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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Two

Hermione woke up with a groan, her head felt fuzzy, and her vision was blurry. ‘What the heck happened?’ She thought to herself. 

She tried to move her hands but as hard as she tried they didn’t move an inch. Her head quickly cleared as she realized her predicament. When she tried to scream her voice came out muffled and weak.

Hermione’s vision cleared next, and she found herself staring into her mother’s eyes. She was standing upright but was stuck to a polished slab of wood, and there was a gag covering her mouth. 

That was when she realized someone had captured them. Hermione’s mind raced as she considered the possibilities. Could it be a death eater that escaped the Aurors? Could it be a pure blood sympathizer that had flown under the radar?

Hermione darted her eyes around the room, trying to find some clue where they were and who had captured them. The room was completely white and rounded into the shape of an oval. There were no doors or windows, not even seams or gaps in the wall.

She could only stare into her mother’s eyes, wondering what happened to Harry, where they were, and what was going to happen to them next.

The time seemed to crawl by as the two women stared at each other. They could no longer tell how long they had been there, it could have been a couple of hours, or it could have been all day. Time seemed to lose all meaning.

Finally, Hermione heard a click and saw the lines of a door appear out of the corner of her eye. Relief flooded her as she saw Harry walk in. He reached out and took the gag out of her mouth.

“Thank God Harry,” Hermione said. “Where are we? What’s going on? Get us out of these things,” she demanded as more and more questions came to her mind.

“I’m not Harry,” he interrupted.

“What are you talking about?” Hermione demanded. “This isn’t the time to mess around Harry, untie us.”

“I see you’re confused,” the man said, rubbing his cheek. “Polyjuice potion is a truly wonderful invention, isn’t it?”

“What have you done to Harry?” Hermione demanded as the fear crept into her voice. “What do you want with him?” 

“Want with Harry Potter? Absolutely nothing,” The man answered. “Why would you think I want anything to do with him?”

“What?” Hermione asked, getting confused. Whoever this was, she assumed it must have been someone that held a grudge against Harry. “Who do you want?”

The man said nothing, just looked back at her pointedly. 

“… Me?” Hermione asked in surprise. “If it’s money you want, I only have about a thousand galleons in Gringotts. You can take it all,” she offered.

“You misunderstand Miss Granger, I have no interest in your money. It is you and your mother that I am interested in.” the man answered. “I procure certain individuals for interested parties. I’m not at liberty to say who because of client confidentiality, but you will get to know them very well after I complete our transaction.”

“Unfortunately, as you are aware, we had an unforeseen complication. My associates were only supposed to capture you and your mother. Mr. Potter accompanying you to Australia was an unfortunate oversight.” 

“My associates should have aborted the moment they identified that Mr. Potter was with you and waited for another opportunity to present itself.”

“Those individuals let their greed get the better of them and have been dealt with accordingly, but it unfortunately still leaves me with a large problem.”

“I’m sure that if you let us all go, we can forget this ever happened,” Hermione offered, hoping that whoever this was would believe her.

“I’m afraid that isn’t an option, for you and your mother at least,” the man replied. “My associates and I received a substantial offer for the pair of you, it isn’t the kind of money you can just walk away from.”

“Harry Potter, on the other hand, is far too high profile. If he remains missing there will be news articles, and investigations, far more interest, and therefore far more risk than my associates or clients are comfortable with.”

“That is why you need to release us,” Hermione implored, trying to think of anything she could to convince him. “None of this is worth all the trouble you’ll be bringing down on yourself. What if your goons left behind evidence? It could lead straight back to you. Not to mention Harry himself, how long before someone realizes he’s missing and starts a manhunt? I can talk to Harry, if you let us go we won’t say anything. We can pretend this never happened.” Hermione promised.

“I have a separate team that cleans up the evidence, far more diligent than the capture team,” the man revealed. “They are very good at what they do, so there will be no evidence of your capture. The Aurors won’t even know where to start looking, if they even do.”

“As for Mr. Potter, he has been known to take trips that put him out of communication for extended periods. It will be at least a month before anyone realizes he is even missing, more than enough time to deliver you to your new owner.” 

“We also have the option of having Mr. Potter eliminated, it would be the most expedient solution but not the most ideal. What I need from you is to convince Mr. Potter to leave without you. If you can do that, you will save his life.” 

“There will also be some conditions, he can’t ever try to find you, your mother, your new owner, or me and my associates. He can’t ever talk about this to anyone and he will have to follow our story to the letter.”

“What I want to know from you is will he be willing to sign a magically binding contract?” The man asked, both of them aware that a magical contract once signed, could never be broken.

“No,” Hermione shook her head. She knew Harry would never abandon them, and he would never stop looking for them, even if it meant his death.

The man sighed audibly at her response. “Are you certain? If I allow you to speak with him, could you convince him?”

Hermione tried to think. ‘What could she do? This man was casually talking about selling her and her mother like cattle to someone. What would Harry do in her place?’ 

‘He would do everything he could to convince her,’ she realized.

“… I can try to convince him,” Hermione finally said. “Do you promise you will let him go if he agrees? That you or any of your goons won’t kill him after he agrees?”

“I will do better than that Miss Granger. I will sign a magical contract to that effect, and if he also agrees to the terms, then we will have no reason to harm him. It is in our best interests to let him go.” the man reminded her. 

“When can I speak to him?” Hermione asked. 

“It will be later this evening, possibly even tomorrow morning,” the man replied.

“Why? Why can’t I see him now? What have you done to him?” Hermione demanded.

“Nothing to concern yourself with,” the man replied. “Mr. Potter detected my associates moments before they struck and put up quite a fight. He is a formidable duelist.” the man complimented. “But he could only delay the inevitable as they outnumbered him eight to one. He was not permanently injured and will be fully recovered soon.”

“What will you do with us now?” Hermione asked.

“The client that requested you had some very specific training and modifications selected for you, quite expensive, even by the standards of my clients. I will deliver you to him after that.”  

“If it’s any comfort to you, a man does not go through all this trouble and expense to acquire you if he plans to mistreat you. You can rest assured, knowing that you are destined for a very pampered and comfortable life.”

“Let’s get started,” the man said as he gagged Hermione before she could ask any more questions.

The man pulled out his wand and waved it first at Emma then Hermione, muttering a spell under his breath.

Hermione and Emma yelped into their gags as they suddenly and unexpectedly felt the cold air on their skin. It became obvious a moment later what the man had done as they stared at each other’s naked bodies. They both did their best to look away, trying vainly to give the other some semblance of privacy.  

Hermione heard a click, and then a slight grinding noise as a panel slid open from the wall behind her mother and watched as the man pulled out an iv bag and needle.

“This won’t hurt a bit, Mrs. Granger,” the man said as he moved to connect the iv to Emma’s arm.

“Calm yourselves,” the man said when he noticed the panicked looks on their faces. “I’ve already told you, you won’t be harmed, quite the opposite in fact.”

The man then connected the iv. “I’ll check on your progress in about 2 hours,” he said as he left the room, the door disappearing behind him as if it were never there.

Hermione and Emma did their best to not look at each other but it was difficult when they were tied to slabs of wood in front of each other, and there was nothing else in the room to focus their attention on. Eventually, they both settled on looking at each other’s faces, as the strain on their necks from looking away became uncomfortable.  

Hermione thought it was her imagination at first, but after the first hour, she couldn’t deny it. Her mother was looking younger. Every minute that passed it became more pronounced. As the minutes ticked by Hermione found herself looking at the face of someone that could easily pass for her sister.

A few minutes later the door appeared and the man that was disguised as Harry walked in. “Good,” he said as he disconnected the iv. “How are you feeling Mrs. Granger?” He asked as he removed Emma’s gag.

“I’m feeling tired,” Emma replied, “and dizzy, what have you done to me?”

“That’s to be expected,” the man explained. “The potion I injected you with, it’s a de-aging potion. Biologically speaking you will be the same age as your daughter soon.”

“Why are you doing this?” Emma asked.

“Believe me, it’s not something my clients normally require. Usually, they choose a younger woman to start with. The cost alone for this potion, let alone everything else he required is usually cost prohibitive to the vast majority of my clients.” The man answered.

“No, why are you doing this to us? We’ve done nothing to you or anyone else,” Emma demanded.

“I know it’s difficult to understand right now, but this is not personal, at least for me, it’s just business. My client specifically selected you and your daughter. It is the only reason you are here,” the man explained.

The man then held another potion to Emma’s lips. “I need you to drink this as well.”

Emma wanted to refuse, yell at him, scream even, but she doubted it would do any good. 

The man noticed her hesitation. “It’s just a nutritional potion, it will help with your symptoms. Don’t make this harder on yourself than it needs to be. There are less pleasant ways I can use to make sure you ingest it.”

Emma reluctantly drank down the potion, gagging at the bitter taste.

“Thank you, Mrs. Granger,” the man said as he gagged her again.

He then moved to Hermione. “Miss Granger, I need you to drink this as well,” he said, holding up another vial of the same potion and removing her gag.

“When can we talk to Harry,” Hermione knew that if she could talk to Harry, they could figure a way out of this. They always did before.

“Mr. Potter is still unconscious and recovering from his injuries. It will be tomorrow morning that you will be able to speak to him. Now I insist you drink this potion as well.”

“Why?” Hermione demanded. “There’s nothing wrong with me.”

“You will ingest a series of potions over the next few days, and for the potions to have the maximum effect the only thing you may consume is nutritional potions at specific times.”

“Now, just as I told your mother, please make this easy on yourself and drink the potion.” He said as he held the potion to her lips.

Hermione reluctantly drank the potion as well. She had to bide her time and be patient. She would do what the man said for now, but once they got to Harry, they would figure out a way out of this.

The man replaced the gag and then pulled out a blue jar. “This is a topical hair removal potion.” He explained. 

“Don’t be concerned,” the man said, noticing the look on Hermione’s face. “The client only wants the hair below your neck removed. It will take a daily application over the next 3 days, but after that, it will permanently remove your body hair.”

Hermione could only stand there in shock as the man casually talked about depilating her, with no concern at all for her wishes.

She screamed into her gag demanding that the man stop what he was doing, but it only came out as a muffled grunt. The man just unscrewed the lid of the jar, carrying on as if he couldn’t hear her. 

Hermione tried to move, but the bands and sticking charm holding her to the board didn’t even give her room to wiggle, let alone move out of the way.

She was surprised when the board segmented, pulling her arms up and her legs apart, turning into an X.

She could only glare hatefully at the man as he pinned her hair on her head and he liberally applied the gel to her hands and arms first, then her legs.

He then moved to her neck, and breasts, down her stomach, and finally at the junction between her legs.

When Hermione’s front half was coated with the blue gel the board split in two, one section above her head that was stuck to her hands, and the second section to her feet.

Hermione could now move her arms, hips, and legs, but her hands and feet were locked to the boards.

The next thing she knew, the boards spun her around so that her back was facing the man.

She felt his hands running down her shoulders, and back, cupping her ass, she instinctively yelped and tried to move out of the way, but it was no use. She could only move a few inches in either direction.

The man’s hand moved away and Hermione breathed a sigh of relief until she felt a sharp series of slaps to her ass.

“Don’t move,” the man ordered sternly. “Your new owner paid a lot of money for this treatment and you will not waste his investment.”

Hermione was too shocked by the man’s words and actions to react. No one had ever spanked her before.

Before she knew it, his hands were rubbing the gel on her again. One of his fingers even ran down the crack of her ass, pressing down on her asshole. 

Hermione clamped her ass cheeks shut at the intrusion and growled angrily, but didn’t move again as the man finally rubbed down her legs.

Hermione was sure by now the gel had covered every inch of her body below her neck.

A moment later she felt herself being turned around and the boards returning to their resting position.

She looked up to her mother with a blush on her face, knowing that she had seen everything that the man had done to her. Then it was her turn to watch as the same thing happened to her mother.

She could not tear her eyes away from her mother, they looked almost the same age now, maybe only four or five years difference.

The man was methodical in what he did and before long her mother was covered in the blue gel as well.

A few minutes later Emma was staring back at her after the man had finished.

Emma knew after what the man did to Hermione there was no point in moving, and that she was powerless to stop him.

At that moment Hermione felt a tingling all over her body. She looked down as the gel slowly turned from blue to white.

“Excellent Miss Granger, the gel has finished doing its job. I will just get you cleaned up, and then I can do the same for you, Mrs. Granger,” the man said.

The board Hermione was attached to segmented again, starting to move. The boards pulled her legs shoulder-width apart. 

Hermione again tried to fight it this time, knowing what to expect, but it was no use. Whatever this thing was, it was far stronger than she was.

She was helpless as they pulled her arms up over her head and then moved forward a foot, so now she was bent over slightly with her ass sticking out.

The man pulled out his wand from his coat, and a jet of warm water sprayed out. He walked around her spraying down her body until she was soaked. A drain had also appeared below her feet for the water to drain out.

The man put his wand away before pulling out another jar, this time with a purple liquid inside. He scooped out some with his fingers, just bringing it under Hermione’s nose so that she could smell. “Vanilla and rose-infused soap,” the man explained. “40 galleons a jar, another item my client requested for you. I trust that you have learned your lesson and there will be no more infractions.”

Hermione wanted to scream and curse at the man but she knew that with the gag covering her mouth he wouldn’t understand her anyway, so she settled for glaring at him.

The man didn’t react even for a moment as he pulled some of the soap out of the jar into his hand and then started rubbing it into Hermione’s skin.

Hermione would never admit it to the man, but after being strapped to that board for hours, the warm water, the sweet smell of the soap, and the man’s hands massaging her sore body started to feel good.

She bit back a groan of pleasure as the man rubbed her breasts, and she closed her eyes tightly in embarrassment. She didn’t want to look at her mother while this was happening.

Hermione felt one hand slowly traveling down her stomach to cup her cunt as the other moved down her back caressing her ass. She felt it drift lower and lower until she felt a finger parting her ass cheeks as it circled her anus.

Her eyes snapped open in panic as she tried to clamp her ass cheeks tightly together like but it was no use. With the combination of her bent-over position and the man’s finger being slick with soap it slowly, almost sensually pushed its way inside of her. 

The man finally stopped as Hermione felt his finger inside her, all the way to the knuckle. Hermione felt her panic slowly dissolve to anger and resentment at what he had done.

She was practically shaking in anger, so it didn’t even register to her when the man slid his other hand down her waist and thrust two of his fingers into her cunt.

Hermione was furious, but there was nothing she could do to stop him. She clamped her eyes closed, vowing to herself that she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of reacting. But with each thrust of his fingers, she felt her pleasure build. 

Against her will, she could feel the muscles in her ass stretch and loosen, almost welcoming the intruder inside of her as he gradually sped up the pace. Soon a second finger joined the one in her ass and she couldn’t hold back her groans of pleasure anymore.

The gag in her mouth muffled her scream as she came, but it was clear to both the man and her mother exactly what had happened. 

Hermione slumped over and she gasped for breath as the man eased his fingers out of her and pulled out his wand again.

Another jet of warm water washed over Hermione’s body, washing away the soap and the remnants of the gel the man had applied previously. When he finished, he cast a drying charm at her, evaporating the water.

Hermione hung there, her face burning with humiliation, and anger, refusing to look up from the floor.

Emma gulped visibly as she witnessed the reaction he could elicit from her daughter and knew that she was next. She watched as the man walked toward her, and the table forced her into the same position as Hermione.

The man said nothing to her, just pointed his wand at her, and said an incantation under his breath.

She felt the jet of warm water hit her body, and then closed her eyes, and clamped her mouth tightly on the gag as she felt the man’s soapy hands running over her body. 

Unlike her daughter, it wasn’t only anger she was feeling. There was a certain amount of shock to her sensibilities but also a dark thrill at being completely dominated by this man. 

Because of the position she was in, the man could easily reach her most intimate places. 

She felt his fingers circle her clit, and then slide inside of her. Just like her daughter, she tried to resist as he pushed a finger into her ass. No one had ever put something there before, not even her ex-husband. 

It felt strange to have his finger inside her, but with each thrust, she was getting more comfortable with it, and after just a few thrusts she was almost welcoming his fingers inside of her.

Emma groaned into her gag, giving up all pretense of hiding her growing pleasure as he slowly increased the pace as he brought her closer and closer.

When she felt a second finger enter her ass, she was too far gone and welcomed it inside her as felt her pleasure increase even more.

Emma knew that she couldn’t stop what was about to happen, nor did she even want to. She screamed into the gag as her orgasm hit, knowing that it was one of the best she had ever received.

Hermione was looking down still, but she heard her mother’s scream of pleasure echoing the one she had just a few minutes earlier, then the spray of the water as the man finished cleaning up her mother.

“Mrs. Granger,” the man said as he pulled out a small domed cylinder. “This is going to feel a little odd at first but I think you will grow to enjoy it.” 

The man walked behind Emma. She gasped as she felt something being pressed against her ass again. She knew immediately it wasn’t his fingers. It was the object he showed her.

She tried to push, to keep it out, but it was no use. Something was coating it that allowed it to slip inside her with almost no resistance.

When it was fully inside her Emma gasped as it slowly expanded inside of her, pushing against her inner walls until it was snugly inside of her.

Emma realized that whatever this was, it wouldn’t come out unless the man removed it.

Emma then felt a small vibration as the man tapped the cylinder twice, then she felt a jet of warm water enter and slowly fill her ass. Just when Emma thought that she couldn’t take any more it finally stopped, but she could feel the pressure building.” The water just needs to stay in for 5 minutes then it will automatically drain,” the man explained. “You will feel some discomfort until then, however.”

The man then walked behind Hermione, and Emma could only watch as the same thing happened to her.

Hermione tried to wiggle out of the way but after another series of sharp slaps to her ass, she stopped moving, vowing to herself that she would make him pay for this humiliation once she was free.

Just a few moments after the man pushed the object inside of her Hermione could feel the uncomfortable pressure building up.

She looked up to see the same grimace on her mother’s face that mirrored her own before a look of relief crossed her face as the water released.

It was growing more uncomfortable by the second, becoming almost painful for Hermione until finally, she felt the absolute relief of the water draining out of her as well.

Hermione noticed nothing was dripping out of her and realized the plug must have been dispelling the effluent instead of draining it.

“There, that wasn’t so bad,” the man said when the plug finished doing its work. “We’ll have to do this twice more, one this evening and again in the morning to make sure all the waste is gone.”

Hermione realized that the man had no intention of removing the plugs. He was going to leave them inside of them.

Hermione glared impotently at the man, aggravated that she couldn’t even yell at him like she wanted to.

“We have two more procedures this evening, but unfortunately It will have to wait another four hours,” the man said as he checked his watch. “We don’t want it to interfere with the potions in your system already.”

As he turned to leave the man paused. “I understand it’s tedious to stare at white walls all the time so I hope this will make things more interesting for you.” He said as he waved his wand.

Hermione watched as the white wall behind her mother turned into a mirror that reflected her mother from every angle. 

Instinctively she knew that there must be a similar screen behind her as well.

After the man left the minutes seemed to tick by slowly. Both Emma and Hermione did everything they could to not stare at the reflections, but after the first hour, they caught themselves looking at the screens multiple times.

Hermione could not help but marvel at how much younger her mother looked now, it was as if the potion he gave her was the fountain of youth. She had to ask herself why she had never heard about it before.

Emma was having a similar conflict, she tried not to stare at Hermione, but the way they positioned her it was hard to avoid looking at the reflections.

It amazed her how similar she and Hermione looked at that age, and imagined they could pass for twin sisters.

It was another two hours before the man finally returned. “I’ve spoken with Mr. Potter,” the man explained. “He is still quite upset about the situation, but eager to speak with both of you.”

“I will bring him here to speak with you about your current situation tomorrow morning. I believe some additional time for both you and him to consider your situation will help.”

Hermione watched the man speak. ‘OK, I can deal with this,’ Hermione told herself. ‘I can spend the rest of the night thinking of a plan, and we can get ourselves out of this like I always do.’

“Now we can begin the next treatment,” the man explained, pulling out another jar, this time a light green.

“This is a healing cream. It will remove any blemishes and scars” he said as he approached Emma and tapped the plug, starting it up all over again. 

Emma could only groan into her gag as she could feel the water filling her uncomfortably. 

As the man applied the cream Emma expected him to just focus on the few small scars, blemishes, and stretch marks she had but he was applying it to her full body.

She did her best to hide her blush as she felt the man’s hands rubbing the cream into her breasts and down her stomach, her back, and ass.

Thankfully, he finished in just a few minutes, and Emma hoped that he and Hermione hadn’t noticed her arousal. 

Hermione did her best to glare at the man wearing her friend’s face as he applied the cream to her as well.

As the man continued to grope and rub her body, she felt the cream tingle on her skin and the water fill her ass sparking her arousal despite the situation she was in.

The pleasure slowly dissipated and she became less and less comfortable as more water filled her to the point it was becoming unbearable. After what seemed like a much longer wait than last time Hermione breathed a sigh of relief as she felt effluent being dispelled. 

“I have another nutritional potion for you,” the man said as he removed Hermione’s gag.

Hermione wanted to spit the potion in the man’s face but she hadn’t eaten all day, even knowing how bad it would taste she gulped it down knowing that it would feel better than an empty stomach.

Emma watched as the man gagged Hermione again and walked to her with another nutritional potion in hand.

“What are we supposed to call you,” Emma asked as the man pulled the gag from her mouth.

“You may refer to me as either sir or Arcanum,” the man replied, holding the potion to her lips.

Emma drank the bitter-tasting potion, thinking along the same lines as Hermione. She was far too hungry to worry about the taste now, she just needed something to fill her stomach.

When Emma finished the potion a panel slid down revealing a single bed. “Get some rest, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow,” Arcanum said as the boards holding Hermione and Emma floated towards the bed.

The straps holding them to the boards unlatched themselves and for the first time since they woke up they were free, but before either of the ladies could even think about escaping the straps came to life again.

The straps around Emma’s wrists wrapped themselves around Hermione’s waist, connecting her wrists like a pair of handcuffs so that she was hugging her daughter from behind. Then the straps around her ankles linked to the ones around Hermione’s ankles.

While this was happening the straps on Hermione’s wrists pulled them both to the bed and locked them around a metal ring at the center of the headboard.

The sudden weight shift caused the pair to topple onto the bed, effectively tied together and the bed.

Arcanum reached out, grabbed their feet, and moved them onto the bed. “Goodnight ladies,” he said as he walked out of the room, the light dimming behind him, but not fully going out.

Hermione felt her mother’s breasts pressing against her back, as her eyes drooped. She realized just before her eyes closed that the last nutritional potion he gave them must have also contained a sleeping potion as well.

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