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The Real Wizarding World Notes and Updates

July 26th – Product Testing

  • I’m sorry, Product Testing Chapter two is going to be a little late coming out. It took me longer than expected to edit the new chapter of Real Wizarding World, but I should have it posted before the end of the week

Arc 1 – The Room: Prologue to Chapter 17 – Complete

Arc 2 – The Island: Chapter 18 – 34Complete

  • At the end of Arc 2 I’ll hold off on jumping into Arc 3(probably the final arc of the story) and finish up the side stories first. The side story with the most posted chapters will switch to two week updates, and the remaining side stories will be updated every three weeks based on voting.

 Planned Updates

  • Feb 8th 2023 – Increase the number of early access chapters for the Professor and Third Year tiers from 3 to 4 chapters. DONE
  • March 8th 2023 – Add polls to vote on updating side stories DONE

Future Updates With No Set Time Frame

  • Increase the number of early access chapters for Professor, Third Year, and Second Year by one chapter (this will probably happen in a couple of months, depending on how fast I can write)

Side Stories:

I’m planning out four side stories that will take place during the events of the main storyline:

The Payment Plan – Ron/Narcissa

The Malfoy family is not what it used to be. Lucius Malfoy died during the war, and much of their fortune was taken as reparations for his actions. Narcissa and Draco are left with Malfoy Manor and its contents but little else.

To make matters worse, a loan that Lucius took out totaling 500,000 galleons near the end of the war has come due and the Goblins are demanding repayment. Even with a lucrative job that Draco manages to find it is still not enough. 

Enter Ron Weasley who has lusted after Narcissa since he saw her at Hogwarts. He convinces the Goblins to institute a payment plan, and is even willing to help with the payments in exchange for a certain ‘favors’ from the widow Malfoy. 

With no other choice Narcissa agrees to Ron’s offer, doing her best to make sure her son never finds out about her ‘sacrifice.’ 

How To Train Your Pet Slave – Neville/Bellatrix (about 15 – 20 chapters in length)

At the end of the war most of the Death Eaters were killed or captured, except for one, Bellatrix Lestrange. 

Neville spent a lot of time and money attempting to track her down and bring her to justice, but never found her. Just when he was about to give up he heard a rumor about a man that could track down anyone. He wasn’t cheap, but he had never failed, so he arranged to meet with him.

At the end of the meeting he left with two things. A very different idea about the kind of justice he wanted, and a book written by one of his ancestors that taught him exactly how to do it. 

Of all the things Bellatrix expected when she was captured, the awkward and apprehensive man standing over her was certainly not one of them.

Product Testing – Fred/Minerva & George/Minerva (about 15 chapters in length)

During their fifth year Fred and George stumbled across the 1953 Hogwarts yearbook, looking through it on a lark, they were stunned when they found a picture of an 18 year old Minerva McGonagall. She was gorgeous, sexy, the kind of woman that could get the attention of any man she wanted.

They did everything they could to put it out of their minds, this was their teacher, their head of house, and on top of that she was now over 70 years old, certainly not the woman in the picture anymore.

A few years later, while they were raiding a Death Eater home they stumbled upon something, a series of potions that could give any witch her youth back and more.
A few days later they fought off a Death Eater attack, and in the aftermath of the battle they stumbled upon the unconscious form of Minerva McGonagall.

Minerva wakes up a few days later in her 21 year old body as the captive of her most troublesome, and unfortunately for her, most talented former students. They insist on sharing her between them and having her test out their new brand of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes.

Curse’s Cure – Luna/Nagani 

Luna Lovegood was exploring a forest, on the trail of a Crumple Horned Snorlack, when she stumbled upon a creature far more rare, a former witch suffering the effects of the Maledictus curse, trapping her in the body of a snake. She was clearly injured, and close to death.

Taking pity on her Luna took her home with her, slowly nursing the snake back to health. She knew it was not safe for her new pet to be out on her own, so she decided to keep her. 

One day when she was cleaning her pet’s cage she had a vision, there was a cure to the curse, but she also realized that it would be cruel to force her pet to live the life of a human again, especially after spending so much more time as a snake.

The best thing to do was cure her of the curse, but still keep her as a pet, this way she could have the best of both worlds, her human body returned to her, but none of the baggage and responsibilities that came with being human. 

The story of a somewhat oblivious Luna deciding what’s best for her new pet, regardless of how much she protested. 

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