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The Real Wizarding World – Arc Three: The Covens Chapter Thirty-Five

Harry, Hermione, and Emma sat on the patio overlooking the crashing waves of the ocean. It was the morning after they officially formed their coven. All their guests had returned home earlier in the morning, giving them time to think and plan out their next moves.

“Our first coven meeting will be next month,” Harry said from his seat between Hermione and Emma. “That’s when we’ll meet the other covens, and the triumvirate. We need to be prepared for it.”

Hermione and Emma nodded in agreement, both understanding how important it was for them to make the right impression on the other covens and deal with Viktor.

Harry sat in silence for a long moment, thinking of the best way to bring up Daphne with his girls. He needed them to attend her finishing school to complete their slave training. The covens, and the triumvirate, would expect a certain level of refinement from his slaves, especially with his position as leader of his coven.

He saw how Hermione and Emma looked at him, how they called him master, and followed his orders, but he knew deep down they hadn’t fully accepted him as his master, or their place at his side.

Hermione still believed there was a way out, that she could somehow go back to her old life. The more astute coven members, and certainly the triumvirate, would see through it, putting all his plans at risk.

That was where Daphne’s school came in. It would help his girls understand where and, more importantly, who they belonged to, but how could he explain Daphne to them or how he knew about her school in the first place?

“What do we need to do?” Emma asked, interrupting Harry’s thoughts.

“I’m not sure,” Harry replied, pretending to think about it for a moment. “We don’t know nearly enough about them, or what they’ll expect from us. Narcissa’s father was a member, but she never attended any of the meetings herself. All her knowledge is secondhand.”

“There must be someone we can ask,” Hermione suggested. “What about Neville? His family was also part of the covens.”

“It’s the same story for him,” Harry countered. “His grandparents were members, but he doesn’t know much more beyond that.”

Harry looked up when he saw an owl on the horizon, wondering who it was that was sending him a letter.

A few moments later, the owl landed in front of him, extending his leg. Harry reached out, plucking the letter from its claw, smiling inwardly as he read the name. ‘Speak of the devil,’ he thought. “It’s from Daphne Greengrass.”

“What does she want?” Hermione asked, curiously. She only had a few interactions with the infamous ice queen of Hogwarts, and none of them had been exactly pleasant. The girl would turn her nose up at just about everyone, muggle and pureblood alike. She couldn’t think for the life of her why Daphne would want to send Harry a letter.

Harry opened the letter, impressed by Daphne’s resourcefulness in finding out about his new appointment. Without even knowing it, she had neatly solved a problem for him. “She says she just found out about me being appointed as a coven leader,” he said, scanning through the letter. “She has a finishing school and is offering to train you and Emma before the first coven meeting.”

“Who is she?” Emma asked.

“We went to school with her,” Hermione explained, “but we didn’t know her very well.”

“There’s more,” Harry continued. “She says that her father, before Voldemort killed him, was a protectorate of the coven, and is asking me to extend the same protection to her, and her school.”

“Do you think we can trust her?” Hermione asked. From what she remembered, Daphne never sided with Malfoy and his ilk, but she also never spoke out against them either.

“I think we should at least hear her out,” Harry suggested. “She seems to know a lot about the inner workings of the covens. That could be useful to us,” he added, now suspecting that Luna may have had a hand in Daphne’s letter arriving when it did. He would have to discuss it with her the next time he spoke with her.

Emma nodded her head in agreement. “I suppose it couldn’t hurt to hear her out.”


Harry, Hermione, and Emma stepped through the fireplace, entering Greengrass Manor.

Harry wore a crisp black suit with a white button-down shirt while Hermione and Emma wore matching outfits chosen to highlight their beauty and allure.

Their intricately designed gold metal bikinis were held together by thin gold chains in the center and secured around their backs and necks. Their bottoms consisted of matching oval-shaped gold plates in the front and back, connected to a long, flowing loincloth made of white silk that reached their ankles. Around their necks they wore their normal collars, but clipped to them were a set of leashes held in Harry’s hand.

Daphne was waiting for them, wearing a black silk evening gown. In her hand, she held a leash connected to the nude form of Tracy Davis kneeling on the floor and looking to the ground submissively.

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Potter,” Daphne said formally, holding her free hand out for Harry to shake.

“You can just call me Harry,” he replied, wanting to dispense with the formality as he shook her hand.

“Very well, you may call my by my first name as well,” Daphne said, releasing his hand.

‘Same old Daphne,’ Harry thought, smiling inwardly, remembering the many times he had met her as his alter ego, Arcanum.

“Daphne, you said that you have a finishing school. What did you have in mind for Hermione and Emma?” Harry asked, pretending not to know about the training she offered.

“I know you’re on a timetable, so the lessons will have to be abbreviated, but they will learn dance, seduction, etiquette, and pleasure,” Daphne explained.

“Where are the other students?” Harry asked. “You said this was a school.”

“Yes, a very exclusive and private one,” Daphne replied. “Your slaves will be the only ones in attendance. I will also handle your training personally,” Daphne replied.

“My training?” Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes,” Daphne explained. “The covens, as well as the triumvirate, will judge you based on the quality of your slaves, as well as your mastery over them.”

“Alright,” Harry agreed. “In exchange for your lessons, you and your school will be under the protection of my coven.”

“Agreed,” Daphne said, shaking Harry’s hand again. “Do I have your permission to command and punish your slaves as required to complete their training?”

“You do,” Harry agreed. “But I expect to be kept up to date of their progress, as well as any punishments you give them.”

“Of course,” Daphne agreed, before turning to face Hermione and Emma. “Slaves, remove your clothes,” she ordered.

Hermione and Emma looked to Harry for confirmation before they shed their clothes, letting them pool to the floor at their feet, leaving them in only their collars and leashes.

Daphne let out a sigh, revealing her disappointed. She had expected at least a little effort when they disrobed, putting on a show for their master. “They at least look the part,” she said, walking around them in a slow circle. “But there’s a lot of work ahead of us.”

Hermione said nothing, but couldn’t keep the indignant look off her face. ‘We haven’t even done anything yet,’ she thought. ‘What does she even have to complain about?’

“Do they know their submission poses yet?” Daphne asked.

“They do,” Harry replied, remembering fondly how enjoyable their training was.

“Inspection pose,” Daphne called out, looking at Hermione and Emma with a critical eye as they got into position far slower than she expected.

It took a moment for Hermione and Emma to remember the command, before they snapped into position, standing shoulder width apart as they bent over at the waist and crossed their wrists behind their heads.

Harry sighed internally, already knowing what Daphne was going to say, and recognizing it was his own fault. He had been far too lax in maintaining their training once they reached the island.

“Pathetic,” Daphne said, shaking her head in annoyance. “They hesitated, and worse, their forms are sloppy.”

Daphne took Hermione and Emma through the rest of the poses, calling out each of the mistakes she found with a clinical detachment as she circled around them.

Hermione and Emma felt their faces flush in embarrassment as Daphne critiqued everything about them, pointing out each of their flaws, almost taunting them to react to her insults.

“Dare I ask how often they practice their poses?” Daphne asked, turning to face Harry.

“They don’t,” Harry admitted.

“Yes, that certainly explains it,” Daphne agreed. “Perhaps a demonstration is in order. That way, your slaves can understand what’s expected of them.” She turned to look at her slave, “Tracy, go through your poses, start with wait position.”

Hermione, Emma and Harry watched as Tracy gracefully rose to her feet, standing on the tips of her toes as she interlocked her fingers behind her back, and pulled down as she thrust her chest forward. After a moment’s pause, she gracefully moved to the next pose, completing them all one by one before settling back into the kneel position.

Emma could immediately tell how far behind she and Hermione were, especially with the way Tracy performed her poses. It was fluid, graceful, and far exceeded what they were capable of at the moment.

“That will also be a problem,” Daphne said, pointing out the look on Hermione’s face.

“What problem?” Harry asked, feigning confusion. He knew Hermione was having trouble accepting her new life. Sometimes she embraced it, other times she pushed against it. He hoped Daphne had a solution for it, or it would make his future plans much more complicated.

“Your slaves, they haven’t truly accepted you as their master. They’re fairly good at pretending, but the coven leaders will see right through it,” Daphne explained. “We’ll need to get that sorted before the month is up.”

“Alright,” Harry agreed, glad that Daphne had so quickly assessed the problem. “How do we do that?”

“You will need to take a firmer hand with them,” Daphne replied. “A weak master leads to undisciplined slaves.”

Hermione bristled at the comment, detesting how Daphne spoke about her, like she wasn’t even in the room, and her general attitude, but bit her tongue, knowing how important this training was for them.

“This way,” Daphne said, taking Tracy’s leash and leading them through a door. “Your slave’s first lesson starts now.”

Harry, Hermione, and Emma followed her, arriving in a large room with a giant four-poster bed in the center, and a sofa facing it. There were no other furniture or adornments in the room.

“Have a seat, Harry,” Daphne said, gesturing to the sofa. “This is the main training room. Your slaves will spend much of their time here learning their lessons.”

“Slaves!” Daphne said in a commanding tone after Harry sat down. “Attend to your master. Pleasure his manhood with your mouths.”

Hermione and Emma nodded, walking towards Harry’s seated form, only to stop suddenly when Daphne quickly moved behind them, landing a blistering series of spanks on their asses. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Emma let out a surprised yelp, rubbing her sore bottom as she came to a stop as Hermione glared angrily at Daphne.

Daphne moved in front of them, a furious expression on her face as she rounded on them, dousing Hermione’s anger with her reaction. “Just what do you think you’re doing!? Answer me!”

The sudden change in attitude even surprised Harry as he took in the angry face of the normally stoic blonde.

“…What you told us.” Hermione replied as she rubbed her bottom, feeling confused and slightly intimidated by Daphne’s angry reaction.

“Am I your mistress?!” Daphne demanded. “Are you my slave?”

“.. No,” Emma said, shaking her head.

“When your master is in the room, you look to him for permission in all things, before you follow the orders of another. Do I make myself clear?” Daphne said, staring down the two unruly slaves.

Hermione and Emma nodded, averting their eyes as they realized their mistake.

“Let’s try again,” Daphne said, this time in a calmer tone. “Slaves, attend to your master.”

Hermione and Emma remained silent, looking to Harry for permission.

Harry locked eyes with his girls, giving them a slight nod, impressed with how well Daphne took command of Hermione and Emma.

Hermione and Emma padded forward, kneeling at Harry’s feet, careful this time to hold their pose correctly.

“Better,” Daphne acknowledged. “Perhaps you can learn to be good slaves,” she added condescendingly.

Hermione burned at the way Daphne spoke to them, but knew better than to argue. Silently, she reached forward, unbuckling Harry’s belt as Emma unzipped him.

She reached into the waistband of his underwear and freed his throbbing cock. With a shared glance, she and Emma licked up and down his rigid shaft as they prepared to suck him.

Just as Emma was about to close her lips around the head of Harry’s cock, she pulled back sharply as Daphne spanked her again. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! She rubbed her quickly reddening ass, wondering what she had done wrong this time.

“Pathetic,” Daphne tsked, shaking her head. “Your master deserves better than that girl.”

“What? What did I do wrong?” Emma asked, a look of confusion on her face.

“You’re too full of yourself, slave,” Daphne said harshly. “Just because you can make your master cum doesn’t mean you’re any good at it. You need to seduce him with more than just your mouth. You need to use your whole body. It’s an erotic dance, a feast for all his senses. Kneel, and watch carefully.”

Hermione and Emma locked eyes with Harry, silently asking him for permission before they followed Daphne’s order, clearly having learned their lesson from the last time.

Harry smiled inwardly, pleased by how effective a teacher Daphne was.

Daphne reached up to her shoulders, slipping her dress over her shoulder as she let the cool silk pool at her feet. “Tracy, fetch my cock,” she ordered.

Harry couldn’t help but admire Daphne’s sleek and seductive form as she stood in front of him. Her prominent breasts, smooth skin, and soft curves on full display. He trailed his eyes up and down, roaming over her nude form before settling on the junction between her legs. The thin strip of blonde curls was not his preference, but they suited her.

Tracy gracefully rose to her feet, opening an ornate wooden box resting on the bed. She pulled out a polished wooden double ended dildo. Returning to Daphne, she dropped to her knees in front of Daphne, who rose to her feet and parted her legs, allowing Tracy to insert it inside her. The dildo sprang to life, even matching Daphne’s skin tone as it stood at attention.

Daphne moved back, sitting down beside Harry as she parted her legs, locking eyes with Tracy. “Attend to me,” she ordered, her voice taking on a husky tone as she stared at her slave.

Harry could immediately tell the difference between Tracy’s training and Hermione and Emma’s as she crawled forward sensually, putting a sexy sway in her hips and a seductive smile on her lips. Her eyes sparkled lustfully as she locked eyed with Daphne, then lowered her gaze to the dildo between Daphne’s thighs before licking her lips in anticipation.

Tracy trailed the tip of her tongue on the underside of Daphne’s cock as she gently cupped the bottom of the dildo, all the while staring up at Daphne submissively.

“Watch carefully, slaves,” Daphne said, running her fingers through Tracy’s silken hair. “See how she looks at me, how she moves her body? For her, I am the only one in the room. Her mistress’s pleasure is all the matters to her,” she finished as Tracy took the tip of the dildo in her mouth, gently prodding the slit with her tongue.

Hermione and Emma watched as Tracy slowly lowered her lips down the dildo as she sucked, angling her body as she posed seductively, adding to the sensuality, and enriching the experience for her mistress.

Daphne threw her head back, gripping Tracy’s hair tightly in her fist as she let out a soft moan. She could feel Tracy swirling her tongue around her dildo, heightening her pleasure even more as she put on a show for her new students.

Hermione felt a twinge of envy as Tracy took Daphne into her throat, an unmistakable feeling of arousal flooding her body as she was forced to admit to herself that there was perhaps something Daphne could teach her.

Daphne bit back another moan as she tangled both her hands in Tracy’s dark locks, holding her in place as she felt her slave squeeze her throat around the dildo. “Be ready, my pet,” she warned, knowing she was close.

Tracy redoubled her efforts, bobbing her head up and down as she increased her mistress’s pleasure, preparing herself for her inevitable release.

A moment later, Daphne let out a soft grunt of pleasure as she came, filling her slave’s eager mouth with her cum. She ran her fingers through Tracy’s hair tenderly as she waited for her slave to lick the dildo clean.

Tracy looked up at her mistress as she slowly leaned her head back, parting her lips as she released the dildo before locking eyes with her mistress and kissing the tip of the dildo.

“Good girl,” Daphne praised, quickly returning to her normally aloof manner.

Harry leaned back in the chair, impressed by what he saw. ‘Now I understand why so many of my clients sent their slaves to Daphne,’ he thought, impressed.

“Now try again. Show me what you’ve learned,” Daphne said as she sat down beside Harry again.

Emma took the lead this time, staring lustfully at Harry’s engorged cock as she licked her upper lip seductively. She remembered how Tracy kept eye contact with Daphne as she sucked her and followed her example, taking Harry deep into her throat.

Hermione, not wanting to be left behind, moved behind Emma, tracing her hands along Emma’s chest and back, drawing Harry’s attention to Emma’s supple curves as she ground her hips against Emma’s ass suggestively.

Harry felt his cock twitch as he watched Emma and Hermione, his eyes roaming over their lithe forms, as Hermione fondled Emma. He could feel himself getting close, but he held himself back, enjoying the show his girls were putting on for him.

Emma could feel Hermione’s slick pussy pressed tightly against her ass as Harry’s cock twitched inside her throat. She pulled back, letting out a moan around his cock as she cupped his balls, massaging them gently as Hermione cupped her breasts, teasing and kneading them as she stared up at their master.

Harry let out a groan of pleasure, not able to hold himself back as Emma bobbed her head up and down on his shaft as she sucked him. He let out a grunt as he came, filling Emma’s cheeks with his cum as he leaned back.

He breathed out, feeling Emma’s tongue on his cock, tracing delicately along his shaft as she scooped up as much of his cum as she could before she turned around and kissed Hermione deeply, sharing his cum with her.

“Better,” Daphne acknowledged, “but they still have a lot to learn. Show me how you fuck them,” she said, surprising Harry when she walked to the bed and lay down, parting her legs invitingly.

A gleam entered Harry’s eyes as he took in the alluring form of Daphne Greengrass splayed out on the bed. She stared up at him with the same aloof expression as before, but there was a challenge in her eyes that got him hard in an instant.

In his time at Hogwarts it was Hermione that he fantasized about the most, but the Slytherin ice queen had been a close second. He had always wanted to see if he could break her mask of indifference and make her scream out in pleasure, and it looked like he would finally get the opportunity now.

He glanced down at Hermione and Emma, ordering them to kneel on the floor as he stalked forward, not wanting to waste the opportunity presented to him. As he approached the bed, he took off his shirt and slipped out of his pants before settling on top of Daphne.

Hermione and Emma watched from the sidelines along with Tracy, different emotions playing across their faces.

Emma watched, eager to see what Harry would do, wanting to see the calm facade of the stoic blonde break as she cried out in ecstasy the same way she and Hermione did countless times before.

Hermione, on the other hand, felt a pang of jealousy as she watched Harry slide his cock into Daphne’s slick cunt, and the blonde wrap her legs around his waist. She knew intellectually that her relationship with Harry was unconventional, that she shared him with Emma, and on top of that she had sex with multiple women in Harry’s presence, but watching him having sex with other women was a new experience, one she wasn’t quite sure she liked.

Daphne bit her tongue, holding back a moan of pleasure as she felt Harry’s cock slide into her dripping cunt. She felt her inner walls stretch to accommodate his manhood as she let out the breath she had been holding. She hadn’t expected him to be as big as he was. ‘It certainly goes a long way to explain how he can keep two slaves satisfied,’ she thought.

Harry loved the velvety heat of Daphne’s cunt wrapped around his cock as he slowly pumped it into her slick folds. He went slow, letting her get used to his size before he gradually picked up the pace.

Daphne let out a soft moan, her stoic facade cracking. She rarely indulged herself with her clients, preferring to watch the master fuck their slave, and instruct them from her observations, but as soon as she laid eyes on Harry after so many years, she knew she would make an exception for him.

There was something different about him. She could feel the magical power rolling off of him in waves, and a hint of darkness, enticing and seducing. She felt like a moth drawn to a flame as she looked into his eyes.

She knew it wasn’t love. She had dismissed such silly notions long ago, but lust was another matter entirely.

She could feel him slowly picking up the pace, his throbbing manhood stretching her dripping cunt in all the right places as he smirked down at her confidently, knowing she was struggling to contain any outward signs of her pleasure as she tried to maintain some control over herself, instead of giving in to her lustful urges.

Harry could tell Daphne was close to cracking. She was not the first witch to think she could control herself around him. He traced his fingertips over her soft curls, gently teasing them as he picked up the pace a second time, slamming into her dripping cunt with long, powerful strokes.

Daphne screwed her eyes shut, never expecting Harry to have the skill that he had. She bit back a grunt of pleasure as she felt his fingers combing through her pubic hair. She began to realize it may be a losing battle. He was chipping away at her resolve bit by bit every time he thrust inside her.

Harry could tell that Daphne only needed one more push to let go, and knew just the thing. He slid his hand underneath her back, tracing his finger down, until he found the crack of her ass. He slid a finger between her cheeks, teasing her rosebud as he rode her.

Daphne’s eyes shot open at the unexpected move by Harry as he finally cracking her facade. She felt her body betray her as she squeezing her thigh around his waist tightly, unable to contain herself anymore. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!”

A knowing smile worked its way onto Emma’s face as she heard the blonde grunt and moan in ecstasy, knowing Harry had broken through her facade.

Tracy looked at her mistress in surprise. She had rarely seen her lose control the way she had, and wondered idly if she would allow her a chance to test Harry’s skills for herself.

Daphne wrapped her legs tighter around Harry’s waist, locking her ankles around his hips as she felt him press the tip of his finger inside her ass. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” she continued to grunt, rolling her head from side to side as she felt her orgasm approaching fast.

Harry continued his relentless pace, feeling himself getting close as well. He pushed his finger into the blonde’s ass up to the first knuckle as he twisted it from side to side, knowing it would drive her over the edge.

Daphne’s eyes went wide as she arched her back, letting out a scream of pleasure as she felt her orgasm crash over her. “GAWADDD!!”

Harry managed a few more strokes before he buried himself to the hilt inside Daphne’s tight pussy, unloading into her.

They both gasped for breath as they came down from their orgasms. Daphne unhooked her ankles from around Harry’s waist as she lay there recovering, still held tight in Harry’s embrace.

Harry took one more look at Daphne’s flushed face, committing it to memory before he sat back, easing his cock out of Daphne’s well fucked pussy. “How did I do?” he asked with a small smirk on his face.

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