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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Forty-One

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Hi! Thanks for reading. Hermione has take one step closer to accepting Harry as her master as the looming coven meeting approaches. What do you think so far? How is Daphne as a character?

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  1. Tiziana Kanouse

    I’m finally accepting that Hermione/Emma are just slaves and that is all. By introducing Daphne, a woman in a higher position, and one Hermione does not trust “Daphne isn’t right about everything”, I finally get it. But, I resisted because I love strong females and Hermione has always been a favorite. I just wanted there to be hope for them to be more and I’m sorry because I projected on your story.

    Hermione has now admitted at least to herself that she loves him. Another woman will bring her heartache, especially as she comes to understand her feelings and acceptance of him as her master. Plus, as Harry needs Daphne’s advice, her character is overshading Hermione/Emma’s storyline. He used to discuss and plan with them and now they are just his sex slaves.

    1. jumpin

      hi, thanks for taking the time to review. I really appreciate it, and your perspective. writing this story has been deceptively complicated in a lot of ways, especially as I expanded the world, and built up the triumvirate, the covens, and how the muggles are living under the rule of the magicals. I had to introduce Daphne as a character to give Harry the information he needed to deal with Viktor and later on the triumvirate. Based on what i’ve already written Hermione and Emma can’t provide the background information and the insight Harry needs to handle this situation. there will be more scenes of Hermione, Harry and Emma planning and working together, but it will be when they take down Viktor, and the triumvirate.

      I didn’t explicitly state it, but relationships among the magicals are more complicated, and less conventional. Harry has no problem with his girls having sex with other women, even encouraging it. that is the same for all the masters. consider Ron, the twins, and Neville who also share the same belief. the unspoken rule is a master does not have sex with the slave of another master, unless those two masters are also in a relationship, but slaves are free to have sex with each other. Masters have a biological urge to enslave the ones they love, while slaves crave at least on some level to be enslaved by the ones they love. this can sometimes be twisted like Viktor’s in viktor’s case, but in general this is the way it is supposed to work.

      Harry cares deeply for Hermione and Emma. He did what he did because he was acting on his biological urges as well as his love for Hermione, and then Emma when he met her. at this point in the story Hermione and Emma are happy in their relationship with Harry, and no longer want to undo the ritual.

      if i did the storyline where they find out about what harry did, it would follow a very predictable set of events, only to end up back in the same relationship by the end, and it would just seem out of place in the story

  2. Tiziana Kanouse

    I always understood that Daphne was needed to provide Harry with advice and insight. My concern was elevating their relationship to girlfriend/friend with benefits. This would cause undo pain to Hermione. But, if you are going to write it be real about it. Acknowledge her pain and let Harry use it to help her accept him as her master. Also, your insights about their prior relationship are what is missing from the story. He needs to show her he cares about her emotions and understands why she resisted.
    Also, as I accepted her slave status I realized there was no need to backtrack.

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