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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Three

Hermione woke up feeling groggy. She felt someone’s arms around her and tried to bolt up out of the bed. It took her a moment to remember where she was and who she was with.

Her movements seemed to have woke Emma, because she woke up a start as well. “Sorry,” Hermione tried to say, but it came out muffled because of the gag.

Emma seemed to still understand because she hugged her tightly. They lay there for about an hour before the door opened and the man walked back in.

“Good morning Miss and Mrs. Granger,” Arcanum said as he walked in. “There’s just a few things we need to complete before your meeting with Mr. Potter.”

Hermione glared at the man, Arcanum. He was speaking like a proper English gentleman, wearing her friend Harry’s face to hide his identity, and completely disregarding what he had done to them. If it wasn’t for the gag, she probably would have been screaming at him the moment she saw him.

The straps holding the two women together released themselves and Hermione and Emma sat up. Hermione took it a step further, scrambling quickly out of bed and trying to catch the man by surprise and tackle him to get his wand.

She could only take a couple of steps, well out of the reach of the man before the boards came to life, sticking to both her and Emma as the straps tied down their wrists and ankles in place again.

Arcanum frowned at Hermione. “That was not a good idea. You will both have to be punished for this.”

Hermione and Emma felt a chill go down their spines at Arcanum’s tone. Hermione had let her anger get the better of her and she had forgotten how dangerous the situation was, and now both her and her mother would pay for it.

Arcanum didn’t act like the normal villains in Hermione’s past, he was polite, and calm, the complete opposite of the types she had faced before. She just hoped that they would still be allowed to see Harry.

Hermione and Emma could do nothing as Arcanum put them in the same position as the previous day. Legs shoulder width apart and bent over at the waist.

Hermione groaned inwardly as she realized what the man was about to do. She felt him tap the plug in her ass, and could feel the water pouring inside of her.

Saying nothing, Arcanum pulled out the now familiar jar of blue gel and applied it to Hermione then did the same for Emma.

Hermione and Emma, both having lost some of their inhibitions from the previous day, watched each other as the gel turned white.

The man sprayed them both down with water, then applied the soap, followed by the water again and finally the drying charm.

“I had planned on removing these,” the man said as he shook the plug in Hermione’s ass. “But I think at least another day as a reminder of your current circumstances is in order.”

“Now, about your punishments,” Arcanum said as he stood behind Hermione, running his hands up and down her ass. With no warning the man slapped his hand down on her ass.

Hermione yelped in surprise, and indignation as the man spanked her. Before she woke up here, she had never been spanked in her life, and now it was turning into a daily occurrence. The surprise quickly wore off as she felt the sting off the spanks, quickly turning into pain.

Hermione bit back a scream as the spanking went on and on. She was sure her ass had turned red by now and there was no end in sight.

Emma watched on the screen that appeared behind her daughter as soon as Arcanum started to spank her. She knew Hermione was in pain by the distinct shade of red of her skin.

Finally, the spanking stopped, and Arcanum moved towards Emma. 

Hermione was relieved when it was over, but could only watch in dismay as the same thing happened to her mother. She could see the pained and embarrassed look on her mother’s face, but just like her mother, she could do nothing to stop it.

She understood the message Arcanum was sending them. If one of them misbehaved both of them would be punished. The only way to avoid it was both of them to do as they were told.

After a long time, Arcanum finally stopped, and moved in front of Emma. He uncorked the now familiar nutritional potion, removed Emma’s gag and held the potion to her lips.

Emma drank down the potion without a word, clearly embarrassed and in pain. Arcanum replaced her gag as soon as she finished the last drop.

He then walked up to Hermione, another nutritional potion in his hand and removed her gag.

Hermione desperately wanted to speak, to demand he release them, but she definitely didn’t want to be spanked again or her mother to be punished for her actions so she drank the bitter potion without complaint.

Arcanum smiled as he replaced her gag. “Good girls, we have a lot to do today,” he said. “You will meet with Mr. Potter after I apply the skin cream.”

“I will speak to him now to explain his and your situation. For his sake I hope you are successful in convincing him.” Arcanum said as he walked out of the room and the door disappeared behind him.

Hermione and Emma just stared at each other, not sure what to do. Ever since they had arrived here, they had been gagged and tied up.

Emma realized the man did this on purpose to keep them off balance and to stop them from making plans to escape.

Hermione stared at her mother pensively, not sure what they should do either. She blamed herself for putting Harry in this position to begin with as she was the one that let him come along. The only saving grace was that when she spoke to Ron about the trip, he wasn’t able to get the time off. He had just started working as an Auror and would be in basic training for another six months.

Emma was having similar thoughts as her daughter. She had heard all about Harry from Hermione’s letters, and felt like she knew him already. She knew about his home life, and how difficult of a life he had lived.

She could already tell the man that looked like Harry was a professional. He was hiding his identity expertly and was most definitely not working alone. It had been a while since she was in potions class but even she could tell the cost alone for the de-aging potion was more than some people in the Wizarding world made in a year. Arcanum clearly had a lot of experience in what he was doing.

She and Hermione were definitely not the first to be taken, and that made it even more frightening. He had said earlier that he was retiring after this. How long had he been doing this? How many other witches found themselves in this same situation?

Hermione and Emma became lost in their own thoughts shortly after and were caught by surprise when the door appeared and Arcanum walked back in. He held in his hands the now familiar jar of cream.

Both Hermione and Emma blushed and looked away as they knew what was coming next.

“I had a discussion with Mr. Potter, and while he understands the situation, he will still need to be convinced,” the man explained as he walked up to Emma and opened the jar.

He rubbed the cream into her face, arms, and legs. “I suspect Mr. Potter believes that he can find a way to escape.”

“Based on his track history with the dark lord he thinks he will be successful. The people I work with are not like those deranged sycophants. They are well trained and have been doing this for a very long time. There is no scenario where he or you will escape,” Arcanum said.

Emma looked away as Arcanum’s hands moved to her chest and midsection. She closed her eyes tightly as his hands moved between her legs and down her back as she bit into the gag tightly. She did not like what the man was doing to her but she felt her body reacting strongly to his touch anyway. 

It surprised Emma when she felt the man’s hands leave her body, expecting his fingers to move inside her next, but he just walked over to Hermione.

Emma initially felt relieved, but moments later felt an unexpected pang of disappointment as well. She ruthlessly crushed the emotion down, refusing to acknowledge that a part of her enjoyed the man’s touch.

She watched as Hermione went through the same treatment. She could visibly see the blush on her daughter’s face as the man’s hands caressed her body.

Hermione looked away from her mother as the man’s hands explored her intimate areas. It was over moments later, leaving Hermione with a vague and confusing feeling of disappointment as well.

“Mr. Potter will be in shortly,” Arcanum explained. 

As he spoke the boards Hermione and Emma were tied to split in half and stacked on top of each other beneath them.

The straps pulled them down into a kneeling position. One strap tied their wrists together behind their backs, a second strap wrapped around their forearms, synching together. The straps around their wrists split, and created a thread that attached to the board, forcing them to sit up straight.

Another pair of straps wrapped around their thighs, pulling apart their legs.

Hermione and Emma were forced to stare at each other, both blushing profusely.

When they looked at each other before it was on the screens, but now it was real, there were no screens. Their bodies were completely exposed to each other directly for the first time. They also realized that this was how Harry would see them when he walked in as well.

“When Mr. Potter arrives, he will remove your gags, when he leaves you will tell him to gag you again.” Arcanum ordered, the threat of punishment unspoken as he left the room.

Hermione and Emma were left to stare at each other, wondering what the other was going to say to Harry.

A few minutes after the man left Harry walked in. They knew immediately it was him. He was wearing the same clothes as the previous day and it was clear that he had slept in them.

As soon as Harry saw them he also quickly averted his eyes. “Hermione, Mrs. Granger, are you okay? What have they done to you? Do you have any idea why they are doing this? They wouldn’t tell me anything.”

Hermione tried to speak to him, but could only mumble because of the gag.

Harry looked at them when he heard Hermione try to speak, immediately rushing to remove the gags before he took a step back and looked away again.

Hermione worked her jaw back and forth a bit, finally able to speak freely. “We’re OK Harry, they haven’t done anything too bad to us yet.”

“The man, Arcanum, he used Polyjuice to look like you. He told us that someone paid him to do this to us.” Emma explained. “I’m so sorry that you got caught up in this too,” she apologized.

“It’s not your fault Mrs. Granger,” Harry denied. “I think we can still get out of this. I counted 15 wizards that are holding us here. Except for the one that looks like me they are all wearing full head masks. When they attacked us they took us by surprise but I could still take down three of them. With a little luck, I think we can get out of this.”

“I can surprise one of them and get their wand, then pretend to be the one that’s polyjuiced like me and take down the others. We’ve faced tougher odds than this during the war,” he smiled reassuringly.

“No Harry,” Hermione denied. “This is nothing like the war,” she said remembering the man’s words. “The death eaters we fought were little more than vicious animals. The main reason we beat so many of them was because they were more interested in causing death and destruction than actually winning.”

The smile fell from Harry’s face. “I don’t see any other way out of this Hermione. They won’t even negotiate with me, it’s the only way. They’re too well organized, I’ve been watching them. The only way we can do this is by surprising them.”

“There is another way,” Emma interrupted. “They don’t want you, Harry. They said that you can walk away. You can sign a magical contract, and this will all be over for you.”

“I can’t do that Mrs. Granger,” Harry denied. “I can’t just leave you two here, Do you even know what they’re going to do to you?”

“He told us Harry,” Hermione said. “It’s something you have to at least consider. Arcanum said he doesn’t want to, but they’re going to kill you if you don’t do what they want,” Hermione said.

“I think that we still have some time,” Harry denied. “We’ll think of something, we always do.”

“Not this time Harry,” Hermione shook her head. “They’re too well organized and know exactly what they’re doing.”

“We’ll then maybe I can try to negotiate with them again,” Harry tried. “You said it yourself, they don’t want to kill me. There must be a reason for that.”

“They don’t want to kill you because you’re too high profile. There will be investigations, newspaper articles, too many questions asked.” Hermione repeated what Arcanum had said. 

“There’s only so much time before people notice you’re missing. If you wait too long, they could take the deal off the table.” Emma warned.

“Harry please, just think about it, none of this is your fault, so please don’t blame yourself,” Hermione implored.

“I’ll think of something,” Harry replied

“Harry before you go, you need to gag us again,” Hermione remembered.

“What? Why?” Harry demanded.

“Arcanum, the one that looks like you. He told us he would punish us if you didn’t.” Hermione explained.

Harry walked up to them, doing his best to not look at their bodies as he gagged Hermione and Emma.

“I will get them to let me talk to you again,” Harry promised. “We will figure out a way to get out of this.”

Hermione watched Harry leave. She really hoped Harry would get out of this alive. 

A few minutes after he left Arcanum returned. “Excellent job ladies,” he complimented. “I didn’t expect you to convince him right away, but over the next few days you may just be able to save his life.”

“I have some more potions for you,” the man said as he pulled out two green vials of potions.

The boards the ladies were kneeling on separated again so that they were standing eye level with the man again. Their arms were strapped over their heads and their ankles tied down.

He first removed Emma’s gag and held the potion to her lips.

“What is this? What will it do?” Emma demanded.

“Mrs. Granger, over the next few days you are going to be ingesting a wide variety of potions. It should be clear by now that none of them will cause any harm to you. I only humored you in the beginning because the added stress would have reduced the effectiveness of the potions. What you consume is no longer your concern, just rest assured that all of it is done upon the instructions of your future owner.” 

“You are going to drink this potion, the only thing you will decide is whether it is with or without a punishment for both of you.”

Emma refused to look at the man, but parted her lips and drank down the potion. 

“Good girl,” the man complimented.

He then went to Hermione and had her drink the same potion.

Hermione didn’t put up a fight this time. She still felt guilty about her mother being punished for her actions earlier.

“Unlike some of the other potions I think you will find what this potion does will be a bit more obvious.”

It happened slowly at first, Hermione felt a tingling on her chest, then it got warm. She looked down, and it may have been her imagination but her breasts were slowly getting bigger. 

After a few minutes she couldn’t deny it, they were definitely bigger. By now they were at least a C cup, and still growing. She looked over at her mother, and the same thing was happening to her. 

It finally stopped when they reached what she assumed was a D cup. They didn’t look fake like the plastic surgery of the muggle world either and there was also absolutely no sag.

When Hermione looked down at her own chest again, she could see that they had finally stopped growing, and now they were the same size as her mother’s.

“Now that we have completed most of the intrusive potions, you will not need to be restrained anymore. But be aware that this is a privilege and can be taken away if you do not follow my instructions,” Arcanum warned. 

“When I am here, you will receive instructions directly from me, but at times I will not be here and a screen will appear and it will give you visual and verbal instructions.”

Arcanum then pulled out a pair of collars that looked like they were made of polished bronze, with runes intricately carved into them.

He placed them around the women’s necks and snapped them closed. There was a quick flash of light as the seams disappeared, sealing the collars around their necks. 

“These are your training collars,” the man explained. “They have 3 basic settings. When you feel them vibrate it is a warning.” 

“You are going somewhere you shouldn’t or doing something you shouldn’t.”

Emma and Hermione looked down at the collars around their necks, then at each other as they felt the collars buzz. They both had the same thought, escaping had just become much more difficult.

“If you don’t correct this within 5 seconds, the second setting will take effect. You will feel the equivalent of a stinging curse across your entire body,” Arcanum warned.

Hermione let out a yelp and Emma screamed as they were unprepared for the pain they felt from the stinging curses.

“This will continue until you follow instructions. It will not cause any lasting harm or injury but it will hurt.” 

“The final setting is much more painful, not on the level of the cruciatus curse but it will be painful enough that it incapacitates you until it is turned off.” 

“This will happen if you attempt to escape, attempt to harm your owner, yourself, or each other.” 

“Your owner can also turn it on anytime they choose. I sincerely hope that you will do nothing that requires the final setting. Long-term exposure is reversible but will require medical treatment,” Arcanum warned.

The runes on the collars flared red for a moment before disappearing as well. “Good,” Arcanum said when the runes flashed. “The collars are now calibrated.”

Emma and Hermione felt the straps finally release and they could stand up on their own.

Hermione and Emma used their hands to cover up and turn away from Arcanum.

“Isn’t it a little late for modesty?” Arcanum asked with a raised eyebrow. “I, along with Mr. Potter, have already seen everything you have to offer.”

Hermione glared at the man but decided not to say anything for the moment. She suspected it would not go well for her if she started a fight with him, especially with the last setting of the collars he mentioned.

“The nutritional potions you are drinking will clear up any health issues you may have been dealing with and will also help bring your bodies to peak physical condition. You may have already noticed that your body fat has been dropping over the last two days.” 

“We will also add physical exercise to help you develop the muscle tone your new owner stipulated.”

Hermione and Emma’s heads were spinning from all these revelations. 

“Why are you doing this to us?” Hermione demanded. “We are just muggle born, what does a pureblood even want with us?”

The man paused for a moment before turning the question around. “Why do you think a pureblood would not be interested in acquiring you?”

“When I went to Hogwarts, they were very clear about what they thought of me,” Hermione said angrily. “They looked at me like I was dirt at the bottom of their shoes. None of them wanted anything to do with me.”

“That was the same experience I had,” Emma agreed, “so this does not make any sense. They wouldn’t even hire me for a job, let alone all this.” 

“This will be a longer explanation than I expected,” Arcanum sighed. 

“While you exercise, I will explain what I can,” he said as he walked to the middle of the room and two large black rectangles appeared. “Stand in the center of the rectangles please.”

Hermione and Emma stepped into the rectangles with some trepidation, neither was willing to risk the man turning on their collars.

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