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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Four

Hermione and Emma looked at each other, not sure what was going to happen next. 

They didn’t have to wait for very long as they both yelped and stumbled as they felt themselves moving backwards.

“The muggles have something similar to this, I’m sure you’re familiar,” Arcanum explained. “They call it a treadmill. We will start out slowly, eventually get you to a jog and keep you moving for half an hour.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” Hermione said as the treadmill started.

“Yes, that question is a little complicated to answer,” the man started. “There are certain families that believe in blood purity, but none of them are fools. They are well aware of genetic diversity and the problems that can arise from a limited gene pool.” Arcanum explained.

Hermione looked at Arcanum in surprise. She had not expected that response from him.

“I suppose it could be a surprise from your perspective Miss Granger,” Arcanum agreed. “Some purebloods you have met already, the Malfoy’s, Black’s, Bulstrode’s, and Notts for example are very much interested in blood purity, but occasionally will marry outside of the purebloods when required.”

“Some of the lighter families for example the Weasley’s, Bone’s, Longbottom’s and the McMillan’s for example regularly marry outside of the pureblood families.”

“The short answer is that eventually every pureblood family will bring muggle borns into the family, regardless of their blood purity. This has unfortunately sped up in recent years because of the ill-conceived war by Tom Riddle and his followers. They have completely wiped out entire pureblood and half blood families on both sides.”

“This naturally raised concerns about the continued growth and stability of the wizarding population. It was eventually decided that the best course forward was to introduce a number of muggle born within the pureblood families.”

“So that’s why this didn’t happen to me when I finished Hogwarts,” Emma realized.

“Correct Mrs. Granger,” Arcanum agreed. “While the first war Tom Riddle started was certainly bad, it did not require the measures that are necessary now. The new war simply happened too soon after the last.” 

“Our population did not have the time to recover. If it was perhaps another 10 or 15 years later, we may not have had to take such measures,” Arcanum explained.

“The more detailed answer of why you were specifically selected also takes into account your individual value. This includes your intelligence, magical ability, genetics, and also your beauty.”

“Our beauty?” Emma asked in surprise. She knew she was attractive, but it was nothing special, about the same as the other girls in her year.

“Yes, that is a large component. Purebloods value youth and beauty, and both of you are quite attractive,” the man explained.

“But there are plenty of girls in Hogwarts that are better looking than me,” Hermione interrupted. She would never say it out loud, but she wondered why none of them were kidnapped.

Hermione noticed how after fifth and sixth year so many of the girls in her year bloomed. They were all easily better looking than her after that. Even Millicent Bulstrode who had been overweight and gangly had somehow become beautiful, perhaps not a great beauty like the others but it was a definite improvement. 

She gasped as the last thought she had registered. It all made sense now. The other girl’s looks couldn’t have changed that much naturally.

“I see you understand,” Arcanum said. “The purebloods value physical beauty a great deal, possibly even the most. Potions and magic can do a great deal, but they can only work with what is already there. You have a much better base to work from, even without the potion enhancements you would both be the prize possession of many powerful pureblood families.”

“When we take your potions regiment into account, and the fact that you will come as a matching set, you will even be able to give a Veela a run for their money.”

“We are not possessions!” Hermione huffed angrily.

“You are not possessions yet,” Arcanum corrected. “When your new owner accepts delivery you will be.”

Hermione wanted to retort, but she had to pick up the pace suddenly as the treadmill sped up, bringing them from a light jog to a run. She gasped for breath as she did her best to keep up.

Emma had expected some discomfort in her chest from running in the nude but it surprised her to find that there was none. Her breasts bounced a bit as she ran, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, she hardly noticed it.

“I am sure there are more questions you have, and if you continue to be good, I will answer some of them later, but for now concentrate on your running,” Arcanum instructed.

Hermione and Emma continued the run, forced to speed up twice more. Neither one of them was a jogger, so it wasn’t long before a sheen of sweat covered their bodies and they started breathing heavily. 

By this point they had both felt their collars buzz a few times to encourage them to go faster.

Just when Emma thought she couldn’t take another step the treadmill mercifully stopped.

Both Hermione and Emma dropped to their knees breathing hard and glad that it was finally over.

“Very good,” Arcanum complimented. “Your endurance is better than I expected. It will be even better after the changes are complete.”

“Are either of you thirsty?” Arcanum asked.

Hermione and Emma both nodded, they had nothing to drink except for the potions Arcanum gave them over the last two days. It had kept them hydrated, but did nothing to diminish the feeling of thirst.

Arcanum smiled as two rubber flesh colored dildos appeared on the wall. They were low to the ground, so it would force them to drop to their knees to drink from them.

“You can not be serious,” Emma said as both her and Hermione’s faces went bright red.

“Is it really that big of a surprise?” The man asked. “Everything you do while you’re here is training for when your owner collects you.”

“I will not be drinking from that!” Hermione declared adamantly. “I don’t care what you do to us.”

“Very well, I will not force you for the moment.” Arcanum conceded “Let’s continue to the next exercise,” he said as a set of screens appeared in front of Hermione and Emma.

“The next exercise will be yoga,” the man explained as two figures appeared on the screens. “You will replicate the poses exactly as they appear on the screens.”

Hermione looked at the figure, they were female and exquisite. She didn’t recognize them, but assumed it was another muggle born that had disappeared.

The woman dropped to her hands and knees, arched her back up, and bent her head down. On the screen the word ‘cat’ appeared on the screen.

Emma felt her collar vibrate, and she quickly dropped to her knees, wanting to avoid the shock from the collar. She could see Hermione do the same beside her. A few seconds later they heard a chime as the woman changed poses again.

This time she curved her back and arched her head up. The word ‘cow’ appeared on the screen next.

Hermione and Emma followed the instructions and got into position.

A few seconds later the chime sounded again. This time the woman had dropped her hands to the floor, stretching them in front, and touched her forehead to the floor. This time the phrase ‘melting heart,’ appeared.

Hermione and Emma got into position again, both realizing that the new position left them completely exposed.

The chime sounded again, this time the woman dropped her ass to the ground as well and tucked her knees underneath herself. ‘Child.’

Hermione and Emma again followed the instructions, but both started feeling more and more thirsty with each passing moment. 

The chime sounded again, this time the woman was standing and had bent at the waist. Her forehead pressed against her legs as she grabbed her ankles. ‘Forward bend.’

Emma attempted to get into the pose but could not straighten her legs fully. She felt her collar vibrate but could only straighten them slightly. She looked over at Hermione and could see that her legs were shaking slightly from the strain but was holding the pose.

Both Emma and Hermione suddenly yelped in pain as they felt the stinging hex, it lasted for about ten seconds before stopping.

Emma desperately massaged her legs as she tried to loosen her muscles. She did not want Hermione to be punished because of her. 

She felt her collar vibrate, and she tried again to straighten her legs but despite her best efforts Emma still couldn’t straighten them enough to complete the pose. Both Emma and Hermione yelped again as they felt the stinging hex for a second time.

When the hex stopped Hermione walked over to Emma. “Here mom, let me help,” she said as she rubbed her mother’s thighs, helping to loosen the muscles. They worked together over the next few minutes until they felt their collars vibrate again.

Hermione quickly got back into position, taking a quick glance at Emma.

With Hermione’s help Emma could barely hold the pose, but it was enough, and she was relieved to hear the chime.

The woman then changed her position again, this time she bent at the waist, reached forward and placed her hands on the ground. ‘Downward dog.’

This time both Hermione and Emma did not have any trouble getting in the pose but they both started sweating again.

The chime sounded, and the woman was lying down on her stomach, then she raised herself up into a pushup position. ‘Plank.’

Hermione and Emma could initially get themselves into the position but they had to hold it for much longer than the other poses. Their arms were shaking as the chime finally sounded.

The poses continued for another hour, by the time it was over Hermione and Emma were both covered in sweat, thirsty, and exhausted.

They had both been unable to hold many of the poses, and had to make multiple attempts to get them right.

“Your performance was better than expected,” Arcanum said. “It would have been a lot less difficult if you had used your break to have a drink though.” He reminded them. “Is that still the case or are you willing to have some water now?”

Hermione and Emma both looked down at their feet, unwilling to meet Arcanum’s eyes. They both knew what this was, a demonstration of power. Who had it and who was supposed to submit to it. 

They both knew that they couldn’t go much further if they didn’t have something to drink, and if they stopped exercising the stinging hexes would start again. 

Who knew what other more humiliating ways Arcanum had at his disposal to make them do what he wanted?

They both knew that if they took this step, there would be no going back. Arcanum would keep pushing their boundaries, and there was no telling where he would stop. 

Hermione and Emma looked at each other, their eyes met as they realized they had little choice. This was going to happen either way, the only thing they could choose is when it happened.

Wordlessly they walked up to the dildos on the wall and dropped to their knees. This was the most humiliating thing either of them had ever done.

Hermione tentatively reached her head forward first, her tongue darted out, licking the dildo, expecting a bitter rubbery taste. It surprised her to find it had a sweet taste, almost like honey.

She wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked. She could feel the water dribble into her mouth slowly. But after almost a minute of suckling, she had barely gotten a quarter of a mouthful.

“You’re both going to have to do a lot better than that if you actually want a drink,” Arcanum advised.

Emma wondered what the man was talking about as she swallowed the pitiful amount of water she had collected. 

She stopped in realization and her face flushed red again. Just like Hermione she had only put the tip of the dildo in her mouth. 

Emma pushed her head forward, taking about an inch of the dildo in her mouth and continued to suck.

She immediately felt the water flow increase, and she sucked in more of the dildo until she could almost feel it touch the back of her throat. 

The water flow increased again, but it was still not very much. 

Emma experimentally bobbed her head up and down on the dildo as she continued to suck, and the water finally started flowing.

After a few seconds she had to stop, as her cheeks were getting full, and she could finally take a large gulp of water. 

Emma started sucking and bobbing her head again, and kept going until she had finally sated her thirst. She looked over to Hermione to see that she had not figured out yet how to get the water from the dildo.

“Let me help you Hermione,” Emma instructed as she kneeled beside her, doing her best to ignore that she was effectively teaching her daughter how to give a blowjob. She put her hand on the back of Hermione’s head and pushed her forward. “You need to take in more of it for it to work properly.”

Hermione followed her mother’s instructions, bobbing her head back and forth. The dildo almost touched the back of her throat a few times but she could finally get a large sip of water. Hermione kept drinking, finally sating her thirst.

“Well done ladies, I knew you would figure it out,” Arcanum congratulated them. 

“Please stay seated,” he instructed. “I have another nutritional potion for you,” he said as he pulled out a pair of vials from his jacket. He held one to Hermione’s lips, and when she finished did the same for Emma.

“Now I think it’s time we get you both cleaned up,” Arcanum announced. Both Emma and Hermione were covered in sweat from their exercise routine. 

“Please stand up,” He instructed. “From now on you will each be responsible for the other’s hygiene.”

“Mrs. Granger, you will be responsible for Miss Granger’s hygiene. I will inspect your work after you are finished and should your efforts be anything less than exemplary both of you will be punished.”

“Miss Granger it will be in your best interests to ensure Mrs. Granger performs her additional duties to the best of her abilities,” The man instructed.

“Miss Granger, you will be in charge of the hygiene of Mrs. Granger. The same rules will apply if you do not do a thorough job.”

“Miss Granger, please walk to the center of the room,” Arcanum instructed.

Hermione followed the man’s instructions, the stinging hexes from the earlier exercises still fresh in her mind. 

She gasped as she felt her hands moving by themselves. When she looked at her wrists, she could see the faint glow of a series of runes. They stayed lit until she was holding them above her head and then slowly faded. 

Her legs also moved apart until she was standing shoulder width apart and bent over slightly and leaning forward.

“As you can see your collars have a few additional functions. This one allows your owner to independently move your limbs, and also stop and keep them in place,” Arcanum explained.

“Mrs. Granger, this room has a built in shower in a 4 foot by four-foot square area. Miss Granger is currently standing in the center. Your collar will pick up your thoughts and will give you the ability to turn the water on and off as well as control the water temperature. Try it,” the man instructed.

Mrs. Granger experimentally thought of a rainfall shower head above Hermione’s head and the water turning on. 

As the water started to fall Hermione yelped in surprise and tried to squirm out of the way of the ice cold water.

Emma Immediately realized what she did wrong and amended her thought to warm water. Hermione stopped squirming as the water instantly warmed up to the perfect temperature.

A shelf descended from the ceiling containing a jar of soap from the previous day, and another glass bottle she had not seen before.

“I’m sure you recognize the soap from yesterday, the new bottle is a specially prepared shampoo that you both will use going forward,” Arcanum explained.

When Hermione’s hair was completely soaked Emma worked the shampoo into her hair, massaging it into her scalp as well. When she finished, she took a liberal amount of the soap and then lathered her hands with it.

Emma first started by rubbing the soap into Hermione’s arms and legs. Then she moved in front of Hermione and started applying it to her neck, working her way down to Hermione’s chest.

Emma glanced appreciatively at Hermione’s body. At first they had done everything they could to avoid looking at each other, but now something had changed. 

She didn’t feel quite the same level of embarrassment about it anymore. It was still as taboo as it was in the beginning, but that didn’t seem to bother her as much as it used to.

Hermione bit her lip, trying her best not to moan in pleasure as her mother’s warm soapy hands caressed her body. 

Her muscles felt sore and tired after all the exercises Arcanum put them through, so it was easy to forget that it was her mother doing this to her. 

She could not hold back the gasp as she felt Emma rub her nipples, a shock of pleasure she felt all the way down to her core.

Hermione wondered, not for the first time, if this had something to do with the potions that Arcanum had been forcing them to consume. 

She felt Emma’s hands, slick with soap, gliding down her chest, covering every inch of her in soap, then finally descending to the junction between her legs. Hermione clamped her jaw, shut tight, not wanting Emma or Arcanum to notice. 

Hermione felt her mother’s hands cupping her cunt, her fingers, delicately rubbing the soap in. Every so often she could feel her fingertips grazing her pussy lips. 

She was thankful for the soap and water covering her, otherwise it would be clear to anyone she was dripping wet.

Finally, after an agonizingly pleasurable few minutes Emma removed her hands. She reached for the jar of soap again, lathering her hands in soap as she moved behind Hermione.

She started at Hermione’s shoulders, then rubbed her hands down her back, until she was cupping her daughter’s ass in her hands.

Emma couldn’t help but notice as Hermione’s body gradually changed due to the potion regiment. If she could have looked like this coming out of Hogwarts, she could have had any wizard she wanted.

Emma looked down between Hermione’s ass cheeks, seeing the plug, a twin to the one locked inside of her. 

Arcanum had said to clean thoroughly, otherwise They would both be punished, and she didn’t feel she could take the risk.

“Sorry Hermione,” Emma said as reached for the end of the plug, gently wiggling and tugging until finally it popped out.

Emma glanced at it. It somehow felt larger inside of her. The plug was only about two inches and tapered inward at the center before flaring out again.

She couldn’t help but look down at Hermione’s ass. Her asshole was still gaping slightly from the plug Arcanum forced her to hold for the last few days. 

Emma bit her lip, feeling herself involuntarily get wet as she stared at the erotic sight. She took a breath, as she prepared for the next step. She knew from this moment there was no going back.

They could not pretend anymore after this. Her relationship with Hermione would irrevocably change, and it could never go back to the way it was before.

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