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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Nine

Hermione looked between Emma and Harry. She was dripping wet. She desperately needed to cum, and if the look on her mother’s face was anything to go by, so did she.

A small but growing part of her enjoyed the situation they were in. It was so easy to let go of her inhibitions, to convince herself that she didn’t have a choice. The potions were making her feel the way she did.

“Harry, please I need to cum!” Hermione asked, all sense of propriety and embarrassment gone as she gave into her desires fully.

Emma and Hermione looked at Harry, wondering what he would do. Would he think less of them? Would he tell them no? A moment later, they received their answer.

“Hermione,” Harry said. “Head up, ass down, full,” He ordered.

Hermione could tell there was something different about Harry now. He seemed more commanding, in charge, and if possible, she found herself even more turned on than she was before.

She scrambled off of Emma’s lap and got into position, making sure that her ass was pointed directly towards Harry, then pulled her ass cheeks apart. It didn’t even enter her mind that she was fully exposing herself to her best friend. All she could think about was her own pleasure.

“Emma, kneel,” Harry ordered. “Behind Hermione,”

Hermione was confused by Harry’s next order, unsure of what he had planned for them. 

Emma dutifully kneeled behind Hermione, scooting behind to her daughter, as she wondered the same thing.

A screen popped up in front of Hermione, showing Emma’s view from behind her. Before she could even consider the implications of that, Harry spoke.

“Emma,” Harry ordered, “remove Hermione’s butt plug,”

Emma pulled on the plug in Hermione’s ass, wiggling it from side to side as she slowly pulled it out.

Hermione let out a low moan as she felt the plug finally being removed, followed by an odd feeling of emptiness. As much as she hated the plug, she found that over the last few days she had gotten used to it being in there. 

“Emma,” Harry ordered. “Lick Hermione’s asshole.”

The order shocked Emma. She knew certain people did that, but it was never something she was interested in doing.

She was so surprised that she missed the initial buzz of the collar, and it was only the stinging hex of the collar that brought her back to reality.

Realizing that she had no choice, Emma put her feelings aside, leaning forward, and sticking her tongue out and lightly licking the rim of Hermione’s asshole.

Hermione moaned in unexpected pleasure as she felt the delicate touch of Emma’s tongue on her ass. She had never thought she would enjoy something like this, but it seemed there were a lot of things she had learned to enjoy over the last few days.

Emma was surprised as well. The taste had not been what she was expecting. Hermione tasted sweet, almost like vanilla. As she gave another experimental lick, she found she enjoyed it, especially the moans of pleasure coming from Hermione. She couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like when it was her turn.

Hermione was doing everything she could to hold her pose as Emma licked the rim of her ass, and it was driving her crazy. She wanted more, a lot more, but every time she leaned back to get more of Emma’s tongue inside her, the collar buzzed in warning.

She felt herself getting more and more worked up as the minutes went by. She was even willing to accept a stinging hex, but then she heard Harry say the words she had been waiting for. “Emma, put your tongue inside.”

Hermione felt herself go cross-eyed at the intense pleasure coursing through her body in that moment. ‘Could she really make me cum like this?’ She wondered.

“Emma, put two fingers inside Hermione’s cunt,” Harry ordered.  

Emma needed no other incentive and plunged two of her fingers into Hermione’s cunt as she kept tonguing her asshole. 

Hermione was already so wet at this point that Emma slid her fingers in without any resistance.

Hermione’s eyes popped out at the incredible feeling on her mother’s tongue swirling inside her ass, and her fingers plundering her cunt that she let out a loud scream of pleasure. She was so close now, she couldn’t take it. “Harry please, I need it!”

Harry seemed to ignore her pleas. “Faster Emma.”

Emma, with no hesitation, pistoned her fingers into Hermione’s cunt, even putting in a third finger inside her as she pushed her tongue inside as far as it would go.

Incredibly, Emma was feeling almost as much pleasure as Hermione. She could feel how wet she was. She could feel it dripping down her leg.

Hermione was breathing hard now. She was at edge and desperately wanted to cum, but Harry wouldn’t let her. The pressure kept building and building. “Please Harry! Please! I need it!,” Hermione begged.

“What do you need, Hermione?” Harry asked. “Say the words.”

“Please let me cum! I need it,” she shouted.

For a long moment Harry said nothing, and Hermione was afraid that he would never let her cum, but then he said it. The words she had been craving to hear. “Cum for me Hermione.”

Hermione screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm hit. “Haaaarrry!” Then she slumped down, completely surrendering to her orgasm. 

Hermione was breathing hard as Emma dipped her head down, licking her cunt clean after removing her tongue and fingers from inside her. All the pleasure she felt in her life before seemed to pale compared to what she had felt over the last few days. She might actually be sad when they left this place.

After a few long minutes, Hermione caught her breath. Harry gave his next order. “Emma, Head up, ass down, full.”

Emma knew what was coming, and eagerly got into position, pointing her ass directly at Harry.

The screen popped to life again, giving her a clear view of what was going to happen to her as well.

All her previous reservations, completely forgotten as she waited for Hermione to settle in behind her.

“Remove Emma’s plug Hermione,” Harry ordered. 

Emma felt Hermione tug on the base of the plug, wiggling it playfully inside of her, then slowly pulling it out half way only to shove it back inside of her a moment later.

At first Emma enjoyed the feeling of gettering her ass fucked by the plug, but after the third or fourth time, Emma lost patience. She grunted as she clamped down when Hermione tried to push the plug back inside her again.  

She seemed to have got the hint, because she felt Hermione remove it completely. 

Emma wondered if it had felt odd to Hermione as well to not have the plug inside of her after so long.

“Hermione, lick your mother’s asshole,” Harry ordered.

Both Emma and Hermione felt a tingle of arousal go down their spines after what Harry said, taking the sexually charged atmosphere even higher.

Just as Emma had done, Hermione licked tentatively, not sure what to expect, but found she liked it. 

As she licked Emma’s asshole, she couldn’t help but look over at Harry. The tent in his pants clearly showed that he liked what he saw. She wondered, not for the first since they arrived here, how big he was, what he tasted like.

“Tongue inside,” Harry ordered.

At that moment, Emma completely understood why Hermione had reacted the way she did. She felt Hermione’s wet tongue wriggle inside of her, giving her a kind of pleasure she had never felt before. The feeling was intoxicating, seductive, almost addictive.  

For a moment Emma lay there, her ass cheeks pulled apart, enjoying every second of it. It wasn’t just the pleasure she was feeling, but giving control to someone else so completely that made her wetter than she had ever been in her life.

She didn’t even hear when Harry told Hermione to put her fingers inside of her cunt, but she certainly felt it as she let out a loud moan of pleasure.

As her daughter’s fingers pounded inside of her over and over again, and her tongue explored her back door, it took all she had to maintain her pose.

Then she heard it, Harry’s next command. “Faster Hermione.”

That was when she felt it, the moment she completely lost control. She grunted with each thrust of her daughter thrusted into each of her holes, moaning wantonly in pleasure, not caring who heard her.

Hermione took things a step further as she pumped her fingers even deeper inside, swirling her tongue from side to side.

The dam broke at that moment. Emma threw all her inhibitions aside, wantonly begging Harry to let her cum, not caring how she sounded it. 

She just needed it more than anything else in the world. “Please, please,” she grunted. “Harry, I need it! Let me cum!!!.” she screamed as loudly as she could. 

Then she heard him say the words she craved to hear. “Cum for me Emma.”

Emma let out a long moan, even surprising herself with the intensity of her orgasm. It was by far and away the best she had ever received. Any thought of patching things up with her ex-husband, now completely forgotten. There was no way she could ever give this up willingly.

Long minutes of silence followed as Emma got herself back under control, made even more difficult by the feeling of Hermione licking her cunt clean. 

By all rights, she should have been completely exhausted and passed out by now, but amazingly, after just a few moments of rest, she was ready to go again.

“I’m sorry about all that,” Harry finally said. “I’m not sure what happened. I didn’t mean for things to go that far.”

“It’s ok Harry,” Hermione admitted. “We… liked it”, she said with lust in her eyes.

“It feels good when you’re in control,” Emma added.

“What about you, Harry?” Hermione asked as she stared at his crotch lustfully.

“Me?” Harry asked. “What do you mean?”

Hermione crawled up to Harry as sensuously as she could, getting in between his legs and pressing herself against his hard on as she placed her palms on his thighs. 

Hermione looked up into Harry’s eyes. “It feels like… you also need some relief,” Hermione said in a sultry voice.

Hermione had no idea where this was coming from. She had never behaved this way before, but she just couldn’t control it. She desperately wanted to taste Harry, to feel him inside of her. It was all her mind could focus on.

She glanced back at Emma, who was still recovering from her orgasm, but staring at Harry just as lustfully. 

“It’s… ok Hermione. You’re not feeling like yourself. I don’t want you to do something you don’t want,” Harry said, but made no move to push her away.

“That’s the point Harry,” Hermione said as she grasped Harry’s cock through his trousers, stroking it gently. “I want to do this, I want you,” she said as she licked her lips in anticipation.

Hemione kindly wondered how big Harry was. If what she could feel through his pants was anything to go by, she would not be disappointed.

“It’s ok, I can have a cold shower after this. You don’t have to. I’ll be fine,” Harry said.

Hermione ignored him as she stroked his cock through his trousers. “That’s just it Harry, I’ve been practicing for this ever since we got here. We both have. I really want to see if my lessons have paid off,” she said seductively. 

“… Well, if you’re sure…” Harry trailed off.

“You’ll love this Harry,” Hermione promised as she unzipped him.   

Hermione reached in, freeing Harry’s member, her eyes growing wide as she stared at it. It must have been at least 7 inches long. 

Her eyes grew lidded with lust as she saw the pre-cum ooze out of the tip, imagining what it would taste like. She held onto his base as she leaned forward, taking an experimental lick. Her eyes lit up. The taste reminded her of salted caramel.

Hermione slowly licked his shaft next, making it nice and wet before she took the tip into her mouth.

Hermione felt Harry twitch inside her mouth and the grunt of pleasure told her he was enjoying it. 

She gently sucked on his head, looking up at Harry as she did, savoring every moment.

Then she slowly took more of him in her mouth, now about halfway as she bobbed her head up and down as she sucked.

Harry’s hands gripped tightly to the armrests as Hermione teased his cock. 

“Is it good Harry? Did my lessons pay off?” Hermione asked lustfully.

“Yes…. Hermione,” Harry replied. “It feels really good.”

Hermione smiled as she took his tip back into her mouth before bobbing her head up and down as she sucked again, taking more and more of him into her mouth until she felt him hit the back of her throat.

She held him there as she looked up at him, sucking gently. Harry was obviously enjoying it, but she wanted to see if she could take it a step further.

As she looked up at him, she relaxed her throat just as she had learned with the dildo and moved her head again, letting him slide down her throat.

Hermione felt his cock fill her throat. She couldn’t breathe, but she continued further, taking even more of him in her throat, until she felt her nose rubbing against his pubic hair.

‘I did it,’ Hermione celebrated. She had been a little worried because Harry was bigger than the dildo, but she wasn’t gagging like she thought she would be.

Hermione felt herself getting wet again. There was just something so hot about taking his full cock down her throat, and Harry was clearly enjoying every second, which made it all the more arousing for her.

Just as she felt her lungs burn, she pulled back so that she could take a breath of air, then quickly went back to bobbing her head up and down on his cock, plunging his length down her throat.

It surprised Hermione when Harry reached down, tangling his hands in her hair, pushing her back on his cock, forcing her to take him down her throat again.

Hermione could feel her arousal dripping down her thighs as Harry took control of her. There was just something about submitting to him that turned her on like nothing else. 

She knew it was the potions and whatever else Arcanum had done to her, but in that moment she didn’t care, completely giving into her impulses and giving Harry full control.

She felt him pull her head back, letting her get a breath of air before he pushed her back down to his cock, and then all the way down again until she had his full length down her throat again.

Hermione could hear him groan in pleasure as he held her there. “Yes Hermione, just like that.”

Hermione felt herself grow faint, but she didn’t care as Harry held himself inside of her.

Somehow Harry knew just when to pull back because just when she reached her limit, he released her head and Hermione pulled back, taking a breath of air before descending on him again.

Hermione knew Harry had to be close by now. She sped up, bobbing her head up and down faster until Harry gripped her head again.

Hermione knew this was what she had been waiting for. She kept sucking him until she felt his cum squirt into her mouth.

She held his essence in her mouth, savoring the flavor before swallowing it down and making sure to lick him completely clean afterwards.

It amazed Hermione to find that even after that he was somehow still hard.

 “Hermione, let me have a turn,” Emma said as she crawled over as well. 

After she had recovered, she couldn’t help but watch enthralled as Hermione sucked off her best friend. Emma was practically salivating at the thought of tasting him as well.

Hermione dutifully moved from between Harry’s legs for her mother to take her place as she watched on.

Emma started by licking up and down his shaft, even taking his balls into her mouth to suck on them gently.

Hermione could clearly tell that Harry enjoyed it, and kicked herself for not thinking of doing the same.

Emma then moved up his shaft, sensually licking her way up his shaft before taking him into her mouth.

It amazed Emma that after the blow job Hermione had given him. He was still rock hard. ‘I could definitely get used to this,’ Emma thought as she felt him hit the back of throat.

She could feel Harry’s dick pushing forward against her throat. She knew what he wanted, but she was a little cautious. She had only ever done this with Dan, and he was nowhere near this big.

Slowly, she sucked him into her throat, enjoying the feel of his rod sliding inside of her. She couldn’t breathe anymore, not with Harry down her throat like this, but she still loved how it felt.

His cock pulsated as she used her throat to massage his cock, bringing him even more pleasure.

When her lungs burned, she pulled back, taking a quick few breaths before she bobbed her head up and down, but keeping inside her mouth. 

She could taste his pre-cum now and knew he was getting close.

As she bobbed her head, she wondered what it would feel like when he took her cunt, and maybe even her ass as well.

Emma had never allowed anyone back there, but she felt an overwhelming need to give herself fully to Harry.

With a grunt, Harry spurted into her mouth. There was so much more cum than she expected, especially after the blow job Hermione had given him, but she still made sure not to let a single drop escape her lips.

Emma rubbed her thighs together as felt the sweet taste of Harry filling her mouth.

She felt him deflate in her mouth as he pulled back and tucked himself back into his pants.

“Wow, Emma, Hermione, that was amazing,” Harry said.

“That was nothing,” Emma replied. “Just wait until you try the rest of us,” Emma said in a sultry voice.

“As much as I want to, I will have to wait until the ritual,” Harry replied.

“There’s still one more thing left,” Harry said. “Arcanum said I have to administer your punishment as well.”

Hermione and Emma looked back and forth between each other. They both knew what that meant. Another spanking, but this time they would be bent over Harry’s knee.

A dark thrill went down both their spines at the prospect of it. Harry in control was something they both enjoyed. The more they saw this side of him, the more they wanted.

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