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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Forty-Nine

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Hi! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the new chapter. As promised, it’s the longest one I’ve ever written, coming in at just under 13k words. What did you think about Nina and Mattie? How did you feel about how Hermione and Emma dealt with them?

I also wanted to mention the next part of Product Testing will be out in a couple of days as well. It will also be a long one, probably 9 or 10k when I finish editing it. After that I need to put a pause on the side stories for a little while.

I want to devote some more time to the last few chapters of Real Wizarding World and make sure I deliver a satisfying ending to the story, and also get the first four chapters of Bound to Glorious Purpose written so that I can post them at the same time.

If you can, please take the time to review, and let me know how the story is progressing, or if you have any questions about the story so far.

thank you for supporting me,


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