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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Eleven

Hermione woke up feeling fully rested and relaxed for the first time since Arcanum kidnapped and brought them here. She stretched her arms above her head as she sat up.

“Good morning, Hermione,” Emma said as she sat up as well, also feeling unusually energetic.

“Good morning mom,” Hermione replied as she looked at her mother, who now looked closer to her identical twin than her mother. She didn’t even know how Harry could tell them apart.

“Do you want to talk about yesterday?” Emma asked tentatively.

Hermione blushed at the reminder as it all came back to her. She didn’t know what had come over her. “I don’t know what happened… I was fully in control of what I was doing, but the only thing I could think about was…”

“Your next orgasm?” Emma asked as Hermione nodded. “I felt the same way. Everything just felt so… AMAZING. It wasn’t just what Harry was doing, but you as well.”

“What do you think is happening?” Hermione asked. “Do you think it’s permanent? Is it going to get worse?”

“I don’t know Hermione,” Emma admitted. “That’s what we have to find out.”

In answer to Emma’s question, the door opened, and they were both unhappy to find it was Arcanum instead of Harry that walked through the door.

“Good morning ladies, kneel,” he ordered.

Both Hermione and Emma scrambled out of the bed and got in position.

“Excellent,” Arcanum praised. “I can see that your training is really starting to pay off.”

“We woke up feeling different this morning,” Emma said. “We have more energy, we’re not tired, we’re not sore. What did you do to us?”

“Yes, I suppose it would be hard to ignore, but this was not my doing, at least directly.” Arcanum replied. “This was because of your activities with Mr. Potter.”

“You are in the early stages of creating a magical bond with him, a symbiotic relationship. When you drank his ‘essence’, you were actually absorbing a part of his magic,” Arcanum explained.

“Will Harry be ok?” Hermione asked.

“Mr. Potter is more than fine. As you were absorbing his magic physically, he was absorbing your magic spiritually, creating a cycle that will strengthen and enhance each of your magics.”

“Now it is time for your breakfast,” Arcanum said as he held out the all too familiar bowls of porridge to them. “Eat while I explain.”

“At the end of your previous lesson, we were talking about overseeing the muggle world,” Arcanum said.

“To put it simply, there is no muggle world, not one that the muggles control at any rate. Within the democratic countries, we control the candidates that run for office, and then the heads of state after they have been elected.”

“The other forms of government are even easier. We set up a dictator we control and leave them in charge for up to 40 years at a time, then replace them with the next.”

“What?” Hermione asked, her eyes growing wide. “That’s evil. Why would you ever do something like that?”

“It is evil in a sense, or more accurately, a lesser evil,” Arcanum answered. “The muggles have proven time and time again that they do not have the capacity to rule themselves.”

“What happened?” Emma asked. “What could they have done that was so terrible?”

“Have you heard of a man called Albert Einstein?” Arcanum asked.

“Yes,” they both answered.

“What you likely don’t know about him is that he was a wizard. He had a theory about muggles. He believed that the only reason they were so violent, warlike, and dangerous is because they lacked a cheap and readily available form of energy.”

“He believed that was largely why they went to war with each other so often, and if they had access to that energy, they would have nothing to fight about and evolve into a more peaceful and utopian society.”

“If you know who Albert Einstein is then, you know what happened next.”

“The Americans created the atomic bomb,” Hermione answered.

“Yes, they did, but they were not the only ones. It was just the Americans that did it first,” Arcanum replied.

“Imagine it, giving the muggles the gift of clean, near limitless, cheap energy, and in just a few short years they not only descended into another world war but also turned his gift into a weapon capable of destroying the entire world,” Arcanum said, shaking his head. 

Both Emma and Hermione had no response to that. If Arcanum was telling the truth, would the muggles have stopped on their own? They couldn’t blame the magicals for stepping in. What rational person could sit and wait if they had the power to stop it?

“We will continue this lesson another day,” Arcanum said. “You still have a schedule to keep, ‘inspection’,” he ordered.

Emma and Hermione quickly stood up, getting into position and crossing their hands behind their heads.

“Very good ladies,” Arcanum said as he tapped each of their plugs, cleaning out their asses.

“The potions you’re making us drink, the ones that are affecting our mood. Are they permanent?” Hermione asked.

“Do you believe the potions you are taking are lowering your inhibitions?” Arcanum asked.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” Hermione replied angrily. “We have never behaved like this before, so don’t you try to deny it.”

“Correlation is not causation,” Arcanum replied. “I can assure you the potions you have been consuming are not the cause of your change in attitude.”

“If not the potions, then what?” Emma asked.

“This is your natural state,” Arcanum explained. “The environment you’re in, the activities you’ve been performing, they are just getting you in touch with your true selves. You crave a strong wizard to submit to.”

“That is not true!” Hermione denied. “I don’t need to submit to anyone!”

“You are in an environment where you are not responsible for your actions,” Arcanum continued. “And that feels liberating to you. You can explore parts of yourselves without the pressures of society to dictate how you should feel about it, or judge you for it.”

Emma wanted to argue as well, but a small and growing part of herself wanted it to be true. Submitting to a wizard like Harry felt right, and the pleasure she felt when she did was incredible.

When she first married Dan, she had felt the same way. She craved sex with him, sometimes two or even three times a day, but as he got older, he had a difficult time keeping up with her urges, and after Hermione was born the slow decline of their sex lives started. 

She was not unhappy with their life, but she could not deny that a part of her missed all the sex.

“You are witches, it is literally hard wired into you. You weren’t meant for muggles. Only a wizard will ever be able to satisfy you,” Arcanum said. 

“But that is enough for today. Mr. Potter will be in shortly to continue your training,” Arcanum said as he left.

“Do you think what he said was true?” Hermione asked after he left. She had never felt urges like this before. Arcanum had to be lying, right?

“I don’t know,” Emma replied. “But he also doesn’t have a reason to lie to us. It doesn’t make a difference to him one way or another what we believe, as long as he gets paid.”

Hermione bit her lip, thinking about what happened yesterday, and what Arcanum told them. He made everything he said seem so logical. The only way they would know for sure is when Arcanum let them go.

They didn’t have anymore time to discuss it. The door opened again, and Harry walked in looking apologetic.

“Hermione, Emma, are you okay?” Harry asked. “I know I took things too far yesterday, and I’m sorry. I just lost control. It won’t happen again.”

“It’s alright Harry, we don’t blame you for what happened,” Emma replied. “We went along with everything you said.”

“I know, but I shouldn’t have done that, and I won’t let it happen again,” Harry promised.

Hermione and Emma both felt a pang of disappointment when Harry finished speaking. Neither one of them wanted to say it out loud, but they both enjoyed it.

“We’ll start off with your running,” Harry changed the subject.

Hermione and Emma both stepped into the rectangles as the treadmill started up. It sped up faster than yesterday and they were sprinting within a few minutes.

Emma could immediately feel the difference from yesterday. She was having a much easier time keeping up with the pace. Her collar hadn’t even buzzed once yet. Could Harry’s cum have that much of an effect on them?

Hermione was in a similar state. Even when the treadmill sped up again, she had no trouble keeping up. After an hour of sprinting, the only sign of it was a thin sheen of sweat on her body.

Another ten minutes passed before the treadmill slowed down and came to a stop.

“You can drink some water before we start your yoga,” Harry instructed.

Hermione and Emma kneeled down in front of the dildos. After sucking off Harry as many times as they did yesterday, it was far less embarrassing to drink from the dildos.

As Hermione pushed the now familiar dildo into her mouth, she noticed a difference immediately. 

Where before she could get the dildo to let out a trickle of water by working it in her mouth, she now had to take it fully into her throat before the water flowed. 

It was only a few days ago she had trouble when it touched the back of her throat. Now it slipped inside her throat with almost no resistance.

They moved onto the yoga poses next and, just like the running earlier, it was much easier than before. Even though they were holding the poses for much longer, they breezed through each of the poses without having the collars buzz even once.

“Harry,” Hermione asked. “Are we going to have another spanking tonight?” Arcanum said they would be spanked if they didn’t perform. What would happen if they did?

“The spankings are a punishment if you make a mistake or don’t follow instructions,” Harry explained. “So if you can get through the rest of the day without making a mistake, you won’t be.”

Emma and Hermione shared a look. They could already feel their desire building up again, despite their best efforts to ignore it. 

“It’s time for your shower,” Harry instructed. 

Both Hermione and Emma were now familiar with the routine, but this time they also felt a sexual charge, now that Harry was involved. 

Hermione stepped into the shower and felt her arms and legs lock into place as the water rained down on her. 

She felt her mother’s hands caress and fondle her body as she applied the soap, but this time, instead of staying still and just getting it over with, she felt herself moving with Emma’s hands, making it as sensual as possible.

Through half-lidded eyes, she glanced over at Harry and felt a thrill to see the way Harry was looking at them. As her eyes trailed down his body, she smiled as she saw the unmistakable bulge in his pants.

She felt her mother wiggling and pulling the plug inside her ass and let out a low moan of pleasure as she pulled it out of her.

She didn’t want to admit it, but over the last few days she had got used to the intruder in her ass, and even got used to the feeling of it inside of her.

Now she felt empty without it, at least until she felt two of Emma’s fingers circling her anus. The way she teased her asshole, she knew it was for Harry’s benefit. 

When she looked over her shoulder at Harry again, she could see the hungry look in his eyes, that he was just barely containing himself, and she couldn’t resist teasing him further. 

“Please Emma,” Hermione said as she stuck her ass out, “I need your fingers inside me.”

Emma was more than happy to oblige as pumped her fingers into Hermione’s ass.

“Oh yessss, just like that Emma, it feels so good,” Hermione moaned in delight as she locked her eyes with Harry. “Faster please.”

Hermione moaned and pushed her ass back to meet her mother’s fingers. The pleasure was driving her crazy.

“I need more Emma please,” Hermione panted, getting drawn in herself. “I need you inside my cunt, too.”

“UGH, ah… so good,” Hermione said as Emma pumped her ass and cunt at the same time. 

“Please Harry,” Hermione begged as she reached the height of her orgasm. “I need to cum, please… Please let me cum.”

For a long moment Harry didn’t answer her, and she thought he didn’t hear him. She was just about to beg again when she heard his voice. 

“Cum for me, Hermione,” Harry said, his eyes smoldering.

At Harry’s words, the dam broke, and she groaned in pleasure as she came, “Aaahhh.” Hermione sagged into her bondage and gasped for breath as she rode out her orgasm.

Emma took her time washing her, giving her plenty of time to recover.

Hermione felt her arms release, and she stood up and moved out of the way to give Emma room.

Emma sighed in pleasure as she felt the warm water rain down on her. The thought of what would happen during her shower made all the exercise worth it.

Emma moaned as she felt her daughter’s hands on her body. She was far more sensitive everywhere now. Just the thought of sex made her wet now.

By unspoken agreement, both she and Hermione made this as sexual and erotic as they could for Harry. There was just something so gratifying about knowing that a man was lusting after you.

She moved with Hermione, almost dancing with her, always posing for Harry to have the best view of them.

She felt Hermione pull on the plug in her ass, pulling it out so that just the tip was inside her before ramming it back home.

Emma grunted with pleasure as her daughter fucked her ass with the plug, wishing she had thought of it. “More Hermione. I need more,” Emma begged.

She was rewarded a moment later, when she felt her daughter’s hand snake around her waist and descend between her legs.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Emma moaned as Hermione worked both the plug and her fingers inside of her. 

Under normal circumstances, she knew she would have cum at least once already, but without Harry’s permission, she could stay on the edge indefinitely. 

“Please Harry, I need to cum,” Emma begged.

“… Cum for me, Emma,” Harry said huskily as he stared at them.

“Ooooohhhh,” Emma screamed as she came hard. Just like every orgasm with Harry there, it felt incredible.

After they finished showering and dried off, they moved on to their poses. 

Just like with the exercises before, they had no problem getting into and maintaining the poses for however long Harry told them to. It was becoming second nature to follow his orders.

Hermione and Emma shared a quick look between poses. They had not made a single mistake yet, and it looked like they could get through the day without a spanking, but now they were wondering if they even wanted that. 

Finally, it came to the last pose of the day. Emma knew she had to make a decision. 

When she heard Harry tell her to get into ‘cat’, she had the incredible urge to make a mistake. It would be so simple, she could just make a tiny mistake like, not arching her back like she was supposed to, or extending too far, and it would be enough to make her collar buzz. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it. The poses were too ingrained into her now.

“The new pose you will learn today is called 69,” Harry said as he walked behind the girls, bending down behind them and pushing their plugs into their asses.

A screen appeared in front of them with two women. One was lying on her back, and the other was on top of her. Both of them had their heads between the other’s legs as they ate each other out.

Emma lay down on her back, allowing Hermione to get on top of her, both of them waiting for Harry’s order.

“Begin,” Harry said as he looked down at them.

Needing no further instruction, they began to lick each other out, enjoying each other’s taste, fresh from the source. 

It was already feeling good when something happened neither one was expecting. Their plugs vibrated inside them, enhancing their pleasure even more.

They both simultaneously moaned into each other cunts as their pleasure went to new heights. 

Hermione could feel Emma’s hands on her ass, pushing her down so she could get even more of her tongue inside of her. Hermione happily obliged, pushing her tongue further into Emma’s cunt as well.

Both of them were completely lost in their pleasure now, any previous thoughts from the morning of restraining themselves completely forgotten as they gave into their base urges.

Emma could feel it now. Hermione was using her thumb to push down on her plug so she could feel it deeper inside as she pumped her tongue in and out of her greedy cunt.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She needed to cum. “Harry, I have to cum, please!”

Unlike the shower, Harry didn’t reply. She knew Harry heard her. “Please Harry, I need it!”

“Not yet Emma,” Harry denied. 

Emma redoubled her efforts, copying what Hermione was doing to her. 

This time it was Hermione that broke. “Please Harry, we need to cum,” she begged.

“Not yet, Hermione,” Harry replied.

Having no other choice, they both went back to licking each other out, their pleasure only heightened by Harry’s denial.

As the minutes ticked by, Emma and Hermione didn’t know how much longer they could hold out. To be this close, and not being able to cum, it was excruciating.

“Harry please!” they both said at once.

“Cum for me, girls,” Harry instructed.

To Hermione and Emma, it felt like a bomb had gone off as they came simultaneously. It was the single best orgasm of their lives.

They slowly came back to themselves as they licked each other clean and untangled their bodies.

It was impossible to deny. When Harry dominated them like this, it felt incredible, and made it a little easier to believe everything Arcanum was telling them.

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