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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Forty-Seven

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Hi! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the new chapter. Levski is the first of Krum’s followers to fall, but he won’t be the last. How is the story progressing so far? The new poll is open, so please make sure to vote on which side story should be updated next.

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  1. John Johnson

    I must say I continue to absolutely love “The Real Wizarding World”. I do have 1 critique though if I may. Hermione anemia are both well trained…. however they are also both still technically human. I can’t see Harry as not having to have had ro punish them for something by this point, and not having to punish them for something in the future.

    1. jumpin

      thanks 🙂 That is a good point. I agree, Hermione, Emma, and Harry logically wouldn’t agree on everything, and there should be more scenes with at least some minor disagreements between them, and Harry having to show why he is their master. It’s been tricky balancing the over reaching storyline with Krum, and the Triumvirate while also maintaining the more personal interactions with Hermione/Harry/Emma. At some point after I finish the story I’ll likely re-edit to clean up some of the plot holes, grammar issues, etc. I’ll keep what you said in mind, because it will add some more sexual tension, and a bit of conflict between the main characters, which admittedly has dropped off with this arc. thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

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