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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Forty

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  1. Tiziana Kanouse

    Please do NOT bring Daphne in as a girlfriend. So far this story is over and above most slave/sex stories. The perfect Daphne is overdone! She is already in a position above Hermione/Emma and this will upset their relationship dynamic. Hermione is struggling and this would just bring her more unhappiness.

    1. jumpin

      I’ve been thinking about it, and you’re right. Daphne wouldn’t fit in as a full fledged girlfriend. I’m leaning more towards a friend with benefits situation. Daphne won’t be in a relationship with Hermione and Emma either, and Harry will still hold Hermione and Emma above any other woman he has sex with.

  2. Tiziana Kanouse

    I would prefer Daphne to exit the story, except maybe to provide advice to Harry. Reasons:
    1) Pureblood Princess (better, prettier, richer than all others) Daphne storyline is overdone/overwritten and is now
    common. This story is anything but common.
    2) This story does not need another subplot or deviation from the original story plot
    3) Harry/Hermione/Emma relationship dynamic is put in question even with a friend’s with benefits situation.
    Above in your endnotes, you stated Daphne will just spend time with Harry and the girls every now and then.
    But, both Hermoine and Daphne in the last couple of chapters have stressed on their prior school relationship.
    I think there is implied jealousy on both sides. You stated in an AO3 comment that Harry does not want to see
    Hermione/Emma unhappy. As Hermione is just accepting her slave status, do you need to “dog pile” on her?
    4) Keep the focus on the main pairing. As you have told readers it will be your focus. Daphne would just be a
    distraction and is not needed or wanted.

    Has Harry held Hermione/Emma above any other women? He was amused by Hermione’s treatment by Daphne. I understand he has an end game but he has not shown any understanding/appreciation for his loyal friend who always stood by him and fought by his side. He is still part Harry, so you can understand why Herimone would be hurt/confused by this sub-relationship. Plus, your end notes and reply contradict each other. Maybe, it would be nice to see him put them first for once. I think they earned it.

    I hope you drop Daphne but will trust you to make it work. A great and well-written story!

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