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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Six

Hermione woke up slowly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She felt an arm wrapped around her waist, and a warm body pressed against her back.

She blushed heavily as she remembered what she had done the previous night with Emma.

“Good morning Hermione,” Emma said with a soft groan as she woke up.

“Good morning mo-Emma,” Hermione said before she caught herself, remembering what they had agreed upon last night.

“It’s just mom Hermione,” Emma reminded her. “We just fell asleep, this doesn’t count.”

Hermione wasn’t sure what to say next, they had both gone further than they expected last night. but she was saved from answering when the door opened.

Arcanum walked in, holding two bowls in his hand. “As promised, breakfast ladies.”

Hermione sat up and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, side by side with Emma. 

She could smell the porridge from across the room. Normally she wouldn’t think anything of it, but after days of nothing to eat but nutritional potions, it smelled heavenly.

Before Hermione knew it, the bowl was in her hands and she was eating it as fast as she could.

Finally, when the bowl was empty Hermione sat back, placing a hand over her stomach, feeling pleasantly full for the first time in days.

“Now that you’ve eaten, we can start your exercises,” Arcanum said as the two black rectangles appeared on the floor again. 

Without having to be told Hermione and Emma stepped onto the rectangles. The last thing either of them wanted was for their collars to buzz, and for them to get another spanking. 

Just like last time the treadmill started up slowly, then sped up to a brisk walk, before reaching a jog.

Emma could immediately tell there was a difference today. Even though the treadmill had sped up to a jogging speed much faster than yesterday, she was not struggling nearly as much.

She looked over to Hermione, noticing she was having an easier time as well. 

‘The potions are obviously still having an effect,’ Emma thought as she looked at Hermione’s body, she was even more toned than yesterday.

As she looked between herself and Hermione, she noticed how much more firm, lithe and feminine they looked now.

‘We didn’t go this fast yesterday,’ Emma thought as the treadmill picked up speed again, bringing them from a jog to a run. 

Soon after, Emma no longer had the luxury of thinking as she ran. She could only focus on putting one foot in front of the other. 

They were both breathing hard now, as they were forced to keep up the grueling pace. 

The speed picked up again bringing them to a dead sprint. Emma felt her lungs burn and her muscle strain as she tried to keep up. 

The minutes ticked by, making Emma wonder if the treadmill was ever going to stop.

She was slowing down, she could feel it, but there was nothing she could do, and a moment later she felt her collar buzz.

She tried again, forcing herself to run faster, but it was no good, after only a few seconds she was slowing down again, causing the collar to buzz a second time.

Five agonizing minutes of this back and forth with the collar buzzing multiple times and the treadmill finally slowed down, dropping from a sprint to a light jog, and then finally a slow walk before stopping completely.

Emma gasped for breath and dropped to her knees, covered in sweat. ‘This was much harder than yesterday,’ she thought, and when she looked over to Hermione, she was in a similar state.

“Excellent progress ladies,” Arcanum praised. “I expected you to show some improvements from yesterday but nowhere near this much.”

“We still have your yoga to do, but would you like to have a drink before we start?” The man offered.

Hermione and Emma looked at each other, still breathing heavily from the run, a silent conversation passing between the two. The man wanted them to submit, they both knew this was a display of dominance and power. 

They would have to drink something eventually. Was there even a point in being stubborn and fighting it?

Hermione closed her eyes and sighed, as she came to a decision. As much as she wanted to protest there wasn’t really a choice. It would only make things harder for them in the long run if they didn’t.

Emma seemed to have understood her reasoning because they both got up and knelt before the rubber dildos.

Hermione wrapped her lips around the dildo, just like Emma had shown her yesterday and sucked. The water trickled out like before, but this time Hermione bopped her head back and forth as she sucked, increasing the stream of water. 

She noticed the water flowed a little faster, but it was still slower than yesterday. 

Hermione experimentally pulled more of the dildo into her mouth, until it touched the back of her throat. That was when she was finally able to get a mouthful of water. She pulled back and swallowed, repeating the process a few more times to sate her thirst. Then released the dildo from between her lips as she turned to face Arcanum and stood up.

She felt a blush forming over her body as she realized how she must have looked to Arcanum, bent over the way she was. 

“Good girls, let’s get started,” Arcanum said as the screens appeared in front of them again and led them through the yoga poses.

They were the same as yesterday, but they had to hold the positions for much longer than before. As they went through each pose, despite her best effort Hermione felt the warning of the collar a few times.

As Hermione looked over at Emma, she couldn’t help but admire her mother’s form.

While yesterday Emma had trouble with some poses, it was clearly not the case today. She flowed from one position to the next, only making minor mistakes along the way, nothing to warrant a stinging hex, but enough to get a warning buzz from the collar.

“Well done ladies,” Arcanum complimented again. “Tomorrow we will try some more advanced exercises.”

“I will also give you another opportunity to speak with Mr. Potter today. He has agreed to assist you with your treatment today.” 

“Please lay down on the boards, face down and follow Mr. Potter’s instructions to the letter. You will be punished for any disobedience,” Arcanum warned.

Hermione and Emma lay down on the now familiar padded boards with some trepidation as they wondered what would happen to them next. 

They did not want to be strapped down again, but to their surprise nothing happened.

“Mr. Potter will be in shortly,” Arcanum said as he left the room.

“Why are they making Harry help?” Emma asked when the man left the room.

“I’m not sure,” Hermione said, shaking her head. “Maybe they want to see how Harry will react?” she guessed. 

“React?” Emma asked. “Do you think they will do this to someone else and give them to Harry to convince him to forget about us?”

“That’s what they think,” Hermione answered. “But they don’t know Harry at all. He would never be a part of something like this.” Hermione said with conviction. “If anything, it will turn Harry even further against them.”

The door opened before the girls could discuss it any further, and they heard the footsteps of someone walking in.

As soon as Hermione recognized it was Harry, she felt an immense sense of relief.

He was still wearing the same clothes as the first day, and had a few day’s worth of stubble growing on his face, but it was clearly him and not the man polyjuiced to look like him.

When Harry saw them he immediately looked away out of respect. “Hermione, Mrs Granger, are you OK?” He asked.

“We’re OK,” Hermione replied. “As much as we can be.”

“I’ve talked to some of the guards, and I think there’s a way out of this, for all of us,” Harry said excitedly.

“Harry, I don’t think this is a good idea,” Emma warned. “We’re pretty sure they are listening to everything we say, you won’t be able to surprise them.”

“They won’t harm me or Hermione, permanently anyway, but I don’t even want to think about what they will do to you.”

“Please, just do what they say and they will let you go,” Emma implored.

“She’s right Harry,” Hermione agreed reluctantly. “This is the only way.”

“I don’t plan to fight them,” Harry denied. “I just have to give them a better offer.”

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked.

“They won’t tell me who wants to buy you, but they told me what the price was,” Harry answered.

“How much?” Emma asked, starting to understand Harry’s plan.

“80,000 galleons,” Harry answered.

Hermione’s eyes felt like they were going to pop out of her head. 40,000 galleons each? There was no way Harry could afford that.

“That’s too much,” Hermione said in disbelief. “We don’t have that kind of money,” she said as she felt her hopes shatter. “Why would someone pay 80,000 galleons for the two of us?”

“It’s 80,000 galleons each,” Harry clarified.

“Each?” Emma asked in disbelief. This was even worse than she thought.

Harry nodded, “I know it’s a lot of money, but I can’t leave you here like this, it’s the only way.”

“We will find a way to pay you back Harry,” Emma promised. I will speak to Dan. We can sell the practice, and our home, we still have some retirement savings as well. 

“Mrs Granger, you won’t be able to pay me back,” Harry replied. “Even if you sell everything you have, it still won’t be enough.” Harry explained. 

“80,000 galleons is what they agreed to with the one that started all of this. I had to give them a better offer.”

“It’s 100,000 galleons for each of you. On top of that it’s another 50,000 galleons for the potions, and another 50,000 galleons for the one that wanted to buy you as compensation.”

“But that’s 300,000 galleons,” Hermione said in disbelief as she did the math in her head. “That’s almost 1.5 million pounds, you don’t have that kind of money Harry.”

“My parents left me some money when they died,” Harry explained. “I have just enough from their estate to do this.”

“Oh Harry,” Hermione said sadly as tears formed in her eyes. She felt absolutely awful. It was her fault that Harry was here in the first place and now he was going to lose everything his parents left him.

She understood now that Harry was right. There was no way they could even come close to paying him back.

“It’s ok Hermione, Mrs. Granger. Choosing between you and the money isn’t a hard choice to make,” Harry said.

“What happens now?” Emma asked.

“They didn’t believe I had the money at first, so they’re going to check with Gringotts to confirm. Then they have to arrange the transfer, it will be another 3 or 4 days, but this will be over soon,” Harry reassured them.

Hermione and Emma both felt an immense sense of relief after that. They knew they could trust Harry.

“I know we can’t pay all the money back to you Harry,” Emma said, also feeling guilty. “But we can at least get some of it back to you.”

Dan said that he wanted to buy out the rest of the business from me anyway, and when we sell the house I will get about 350,000 pounds in total, I’ll have it converted to galleons and sent to your vault,” Emma promised.

“That’s kind of you Mrs. Granger, but I can’t accept it. That’s your life savings, you had to work your whole life for that. The money my parents left me is just something that I inherited.” Harry explained. “I only started using the money recently to do a bit of traveling.”

“No Harry, I won’t take no for an answer. I will do everything I can to pay you back,” Emma denied. “Besides with these potions they’ve given me I can work for much longer before I have to retire. I will find a way to pay you back every galleon.”

“I will too,” Hermione agreed. “We just got out of Hogwarts, I’m sure that once I start working, I can start paying you back as well.” Hermione promised.

Harry nodded, “If it’s what you really want I won’t try to stop you, but I didn’t do this with the expectation of you paying me back. I’m doing this because I care about both of you.” Harry explained.

“We know Harry, thank you,” Hermione said sincerely.

“The man that looks like me, I think he said to call him Arcanum. He only let me speak to you if I agreed to help with your treatments. … I’m sorry,” Harry apologized.

“What did he tell you to do?” Emma asked curiously.

“He.. he said that..” Harry stumbled through his words. “I have to apply this… cream to your skin,” Harry explained. “I don’t know what it does, he wouldn’t tell me.”

“It’s ok Harry,” Hermione replied. The last thing she wanted was to make Harry uncomfortable, anymore than he already was, especially after everything he was doing for them. “The cream just removed scars and blemishes, it’s nothing bad,” She promised.

“We knew he would want you to do something like this, we won’t hold it against you,” Emma chimed in.

“I thought you would be tied up again like last time,” Harry said. “You can apply the cream to yourselves. I know this must be uncomfortable for you.”

“I’m sorry Harry, I know this is awkward,” Emma said. “They are watching us, and these collars can hurt us.” She explained. “If we don’t do what they want, they can cast a stinging hex all over our bodies until we do what they want, they also said there was another setting that would hurt a lot more.”

“Have they hurt you?” Harry demanded.

“They’ve only used the stinging hexes so far,” Hermione reassured him. She really didn’t want Harry to know they had been spanked on a daily basis as well, it was just too embarrassing to talk about with him. “It hurt, but there was no lasting damage.”

“Ok,” Harry said. “We’ll get through this, I promise.”

Harry walked up to Hermione and stood above her. From his robe he pulled out a jar and scooped out some of the cream.

Hermione noticed his hesitation and could only imagine how uncomfortable this must be for him as well. 

“It’s ok Harry,” Hermione assured him. “This is not your fault, and I won’t hold this against you,” she promised. “You’re being forced to do this just as much as we are.” she reassured him.

Hermione watched as Harry took a deep breath before placing the jar on the board beside her.

She knew this was already difficult enough for her best friend, so she rested her cheek on the board and turned away, closing her eyes, hoping that it would be a little easier for him if she wasn’t looking at him.

A moment later she felt his hands on her neck and shoulders as he applied the cream. She could feel the cream warm up from the heat of his hands.

Hermione clamped her lips tightly together, stopping herself from moaning in pleasure, that was the last thing Harry needed to deal with right now, but she couldn’t ignore how Harry’s hands felt on her skin. He had clearly done this before because it felt wonderful. 

She could feel his hands gradually moving down her back and sides, rubbing the cream into her skin in a circular motion before abruptly stopping at the small of her back.

Hermione did her best not make a sound, and kept her lips locked tightly together. Despite her best efforts a few mews of pleasure still escaped her lips, causing Harry to pause for a moment before starting again. 

She clamped her teeth together tightly, doing her best to stay completely still. She knew that if she tried to move, or even speak she would be moaning in pleasure, practically begging Harry to take her.

Hermione hated the fact that these potions were turning her body against her. It seemed like she was horny all the time now, and even more so when it was Harry touching her.

She felt Harry rubbing her arms next, lifting them off the table to make sure he covered her everywhere with the cream.

It seemed like the more cream that Harry massaged into her skin the better it felt. 

She hoped Harry would finish soon because she didn’t know how much longer she could contain herself, but another more lustful part of her hoped that he would keep going

A moment later she heard Harry move behind her and felt him applying the cream to her legs. He lifted one foot up off the table, applied the cream, followed by the second.

Harry pulled her legs apart gently, giving him better access as he gently applied the cream to her thighs next.

Hermione’s head was swimming with pleasure, and as hard as she tried she couldn’t contain herself anymore. 

She didn’t even realize when she let out a low moan of pleasure until she felt Harry’s hand stop before pulling away quickly.

Hermione came back to herself, immediately realizing why Harry stopped. “I’m so sorry Harry. I know this can’t be easy for you. The potions they’re making us drink… they make us feel things,” Hermione stammered in embarrassment. 

“I trust you Harry, just please ignore if I make… those sounds,” Hermione pleaded. 

She couldn’t bring herself to say what she really wanted to her best friend, who had probably never even thought of her that way.

“Are you sure, Hermione?” She heard Harry ask.

“I’m sure Harry,” Hermione said as she turned her head back to look at him, but when she did, she lost her train of thought.

She couldn’t help but stare right at Harry’s crotch. She could see the tent in his pants, and she felt a wave of pleasure to her very core because she knew she was the cause of it.

“OK Hermione,” Harry said, still avoiding looking at her face.

Hermione quickly turned her head to the side, she hoped Harry had not caught her staring at him.

A second later she felt Harry’s hands on her ass, she could tell he was hesitant, but when she didn’t react, he seemed to grow a little more confident.

She felt him cup her ass, working the cream into her skin, she even felt him run a finger between her cheeks.

Hermione bit her lip, trying to hold back another moan, the pleasure was far more intense now that she knew that Harry was turned on as well. 

She was dripping wet now, there was no way that Harry hadn’t noticed it by now.

“Hermione, can you turn over?” She heard Harry ask.

It took a moment for Harry’s words to register. But she quickly got a hold of herself when she felt a warning buzz from her collar.

Hermione turned over so that Harry didn’t have to see her under the stinging hex. She knew he felt guilty about this, and the last thing she wanted was for him to feel even worse about it.

Hermione opened her eyes when she heard Harry gasp, “What is it Harry? Is something wrong?” She asked in alarm.

“It’s… I.. you…” she heard Harry stumble over his words. “You look…. beautiful,” he mumbled.

Hermione felt her face go red as she blushed. A part of her had always been attracted to Harry, especially after the troll in her first year, but she had never thought that Harry would look at her that way.

“Close your eyes,” Harry instructed, “I’ll start by applying the cream to your face.”

Hermione felt the gentle touch of Harry’s fingers as he applied the cream to her face, starting with her forehead, moving down her cheeks, her chin and finally her neck.

She felt Harry hesitate when he was just above her breasts. Before he could hesitate Hermione placed her hand overtop of Harry’s and slowly pushed his hand down until he was cupping one of her breasts.

Hermione gasped as she felt his palm rub her nipple as he held her breast.

She felt Harry try to pull back his hand, but she held it in place. “No, it’s ok Harry.”

“Did I hurt you?” She heard Harry ask. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.”

“No,” Hermione shook her head. “It didn’t hurt, it felt… good,” Hermione admitted. She couldn’t let Harry think he was hurting her, especially when she was the one that couldn’t control herself. 

She felt Harry place his other hand on her chest and start massaging in the cream.

This time Hermione couldn’t stop herself, she didn’t even want to at this point. 

She let out a long moan of pleasure as she felt Harry rubbing his hands down her chest and torso before stopping just at her waist.

She then felt his hands on her knees, rubbing up her thighs.

Hermione felt Harry stop again, then heard him take a deep breath before he pushed her hands further up. 

Hermione bit her lip, absolutely loving the feeling of his powerful hands on her body.

She couldn’t help herself, she mewed in pleasure when Harry’s fingers reached the junction between her legs. This time he didn’t stop or hesitate. She felt his fingers gently caress her cunt. 

Giving up all semblance of control she wontanly arched into his touch. It felt incredible. A soft “oh,” escaped her lips. “Please, keep going,” she begged.

Hermione knew Harry could feel her arousal. She was dripping all over his fingers. She knew she shouldn’t be acting this way with her best friend, but she couldn’t help it, not anymore. 

Any thoughts of propriety or decency were the furthest things from her mind. She was so close, and he hadn’t even put his fingers inside her, just rubbed her cunt, and then it happened. 

Hermione abruptly snapped her eyes open, “Ohhh,” she moaned loudly as she came hard. It was far better than anything she had ever felt before. 

As she caught her breath, she felt Harry pull his hand back. He didn’t make eye contact with her or speak to her as he moved over to stand beside Emma.

Hermione was too embarrassed to say anything as she came down from her orgasm. She couldn’t believe that she behaved like that. It was like she completely lost control when Harry touched her. 

She had tried her best to hide her arousal but the combination of Harry’s touch and the cream were just too much for her.

“Mrs. Granger,” Harry said.

“Call me Emma,” she interrupted. “After everything that’s happened it feels strange to be so formal.”

“… Emma, I’m sorry about this. If I had know this was what they were going to make me do-“

“Stop right there Harry. You didn’t know this was going to happen, and even then this was going to happen, anyway. I’m glad it’s you and not him,” Emma said.

Harry nodded as he applied the cream to her back.

Emma could already tell that Harry was just as hesitant with her as he had been with Hermione at first. 

She had seen how Hermione had reacted when Harry touched her though, and the orgasm he had given her was unmistakable. It was only now that she understood why her daughter had reacted the way she had.

Harry’s hands felt incredible, far better than anything her former husband had even been able to do, even better than what Hermione had done last night.

She let out a low moan as she felt his hands trail down her back, and cup her ass. There was no need to pretend anymore, Harry already knew the effect he was having on them. 

She felt him knead her ass cheeks for a moment before trailed a finger down her ass crack, only stopped when he reached her asshole. A part of her hoped he would push a finger inside, but his hands just moved down to her legs, applying the cream there before he asked her to turn over.

Emma could easily tell that Harry liked what he saw, after all she looked almost identical to Hermione now, and on top of that the tent in his pants was a dead giveaway. 

She idly wondered how big he was, just from what she could see he was definitely above average.

She didn’t close her eyes like Hermione and watched as Harry applied the cream to her face and neck, then trailing them down her chest, cupping her breasts.

Emma didn’t even try to contain her gasp of pleasure. The feeling was so much more intense as he fondled her breasts. 

Then She felt his hands slowly rub down her waist, then switch to her legs. He started at her feet, and then he gradually moved his hands up her knees, and then to her thighs.

“That feels so good Harry,” Emma said breathlessly as she felt Harry’s hand stop on her cunt. “Don’t stop,” she begged.

Emma didn’t know where this was coming from, she had never behaved so wantonly before, but she couldn’t stop herself.

Emma felt Harry slowly circle his warm fingers on her cunt. She knew he could tell how wet she was for him. She hadn’t tried to hide it. 

She knew she should be mortified by what was happening. Harry was the same age as her daughter, but it was as if someone had switched all her inhabitants off.

Just like Hermione, she arched her core forward needily, pressing her core against Harry’s fingers tighter, craving more as another moan of pleasure crossed her lips.

She was close now, just hanging on the edge, and then she felt it. She closed her eyes tightly, groaning loudly as she felt the best orgasm of her entire life.

None of them spoke about what happened, a moment of complete silence as Harry stepped back from them.

Hermione and Emma did their best not to look, but they couldn’t help themselves. Harry must have been hard as a rock. 

The same thought crossed both their minds. ‘Should we offer to take care of that for him?’

Harry was the one that eventually broke the silence. “I have to leave now, but they said I would be allowed to see you at least once a day from now on.”

“It will be ok, this will all be over soon,” Harry promised as he left through the door.

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