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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Thirty-Seven

Harry sat with a tumbler of fire whiskey in his hand as he talked with Daphne, waiting for Hermione and Emma to return.

Tracy sat between Daphne’s legs, resting her cheek against her thigh as she listened quietly, leaning into her mistress’s touch as Daphne idly ran her fingers through her hair.

“So what can you tell me about the covens?” Harry asked as he took a sip of his drink, enjoying the smooth and refined taste of the whiskey.

Daphne tapped her chin thoughtfully, wondering where to begin. “My family has been involved with the covens in one capacity or another for over 200 years,” she started. “We were never official members, but were privy to much of the inner workings of the covens and the triumvirate.”

“Let’s start with the covens first,” Harry suggested. “What can you tell me about them?”

“There are seven covens, mostly because of the magical significance of the number,” Daphne went on. “They each have their own territories to govern, based on the magical populations in the area.”

“Like me, there are magicals that are aware of the existence of the covens, and the triumvirate. This could be because of family connections, or more often goods and services they provide to the covens in exchange for special considerations.”

“And the triumvirate?” Harry asked. “What role do they play?”

“The triumvirate, as the name suggests, consists of three members,” Daphne explained, taking a sip of her drink. “The covens report directly to them. They act as judges when there’s a conflict between the covens, and impose punishments or arbitration when required. The identities of the triumvirate are a guarded secret, only known by the other members.”

“When the members of the triumvirate retire or pass away, the remaining members choose a new coven members to replace them.”

“And what does the triumvirate want with me?” Harry asked curiously.

“You’re the man that defeated Voldemort… twice,” Daphne explained. “They’ve been interested in you for quite some time. Their plan is to make you leader of the coven for western and northern Europe.”

“They also wanted me to form my own coven, so I’m curious. What happened to the previous coven?” Harry asked.

“They’re all dead,” Daphne replied bluntly. “No one knows exactly how, but near the start of the Voldemort’s first rise, he found and killed all of them. The triumvirate suspected they were targeted, but could never find the culprits. After that, no one wanted to take up leadership of the coven, even after Voldemort died the first time for fear of retaliation from the death eaters still on the loose.”

“Where they really that afraid of him?” Harry asked, furrowing his brows. “The covens are supposed to be made up of the most powerful witches and wizards in the world, aren’t they?”

“Voldemort knew too much about the inner workings of the covens. Everyone suspected there was someone on the inside feeding him information, but it was never proven,” Daphne explained. “And regardless of how powerful they were, they were no match for an enemy that attacked in the night with overwhelming numbers, then disappeared into the night. He even attacked and killed those that associated with the covens, including my father.”

“Your father?” Harry asked, feigning surprise, already knowing the details thanks to Voldemort’s memories.

Daphne nodded, “Yes. The rumor is Voldemort wanted to be put in charge of the coven, but the triumvirate rejected him.”

Harry nodded in understanding, remembering how vain and egotistical Riddle was. “If he ever managed to get a foothold with the covens, it would have been a disaster.”

“Yes,” Daphne agreed. “If you hadn’t defeated him the first time, he very well could have succeeded in that.”

They lapsed into silence, each lost in thought as they sipped their drinks, thinking about the possibilities. Soon after, the door opened again, revealing Hermione, Emma, and Daphne’s slaves.

Hermione crawled forward, while Emma followed behind her and knelt at Harry’s feet, settling in between his legs the same way Tracy had.

One slave leaned in to Daphne, whispering something into her ear before they both left, leaving Harry to wonder what that was about.

“Let’s discuss the training I’ll be giving your slaves,” Daphne said. “The first component will obviously be sexual, but there will also be etiquette, dance, and seduction lessons. The timing will be close, but they’ll be ready in a month’s time.”

“Alright,” Harry agreed, impressed by what he had seen so far. “When will they start?”

“There’s no sense in wasting time,” Daphne replied. “Their first lesson will be tonight. My sister Astoria will meet you in your bedroom and report back to me afterwards.” With that, she stood up, leading them up the stairs to the guest bedroom.

Just like the rest of the manor, the guest bedroom was richly appointed, with a king sized bed dominating the room.

“Astoria will be here shortly. She’ll evaluate your slaves, and we’ll discuss it in the morning,” Daphne said as she led Tracy out of the room.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Hermione got off her hands and knees, stretching her back as she stood up, glad she no longer had to crawl around on the floor anymore.

“Hold on, Hermione,” Harry said, stopping her with a hand on her shoulder. “You heard what Daphne said.”

“They’re not even here, master,” Hermione replied, dismissing his concerns. “It’ll be just until Astoria shows up.”

Harry was saved from replying when Emma jumped in to the conversation, surprising them both. “Actually Hermione, I think master has the right idea.”

“What? What do you mean?” Hermione asked, feeling betrayed. “She’s just teaching us what we need to know to fool the covens. We don’t need to follow her orders when she isn’t around.”

“Daphne is the only one that can teach us what we need to know,” Emma replied. “If she thinks we’re not taking this seriously, she may decide to drop us as students. We’ve gone through too much to risk that happening.”

Harry kept his face impassive, knowing Emma’s words would get through to Hermione better than his own. He had little doubt Daphne would cancel the lessons, regardless of how Hermione behaved. She had far too much to gain in their agreement to throw it away because of an unruly slave, but for his own plans, he needed Hermione and Emma to learn as much as they could from her.

Before Hermione could reply, the bedroom door opened, revealing Astoria Greengrass, wearing a black silk robe. She was beautiful, just like her older sister, almost a carbon copy of her, now that they were both a little older.

“Hello Harry,” Astoria greeted, “it’s been a while,” she said, drinking in his form. ‘He’s taller, and a lot more muscular than back in our school days,’ she thought appreciatively.

“Hello Astoria,” Harry greeted, noting that both Astoria now, and Daphne earlier, made no effort to greet Hermione or Emma. ‘I’ll have to ask Daphne about that tomorrow,’ he thought.

Astoria raised an eyebrow questioningly as she looked at Hermione. “Your slave was told to stay on her hands and knees until she was told otherwise,” she said, locking eyes with Harry. “Has she been told otherwise?”

Harry considered lying for Hermione’s sake before quickly dismissing the idea. The last thing he wanted was Hermione shirking her training. “… No, she hasn’t.”

“I see,” Astoria replied, looking between Harry and Hermione. “What do you intend to do about it?”

Hermione looked at Harry, knowing she had put him in an awkward situation as Emma’s words echoed in her mind. Astoria had turned this into a test for Harry, and it was her fault.

Harry moved behind Hermione and raised his hand, delivering a sharp slap to her ass. SMACK! then another, SMACK! “On your hands and knees,” he ordered.

Hermione quickly sank to the floor as Astoria nodded at Harry approvingly. “We’ll make tonight’s lesson quick,” she said, getting back on track. “Your slaves are going to have a big day tomorrow and will need their rest.”

“What did you have in mind?” Harry asked, sitting down on the bed.

“A repeat of their first lesson,” Astoria explained. “Let’s see if they learned anything.”

Hermione and Emma looked to Harry for permission, remembering what happened earlier in the day.

Harry nodded, “go ahead girls,” watching intently to see what they would do. He wasn’t disappointed when Emma dropped to her knees beside Hermione and they crawled forward, putting a sway in their hips as they looked up at him seductively.

He glanced at Astoria, who watched them carefully, her eyes darting back and forth between him and his girls as they approached.

Emma reached him first, looking up at him as she rubbed her fingers on his crotch, gently teasing his manhood. Hermione unbuckled his belt and unzipped him, licking her lips in anticipation as she reached into the waistband of his underwear, freeing his throbbing cock.

She locked eyes with him as she gave a long, slow lick to the head of his cock, before looking down and swirling her tongue along the tip. She let out a soft moan as she tasted his essence, before leaning back to give Emma a turn.

Emma eagerly leaned forward, running her tongue up and down his shaft, bathing it with her tongue as she prepared to take him in her mouth. She cupped his balls in her hand, gently prodding them with her thumb as she licked up and down his shaft.

Harry exhaled deeply, enjoying the feel of Emma’s warm tongue on his cock. He could already feel the refinements in their technique due to Daphne’s first lesson.

Astoria watched from across the room. ‘They’re already so in tune with each other, and their master already,’ she thought, impressed. ‘They just need an extra push in the right direction.’ She crept up behind them, keeping her footfalls silent as she stood over them.

Hermione was just about to take Harry in her mouth when she felt a sharp pain on her ass. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She looked up in surprise at Astoria towering over her.

“Is that really your best?” Astoria asked derisively, landing another set of spanks on Emma’s ass next. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “You still haven’t learned anything, have you?” She demanded.

Hermione and Emma looked up at Astoria, careful to keep their expressions neutral, and remaining silent. They both knew the blonde was just looking for another excuse to punish them.

“You!” Astoria said, grabbing Emma roughly by the collar, pulling her up so that she was on her knees. “This is a dance, a seduction. While this one,” she said grabbing a fistful of Hermione’s hair, “is pleasuring him,” she said, shoving Hermione’s lip back to Harry’s cock. “You need to prepare for what comes next. Remove his shirt.”

Emma and Hermione looked up at Harry, silently asking for permission. Harry marveled at the submissive and sultry looks in their eyes as they stared up at him, feeling his cock harden even more at the sight of them. He gave a slight nod of his head, giving them permission to continue.

Hermione took the tip of Harry’s cock back into her mouth, sucking gently on him while she swirled her tongue on the tip of his cock, a determined look in her eyes as cupped his balls, gently stroking them with her fingertips as she sucked, focusing on lavishing all her attention on his manhood.

Emma leaned in to Harry, kissing his lips softly as she ran her fingers through Hermione’s hair. She pressed her breasts against Harry’s muscled chest, feeling the heat of his skin through his shirt. After a few moments, she tilted her head back, an alluring smile on her face as she undid the buttons on his shirt, slowly kissing her way down his chest until she had the shirt fully unbuttoned.

Hermione sunk her lips down on Harry’s cock, taking him deeper into her mouth until she could feel him pressing against the back of her throat. She ran her tongue along his shaft as she sucked him, pressing her tongue along the underside of his shaft as she pleasured him.

Harry let out a groan of pleasure as he gripped Hermione’s hair, holding her in place as she worked his throbbing cock. He wrapped his hand around Emma’s waist, pulling her tight against his side again as he kissed her, slipping his tongue into her mouth as he deepened this kiss.

Emma moaned into Harry’s mouth as she ran her fingers along his back and shoulders, enjoying the heat of his skin and the hardness of his muscles beneath her fingertips. She could feel herself getting wet as she melted into Harry’s arms, revelling in the pleasure coursing through her body.

Harry was having a difficult time holding himself back. He could feel how eager Hermione and Emma were to prove themselves, and between Hermione’s lips wrapped snugly around his cock, and the feel of Emma in his arms, he didn’t think he could hold himself back much longer.

Astoria watched on, impressed despite herself. Emma and Hermione took direction very well, better than she even expected, but it wouldn’t do to allow them to get a swelled head. It would make it more difficult to teach them the rest of what they needed to learn.

She plastered a look of annoyed disappointment on her face as she marched up to them, landing a series of sharp smacks to Hermione’s ass. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Following up with another set of spanks to Emma for good measure. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“Is that the best you can do?!” Astoria demanded, feigning disappointment and anger. “You are the slaves of a future coven leader. That makes you a reflection on him!” she said, pointing a finger at Harry. “What will the covens, much less the triumvirate, think of him when you put on a piss poor performance like this?!” she demanded.

Harry watched as Emma and Hermione stopped, turning to face Astoria’s angry tirade. A sly smirk worked its way onto his face as she continued. He could tell there was no actual heat behind her words, but the way Hermione and Emma wilted as she spoke showed they hadn’t caught on. ‘Clever,’ he thought. It was the easiest and fastest way to establish her authority over them, and by the looks in Emma and Hermione’s eyes, it worked.

Astoria caught Harry’s eye as she finished, impressed that he had caught on. “Fine,” she huffed for the benefit of Hermione and Emma. “I can see that you’re going to need some more practical instruction. Watch carefully and pay attention,” she said as she untied the belt of her silk robe, and shrugged it off her shoulders.

Harry, Hermione, and Emma watched as the silk slid down her body, pooling at her ankles, revealing her naked glory. She was almost an exact copy of Daphne, with a firm and trim body, medium-sized breasts, and a thin strip of curls between her legs.

Astoria walked forward confidently, pushing Hermione and Emma out of the way as she settled herself between Harry’s legs. She eyed his stiff cock, licking her lips appreciatively. She looked up at Harry, giving him a wink before she took his manhood in her mouth.

She ran her tongue up and down his throbbing hardness, enjoying the feel of him in her mouth. She cupped her breasts, working her nipples as she took him in her throat, holding her breath as she massaged his cock.

Harry let out a groan of pleasure, running his fingers through Astoria’s hair as he felt her throat ripple around his cock as she sucked him. He could feel her fingers on his balls, gently teasing them as she bobbed her head up and down. After the warm up with Hermione and Emma, it took everything he had not to explode into Astoria’s eager mouth.

Hermione watched on jealously from the sidelines as Astoria sucked on Harry’s cock. She could tell he was enjoying her attentions, especially the way he gripped her hair, and the grunts of pleasure escaping his lips as the blonde bobbed her head on his shaft. She felt her competitive nature rearing its ugly head, promising herself she would get that same reaction from Harry as well.

Emma watched carefully as Astoria bobbed her head and swayed her hips, as she moaned softly, bringing Harry closer and closer to the edge. Unlike Hermione, she didn’t feel any jealousy. She had always known that Harry would sleep with other women. He was obviously an important man in the wizarding world, and with his plans to deal with Viktor and the covens, it was bound to happen sooner or later. She knew that despite all that, she had nothing to worry about. At the end of the day, he would always come home to them.

Harry let out another groan of pleasure as Astoria flicked a tongue along the underside of his shaft. He could hardly believe how incredible a cock sucker Astoria was. If Hermione and Emma even learned half of what she knew, he would be a very happy man.

“I’m going to cum Astoria,” Harry warned, knowing he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. Astoria looked up at him with a quick wink, and redoubling her efforts to make him cum.

Harry smiled at Astoria’s eagerness, finally letting loose as he came in her mouth, filling her cheeks with his seed as he grunted in pleasure.

Astoria savored the taste of Harry’s salty-sweet cum as she carefully used her tongue to clean his cock, before leaning back and letting his manhood slip from between her lips.

She stood up, walking back to where she left her robe before bending over at the waist. She plucked her robe off the floor, taking her time to stand back up as she gave Harry an enticing view of her ass, and the unspoken promise of something more in the future. “I hope you were paying attention, slaves,” she said, slipping back into her robe, but leaving it untied, as she turned to face them. “I won’t tolerate any more mistakes.”

She smirked as she caught the looks on their faces, knowing she had their full attention. ‘This is going to be a lot of fun,’ she thought.

Harry looked down at his cock after Astoria made her exit. He was already back at full attention, and the hungry and lustful looks in Hermione and Emma’s eyes showed they weren’t ready to go to sleep yet either.

“On the bed,” he ordered, having a feeling that until his girls completed their training, they wouldn’t have the same freedom to enjoy themselves the way they did now. “Get yourselves ready for me.”

Hermione and Emma eagerly went to the bed, dropping into a sixty-nine position with Hermione on top. Neither one of them had a chance to cum since they arrived, and couldn’t wait to get started.

Hermione parted Emma’s thighs, licking at her slick folds as she felt Emma’s tongue part her pussy lips. She could feel Emma’s tongue wriggle into her cunt, along with one of her fingers, slowly pumping it inside her. She quickly returned the favor, slipped two of her fingers into Emma’s overheated pussy as she matched her rhythm.

Harry joined them on the bed. He reached for Hermione’s plug, teasing her asshole as he turned it in slow circles, earning a moan of delight from her. He always enjoyed seeing his girls like this, so eager, so wanton, the taboo of what they were doing, enhancing the sexually charged atmosphere even more.

He slowly pulled the plug from her ass, replacing it with two of his fingers as he teased and stretched her asshole. He lined up his cock with her dripping pussy, feeling Emma’s lips and tongue glide along his shaft as he buried himself inside Hermione’s hot pussy.

Hermione let out a low moan as Harry’s cock filled her, stretching the walls of her pussy as he set a slow and deliberate pace. She felt Emma’s lips and tongue flick against her folds, causing her to shudder in pleasure. ‘God, this feels incredible,’ she thought.

Hermione pushed her tongue into Emma’s dripping pussy, and grabbed hold of her plug, matching Harry’s pace as she pumped it inside Emma’s ass.

Harry let out a groan as he picked up the pace, enjoying the tightness of Hermione’s cunt, along with the sensation of Emma’s tongue teasing and sucking his balls as he took her. He grabbed Hermione’s ass, parting her cheeks as he plowed his cock into her waiting pussy, picking up the pace.

Emma grunted as she felt Hermione push a third finger into her cunt as she licked her and toyed her ass with her plug. She could feel Hermione’s hot breath on her pussy as she continued to kiss and suck between her legs, eager for more.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Hermione grunted in delight as Harry’s hips slammed into her ass as he took her from behind. She could feel his thumb circling the rim of her ass as she moaned, eager to have him fill both her holes. She was close now, so close, ‘just a little more Harry,’ she thought.

Harry breathed deeply as he slammed his cock into Hermione’s slick pussy. He could feel her wetness dripping down his cock and knew she was close. She just needed a little push to get her over the edge. He reached down, pinching Hermione’s clit as he picked up the pace, his thighs now slapping into her ass as he thrust inside her.

“AWGAWD!!!” Hermione shrieked a moment later, arching her back as she came, her breath coming out in short gasps as she rolled to her side, catching her breath.

Harry didn’t waste anytime turning Emma around before he slammed his cock, still dripping with Hermione’s juices into Emma’s slick folds.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Emma grunted as Harry set a relentless pace, quickly bringing her to the edge of her orgasm. She looked up into Harry’s eyes, wrapping her legs around his waist as he slammed into her with hard, powerful strokes. “Oh god! Oh god…. Master, that feels… Oh God!” she moaned in delight.

Harry could tell Emma was close, but he wasn’t ready for her to cum yet. He pulled his cock from between her slick folds, ignoring the look of surprise on her face as he gripped her delicate ankles, folding her in half as he lined up his cock with her asshole.

Emma could see the lustful and possessive gaze Harry directed at her. A shiver of anticipation tingled down her spine as she prepared herself for what she knew would be coming next. She felt her heart flutter at the power Harry exuded as he leaned over her, loving how strong and powerful he was.

Harry pushed the head of his cock into Emma’s ass, making sure to go slow enough for her to prepare herself for him.

Emma took a deep breath, keeping her ass muscles relaxed as she felt Harry ease into her back door. She glanced over at Hermione, her body slick with sweat as she caught her breath, knowing that it would be a little while before Hermione would be ready for another round.

Harry loved the feel of Emma’s ass wrapped around his shaft, taking a moment to savor the sensation of Emma squeezing her ass around his cock as she urged him to fuck her. He held her ankles as he eased his cock out of her ass, before sliding back in, a little faster this time, as he slowly worked into a steady rhythm.

Emma curled her toes, moaning lustfully as Harry’s cock stretched her back entrance. With each stroke, she squeezed his cock, increasing both their pleasure. “More,” she begged. “Please, Master, I need it,” she urged.

“What do you need, my slave?” Harry asked huskily, wanting to hear the words as she slowed down his pace.

Emma groaned in disappointment as she felt Harry’s cock slow to an agonizingly slow pace, knowing what he wanted to hear. “Please Master, fuck my ass!” she begged wantonly.

Harry smiled, leaning his head down to kiss Emma as he picked up the pace again, pumping his cock into her ass.

“YES!” Emma moaned in delight as she stared up at her master. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” she grunted as Harry filled her ass, taking her with long, powerful strokes. She was so close now and so eager to cum.

Harry grunted as he pumped his cock into Emma’s ass. He leaned down, sucking her neck as he kept up the sensual pace. With one last thrust, he buried his cock into Emma’s ass, letting out a loud groan as he emptied his balls.

Emma’s eyes widened as she felt her master’s hot cum flood her ass, setting off her own powerful orgasm. “AWGAWD!!!!” she screamed out as she came, locking eyes with Harry as her orgasm washed over her.

She slumped to the bed, breathing heavily as she felt Harry’s cock stirring inside her ass, amazed at how quickly he had gotten hard again.

A fleeting thought entered her mind, the warning Astoria gave them about getting some rest before tomorrow’s lessons. She looked up at Hermione, who had recovered from her own orgasm and was passionately kissing Harry. She smiled up at them, knowing that none of them would get much sleep tonight, but couldn’t bring herself to care. That was a problem for tomorrow.

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