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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Thirty-Eight

Harry sat across from Daphne, sipping his morning tea. He glanced down at Hermione and Emma, kneeling at his feet, and noticing the tired looks in their eyes. ‘Maybe we overdid it last night,’ he thought with a knowing smirk, remembering how little sleep the three of them got the previous night. He hoped it wouldn’t affect their lessons too much.

Daphne put down her cup, looking at Harry, then down at his slaves. ‘Emma probably won’t be an issue,’ she thought. ‘She’s already accepted him as her master, even though she hasn’t said it out loud… but Hermione,’ she thought, rubbing her chin. ‘That will take some more effort.’

“Harry,” Daphne asked. “You said you formed your coven, but have you accepted their vows of loyalty yet?”

“Vows of loyalty?” Harry asked curiously, his eyebrows furrowing. The letter hadn’t mentioned anything about vows of loyalty.

“Yes,” Daphne continued, realizing there was still a lot Harry needed to learn about the covens and the triumvirate. She mentally added it to the list of things she would have to teach him. “While it’s not strictly a rule, it’s customary for the leader of the coven, the Magus,” she said, nodding to him. “To take vows of loyalty from not just the other coven members, but also those under the coven’s protection.”

“I wasn’t aware of that,” Harry replied. “How would it work?”

Daphne studied Harry’s face carefully. She could tell he didn’t fully trust her, despite the agreement they made. Without the vow, he could easily cast her out after she trained his slaves, especially if he felt she couldn’t keep his secrets. “Like this,” she replied. “I Daphne Greengrass solemnly swear to always remain loyal to Magus Harry Potter, to always act in his best interests, and to keep his as well as the secrets of his coven. So mote it be.”

Harry watched as a swirl of magic surrounded Daphne, then him, before dissipating and sealing the vow. He looked at Daphne, surprised. He hadn’t expected her to act so decisively, at least without asking for more in return.

“Your coven members should make a vow similar to mine,” Daphne explained. “Make sure they do it before the meeting.”

Harry nodded, “I will,” he said, looking at Daphne carefully for a moment before making a decision. He was on the fence about trusting her with his plans, but after she made her vow, it changed things. He could tell Daphne knew a lot about the covens, how they operated, their customs. It would be a waste to keep her in the dark.

“There was a reason I accepted the triumvirate’s offer,” Harry started. “His name is Viktor Krum. He’s dangerously unstable and has an infatuation with Hermione and Emma. I have a source that confirmed he plans to take them from me.”

Daphne looked at Harry, her jaw dropping in surprise. “…Harry, making an accusation like this is not something to be taken lightly. Are you absolutely sure this source of yours can be trusted?”

Harry nodded grimly. “I trust them with my life, and they’ve been right about everything else they’ve told me.”

Daphne nodded, seeing how serious he was. “Alright, I believe you, but you have to understand, Krum is a Magus himself… a powerful one, not just magically, but politically as well,” she warned. “You can not move against him unless you have irrefutable proof of what you’re saying.”

“I thought as much,” Harry nodded in agreement. “What do you know about Krum and his coven? How would you take them down?”

Daphne took a breath, considering the question carefully. “Krum has four members in his coven, starting with Alexei Levski. He’s essentially Krum’s second in command, and completely loyal to him. Everything Krum does, Levski will have a hand in.”

“Next is Dmitri Vasiliev,” Daphne continued. “He’s the second son of a very wealthy and influential Russian family with a long history in the dark arts. Despite that, he has the reputation of a vicious brute. There’s been rumors over the years about him strong arming, and sometimes outright killing those that get in Krum’s way, but nothing has ever been proven.”

“After that is Andrei Poliakoff,” Daphne said distastefully. “He’s a politician that would put even Fudge to shame. He handles the politics of the covens for Krum, and maintains his standing with the triumvirate, but he has no true loyalty to anyone other than himself.”

“He didn’t swear an oath of loyalty to Krum?” Harry asked, curiously.

“No,” Daphne shook her head. “Krum needed his connections and resources, and was willing to overlook it at the time.”

“Why is that?” Harry asked. “If Krum can’t be sure of his loyalty, why keep him around?”

“Poliakoff has made a few enemies over the years, and being part of Krum’s coven gives him a level of protection he can’t get anywhere else.”

Harry nodded, “so he’s probably the weakest link,” he said, thinking out loud.

“Possibly,” Daphne acknowledged, “but your biggest concern will be Nina Agranov. She deals in rare magical artifacts, potions, and other assorted merchandise. She’s also the main financial backer of the coven. Agranov isn’t as powerful magically as the others, but her business allows her to wield a considerable amount of influence across all the other covens.”

Harry kept his face impassive, not wanting to give away what he knew about Nina. When he operated as Arcanum, he’d had business dealings with her. The assorted merchandise she offered dominated the market, at least until Fred and George offered their own competing products. Her business had taken a hit, but so far, it was a drop in the bucket for someone like her. He doubted she even noticed the dip in sales.

“Krum’s coven is the most powerful,” Daphne acknowledged. “If you are planning to take him down, you’ll have to start with the members of his coven first, either by exclusion, getting them to resign, or outright killing them.”

“Exclusion?” Harry asked. “What does that entail?”

“It’s rarely done,” Daphne explained. “The triumvirate can dismiss them for gross incompetence, taking actions that could expose us to the muggle world, or defying the authority of the triumvirate.”

Harry sighed, knowing that he had his work cut out for him. Even he had to acknowledge how powerful Krum’s coven was, and how well they had established themselves.

“If you’ll excuse me, Harry, I’ll start your slave’s lessons for the day,” Daphne said. “Come with me,” she ordered, staring down at Hermione and Emma.

Emma and Hermione looked up from their place on the floor to Harry, waiting for his permission.

Harry gave them a nod before picking up the morning newspaper, thinking about the best way to dismantle Krum’s coven.

Hermione and Emma rose to their feet, waiting as Daphne clipped a set of leashes to their collar, leading them to the training room, each taking one last glance at Harry before they left.

It was difficult for them to not be a part of the discussion, but they both knew it was part of their training. Slaves don’t question their masters, especially in public. They would have to wait to discus it with Harry in private.

Daphne led Harry’s slaves to the training room and sat down in her chair before addressing the girls. “We’re going to start your lesson today with a spanking,” she said, patting her lap. “I really don’t care which of you goes first, so decide,” she added authoritatively.

Emma looked at Daphne in surprise, wondering what they had done wrong. She racked her brain, thinking about everything she did since she woke up, but nothing came to mind.

Hermione chose to be more direct, staring down Daphne. “And just why do you think we need to be spanked in the first place?” She demanded.

“I’m not used to slaves talking back once I give them an order,” Daphne said, glaring at Hermione, then at Emma in turn before sighing in annoyance. “You call Harry your master, and wear his collar, but you don’t truly believe it. I can see it plain as day,” she accused.

Hermione and Emma shared a look, silently communicating with each other, both thinking the same thing. ‘how did she know?’

“Don’t bother trying to deny it,” Daphne dismissed. “It’s written all over you faces, and if you can’t fool me, you have no chance of fooling the covens.”

Before Hermione could speak again, Daphne cut her off, “I don’t care about your reasons. They don’t really matter to me, but I would suggest you consider the position you’re in. Your master, whether you acknowledge him as such or not, has done a lot for you. He does not have to care for you, or your well being. There are quite a few who masters who would give you far fewer freedoms than he allows you.”

Emma stared at Daphne, thinking about her life before Harry, and how she had told herself it wasn’t the life she wanted to return to, how she was happier with Harry in her life. Harry had been willing to kill for them, sacrifice the entirety of his family fortune for them. She had been on the fence for a long time about this, toying with the idea, weighing the pros and cons, but she knew she had to make a choice, and now was the time.

She took a step forward, then another, and another until she was standing in front of the seated Daphne, looking up at her with a cool gaze. She took a deep breath, then lay across Daphne’s lap, fully accepting Harry as her master.

Daphne said nothing as she raised her hand, delivering the first in a series of painful spanks. Emma yelped as the first blow landed, but she held her position. When Harry spanked her, it was playful, teasing. They used it as foreplay more than anything else nowadays, but this was different.


Emma bit her tongue to keep from screaming out, her ass stinging with every spank Daphne landed. She could only hope the spanking wouldn’t go on for much longer.

Daphne looked down at Emma’s ass as it quickly turned to a rosy pink. She could tell by the look in Emma’s eyes her words had gotten through to her, and she had accepted Harry as her master. She knew Emma wouldn’t take much convincing, and would have come to the realization on her own soon enough. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

She glanced up at Hermione as she continued the spanking, noting the look of defiance in her former classmate’s eyes. She sighed internally, knowing that she would have the most difficulty accepting the truth. ‘I’ll need to take her training a step further,’ she thought as she finished Emma’s spanking. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“Alright,” Daphne said. “Your spanking is finished… for now. Kneel.”

Emma dropped to her knees at Daphne’s feet, staring up at Hermione expectantly.

Hermione looked at Daphne as she struggled with what to do. Her prides was telling her not to do this. After all, she was the better student of the two. She accomplished far more during the war. What could she possibly have to learn from Greengrass that she couldn’t figure out on their own? They had done well enough recruiting their friends to the coven, hadn’t they?

“I’m waiting slave,” Daphne said, fixing a bored look on her face as she waited for Hermione to decide, knowing full well the internal struggle she was going through.

Hermione continued to stare back at Daphne, thinking about everything they had learned about Krum. How dangerous he and his coven were, and how all that information came from Daphne. Hesitantly, she lay across Daphne’s lap, setting her pride aside for the moment, and playing along.

Daphne smiled internally as she looked down at Hermione. ‘Good, she’s at least taken the first step,’ she thought as she started the spanking. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Hermione grit her teeth, fighting the urge to get up, reminding herself that she was doing this to stop Krum, and put an end to all this craziness, but that didn’t mean she had to like it. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Daphne looked down at Hermione’s ass as she spanked her, quickly turning it to an angry red. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“Alright, you’re done for today as well,” Daphne said, a little surprised that Hermione stayed still as long as she had, half expecting her to jump to her feet halfway through and storm off. “Kneel,” she ordered, ringing the bell to call in the other slaves. “It’s time for your first lesson.”

Hermione and Emma watched from their place on the floor as the door opened a moment later. Hermione could only look on in surprise as someone else she recognized from her school days accompanied Tracy and Daphne through the door, Cho Chang. She hadn’t seen the girl since Hogwarts, only remembering her as a girl that Harry had a passing interest in. ‘How did she end up here?’ she thought, curiously.

Then she got a good look at how Tracy and Cho were dressed. It was a harem outfit, but for more intricate and detailed than the ones she and Emma had worn before. The bottoms were dark red, embroidered with gold thread. Two thin strips of silk connected by a delicate gold chain. Another strip of silk covered their breasts, knotted at the back. The silk was so sheer it left their breasts prominently on display.

“For now, you will watch and learn,” Daphne explained. “Tomorrow you will start your dance lessons.”

Hermione and Emma watched as Cho and Tracy danced, swaying their bodies, and rolling their hips as they put on a sensual an erotic display. They could only wonder how many hours of practice they put in to move so fluidly with each other.

After a nod from Daphne, Tracy and Cho reached for their tops, slowly unraveling them from their trim bodies as they continued to dance, holding the fabric against their chests teasingly as they spun around, turning their back to them.

Emma watched as the silk fluttered to the floor, and the girls turned around, revealing their breasts as they shook their hips, continuing their sensual dance. They turned to face each other, unclasping the thin gold chains, keeping each other’s loincloths secured, and let them pool to the floor. As they finished, they dropped to their knees and bowed their heads to Daphne, silently waiting for her next command.

“69,” Daphne called out from her seat, wanting Hermione and Emma to understand how much dedication it took to meet her standards.

Tracy and Cho nodded to their mistress, before Tracy lay down on top of Cho as they dove between each other’s thighs, gently licking at each others delicate folds.

Emma watched intently as Cho and Tracy angled their bodies, arching into each other’s touch, and making sure they always turned their bodies to face their audience. For them, it wasn’t just about seeking release. It was a dance, a seduction, meant to ensnare the senses of everyone watching them.

Tracy let out a soft moan as she felt Cho’s thumb circle around the rim of her asshole as she sucked on her fellow slave’s clit, driving her closer and closer to her orgasm. She knew that if she performed well, her mistress would allow her cum. She cupped Cho’s ass, kneading her ass cheeks as she continued to lick her.

Hermione watched Tracy and Cho perform. It was a humbling experience to see how good they looked together, and how far she and Emma would have to go to reach the same level. She ached to touch her pussy, to cum at the same time they did, but with one look at Daphne, she knew it wasn’t a good idea, not unless she wanted another spanking from her former classmate.

Cho pushed her thumb into Tracy’s ass, gently circling her thumb as she did, slowly stretching her ass as she pushed her tongue deep into the shuddering pussy of her fellow slave. She could feel Tracy’s fingers in her ass as well, teasingly fingering her as they kept each other on the edge. She was close now, so very close, and hoped desperately that she performed well enough to earn an orgasm.

Daphne watched on in satisfaction as Tracy and Cho performed for her two newest students. She could tell Emma was soaking up everything, committing it all to memory, but Hermione was more difficult to read. After Astoria’s discussion with Harry, she hoped to make some more meaningful progress with her.

“Cum,” Daphne ordered Tracy and Cho, rewarding their efforts, interested to see how much Hermione and Emma had picked up.

Tracy let out a surprised grunt as she came, fully expecting the lesson to go on for much longer. Cho, with a similar expression on her face, disentangled herself from her fellow slave as they crawled to Daphne, kneeling at her feet.

“Let’s see if you can put into practice what you just witnessed,” Daphne said, looking at Emma and Hermione.

Hermione and Emma moved to the center of the room, neither one of them feeling as confident about this as they were initially. They had seen how Tracy and Cho performed, and knew they couldn’t match their grace or fluidity, at least not yet.

Emma positioned herself on top of Hermione, doing her best to match what she had seen Tracy and Cho do as she delved between Hermione’s thighs. Hermione was already wet, her thighs glistening with arousal as she traced the tip of her tongue along the edges of her slick folds.

Hermione let out a moan as she eased one of her fingers into Emma’s throbbing cunt, pumping it gently as she parted her pussy lips, and explored her depths. As her pleasure built, she did her best to remember how Daphne’s slaves moved their bodies, and how they reacted to each other’s touch, but it was more difficult that she expected, setting aside her own pleasure to do what Daphne ordered.

Daphne silently walked up to Harry’s slaves, watching them perform. ‘They have talent,’ she thought to herself, ‘but let’s see how they deal with a few distractions,’ she thought wickedly. She motioned for Tracy and Cho to crawl forward, smiling when they positioned themselves on either side of Hermione and Daphne.

Emma let out a surprised yelp as she felt someone tugging on her plug, momentarily distracting her as she turned to look over her shoulder.

SMACK! SMACK! Daphne rained down a set of sharp slaps on Emma’s ass that echoed through the room. “Don’t let yourself get distracted,” she said, pointing between Hermione’s parted thighs.

Emma quickly turned, burying her face between Hermione’s thighs as she returned to pleasuring her, hoping to avoid another spanking from the blonde.

Hermione felt a pair of hands grabbing her ankles and lift them up and push them forward. She didn’t let herself get distracted, knowing what would happen to her if she did. She felt whoever it was squeeze her ankles twice, silently instructing her to keep them in the air.

Then she felt it, a pair of fingers slowly tugging out her plug. She remained focused, easing a second finger into Emma’s dripping pussy as she sucked on her clit.

Emma could feel the fingers back on her plug, slowly pulling it from her ass. She could feel the warm breath on her back door as either Tracy or Cho positioned herself between her legs. She didn’t know who it was, nor did she care at the moment.

She felt a wet tongue wriggle into her ass, licking and prodding. She let out a groan of pleasure, aching to push herself back against the talented tongue teasing her ass, but fought the growing urge as she licked at Hermione’s pussy.

Hermione caught the sight of Cho’s silken black hair out of the corner of her eye as they pleasured Emma together, but the moment of distraction cost her as she felt a sharp smack to her breast.

Emma moaned as she felt Tracy pump her fingers into her ass, slowly picking up the pace until her fingers were pistoning out of her ass. It took all her focus to keep her attention on Hermione as her body shuddered with pleasure, aching for release.

She knew this was a test, that Daphne was looking for another excuse to spank them, but despite that it was still difficult to maintain her focus as her pleasure mounted.

Hermione let out a long moan as Emma’s tongue found her clit, as Cho’s talented fingers plundering her ass. It was taking everything she had to remain focused on Emma as she got closer and closer to her orgasm, shuddering as Emma hit just the right spot as she rode the edge of her impending orgasm.

She knew it wouldn’t be long, not with the dual pleasure she was receiving, letting out a moan of delight as Cho teased the rim of her ass with her tongue.

Daphne observed Hermione and Emma critically, surprised by how well they were doing. She could tell how close they were and smiled. ‘It’s time for them to learn the most important lesson for a slave to learn,’ “Stop.”

Hermione and Emma looked up in surprise at Daphne’s order as Tracy and Cho quickly moved away, wondering why she was making them stop, especially when they were so close.

“You didn’t think I would let you cum, did you?” Daphne asked, the corners of her mouth twitching, her smirk on full display.

Hermione didn’t speak, just glared up at Daphne, as did her best to contain her anger. ‘Just another second and I would have cum,’ she thought.

The smile fell from Daphne’s face as she looked at the angry expression on Hermione’s face. ‘That won’t do at all,’ she thought, reaching down and landing a blistering series of spanks to Hermione’s breasts. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Hermione yelped in pain as she cradled her breasts, never having been spanked that hard before.

“Be careful how you look at me, slave,” Daphne glared. “You seem to have forgotten that your pleasure belongs to your master, and not you! If this had been in front of the covens, a sound spanking would be the least of your concerns!”

Hermione averted her eyes, looking down at the floor, feeling properly chastised. She had forgotten, just for a moment, what they were here for, and had let her mask slip.

“If you care about your master at all, you will drop the attitude, and accept your place, slave,” Daphne warned. “Looking at a master like that, any master, and it will not be you that suffers the consequences, but your master. Duels have been fought to the death for far less. Do you understand?” She demanded.

“Yes,” Hermione muttered, keeping her eyes glued to the floor, never considering the price Harry would pay for her actions.

“Good,” Daphne said, her anger fading, “See that it doesn’t happen again.”

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