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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Seventeen

Hermione opened her eyes. The last thing she remembered was feeling exhausted, then falling asleep. Emma lay beside her on the bed beside her, still asleep.

“Harry?” Hermione called out. “Where are you?”

Emma woke up with a start, looking around as well. “Hermione, what’s going on? Where’s Harry?”

“I don’t know, mom,” Hermione replied, feeling worried. Could something have happened to Harry?

They were both shocked when, a few minutes later, the door cracked open and Harry tumbled inside.

“Harry!” they both shouted as they rushed over to check on him. His clothes were torn, singed, and he had a few minor cuts.

“It’s ok,” Harry said. “I’m ok… just need to… catch my breath.”

Hermione and Emma stepped back, giving Harry room to breathe. “What happened Harry?” Emma asked.

“I went to see Arcanum,” Harry explained. “He said he was going to give me a portkey so we could leave, but on the way I heard them talking, the others…”

“.. What did they say?” Hermione asked with a feeling of dread.

“They said they were going to have some ‘fun’ before we left… I don’t remember much after that… everything just went sort of red… I only remember flashes after that… I think I killed them.” Harry answered.

“Oh Harry,” Hermione said, hugging her friend tightly, quickly joined by Emma.

“It’s ok Harry,” Emma consoled him. “You did what you had to.” 

Harry looked down at Hermione and Emma, their heads resting on his shoulders as they hugged him tight. A slow smile worked its way onto his face. 

“We have to go,” Harry said. “I don’t know if there’s anymore of them.”

Hermione and Emma quickly stripped the sheets from the bed, covering themselves up.

“Are you ready?” Harry asked as he stood near the door.

Hermione and Emma both nodded.

“Good, stay behind me,” Harry said as he pulled out his wand and led them through the hallways.

“I recognize them,” Hermione exclaimed. “That’s Ernie and Cassius. We went to Hogwarts with them.” It looked like their bodies had been crushed, but she could still recognize their faces.

“They all are,” Harry explained as they kept going, walking past the headless body of Graham Montague.

Harry took his time, leading them through the base, feigning being lost so that they could see who was holding them captive all this time, further reinforcing the idea that they could only really trust each other.

Hermione gasped as she recognized the latest body. “Draco Malfoy… I guess it makes sense that he’s involved in all of this.” 

Harry nodded. “After the war, they confiscated a lot of the Malfoy assets. I suppose he saw this as an easy way to build up his fortune again.”

“It didn’t work out for him, though,” Emma said as they walked past.

Harry made sure to show Hermione and Emma all of their former classmates before he led them to the office he had sat in earlier with Percy. It was time for the last step of his plan.

He walked up to the desk, pulling Percy’s head back and leaning him back in the chair.

Hermione’s eyes widened. It was Percy! But he didn’t look like the others. He was pale, there were dark rings around his eyes and mouth. He was clearly dead, but unlike the others, it hadn’t been from a fight. There was no blood, or spell damage of any kind they could see.

“What happened to him?” Hermione asked.

“I don’t know,” Harry said as he looked around, searching through the desk, pulling out all the records that Percy was keeping. The supplies that needed to be ordered, the plans for their capture, correspondence with Gringotts, all with his signatures on them.

“It was him,” Hermione realized. “All this time it was him,” she said, shaking her head in disbelief. “He was Arcanum.”

Harry looked down at the glass next to Percy’s hand that he had purposely left out. “It looks like he was drinking this before he died.”

Hermione took a closer look at Percy’s face, how pale he was, the black rings around his eyes. “Be careful Harry!”

“What? What is it?” Harry asked, taking a step back, making a show of looking around.

“I think he poisoned himself,” Hermione replied.

“What? Why would he do that?” Harry asked. “He had plenty of time to escape. We would have never even known who he was.”

“No,” Hermione replied, “he couldn’t. I could tell when we arrived we couldn’t apparate out. It’s probably warded against portkey’s as well.”

“The only way out is through that door. He never would have stood a chance against you in a duel on his own, Harry, and he knew it. Even if you didn’t kill him, he would have ended up in Azkaban for the rest of his life, especially with all this evidence.”

“And that’s assuming he lived long enough to get to Azkaban,” Emma added. “Everyone would know he was Arcanum. The families of his victims, as well as his customers.”

“The same customers that would kill him rather than let themselves get exposed,” Harry concluded.

“Who knows how many other people he was working with?” Hermione added. “We can only trust each other now, no one else… not even Ron.” she said as she thought about what his reaction would be if he ever found out about Percy.

Harry smiled inwardly after what Hermione said. His girls were smart enough to pick up on all the clues he had left for them to find, and could help him pick apart any flaws in his future plans.

“Let’s keep looking,” Harry said, picking up all the documents. “I think I saw another room over there.”

Harry opened the door to a storage room, looking inside. “Girls, take a look at this,” he said as he stepped inside, revealing the collection of expandable trunks.

Harry opened the first three. “These must be the galleons from my vault,” he said, showing them the open trunks.

Hermione and Emma started opening the other chests, revealing more galleons and books. 

“It looks like he was packing up to leave,” Emma realized.

“Good, that will make it easier for us,” Harry said, dumping the documents inside a trunk and started shrinking them and putting them in his pockets. “We shouldn’t leave anything behind. If someone else comes looking, they can’t know that we were here.”

After they had thoroughly searched the offices, Harry led them outside, past the ward line, and apparated them away.

Hermione and Emma open their eyes to find themselves on a white sand beach, staring out at the ocean.

“Harry, where are we?” Hermione asked. 

“This is the place I told you about,” Harry explained. “After Sirius escaped Azkaban, and the Order started using Grimmauld Place as their headquarters, he had this place built,” Harry explained.

“Built?” Emma asked as she looked around. “What place?”

“Turn around,” Harry replied.

Both Hermione and Emma turned, looking up the beach to find a mansion sitting on a hill overlooking the ocean.

“It’s beautiful,” Hermione gasped as she took in the beach villa.

“Sirius bought the island in the muggle world, then had the mansion constructed,” Harry explained. “He didn’t use anyone from the magical world, except for the warders who took an unbreakable vow to never discuss the island with anyone.”

“Let’s go up to the main house,” Harry said as he led them towards the mansion.

Hermione and Emma followed along, taking in the gleaming white four story building, sprawling gardens, and in-ground pool. They walked through the front door, sitting in the living room of the fully furnished home.

“I’m sure you’ll want to get cleaned up,” Harry said. “Go down this hallway. The last door on the right is the master bedroom.”

After Hermione and Emma left to get changed, Harry pulled out a trunk, the one containing all the clothes and other ‘accessories’ he had ordered for his girls, choosing a pair of white string bikinis for them that left very little to the imagination.

The tops were little more than a pair of white triangles, only a couple of inches in length, and the bottoms were of a similar size. A very thin string ran down the backs of the top and bottom. From the right angle, it would look like they weren’t wearing anything at all.

About an hour later, the girls returned, wearing the same bedsheets. “I started looking through the trunks while you were taking a shower,” Harry explained. “One of them was filled with clothes and a few other things… I hope you don’t mind. I picked out some clothes for you.”

Hermione looked down at the swimsuits that Harry had chosen for them, if you could call them that. “There wasn’t anything a little less… revealing?”

“Sorry Hermione,” that was the most modest set of clothes I could find.

Hermione looked down at the bedsheet she was wearing, blushing at the reminder of what they had done on top of them earlier that day.

Emma didn’t seem to have any qualms with it as she let the bedsheet she was wearing pool to the floor, and picked up the bikini and to put on. “It’s a lot less revealing than what we were wearing the last few days,” she joked.

Hermione looked down again at the bedsheet she was wearing, then back at her mother, who had already put on the bikini and sat beside Harry on the couch. 

Hermione let out a small sigh as she put on her bikini as well and sat down on Harry’s other side. She supposed it was a little silly to feel prudish around them now, after everything they had been through.

“Were you able to find our wands, Harry?” Hermione asked.

“Sorry Hermione,” Harry shook his head. “Arcanum said he destroyed them.”

“What? Why would he do that?” Hermione asked in shock. She had got that wand when she started at Hogwarts.

“He said that slaves aren’t supposed to have wands, and he also didn’t want to risk them having some type of summoning charm engraved on them,” Harry explained.

“It’s ok Hermione,” Emma said. “We’ll get some replacement wands once we figure out what to do.”

“Well, Arcanum… Percy is dead, along with all his men,” Harry summarized, further enforcing the idea in their heads. “We also know the wizards are in control of the muggle world, and they also have their own hierarchy.”

“We also don’t know who we can trust,” Hermione added. “If Percy could have done everything he did, what about the rest of the Weasleys? Or all of our other friends? They hid all of this from us, too.”

“Well… we don’t really have to do anything,” Harry said. “Percy already wiped away all the evidence of where we were in Australia. No one knows this island even exists. We could just live here, comfortably, for the rest of our lives.” Harry said, already having a good idea of what Hermione was going to say next.

There was a long moment of silence between Emma and Hermione as they considered Harry’s words. By every definition of the word, they were sitting in literal paradise. It was certainly tempting to forget about all their problems and live the rest of their lives here in luxury.

As tempting as it was for Hermione, she knew she couldn’t just sit back and let this go on. How many other girls did they kidnap the way she and her mother were? “We can’t just let this go on, we have to put a stop to it.”

“It’s a lot more complicated than that, Hermione,” Emma said, shaking her head. “What about the muggles? These same wizards are stopping them from starting World War 3.”

“We also don’t know anything about them, apart from what Percy told us,” Harry reminded them.

Hermione and Emma again lapsed into silence as they thought about what lay ahead of them. It was far more complicated and dangerous than stopping Voldemort. This was a group of wizards that had taken over the muggle world a long time ago, and from the looks of things, the magical world as well. They did not know who was part of this group, and who was just living their lives unaware of what was happening.

“… Well,” Emma said, breaking the silence, as a wicked thought entered her head. “It’s not something that we have to decide right this second… Hermione, Harry, why don’t we try out the master bedroom,” she finished with a coy smile as she sauntered to the bedroom.

Harry returned her smile with one of his own. “… There will be plenty of time tomorrow to figure out what to do later,” he agreed, standing up as well. “Are you coming, Hermione?” 

Hermione looked at Emma, then at Harry, both of them staring at her expectantly. “… Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to take a little time for ourselves,” she said as she joined them.

They walked into the palatial bedroom overlooking the ocean. Hermione and Emma sat down on the king sized bed, taking a moment to stare at the panoramic view of the surrounding island and ocean. 

“You know what to do, girls,” Harry instructed as he moved to stand in front of them.

Hermione and Emma looked up at Harry, then dropped to their knees in front of him, eager for what would come next. They worked together to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants.

Emma reached into the waistband of his underwear, freeing Harry’s cock, as she and Hermione stared up at him lustfully. 

They both leaned their heads forwards, licking his shaft lovingly on either side as Harry ran his fingers through their hair. 

Emma darted her tongue up, licking the pre-cum off Harry’s cock head as Hermione moved down, taking his balls into her mouth and gently sucking on them.

Emma returned to licking Harry’s shaft up and down as she stared up at him. She loved the taste of his cock.

Harry pushed down on the back of Emma’s head lightly, encouraging her to take him in her mouth. 

Emma opened her mouth wide, taking Harry’s member inside her as she sealed her lips around his shaft, sucking leisurely on him and enjoying the feel of him in her mouth again.

After a few minutes, Harry tapped on the back of her head, encouraging her the to take him into her throat.

Emma dutifully relaxed her throat in preparation before slowly pushed forward, taking him down her throat to the root. She held herself there for a moment, luxuriating in the feel of him fully sheathed insider her, before she hummed, causing Harry to groan in pleasure.

Harry looked down at his two girls with pride. His plan could not have gone any better. They were absolutely perfect for him, and so willing to learn and please him.

Hermione flicked her tongue across Harry’s balls lovingly. She always felt this way when they had sex. Insatiable, lustful, wanton, and she absolutely loved it. It was so far away from her normal buttoned down and conservative self. It felt incredible to just give into her desires like this.

Emma bobbed her head up and down, taking Harry deeper into her throat with each thrust as he groaned in pleasure. She had her timing perfected now and knew exactly when to take a breath while maintaining her pace. 

Emma could tell Harry was getting close. It had been almost ten minutes, and she knew he loved it when she and Hermione gave him a double blow job.

She pulled back so his cock was out of her throat as she continued to suck on him. A moment later Harry grunted, and she felt him erupt inside her mouth, filling her with his cum. 

Emma pulled off of Harry’s dick, her mouth filled with his cum as she stared up at him, waiting for him to say the words that always turned her on.

“Emma, share with Hermione,” Harry ordered.

Hermione didn’t need to be told to share anymore. She knew just as well as Emma that Harry loved to watch them share his cum between them. When he spoke to them like that, she couldn’t help herself. It turned her on like nothing else. It was so erotic, so sinful to submit to him like that, and despite herself, she loved it.

Emma and Hermione locked lips, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths as they shared his cum between them.

“Good girls,” Harry praised when their lips parted. “Now strip, and get on the bed,” he ordered. “I want you in 69 position.”

Hermione and Emma didn’t have to be told twice as they pulled off their bikinis and climbed onto the bed. Emma got on top, and Hermione took the bottom as they ate each other out. 

Harry moved to the armchair beside the bed, giving him a clear view of his girls as they moaned in pleasure, licking each other’s cunts.

He stroked his shaft as he watched them, enjoying the show as he remembered how far they had come since he took them. They would have never considered doing anything like this before, and now they didn’t even think twice about it.

Harry once again counted himself lucky for meeting Emma when he did. She would have been completely wasted on her fool of a muggle husband.

Harry remembered when he saw Hermione during the yule ball, how she looked. It was then and there that he decided he would be the one to have her. 

After he found out about what the wizarding world was really like, he knew he couldn’t just have sex with her. He needed to possess her, make her his, and as he watched his girls moaning and writhing on the bed in front of him, he knew he had made the right decision. 

Hermione sucked on Emma’s clit greedily, as Emma did the same to her. They were both lost in their own world as they ate each other out, so it came as a surprise to Hermione when she felt the bed move in front of her. 

She looked up. Harry was kneeling overtop of them. She knew what he was planning to do. She pulled Emma’s ass cheeks apart, giving Harry a full view of her asshole and dripping cunt. 

Emma felt Harry’s firm hands on her waist as she felt Hermione’s tongue retreat, and Harry’s cock slide into her cunt. She loved how full Harry made her feel when he was inside of her. Then he moved his hips, pumping his cock into her greedy cunt.

“Ugh! Ugh ugh ugh UGH!,” Emma grunted as Harry’s thighs slapped into her ass with each thrust. “God, that feels so good, Master!” she shouted, not even realizing what she had called him. 

Harry smiled as he heard what Emma said. Her training was still holding strong. She wouldn’t need much encouragement to call him by his proper title again.

Harry tightened his grip on Emma’s waist as he picked up the pace, pistoning his cock in and out of her cunt. He could feel Hermione’s tongue rubbing the underside of his cock with each thrust, making it feel even better. 

Emma let out a loud moan of pleasure as her master fucked her senseless. It was the same thing that happened during the ritual. All she could think about was how good it felt, and how she never wanted it to stop.

“AAAAAHHHHHH,” Emma screamed out as she came hard, drenching Hermione’s face with her cum. “Oh god, Master, oh god… that felt so good,” she praised, breathing hard. 

Hermione continued to lick Emma’s cunt, making sure to lick up every drop as she waited for her turn with Harry, knowing Harry was nowhere near close to being done

A few moments later, she felt a pillow being wedged under her ass. She was already dripping wet and ready for him.

With one powerful thrust, Harry was inside her, pumping his cock in and out of her cunt. Almost instinctively, Hermione stretched her tongue out, pushing it into Emma’s cunt as deeply as she could. She moaned wantonly as she licked Emma out while Harry fucked her senseless.

Emma arched her back as Hermione’s tongue parted her pussy lips and slid inside of her. She sat back, giving Hermione better access to her cunt as she watched Harry fucking Hermione.

Harry caught her eye. Reaching forward, he put his hand on the back of Emma’s head, pulling her closer as he kissed her at the same time he was fucking Hermione.

Emma was in heaven as she made out with Harry while Hermione ate her out. Seemingly every time they fucked, there was a new position to try, and knew heights of pleasure they would reach.

“Ugh Ugh Ugh UGH!” Hermione grunted after another powerful thrust from Harry. She knew she was close now. Harry was hitting all the right spots.

Harry broke the kiss with Emma and palmed Hermione’s tits, flicking her nipples as he hammered into her cunt. He clearly got the reaction he wanted when Hermione let out a long, keening moan as she came hard. 

As Hermione lay there panting, Harry pulled out his dick from her sopping cunt. He knew he could go another round before he came again.

Emma looked down at Harry’s hard cock, glistening with Hermione’s juices and without missing a beat, she got off Hermione and licked his dick clean before wrapping her lips around his dick as she gave him another blow job.

It never ceased to amaze Emma how much staying power Harry had. Any other man would have blown his load a long time ago, but Harry just kept going and going.

Harry looked down at Emma polishing his dick, then at the well fucked body of Hermione as she tried to catch her breath. He loved seeing them in this state, letting their inner sluts out just for him, and how much better it would be once he had them back in their collars and plugs.

After a few minutes of Emma’s attentions, he gently pushed her off his dick. As good as she was at sucking him, he wanted to finish in her cunt.

Harry lay down on his back beside Hermione. “Hop on, Emma,” he instructed.

Emma didn’t have to be told twice as she straddled his waist and lowered her cunt onto his waiting cock. 

Harry held onto Emma’s hips as she bounced on his dick, groaning in pleasure each time his dick bottomed out inside of her. He didn’t think he would ever get tired of fucking these two. They were insatiable.

Hermione turned on her side and watched on as Emma rode Harry towards another orgasm as she wondered how much longer Harry could last. 

She got her answer a few minutes later when Harry tightened his grip on Emma’s waist, holding her in place as he thrust into her. 

“UGH! Ugh! Ugh!” Emma grunted as Harry worked his cock in and out of her, quickly bringing her to another orgasm. “AWGAWD!!!!” she screamed out in pleasure as she came again, followed shortly by Harry emptying his balls into her needy cunt.

All three of them passed out into a blissful sleep as the multiple rounds of sex finally caught up with them.

Thanks for reading and supporting me! This chapter marks the end of the first arc of the Real Wizarding World. To date its 17 chapters long and a little over 61k words.  

I’ve decided to call the next arc the Island, and it will cover the next 15-20 chapters of the story which I will update on the regular schedule.

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