering now.

It was far better than the nutritional potions they forced her to eat last night. The potions were obviously still mixed in with it, but the bland flavor of the porridge was far better than the horribly bitter taste of the nutritional potions.

“Good morning ladies,” Arcanum said, then followed up with a command, “Kneel.”

Hermione and Emma were both a little slow to react as they felt the buzz of their collars. The day had just started, and they had already ensured they would get another spanking.

They quickly dropped to their knees, getting into position, hoping that it would not be as bad as yesterday.

“Very good, your poses are perfect, but you’re still slow to act,” Arcanum admonished as he handed them the bowls. “Eat.”

“We will do things a little out of order compared to yesterday. Mr. Potter will take an active role in your training from now on, and you will follow his orders to the letter.”

“I will still instruct you on what is expected of you as well as explaining more about how your lives will be from now on.”

“Yesterday we spoke about magic power levels and their growth. Today, we will talk about how your magic will interact with your masters.”

“There is a ritual you will perform near the end of your training that will subjugate your magic to your master.”

“What will that do to us?” Hermione bristled at the idea of being owned by someone.

“From your perspective, I suppose there are a few drawbacks, but there are also a great deal of benefits as well.” The man explained.

“The bond between master and slave is a powerful thing. It will amplify your magic anywhere from 3 to 5 fold. This will increase each of your life spans considerably as well.”

“Your owner will be able to draw on your magic as well when required, amplifying the power of his spells.”

“That won’t be the same for us, will it?” Emma asked, already having a pretty good idea of what the answer would be.

“Your spells will be more powerful because of the ritual, but you cannot draw on your master’s magic. That is only for him to do. In essence you are submitting your magic to him. When you perform an act that uses your magic, however small, it will only happen with your master’s approval.”

“This is largely subconscious, so for most day-to-day activities you are unlikely to even notice, but also keep in mind most masters do not allow their slaves to use magic overtly, so it is unlikely you will use your magic for spell casting in the future.”

“You said it was a ritual. What if we don’t take part in it?” Hermione asked.

“While your participation is preferred, it is not required. The ritual will work either way, but the potency of both yours, and your master’s magic, will be nowhere near as strong if you do not submit to him willingly.”

“Considering Mr. Potter’s lineage and your muggle born status, I would not be surprised if it pushes Mr. Potter’s magical power to the upper echelons of Wizarding society.”

“I will be compensated either way, so in the end, it is of no consequence to me. You will just end up with a less powerful master to care for you.”

Emma and Hermione looked at each other, not sure what to do. If what Arcanum said was true, Harry and them, by extension, would get stronger, but that would mean they were also taking part in their own enslavement.

After everything that Harry was giving up for them, shouldn’t they at least do this for him? Especially since the ritual would happen with or without their consent.

“It is in your best interests to make sure Mr. Potter is as magically powerful as possible,” the man added.

“Why is that?” Emma asked.

“There is a hierarchy in the magical world. Simply put, the more powerful one is magically, the more powerful they can become in Wizarding society.”

“There are obviously agreements and laws in place to stop any one person from acting against the interests of the magical world as a whole, but Mr. Potter will easily be able to join or even create a cabal of like-minded wizards ensuring all of you lead a very comfortable life, after the ritual is complete.”

“What do these cabals do?” Hermione asked.

“Many things, largely it is setting the laws of the magical world, but also overseeing the muggle world.”

“Overseeing it?” Hermione asked with some trepidation. “What do you mean?”

“That’s right,” Arcanum chuckled. “I always forget, there are a great deal of things that are left out of your Hogwarts education.”

“What things?” Hermione demanded.

“That will have to wait until later,” Arcanum said. “We are on a tight schedule, and you need to begin your training. Mr. Potter will be in shortly, as he will be in charge of your training today.” 

“You will follow his orders to the letter,” he said as he left the room.

Emma and Hermione immediately felt a sense of relief. While they hated the situation, they were in and what Arcanum forced them to do. At least it would be Harry, the real Harry, instead of the man wearing his face.

The door opened again and this time the real Harry stepped through. They could immediately tell that he looked better now. It seemed he was allowed to clean himself up, get a shave and a change of clothes.

“Hermione, Emma,” he said, looking relieved to see them as well. “Are you alright?”

“No Harry,” Emma replied, “but we will once we get out of here.”

“It won’t be much longer,” Harry promised. “The goblins are finalizing the transfer now.”

“How much longer will it take?” Hermione asked.

That’s when Hermione and Emma both noticed Harry looking visibly uncomfortable.

“What is it Harry? What’s going on?” Emma asked.

“I tried to convince them to stop the training. I promised I would pay no matter what. I even told them I didn’t want to do the ritual. But they’re not going to stop,” Harry blurted out. “They said they will only accept payment after the ritual is done, and they will only honor the original terms of the contract. I’m sorry.”

Hermione looked at Harry and couldn’t find it in her to be mad at him. She knew why they were making them go through with the ritual.

“It’s ok Harry,” Hermione consoled him. “They were always going to do the ritual, no matter what.”

“What? Why?” Harry asked. “What do they care so long as they get their money?”

“They want you to be a part of this,” Hermione remembered what Arcanum said. “Arcanum said that after the ritual you will be much more powerful, enough to join one of the cabals.”

“That’s why the original ‘buyer’ agreed for you to buy him out,” Hermione explained. “He’s a member of one of those cabals. This was probably what they planned from the beginning.”

“But why would I join them after everything they did to you?” Harry asked. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Maybe they thought that once you reaped some of the benefits, you would join their side willingly,” Emma guessed. 

“Once this is over, we’ll just leave then,” Harry promised. “We’ll figure out a way to undo this ritual and just disappear.”

“Let’s not talk about it now, Harry,” Hermione spoke up. “The sooner we complete the training, the sooner we can get out of here.”

“Right,” Harry nodded. “They, they told me… what you have to do.”

The now familiar black triangles appeared on the floor, and Emma and Hermione stepped into them without having been told to.

“We know Harry, it’s OK. We’ll get through this,” Emma said as the treadmill started up.

Hermione noticed just like yesterday she was having an easier time of keeping up with the treadmill. It seemed like the potions they were drinking were gradually getting them to peak physical form.

She was already going faster now than on the first day, and she was barely feeling it.

As the minutes ticked by, she looked over at her mother to see that she was keeping up as well. Just like her, there was a thin sheen of sweat on her body, but neither one of them was breathing hard like they were yesterday.

It seemed like they had finally reached the top speed of the treadmill as they were now sprinting full out.

Hermione estimated they had run twice as far as yesterday now, and she was slowly feeling the strain.

At the one hour mark, she finally felt the burn in her lungs and muscles, and just like yesterday, the treadmill kept going, pushing them to their absolute limit. 

Before long, she was breathing hard, and despite her best efforts, she slowed down. She already felt her collar buzz twice and knew the same had happened to her mother.

Finally, mercifully, the treadmill slowed down, and when it stopped, both Emma and Hermione dropped to their knees, gasping for breath.

“Good girls,” Emma heard Harry compliment as she caught her breath. “You can have a drink before we move onto the yoga exercises.”

Emma knew she should feel more embarrassed, not only being naked in front of her daughter’s childhood best friend but also how they were expected to drink water now, but she didn’t.

Oddly, she actually preferred that it was the real Harry, instead of the man that wore his face.

She kneeled down on all fours and sucked the dildo into her mouth, the now familiar appendage easing deeper into her mouth, reaching the back of her throat. 

She had noticed over time it took more and more effort to get the water out of the dildo. They were not being very subtle in what they were training her for.

She slowly relaxed her throat, letting the dildo slip into her throat as she sucked, feeling the flow of water fill her stomach. Day after day of using the dildo had completely suppressed her gag reflex.

She pulled back slowly, letting the water pool into her mouth, enjoying the taste of the fresh water after a long run.

Hermione noticed Harry seemed to be familiar with all the yoga poses they were doing and wondered if Harry had witnessed their forced training regiment.

She felt herself blush as she wondered what Harry must think of her now. When this was all over, could he ever look at her the same way again? Could she look at him the same way again? Could they get their friendship back to the way it was?

Hermione felt her collar buzz and quickly refocused on the instructions Harry was giving them.

When they finished their exercises and had another long drink, Harry ordered them into the shower.

Hermione, now familiar with the process, walked into the square. She felt her arms and legs move themselves into position as she tilted forward. It was disconcerting to know that the collars had so much control over them, and also how routine it was becoming for them.

In the beginning she was nervous and self-conscious about being naked like this, but after so many days of only having a collar around her neck for clothing, and all the changes they had made to her body she felt her inhabitants slowly fade away.

The potions and exercise regimen she had been forced to go through gave her a body that most women would kill to have.

She also felt an odd sense of contentment that it would be Harry and her mother that would see her this way, not to mention the thrill of seeing the way Harry looked at her now, and the obvious physical reaction he had when he saw her.

Hermione did her best to not make it obvious that she caught Harry staring at her and her mother, but she was sure he knew by now.

Hermione still felt aroused as her mother’s fingers covered every inch of her body, but even when she felt her fingers push into her ass, she didn’t feel the now customary orgasm she was used to.

She grunted in frustration as she was just on the edge, but seemingly couldn’t find the release she craved. 

In desperation she moved, as much as her collar would allow, against her mother’s fingers inside of her, trying to bring herself over the edge, but frustratingly, she just couldn’t. Was it another effect of the potions they had drunk?

When it was over, she did the same for her mother, noting that Emma also seemed to have the same problem.

When they finished showering, a jet of warm air coming from above them dried them off.  

Then a panel opened up on the wall, revealing two steaming bowls of porridge. Hermione and Emma watched as Harry retrieved the bowls and came over to them. “Kneel,” he instructed.

Hermione and Emma dropped to their knees quickly. They had spent so much time following the orders of Arcanum, masquerading as Harry, that it felt natural to follow the real Harry’s instructions, so much so that they reacted without even thinking.

Harry handed them the bowls before speaking. “I’m sure you’ve noticed by now… there are certain things you can’t… that don’t happen the way it used to. It’s because of the collar…” Harry explained, looking flustered.

Emma struggled to figure out what to say to Harry. That was not completely embarrassing, as her face flushed. She had held onto the vain hope that they would get through this without Harry having to know everything Arcanum was doing to them.

“They showed me what you were doing… the other night. They changed it, so you need permission now,” Harry continued.

“You saw that? Do you mean that if we didn’t…” Hermione trailed off aghast. 

“No,” Harry interrupted quickly. “They were always going to do that. When you did that…. they weren’t expecting you to do that so soon. They sped up that part of the training.”

“How much are they showing you?” Hermione asked with trepidation.

“When they found out I had enough galleons, they showed me… everything. They said I would have to learn how to take care of you after..”

“Everything?” Hermione squeaked as they both blushed in embarrassment. Harry was never supposed to see what they did last night. 

“… We need permission… for that?” Emma asked, still too embarrassed to say the actual words. “From who? Can anyone make us?”

“No, no, not anyone, just the ones that are keyed to the collar, so just me and Arcanum,” Harry clarified. 

“What happens when we leave?” Hermione asked. “Will Arcanum be able to control us with the collars?”

“No,” Harry shook his head. “I asked him that too. When we leave, it will only be me that can control that, and as soon as we can, we will find someone to fix it,” Harry promised.

“Well, I’m glad it will be just you, Harry,” Hermione said, surprising herself with how relieved she was. She couldn’t even imagine how mortified she would be if just anyone could do that to them, and it would only be until they were released.

“… I know this is… whatever this is, is difficult for you two, but as soon as they let us go we will fix all of this,” Harry said.

“We will,” Hermione agreed. “The Weasleys are an old magical family. When we get out of here, we can ask Ron, or maybe Ginny. They must at least know of someone that knows how to fix this.”

“I have to take you through your poses today,” Harry said, taking the bowls from them. “Arcanum… showed me a recording and made me memorize all the commands, too.”

Emma nodded. She knew that they were kept on a strict schedule, and all of this was not just for them to get used to receiving the commands from Harry, but also for Harry to get used to giving them.

As they went through each pose, Emma couldn’t help but notice how completely the polyjuice formula allowed the man to emulate Harry.

The way he looked, the sound of his voice, it was exactly the same. There were slight differences in the way they walked, how they carried themselves. You would have to look carefully to tell the difference at first glance, but they were there.

The real Harry was more hesitant and respectful, especially given the circumstances. 

She knew that having two beautiful women at their beck and call would test any man, and so far, Harry had treated them respectfully.

Emma found herself agreeing with Hermione. She was glad it was Harry. She could only imagine what would have happened to them if not for Harry.

Hermione wasn’t sure if it was because it was the real Harry or because she was nervous about all these lewd poses they forced her to make in front of him, but she was distracted.

The collar had already buzzed five times for her, and on three occasions so far, Harry had to adjust her poses. Even the ones that she had no problems with yesterday.

When she looked over at her mother, she was gliding so fluidly from one position to the next. She felt guilty because the spanking they would receive tonight would be mostly her fault.

For what seemed like hours they went through the poses, getting faster with each attempt but still not getting them perfectly.

Finally, when it ended, Harry ordered them to drink some water. Neither of them were willing to increase their punishments, so they set aside their embarrassment and quickly kneeled down to drink.

“They told me I had to instruct you on the next thing you have to learn,” Harry explained. “It’s a combination of poses and actions… and you have to follow them. If you don’t… They said I have to punish you.”

“Emma, Kneel,” Harry said as they all saw a picture of a naked woman in the kneel position. 

It surprised Emma that it was only her that had to assume the pose, but quickly got into position before the collar buzzed.

“Hermione, straddle,” Harry ordered, and the picture changed to show a second woman straddling the first one’s lap.

Hermione also didn’t want the collar to buzz again, so she quickly straddled her mother’s lap, their faces now less than an inch apart. She marveled at the fact that they were now basically twins. It was honestly like looking into a mirror at times.

“This is called the ‘kiss’,” Harry informed them. “When you’re given this command, kiss each other until you are told to stop.”   

The image then moved to show the two women passionately kissing each other as their hands explored each other’s bodies.

“Kiss,” Harry instructed.

Both Hermione and Emma looked at each other and then at Harry. They had kissed each other last night, but were both nervous about doing it in front of someone else.

The choice was taken out of their hands when they both felt their collars buzz simultaneously.

Hermione was the first to move, glancing at Harry, who had sat down in an armchair across the room from them, then back at Emma.

She planted a kiss on her lips, chaste at first, but when the collar buzzed again, she leaned further into it, running her fingers through Emma’s hair as she pulled her close to deepen this kiss.

Emma reciprocated the kiss, sliding her hands down Hermione’s back until they were cupping her ass. 

It surprised Hermione when she felt her mother take the initiative and push her tongue against her lips insistently. She parted her lips, allowing Emma to explore her mouth as she lost herself in the kiss.

She could feel her mother groping and kneading her ass, even tugging on her plug as the kiss went on.

Emma’s nipples were hard as rock as she pressed her chest into her daughters. She wrapped one of her arms around Hermione’s waist, pulling her tightly to her as she felt Hermione running her fingers through her hair. 

Both of them could feel their arousal building, wondering if they could actually orgasm just from making out. Just when they reached the edge, they heard Harry’s voice, “stop.”

Both of them broke the kiss, looking over at Harry. He apparently liked what he saw based on the tent in his trousers. A thrill tingled down both of their spines as they wondered what Harry had planned for them next.

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