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Bound to Glorious Purpose Story Details

Pairing: Loki/Carol Danvers

Hi! This is where I’ll post details on new stories I’m working on.

Story Length and Progress Notes:

I have the first 22 chapters of the story planned out. It will probably be about 40 chapters in length, possibly longer. I’ll update the story with progress notes as I go, and plan to start posting the story after I finish The Real Wizarding World

Background info:

The story will take place after the events of the first Thor movie, and at the start of the first Avengers movie.

The Captain Marvel movie timeline will be updated so that it doesn’t take place in 1995. Carol joined the air force at the age of 18 in 2004, she spent four years with the air force before she was taken by the Kree in 2008. Then she spent four years with the Kree until 2012, making her 26 years old. This version of Carol never makes it to earth so the events of Captain Marvel never happen.


After Thanos gives Loki the scepter containing the mind stone it has an unexpected effect on him. It scans his mind, showing him all his failures, shortcomings, and character flaws. He realizes his plan to conqueror Midgard is doomed to failure, and will more than likely make him an enemy of Thanos.

He comes up with a new plan, far more audacious than conquering a single planet. He sets his sights on collecting the infinity stones and becoming far more than just the God of Mischief.

He sees the scepter and tesseract for what they are, the mind and space stones. Rather than go along with Thanos’s plan he takes both stones and leaves earth before Thanos and the Black Order realize what he’s up to.

He takes his time examining the stones, and realizes that even limited use of the stones will injure him, and prolonged use will kill him, even with the use of an infinity gauntlet. He needs a better way to harness their power, so he searches for one.

Just when he’s about to give up he finds what he’s looking for, but it’s not what he thought it was. It’s a woman named Vers, a soldier in the Kree army infused with the power of the space stone. Due to her unique physiology she can wield the infinity stones without any of the draw backs.

Loki realizes that if he posses Vers he can turn her into a living infinity gauntlet, allowing him alone to wield the full might of the infinity stones through her.

Vers is a member of Starforce, an elite Kree warrior with no memories of her past. She’s arrogant, impulsive, and stubborn. She always believing she’s right, and in control of every situation she finds herself in.

Her carefully constructed self image is shattered after Loki easily captures her, locking away her powers and even her hard earned military training with the aid of the mind stone. She finds herself more vulnerable than she has ever been before, and at the mercy of the God of Mischief who has a purpose for her he refuses to tell her anything about.

In one fell swoop Vers goes from a powerful warrior to an unwilling slave, forcing her to confront an uncomfortable truth about her self as she struggles against the control Loki wields over her.

With each passing day the sexual tension between them increases as Vers falls further and further into Loki’s control as she struggles against the growing submissive desires Loki instills in her.

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  1. Sean Marsh

    The Real Wizarding World has been an amazingly writing and awesomely built story with one of the most well done plots of any explicit story I’ve ever read. I’m sure that this next one will be the same, and the premise sounds super interesting. I’ve always looked at Loki as a kid just trying to carve out his place among the Asgardian Royal Family, and this seems like it could be an interesting solution he finds to that. After all, as large as the “Nine Realms” is, it’s really got nothing on the size of the other intergalactic empires of Marvel, and I can’t wait to read how Loki grows into a King all of his own.

    1. jumpin

      thank you! I really appreciate you saying that. The Real Wizarding World has been a really fun story to write. I hope you enjoy the conclusion to it. I’ll probably probably have it wrapped up by around chapter 52. I’ll update the Bound to Glory Story details page a few more times before then with some character pictures, and some more story details in the meantime.

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