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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Forty-Five


Harry sat with Hermione and Emma on the beach, looking out at the ocean, and listening to the waves crashing against the shore peacefully. It had been a few days since they returned from the conclave, and Hermione and Emma completed their training with Daphne.

“Viktor didn’t look too happy at the end of the duel master,” Hermione said, resting her head on his shoulder. “He’s not going to let that stand.”

“No, he isn’t,” Harry agreed. “Especially after his first plan failed,” he said, thinking fondly about the look on Krum’s face when he realized his potion didn’t work.

“Luna was right about him. He’s unstable. I’m not sure how the other covens missed it for so long,” Hermione continued.

“I don’t think they did,” Emma added, looking up from Harry’s lap. “They’re afraid of him, or at least they were until you dueled him, master. Now they’re at least speaking against him.”

“That could help us,” Hermione thought out loud, agreeing with Emma’s assessment. “He’s going to have to focus on re-building his reputation. He can’t afford to take another loss to you, master. If there was a rumor going around about some of the other covens wanting to challenge him, he would have to split his focus.”

“Interesting idea,” Harry said, deep in thought. “But I’m worried about Levski. Did you see how he was able to calm Krum down?” He said, remembering the end of their duel. “There’s a good chance he’ll see this for the distraction it is.”

“That’s why he needs to be the first one to go,” Emma stated boldly.

Harry looked down at Emma in surprise. It was the same idea he had, but it still surprised him that she came to the same conclusion, considering her aversion to this kind of thing.

“Don’t look at me that way, master,” Emma dismissed. “I’ve got no illusions about what type of man he is. Just because he’s more rational than Krum, it doesn’t make him good. He was complicit in everything Krum did. Heck, he probably even helped him to carry it out.”

“You’re right about that,” Harry agreed. “There’s no shortage of victims for either of them.”

“Then we’re agreed,” Hermione said, knowing it was the only way to stop them. “Levski needs to be the first one to go. It should put Viktor’s coven in disarray and make it easier to take down the rest of them.” She said, hated what Viktor had become, and what he planned for her and Emma, but what sealed the deal for her was the look in his slave’s eyes. She’d clearly seen and experienced some terrible things.

“Luna and Neville will be here soon,” Harry said, looking at his watch. “We’ll hear what they have to say about the state of the other covens and go from there.”

Hermione and Emma nodded, staring out at waves with Harry, enjoying how peaceful and serene things were on the island. It made it easy to forget about all their problems and just relax.

A half hour later, Harry sensed when Luna and Neville arrived, their pets in tow. Looking over his shoulder, he watched as they made their way from the house to join them on the beach.

“Good to see you, Neville, Luna. Thanks for coming,” he said, standing up to greet them.

“You too, mate,” Neville smiled. “It’s even nicer out here during the day,” he said, looking up and down the beach as he remembered the party they had after forming their coven.

“Hello Hermione, Emma,” Luna said, sitting down beside them with a knowing smile, glad that Hermione had got over her hangups and embraced her new life wholeheartedly.

“Hello Luna,” Hermione smiled, “it’s good to see you again,” she added as Emma nodded along, happy to see her as well.

Harry looked at Nagini and Bellatrix, noting a hierarchy had formed between the two after Neville and Luna got together. Bellatrix was clearly the dominant one, while Nagini was the submissive, content to follow her lead.

He had originally found Bellatrix for Neville as a punishment for her. After what she did to Sirius, he knew killing her wouldn’t be enough, nor would sending her to Azkaban again. He wanted her to suffer, to be humiliated, and by convincing Neville to take her in as his slave, it would give them both the revenge they wanted.

What he hadn’t expected was what type of slave Neville would turn her into. It was an inspired choice for the former pureblood princess. The icing on the cake was that very few people even knew her true identity, robbing her of the fear and notoriety her name once inspired.

As he looked at her now, there was another change in her. She was noticeably less aggressive than she had been in the past. She was by no means tamed. He doubted that would ever happen, but Neville seemed to have a measure of control over her now that he didn’t have before.

“What happened after we left the conclave?” Harry asked, curious about the coven’s reaction to Krum’s defeat.

“They were surprised, and a good chunk of them lost quite a few galleons betting against you,” Neville laughed, “but most of them were glad someone finally put Krum in his place.”

“Most of them?” Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, there are still a few covens that are on good terms with them, and existing business relationships they can’t get out of,” Neville explained.

“Hermione had an idea about that,” Harry said, nodding to her to explain.

“Thank you, master,” Hermione replied, knowing that even with her friends there was a certain protocol she had to follow when speaking. “Can we start some rumors about those covens, ones that can’t be traced back to us?” She asked.

“Sure,” Neville replied. “I’ve contacted some families my grandparents dealt with when they were in the covens,” he explained. “A lot of them were coven protectorates or supplied goods and services to them. Anything they say won’t be traced back to us. What did you have in mind?” He asked curiously.

“We need to refocus Krum’s attention,” Hermione explained. “If he thinks the other covens are looking to challenge them too, he would want to deal with them first.”

“You want to turn him against the covens that sided with them,” Luna smiled, understanding Hermione’s plan.

“Can it work?” Harry asked.

“I don’t think it would escalate to the point of the duel, but it would certainly force Krum to spend a lot of time and resources to manage,” Neville agreed.

“Good,” Harry replied. “Can you get started on it?”

“Consider it done,” Neville smiled, already having a few ideas to do just that.

“We’ve also decided that Levski needs to be the first one to go,” Harry revealed.

“Alright,” Neville agreed. He had hoped they would deal with Vasiliev first, but he could see the logic in going after Levski first.

“There was something else too,” Harry said, thinking about something that had been nagging at him ever since the conclave. “When Viktor challenged me, it didn’t make any sense. Why did he want that plot of land added to his territory? There wasn’t anything significant in the area, nothing that Krum would be interested in, anyway.”

“I’m not sure either,” Neville replied, confused by Krum’s actions as well. “Krum and his coven have been challenging the other covens left and right, scooping up random chunks of territory. Sure, some of them have been valuable, but most of them weren’t.”

“Does the triumvirate have something to say about that?” Emma asked curiously. “I can’t imagine they’re happy about one coven having significantly more territory than the others.”

“It’s always been that way,” Luna explained. “There’s an ebb and a flow to it. As covens rise and fall in power, some end up with more territory than the other, but it’s always corrected itself over the generations. As aggressive as Viktor has been so far, it’s not enough for the triumvirate to take an active interest in.”

“So no one has any idea about the sudden push for more territory?” Harry asked.

Luna looked between Neville and Harry, knowing the time was right to give them a proper explanation. “He’s looking for something,” she revealed. “The throne of the forgotten king.”

“What? What’s that?” Hermione asked curiously. It sounded familiar, but she couldn’t remember from where.

“It’s ancient, thousands of years old,” Luna explained. “The legends say that whoever sits upon the throne rules over magic itself.”

“He’s definitely crazy,” Neville chuckled. “There have been more expeditions to find the throne than there has been for the holy grail, and the lost city of Atlantis combined. No one has found ever found a scrap of hard evidence that it even exists. It’s just a myth.”

“It isn’t a myth, Neville. It’s real,” Luna revealed.

“What?” Neville asked, looking at Luna in surprise. “What do you mean? Of course it’s not real,” he dismissed. “A throne that can control all the magic in the world? It’s just a story,” he added, thinking Luna was playing a trick on him.

“I’ve seen it,” Luna revealed, “In my visions.”

“Visions?” Neville asked, looking between Harry, Hermione, and Emma, wondering if they were all in on the joke.

“She’s telling the truth, Neville,” Harry assured him. “Her visions are the reason we know Krum was behind the attempt to kidnap Hermione and Emma.”

Neville’s jaw fell open. He knew seers existed, but the talent was extremely rare, and also a guarded secret amongst the families that had one. He looked at Luna, remembering how she was in Hogwarts, always talking about mythical animals and places. It suddenly made sense why she was so different from anyone else he had ever met.

“So he’s after this throne?” Harry asked. “It makes sense, I guess. With the chip on his shoulder, as big as it is, it would be too tempting a target for him to pass up.”

“Yes,” Luna confirmed. “His plan is to take the throne and use its power to usurp the triumvirate.”

“He’s not going to stop there, is he?” Hermione asked, already having a good idea of what he would do next.

“No,” Luna shook her head gravely. “That’s only the start. He’ll use the throne to find this island and come for you and Emma. He’ll kill Harry, then wipe out the rest of the covens. He won’t stop until there’s no one left to challenge him.”

Neville’s eyes widened at the picture Luna painted. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that it was what Krum was planning. “He won’t stop with witches and wizards, will he?”

“No,” Luna replied. “After he eradicates the covens, he won’t have enough witches and wizards to manage all the different territories, and the muggles will find out about our existence. A war will break out, and in the end, there won’t be enough muggles or magicals to continue the species.”

“But if everyone believes it’s just a legend, why does Krum think it’s real?” Emma asked the obvious question, running through everyone else’s mind.

“Krum scoured the world looking for rituals and magic tomes that would make him stronger,” Luna continued. “Deep within his territory, he found the remains of a wizard explorer named Allaric. He died in a cave in, but his journal and all of his notes were still intact. It showed all the clues he deciphered along the way in his search for the throne, and Krum became convinced the legends were true.”

“How long has he had this journal?” Harry asked, wondering just how close Krum was to finding it.

“It’s been almost three years now,” Luna answered. “But we’re lucky. Krum doesn’t trust anyone aside from Levski with all the details, not even the rest of his own coven. Neither one of them is the explorer Allaric was, but they are getting close.”

“If the throne is as powerful as you say it is, how could it have been lost in the first place?” Harry asked, trying to wrap his head around the idea of something so powerful existing in the first place. “I can’t imagine someone willingly giving up that kind of power,” he added, imagining what Voldemort would have done if he had ever found it.

“The last king to sit on the throne was by all accounts a fair and just ruler,” Luna explained. “But as he neared the end of his life, he became deeply concerned, not believing his son had the right temperament to rule, and suspecting it would eventually corrupt him, along with every one of his descendants. His last act before he died was to hide the location of his castle and throne.”

“The territory he wanted from me. Is that where the throne is?” Harry asked.

“It is,” Luna replied.

“Great!” Hermione smiled. “We can search the area and find it before him.”

“It’s not that easy,” Luna replied. “It’s still too vast an area to search. We’ll need Alaric’s journal to pinpoint the location.”

“Can’t you just use your abilities to find it?” Emma asked, hoping they could use it as a shortcut.

“I wish we could,” Luna replied regretfully, “but the king foresaw that as well, and hid it from the second sight of all seers.”

“Krum will have the journal in his manor,” Neville realized. “There’s no way he would trust the Goblins to keep it safe for him.”

Harry nodded in agreement. “Getting into Viktor’s manor won’t be easy. It’ll be heavily warded. We can also expect some nasty defenses as well,” he added.

“Krum’s coven isn’t as cohesive as it seems,” Luna pointed out. “There are cracks we can exploit.”

“The twins are already working on Agranov,” Harry said. “They’ll check-in soon, probably in another couple of days. We’ll take care of his coven first, then we’ll deal with him once and for all.”

“Good,” Luna smiled, relieved that her friends believed her. “Now that that’s settled, let’s enjoy the warm weather,” she said, remembering the cold winter temperatures of Britain they left behind.

“Good idea,” Harry smiled, seeing the need for a distraction as well.

Luna went to Nagini, kneeling down beside her. “Alright Nagini, I’m trusting you to behave yourself,” she said, unlatching her ankles from her thighs and removing her stockings and her gloves that restricted her movements. “You know the rules,” she said, gripping the chin of her slave and tilting it up as she looked her in the eye. “No standing up. You stay on your hand and knees, just like normal. Understand?”

“Yes, mistress,” Nagini replied, holding her gaze, knowing that it was pointless to try to escape her mistress’s watchful gaze. Even with her arms and legs now free, she knew her mistress would easily catch her. The punishment she would deal out afterwards just wasn’t worth it.

“You too Bellatrix,” Neville said sternly. “If you misbehave, you’ll find yourself over my knee before you can even blink.”

Bellatrix kept her face calm, telling herself that she wasn’t tamed, even though it rang less true these days. She looked at Nagini, nodding her head towards the waves, eager to escape the heat and enjoy the water.

It had been remarkably easy for her to assert her dominance over the former snake familiar. She wasn’t positive, but she believed it was something Nagini’s mistress encouraged. Either way, she didn’t give it much thought, content with her place above Nagini in the hierarchy.

“Hermione, Emma?” Luna asked. “Would you mind taking them?” She said as she and Neville handed them their pet’s leashes. “Just in case they decide to misbehave.”

Neville nodded along, remembering how often Bellatrix liked to test boundaries. The last thing he wanted was for his pet to misbehave in front of his friends.

Hermione took Bellatrix’s leash while Emma took Nagini’s, leading them to the ocean.

When they reached the water, Bellatrix crawled into waves, sighing in contentment as she felt the cool ocean surf on her skin as she waded in up to her neck. The sun was getting a little warm for her, and it was a pleasant respite from heat.

She glanced over at Nagini, who seemed to have the same idea, then back up at the mudbloods holding their leashes as they stood over them. She sometimes forgot about her situation, almost finding it normal when it was just her and Longbottom, but as soon as he started his relationship with the blonde airhead, their dynamic changed, and it became much harder to ignore the power he held over her, and just how far she’d fallen.

Hermione stared down at the pet slaves, still having trouble reconciling the fact these women were the same ones they fought against during the war. How dangerous they were then, and how different they were now. Bellatrix especially put on a front, acting as if she hated every moment of it, but when she knelt at Neville’s feet, resting her cheek against his thigh, she looked surprisingly content, maybe even happy.

Emma reached into the water, pulling out a piece of driftwood, wondering how much like a pet Nagini behaved. “Do you and your mistress pay fetch, Nagini?” She asked curiously, holding out the piece of wood to her.

Nagini felt her face flush as she stared at her mistress on the beach with Harry and Neville, remembering how it was one of her mistress’s favorite things to do, and her punishments the first few times that she denied her.

She thought about saying no, but couldn’t take the risk of her mistress overhearing. “…Yes,” she muttered, looking down as her face got even redder.

“Good,” Emma smiled, unclipping Nagini’s leash, wanting to see the sight for herself. She lifted the stick over her head, and threw it down the beach, waiting to see what Nagini would do.

Nagini saw her mistress watching her intently. She always seemed to catch her in moments like this. She knew she couldn’t do this half heartedly, not without disappointing her. She shot out of the water, scampering along the beach on all fours until she reached the stick and picked it up with her teeth. Turning around, she made her way back, hoping Emma would lose interest soon.

“That looks like fun,” Hermione said, liking the idea of getting a measure of revenge on the former death eater. She knelt down in the water beside Bellatrix, running her fingers through her hair as if she was an over excited puppy. “Would you like to play as well?” she asked, holding up a stick for the former death eater.

Bellatrix glowered at the stick, spitting mad. It was one thing when Longbottom made her do these kinds of things. He at least waited until there was no one else around to see it, but the mudblood wanted to humiliate her publicly, and worse yet, there was nothing she could do to wipe the smug expression off her face.

“Your master’s watching,” Hermione taunted, her smile growing wider. “You remember what he said about you misbehaving, don’t you?”

Bellatrix growled, realizing she didn’t have a choice, not unless she wanted Longbottom to spank her in front of everyone. ‘I hate how weak, and helpless it makes me feel when he does that,’ she thought, still unwilling to admit to herself that a growing part of her enjoyed the intimacy of those quiet moments, when it was just the two of them.

Hermione threw the stick high into the air, watching as it flew past Nagini down the beach. Bellatrix took off after it a moment later, and Hermione couldn’t help but marvel at how quickly she could move on all fours. The month she spent on her hands and knees while Daphne and Astoria trained her still fresh in her mind, but she was never able to move that fast.

Bellatrix leaned her head down, biting down on the stick before turning around and making her way back to the mudblood, hoping this humiliation would be over soon. Unfortunately for her, the game continued for another half hour as Nagini and Bellatrix crawled back and forth across the beach.

“You did so well,” Emma praised Nagini as she knelt beside her in the water, running her hands up and down her back, chest, and ass, making no secret of the fact she was trying to get a reaction out of the former familiar.

Nagini squirmed as Emma continued to trace her hands across her body, cupping her breasts and squeezing her ass more and more as she continued to pet her. She looked at her mistress helplessly, wondering what to do. She was told to be on her best behavior, but did it include this?

When she finally caught her mistress’s eye, Luna only waved at her, a smile on her face before she returned to her conversation with Harry and Neville, not offering her any help.

“I think you deserve a reward after all that work,” Emma cooed as she pushed a finger into Nagini’s cunt, already finding her wet with desire.

Nagini let out a yelp, followed by a fresh wave of embarrassment as Emma discovered the state she was in. She didn’t bother looking back at her mistress, knowing she would be no help in this situation as she bit back a moan as Emma worked a second finger into her needy cunt a moment later.

Hermione knelt behind Bellatrix, grabbing hold of her tail, using one hand to hold it in place, while she pumped her other hand up and down on the end of her tail.

Bellatrix’s eyes widened at the unexpected move by the mudblood, feeling waves of pleasure course through her body as the mudblood stimulated her. She tried to pull away, but it did no good. Hermione had a firm grip on her tail, easily holding her in place.

She bit down on her tongue hard, doing her best to hide the reaction the mudblood was having on her, not even bothering to look at Longbottom for help. She already knew how he felt about this.

Emma saw what Hermione was doing, and quickly followed suit, pumping her hand up and down the end of Nagini’s tail as she pumped her fingers inside her dripping cunt, increasing her pleasure even more.

Nagini could no longer contain herself under the sensual onslaught of Emma’s talented fingers, letting out a keening moan as she pushed herself back against the other woman’s exploring fingers.

“Good girl,” Emma praised as she increased the pace, pressing her thumb against Nagini’s clit as continued to pleasure her. “Your mistress must be so proud of you,” she praised, seeing her obvious physical reaction when her mistress was mentioned.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Nagini grunted, fully giving into the pleasure coursing through her body as the combination of Emma’s words and skilled fingers provided a heady mixture that was impossible for her to ignore.

Hermione pressed three of her fingers into Bellatrix’s slick folds, pumping them quickly as she stimulated the pet slave’s tale, eager to get the same reaction from her that Emma managed from Nagini.

Bellatrix screwed her eyes tight, clamping her jaw shut as she refused to give into the mudblood’s advances. It wasn’t easy, as her skills had vastly improved since the last time they did this. It was like she could read her mind, anticipating what she desired even before she realized it.

Her body trembled as she fought against the intense pleasure the mudblood delivered to her, slowly losing the battle to contain herself as her pleasure mounted higher and higher.

Hermione felt Bellatrix tremble against her touch, her body gradually giving in as she struggled to deny the losing battle she was in. A wicked smile worked its way onto her face, relishing the opportunity to make the former death eater lose control.

Despite her best efforts, a low moan worked its way past Bellatrix’s clenched teeth, her toes curling as she rocked back and forth on the mudblood’s fingers. She hated being in this position, at the mercy of a mudblood as her traitorous body once again betrayed her.

Hermione leaned in close, whispering into Bellatrix’s ear. “You’re so close now, aren’t you?” She asked. “Do you think your master will let you cum? He keeps you on a short leash, doesn’t he?” she asked, tracing her tongue along Bellatrix’s ear. “How does it feel? What are the sounds you make for him when he takes you? Tell me how much you love it.”

Bellatrix shivered with desire as the mudblood whispered into her ear, adding another dimension to the pleasure she felt. ‘Why does talking about Longbottom have this effect on me?’ she thought, shuddering against the mudblood’s fingers as she struggled to contain her desires.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Nagini grunted, slamming her hips back against Emma’s fingers, arching her back as her body begged for release. She hoped desperately that her mistress was watching, and would let her cum soon.

“You love it, don’t you,” Hermione teased, pumping Bellatrix’s tail into her needy cunt as she thought about the effect Harry had on her. “You think you want to be in control, until he takes it from you, until he shows you how good it feels to submit, and after that, nothing else ever satisfies you, does it?” She asked knowingly.

“UGGGGHHHHH!!” Bellatrix let out a loud grunt as she came, Hermione’s teasing words having an even greater effect on her than her talented fingers as a second and third orgasm washed over her shortly after the first. She felt her face flush red in embarrassment as she gasped for breath, realizing what the mudblood had done, and the knowing that she was helpless against her tactics.

“AWGAWD!!” Nagini screamed out next, looking at her mistress thankfully for allowing her to cum.

As the pet slaves caught their breath, Hermione and Emma watched as their tails curled up over their asses, settling into a familiar shape. They looked back, seeing they had drawn the attention of their master, along with Luna and Neville.

They looked at their master for permission before they stood up, straddling the pet slave’s asses as they sunk down on their tails, feeling the stretch to fill their cunts.

Hermione let out a moan of pleasure as she felt Bellatrix’s tail twist and writhe inside her, stimulating her in a way she didn’t think possible.

Emma was not far behind as she held onto Nagini’s shoulders, grunting as the pet slave’s tail began to pump and twist inside her dripping cunt. She wondered if this was what it felt like when Luna took her pet, a shuddering gasp escaping her lips as she felt the tail unexpectedly lengthen inside of her.

“UGH! UGH! UGH UGH! UGH!” Hermione grunted, slamming her cunt down on Bellatrix’s tail, almost feeling like she was trying to ride a bucking bronco as Bellatrix tried to shake her off.

She molded herself to Bellatrix’s back, wrapping her arms around her chest as she held on, the tail moving and expanded inside of her as her pleasure quickly mounted.

Emma threw her head back, water splashing around her as Nagini’s tail went to work on her. Her pleasure increasing with each thrust as she held on, loving every second of it. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!”

Hermione was the first to give in, unable to contain herself as her orgasm washed over her, “AWGAWD!!!” She screamed out, clinging to Bellatrix as she felt the aftershocks of her orgasm subside.

Emma soon followed with a loud scream of her own as she came next, “UGGGHHHHH!” Being fucked by Nagini’s tail had been an interesting and arousing experience, something she hoped her master would allow her to experience again soon.

After the slaves caught their breath, Hermione and Emma clipped the leashes to Nagini and Bellatrix’s collars, and lead them back to their masters.

Hermione couldn’t help the smile that tugged at her lips as they made their way back, the smoldering look on her master’s face all but promising there would be more debauchery to follow soon.

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