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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Five

Hermione wondered what her mother was doing, she had finished applying the soap already, but instead of washing her off she was just standing there behind her.

She was about to say something when her eyes practically popped out of her head. She felt what could only be her mother’s finger pressing against her back door.

Emma’s fingers were slick with soap, so she could easily slide the tip of her finger inside, before Hermione realized what was happening and clamped down on the finger stopping it from going in any further. “Mom! What the heck are you doing?” Hermione demanded.

“I’m sorry Hermione,” Emma replied. “I can’t let you get punished for this. Please, just try to relax, this will be over soon,” she promised.

It shocked Hermione when she felt her collar vibrate. She had thought the collar would only go off if she disobeyed Arcanum.

Hermione took a deep breath, trying to decide what to do. She didn’t want to feel the stinging hex again. Added to that, if Arcanum punished her, then her mother would be as well. 

She wanted to disobey, to scream and shout at Arcanum, but she knew it would do no good. She wouldn’t be able to escape if she fought every battle.

She didn’t want to, but she slowly relaxed her ass muscles, but just as she felt her mother’s finger push in a little deeper. She involuntarily clamped down again.

“It’s OK Hermione,” Emma said soothingly, patting her shoulder. “I’m almost halfway in, just a little further to go.”

Hermione took a deep breath, forcing herself again to relax against the finger pushing inside of her. She felt her mother’s finger push slowly all the way into her ass.

Hermione exhaled deeply as the finger finally settled fully inside her.

It felt strange to be filled like this, and against her will, she could feel a dull ache of desire as her mother held her finger in place, allowing her to get used to the feeling.

“Just relax Hermione,” Emma said soothingly as she slowly pumped her finger in and out.

Hermione bit her lip, holding back a mew of pleasure as she felt Emma’s finger sawing in and out of her. 

The dull ache slowly faded as she felt herself stretching with each thrust as she grew used to the intruder inside of her ass.

Gradually at first, the finger inside of her felt good, then she was doing all she could to stop herself from thrusting back to meet the finger pumping into her and hold back the moans of pleasure.

Hermione closed her eyes tightly, doing her best to think of something else, anything else instead of the pleasure she was feeling.

She held out for a few more minutes, teetering on the edge, but as soon as she felt another finger push inside of her she couldn’t hold out any longer.

Her eyes popped open as she screamed out in pleasure. Her mother had made her cum, just by fingering her ass, and it felt amazing.

She could feel the cum dripping down her legs, for once glad that the collar was holding her arms and legs in place because she wasn’t sure she could stand otherwise.

Hermione was breathing heavily as Emma finally eased her fingers out of her.

Hermione kept her eyes glued to the floor, her face red with embarrassment as the water rained down on her, washing away the last of the soap and her cum.

When it was finally over Hermione felt her collar release her arms and legs, and she could move again.

Hermione got her breathing under control, taking a few moments to steady herself.

When she got herself under control Emma and Hermione changed places, neither of them willing to look the other in the eye.

Hermione started the water, remembering to concentrate on warm water.

After a few minutes Hermione worked the shampoo into Emma’s hair. She couldn’t help but marvel at what the potions had done. 

Her mother had been in her late thirties before all this started and now they looked to be the same age. Every few hours she could see the differences in Emma’s body.

Her skin was a little smoother, she could see excess body fat disappearing, more definition in her muscles, small scars on her arms and legs slowly fading away.

After the first potion they had looked like sisters, perhaps three or four years apart in age, but now they looked closer to twins.

Hermione then lathered her hands with soap, following her mother’s example she started with her arms and legs, paying careful attention to not miss a spot.

Then she finally started on her chest. She refused to look into her mother’s eyes as she lathered up her chest. 

Hermione could feel Emma’s nipples harden under her touch, then she slowly lowered her hands down, finally cupping Emma’s cunt. She could feel the heat emanating from her core as she cleaned her down there.

Taking a deep breath Hermione moved behind her mother, cupping her ass with soapy hands.

She could feel the firm muscles as she lathered them in soap, idly wondering if her own ass looked and felt this good as well.

Finally Hermione could not delay any longer. She carefully wiggled the plug out of Emma’s ass and set it down.

She made sure her finger was liberally coated in soap and slowly inserted her finger inside.

She could feel that it was warm and tight, and could already tell that Emma was doing her best to relax her muscles and make it easier.

“Yes, Hermione, just like that, Emma instructed, not too fast, just let me get used to this first,” she instructed.

“Yes mom,” Hermione said as she slowly pushed her finger in up to her knuckle.

Emma took a few shallow breaths as Hermione bottomed out inside her. She had never done anything like this before, not even with Dan, and now she was being forced to, and with her daughter of all people.

After a long pause, Hermione moved her finger back and forth, slowly loosening Emma’s ass, then gradually picked up speed.

Hermione couldn’t stop the feelings of arousal from bubbling inside of her as she pushed in a second finger, wondering if her mother felt the same when she did this to her.

‘It must be the potions they’ve been making us drink,’ Hermione thought. ‘I’ve never thought about another woman this way, let alone my own mother.’

Hermione could feel the slight twitch of Emma’s ass first, then she felt her mother clamp down on her fingers before she screamed out her orgasm.

Hermione eased her fingers out, then washed away the cum that was dripping down her mother’s legs with more of the soap.

Finally, when Emma was clean, the collar released Emma as well.

“Excellent job ladies,” Arcanum praised. “The first time is always the most difficult, but you did very well.” 

“In fact, most of the women I train end up receiving their first punishment from this activity.”

He then used his wand to dry their hair. As Hermione and Emma looked at each other, they could clearly see what the shampoo had done.

Where before, especially in Hermione’s case their hair was frizzy with a few split ends. But now their hair fell down their backs in gentle waves with a slight wavy curl.

Arcanum then pulled out a pair of familiar nutritional potions. “Starting tomorrow you will move back onto solid food again, this is a privilege.” 

“It is mostly because of your obedience, and should there be any negative behavior from either of you both of you will be back on potions again for the foreseeable future,” Arcanum warned.

Hermione wanted so much to attack the man now. They were finally free after being tied up or restrained in one way or another for days on end, but she controlled herself.

She has not missed when Arcanum had let slip that this was something he had done before. ‘How many other witches found themselves in this room?’ Hermione wondered.

She knew the collars would stop her in her tracks the moment she tried, and even then, they could not do much without their wands.

Hermione and Emma drank down the potions without complaint.

“Good girls,” the man said. “Now there is only one last thing to do before you go to sleep tonight,” Arcanum explained.

“I apologize for not having mentioned it earlier, but I find this lesson far more effective this way.” Arcanum said as a chair appeared behind him to sit on. “So who would like to go first?”

“What are you talking about?” Hermione demanded. “What lesson?”

“Your collars buzzed multiple times, and they shocked you multiple times. Your goal is to do as you are told before the collar corrects your behavior,” Arcanum explained.

“So to make sure of that, I will spank you every night until you can perform flawlessly.”

Hermione and Emma looked between each other, trying to figure out what to do.

‘Was he serious?’ Hermione thought. “We’re not children! You can’t just do that to us!” Hermione denied.

“I think you will find there are a great many things I can do,” Arcanum said with an edge to his tone. “But you do have a choice,” he allowed. “You can come here and lay down across my lap and take your spanking like a good girl, or your collar will drag you over here and it will happen, regardless.”

Hermione glared hatefully at Arcanum. ‘He would absolutely love that,’ she thought contemptuously. ‘I won’t give him the satisfaction. I will bide my time and when I have a chance, I will pay him back for all of this.’

Hermione was so lost in her thoughts of revenge that it shocked her to see her mother lie down across Arcanum’s lap without complaint.

She could only watch, as with no preamble his hand slapped down with a crack on her mother’s ass.

Emma yelped as she felt the first spank, she hadn’t expected it to sting as much as it did.

She knew that fighting Arcanum was a lost cause and would only make things worse. It was far better just to get it over with and make sure it didn’t happen tomorrow.

Emma bit her lip as the spanks rained down on her ass, always alternating from one cheek to another.

She did her best to stay still, but after the 40th spank she flinched away from his hand. It did no good because each time Arcanum’s hand found the exact same spot.

By the 70th spank she was wriggling around on his lap, futilely trying to avoid each spank and wondering when it was going to end. 

When Arcanum reached 90, Emma was at her breaking point, yelping after each spank, hoping that it would soon be over.

“And that is 100, all done,” Arcanum said. “You may stand up Mrs. Granger.”

Emma shot out of Arcanum’s lap and started rubbing her ass. She knew it must be bright red by now.

“Well Miss Granger, it’s your turn now. Will you be a good girl and do as you’re told?”

Hermione glared at Arcanum, but she knew there was nothing she could do yet. 

She walked up to him, laying down across his lap as her mother had done, clamping her jaw closed, determined not to give him the satisfaction of making a sound.

Hermione did her best to stay quiet, but just like her mother, but about halfway through she was finding it very difficult to remain silent.

She squirmed after each slap, her ass feeling like it was on fire. She just wanted it to be over.

In the end, she couldn’t hold back anymore and started yelping with each slap.

The worst part was Arcanum hit the same spot each time, no matter how much she tried to wriggle out of the way.

“Alright Miss. Granger,” Arcanum finally said. “You may stand up, your punishment is over.”

Hermione shot to her feet, rubbing her tender ass, just like her mother had done as she glared hatefully at Arcanum.

“Normally I would apply the salve to take away the pain after each spanking, but I won’t tonight to insure the lesson sinks in.” Arcanum said.

“Now it is quite late, I suggest you get some rest ladies. You have another big day tomorrow,” he said as the bed appeared again.

“I will leave you unrestrained, but that again is a privilege and I will take it away if you misbehave,” the man warned as he left.

Hermione and Emma looked at each other, for the first time alone and unrestrained since this whole thing began, finally able to speak to each other.

They immediately went to each other hugging tightly, both of them doing their best to ignore the feeling of their bodies pressed so tightly together.

“I’m so sorry mom, they must have been after me,” Hermione apologized. “This is all my fault, you should never have been involved.”

“Shh,” Emma said as rubbed Hermione’s back soothingly. “You didn’t know this was going to happen.”

“What are we going to do mom?” Hermione asked, worried.

“Let’s sit down,” Emma said as she led Hermione to the bed.

“Hermione, we need to talk about what’s going to happen to us,” Emma said, knowing that this was going to be a tough conversation.

“We’re going to talk to Harry soon,” Hermione said hopefully. “When we talk to him, we can figure out our next move.”

“No Hermione,” Emma shook her head. “You need to accept that we don’t have any moves we can make.”

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked.

“They’re watching us, Hermione. Even when we’re alone, they’re watching us. Any plan that we can come up with, they will know the second we make it.”

“Then what do we do?” Hermione demanded.

“We talk about what they’re doing to us, and what is going to happen to us next.”

“Even I know the potions we’ve been drinking are expensive, especially the ones they used on me,” Emma explained.

“Whoever bought us, they had only one reason to do it.” Emma paused, the next part she was going to say would be especially difficult. “… They want us as sex slaves.”

Hermione closed her eyes tightly, she knew her mother was right. She had just done her best to ignore it, but couldn’t any longer. “I know,” she breathed.

“We look like twins Hermione,” Emma continued. “The things they will make us do, what they made us do today is only the beginning. The person who bought us is going to want a lot more.”

“I think the potions they’re giving us aren’t just nutritional potions,” Hermione admitted. “They’re making me feel…” she trailed off, not sure how to finish her thought.

“Aroused, all the time.” Emma finished for her. “I feel the same way. In the shower, my orgasm, I’ve never felt one that strong before.”

“What do we do?” Hermione asked.

“The only way we can get through this is by setting aside that we’re mother and daughter when we need to.” Emma said, having given this a lot of thought.

“Most of the time we will be mother and daughter, but when we do things we will not think of each other as mother and daughter. You will call me Emma and I will call you Hermione.”

Hermione nodded her head in agreement, it was the only thing they could do to get through this.

Hermione tentatively leaned forward pressing a kiss to her mother, no, Emma’s lips, she corrected herself.

Emma kissed Hermione back, closing her eyes.

It was slow at first, but eventually the kiss became more passionate as they pressed their bodies together.

Emma was the first to wrap her arms around Hermione, caressing her back, as they slowly dipped down to palm Hermione’s ass and slowly fondle it.

Hermione hissed in pain as Emma caressed her ass, but as she continued, the pain gave way to pleasure. 

Hermione pressed her tongue into Emma’s mouth, as the both lost themselves in the kiss until they were leaning back on the bed, exploring each other’s bodies as they deepened the kiss further.

Emma moaned softly into Hermione’s mouth as she felt her nipples being caressed, and a jolt of pleasure making its way down to her core.

Hermione broke the kiss, then leaned her head down, capturing one of Emma’s nipples in her mouth as she gently sucked and flicked her tongue.

Emma let out another groan of pleasure as she tilted her head back and thrust her chest forward. 

She reached out with her hand and pulled Hermione’s head in closer. If Hermione kept this up, she would cum just from her nipples being sucked.

Hermione, sensing Emma’s obvious pleasure, switched to Emma’s other nipple and used her fingers to caress the one that was just in her mouth.

Emma finally pulled Hermione’s head away from her chest. If she allowed Hermione to continue playing with her breasts another second longer, she knew she would come.

Hermione leaned back on the bed looking at Emma, it was incredible how alike they looked now, sometimes she felt she was staring into a mirror version of her ideal physical self.

Emma boldly reached her fingers forward as she slowly teased Hermione’s clit, this time causing Hermione to moan in pleasure.

Before she even knew what was happening Hermione had grabbed her wrist and pushed two of Emma’s fingers into her cunt.

Emma could immediately feel how wet Hermione was for her, and even felt her arousal spike knowing that she caused it.

Hermione, not wanting to be left behind, pressed her fingers into Emma’s cunt as she mirrored her actions.

Hermione crushed her lips to Emma’s as both of them mutually picked up the pace. 

Both of them lost themselves to the pleasure they were feeling. The fact that they were mother and daughter long forgotten as they focused on each other’s pleasure.

Hermione felt herself on the very edge as Emma picked up the pace again, pumping her fingers in and out, and she knew Emma was close as well.

A moment later Hermione felt the incredible pleasure of her orgasm, it was even better than the one from the shower.

A second later she heard an unmistakable moan as she felt Emma’s cum drench her fingers.

The pair finally broke apart, panting as they came down from their mutual orgasms.

“That was incredible Emma,” Hermione said as she finally caught her breath.

“I know,” Emma agreed, “It was even better than the first one.”

A few moments later they felt their eyelids grow heavy as they fell into a blissful sleep, momentarily forgetting their situation, and all the things they would have to deal with when they woke up.

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