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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Thirty-Four

Harry watched as Fred made his way to the guest room to join George and Mary, glad that everything had worked out the way he planned. It would have been a major setback if any of them decided not to join him.

Luna’s appearance had also been a welcome surprise. Having a seer to call on would definitely help with his dealings with Krum.

“You were incredible girls,” Harry praised with a smile. “If any of them were considering backing out, I think you convinced them otherwise.”

“Thank you, master,” Emma smiled. Convincing Harry’s friends to join them had been a lot more fun than she expected.

Hermione nodded in agreement, hoping they would have a few more occasions to ‘convince’ them in the future.

“Let’s have a little celebration of our own,” Harry winked suggestively, wrapping an arm around Hermione and Emma’s waists. He leaned in, placing a searing kiss on Hermione lips, then did the same for Emma.

“Yes, master,” they replied, lustful grins appearing on their faces as Harry led them to their bedroom.

Harry closed the door to the master bedroom and took in the sight of his girls. They had foregone their blouses and heels after playing with the other slaves, but still wore their ties, stockings, and skirts.

There were so many times during the party he wanted to take one or both of them, but had to hold himself back and make sure he and his allies were on the same page.

His eyes darkened with desire as he watched his girls drop to their knees and crawl sensually towards him, putting an extra sway in their hips as they smiled up at him seductively.

He could feel his cock stiffen in anticipation as his girls knelt at his feet and reached for his pants.

Hermione unbuckled his belt, while Emma unzipped his pants, pulling them down his legs as they freed his cock.

Emma licked her lips in anticipation, staring up at Harry’s throbbing cock, watching as a drip of pre-cum trickled down his shaft. She parted her lips, taking the head of his cock in her mouth as she sucked him.

Hermione was not far behind, her breath hot against his skin as she wrapped her fingers around his rigid shaft, pumping her hand up and down as she leaned in, tonguing his balls.

Harry groaned in pleasure, resting his hands on their heads, as he ran his fingers through their silken curls, watching as they worked his cock, their tongues and lips moving in perfect rhythm.

Emma swirled her tongue around Harry’s shaft, feeling him twitch and pulse against her tongue as she prepared to take him in her throat.

She hated what happened to them, what this Victor Krum did to them, but at the same time she was also grateful for it. Her life was going nowhere. Her husband of twenty years had divorced her. She felt miserable, alone, and didn’t know what to do with the rest of her life.

Then Harry saved both her and her daughter. He was even willing to give up his entire family fortune for their safe return. That was when she understood why Hermione was so loyal to him, and knew she could trust him as well.

And that was just the start. Miraculously she was given back her youth, and experienced pleasures she had never thought possible. Harry indulged all of her deepest, unspoken fantasies and desires, satisfying and thrilling her like no one had ever done before.

Everything that happened to them, all of it, had been worth it, and given the choice, she wouldn’t go back and change any of it. She understood now what had been missing in her life for all these years. A strong, powerful wizard to lead her.

Emma relaxed her throat, leaning forward as she took Harry’s throbbing member into her throat. She hummed softly, vibrating her throat to add to Harry’s pleasure. She smiled around his cock as she felt his fingers tighten, gripping her hair tightly as she sucked him.

Not wanting to be outdone, Hermione playfully teased Harry’s balls with her tongue as she took them in her mouth, adding to his pleasure.

Hermione loved how Harry allowed her to indulge herself with the other slaves, pleasuring them and being pleasured by them in turn. He allowed her explore a side of herself she had never experienced before.

While none of the women could bring her to the heights of ecstasy Harry was capable, she couldn’t deny the pleasure she felt, indulging herself with them. There was just something so thrilling about outmaneuvering and dominating them, then greedily taking her pleasure from them.

She idly wondered if she would have taken a slave, like Luna had, if things had worked out differently. It was certainly enjoyable to be in charge occasionally, but she knew it wasn’t something she wanted long term. Just the thought of Harry putting her over his knee and giving her a sound spanking send shivers of desire down her spine.

Emma leaned back, pulling her lips from Harry’s cock as she took in a lungful of air, allowing Hermione to have a turn.

Hermione took Emma’s place, eagerly sucking Harry’s throbbing cock into her mouth. She pressed her tongue to the underside of his shaft, swirling it up and down as he let out a groan of pleasure.

Emma dipped her head down, taking her turn to suck Harry’s balls as they pleasured him together, bringing him closer and closer to his eventual release.

Harry’s body tensed as he let out a guttural groan, doing his best to hold back, even though he knew it was a losing battle. Emma and Hermione knew exactly what he enjoyed, and how to push him over the edge.

He felt his control slip away. Unable to hold back any longer he exploded into Hermione’s warm, wet mouth, setting off a simultaneous orgasm for both his girls at the same time.

After her orgasm subsided, Hermione carefully pulled her lips from Harry’s cock, savoring the salty-sweet taste of his release. She turned towards Emma, planting a kiss on her lips as they shared his seed between them.

Emma moaned in delight as she felt the salty-sweet goodness land on her tongue. From the very beginning, she enjoyed the taste of Harry’s cum, feeling almost addicted to it as time went on.

“Let’s go get cleaned up,” Harry suggested. “I think I could use a soak,” He said as he stepped out of his pants and discarded his shirt and jacket.

Hermione and Emma got to their feet, dropping their skirts to the floor as they removed the last remnants of their costumes, and eagerly followed Harry into the bathroom.

After a quick shower to clean themselves off, they moved to the large tub, sinking into the warm, soapy water.

Emma straddled Harry’s waist immediatley, guiding his hard cock into her wet pussy, and let out a soft moan as she sank down on his throbbing cock. She felt his hand trail down her back, his fingers sliding between her cheeks before finally piercing her ass.

She rode him hard, impaling herself on his fingers and cock as she threw her head back, her wet hair snapping against her back as she let out a loud, keening moan.

Hermione sat beside Harry, turning his head to kiss him deeply as he fucked Emma, eagerly waiting for her turn to have him inside her.

Harry groaned into Hermione’s mouth as he pulled her close, tangling his fingers in her hair as he returned the kiss, pushing his tongue past her lips, and exploring her mouth. He trailed his fingers between her breasts, gently parting her thighs as he traced the outline of her swollen clit with his fingertips.

Hermione tore her lips from Harry’s, throwing her head back in ecstasy as she let out a loud moan. She cupped her breasts, squeezing and fondling them as Harry pumped his fingers into her overheated pussy.

Emma leaned forward, pressing her ample breasts against Harry’s face as she rode him harder. Her slick pussy sliding up and down his thick shaft as she felt every inch of him inside her, bringing her closer and closer to her next orgasm.

Hermione rocked her hips, fucking herself on Harry’s fingers, yearning to feel his hardness inside her, but knowing she had to wait her turn.

Emma could feel it. She was right on the edge as she slammed her hips down on Harry’s cock. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” she grunted, coming to the realization Harry was holding back her orgasm.

Hermione ground her pussy against Harry’s talented fingers as she bit her lip, desperately trying to cum, but knowing she couldn’t, not without Harry’s permission. She pushed her hair out of her face, giving Harry a smoldering look. “Please master, I need to cum,” she begged, tracing her fingers along his powerful chest.

She was rewarded almost immediately by a shuttering orgasm, “UUUGGH!!”

Emma’s body quivered with need, her eyes locked on her master’s as she writhed under his touch. “Please master, I need it,” she begged wantonly. “Let me cum too!!”

Emma sunk down onto Harry’s cock and fingers as she leaned her head back, letting out a loud moan as she came a moment later, “UUUUGGGHHH!”

She could still feel Harry’s engorged cock inside her, and knew he hadn’t cum at the same time she and Hermione did.

Harry helped Emma off his lap, laying her face down over the side of the tub, and pulled her legs apart.

Emma could feel the cool tile pressing against her face and chest while the lower half of her body remained in the warm water of the sunken tub. She rubbed her thighs together, feeling the goosebumps rise on her skin as she eagerly waited for Harry to mount her again.

Harry looked at Emma lustfully, bent in half over the side of the tub. The droplets of water sliding off her luscious body as she wiggled her ass enticingly at him. He felt himself get even harder as he kneaded her sculpted ass between his fingers.

He glanced at Hermione, who was still recovering from her orgasm and in one swift motion, he lifted her up, draping her face down over Emma, and took a moment to enjoy the alluring sight of both their glistening pussies and assholes lined up for his pleasure.

With a firm grip on Hermione’s hips, he positioned himself between her legs, lining up his cock with her dripping pussy, and slowly pushed himself inside her.

Hermione moaned, arching her back in delight as Harry’s cock slid into her aching pussy, setting a slow and deliberate pace.

She pushed her hips back, craving more as Harry kept up his teasing pace, only to be met with a sharp slap to her ass. She looked over her shoulder at Harry in surprise, not expecting that reaction from him.

Harry stared down at her. She could see the barely contained lust in his eyes, but there was something more. It was imposing, powerful. She locked eyes with him, submitting to his will, feeling herself get even more aroused as she surrendered herself to him.

Hermione leaned over Emma, pressing her cheek to her shoulder as Harry fucked her with the same tantalizing and deliberate pace he had before. She could feel her toes curl as it felt better and better with each of his thrusts, and hoped Harry wouldn’t make her wait too long before he let her cum.

She reached down, sliding her fingers to Emma’s breasts, kneading them gently as Harry continued to thrust into her from behind, his thighs slapping into her ass with every thrust.

Emma’s breath hitched as she let out a low, throaty moan, feeling the warmth of Hermione’s fingers kneaded her breasts, her nipples hardening under Hermione’s skilled touch.

Harry pulled his cock from Hermione’s pussy and lined himself up with Emma’s dripping cunt, slowly pushing his way inside, and fucked her with the same slow, sensual pace he fucked Hermione with.

Hermione let out a needy groan as Harry’s cock slid out of her slick folds. She could feel him slapping into her ass as he fucked Emma. She bit her lip, hoping it wouldn’t be too long before she received another turn.

Emma delighted in the sensation of the cool tiles against her skin as Harry’s warm, throbbing cock pumped inside her while Hermione’s nimble fingers caressed and pinched her sensitive nipples.

All too soon for Emma, she felt Harry pull his cock from her overheated pussy, thrusting back inside Hermione.

Hermione moaned in delight as Harry slid back inside her, moving a little faster than before. She knew better than to beg for release this time, not with the look Harry gave after he spanked her.

She both hated and loved when he fucked her this way, how he teased and titillated her relentlessly, holding back her orgasms, but when he finally let her cum, it was always explosive and incredibly satisfying.

A moment later, she felt a sense of loss as Harry pulled his cock from her pussy and returned it to Emma’s. She bit back a moan of disappointment as she felt him moving above her, knowing she would get another turn soon.

Emma grunted as Harry fucked her faster, slowly picking up the pace. She could feel Hermione’s hardened nipples pressing against her back, and her slick pussy pressing tightly against her lower back. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!”

Harry pulled his cock from Emma’s needy pussy, slamming into Hermione’s waiting cunt. He loved taking his slaves this way, switching back and forth between them, and keeping them both on the edge of release as he took his pleasure from them.

He knew they both wanted to cum, especially with the way they writhed and moaned when he pulled his cock from their overheated pussies.

After a few strokes, he pulled out of Hermione’s pussy, going back to Emma, switching back and forth between them faster and faster as he got closer to his own release.

Hermione ground her pussy into Emma’s lower back, trying futilely to get herself off, but knowing she couldn’t, not until Harry allowed her to.

Emma moaned as Harry slammed into her pussy, his thighs slapping into her ass as he took her. She pressed her cheek to the cool tile floor, trying to hold on. She wanted to cum desperately, but Harry wasn’t letting her.

She grunted in disappointment as he returned to fucking Hermione, feeling the water from the tub splash around her as he pistoned his cock into Hermione.

Hermione arched her back as Harry fucked her relentlessly, her mouth open in a silent scream of ecstasy as she held on. She ground her pussy into Emma’s back as she rode the edge of a powerful orgasm.

Then without warning it happened. With a loud scream, “AWGAWD!!!” she came hard, slumping over Emma as she gasped for breath.

Emma felt Hermione’s cum drip down the crack of her ass as Hermione breathed hard, recovering from her orgasm. She felt Harry’s cock slide back into her pussy, slick with her and Hermione’s combined juices.

She pushed her hips back eagerly, meeting Harry’s thrusts, desperate for her own orgasm, as Harry pistoned his throbbing cock into her quivering pussy. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!”

Harry thrust his hips forward, penetrating Emma’s slick pussy as deeply as he could as he felt his orgasm approach. He hooked his thumb into her ass as he increased the speed of his thrusts, his thighs slapping into her ass louder and louder with each thrust.

With a grunt he buried himself inside Emma’s wet pussy, exploding inside her as he finally allowed her cum.

“UUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!” Emma screamed out in ecstasy as she felt the warm jets of Harry’s cum flood her pussy, her own orgasm finally washing over her. She gasped for breath along with Hermione as she struggled to recover, her body shuttering from the aftershocks of her climax.

Harry exhaled deeply as he pulled his cock from Emma’s pussy. He could already feel himself getting hard again as he looked at his girls, their wet hair, the droplets of water beading on their glistening skin, and his cum leaking from their well fucked pussies.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom, girls,” Harry said huskily, wanting to try out the new invention the twins gave him.

Harry sat on the bed, his back pressed against the headboard as he waited for Hermione and Emma to arrive. He looked at the box resting on his nightstand that Fred gave him, eager to finally find out what it was.

As he waited his girls to get ready, he reached for the box and looked inside, a smile forming on his face as he realized what it was. He put it back on the nightstand when he heard the bathroom door open and watched as Emma and Hermione walked out.

Hermione walked to the foot of the bed, putting an extra sway in her hips as she crawled onto the bed, and moved between his legs. She tilted her head, bathing his cock with her tongue before gently sucking the tip into her mouth.

Emma moved in behind Hermione, parting her ass cheeks before giving her a long, slow lick from her pussy to her asshole.

Hermione let out a low moan as she felt Emma lick her, taking more of Harry’s cock in her mouth as she continued to suck his throbbing member.

Harry ran his fingers through Hermione’s hair, letting out a groan of pleasure as she swirled her tongue around his cock before sucking him into her throat.

Emma slid two of her fingers into Hermione’s dripping cunt as she licked around the rim of her rosebud. She could feel herself getting wet again, and couldn’t wait to feel Harry’s hard cock back inside her again.

Hermione let out a muffled moan as she felt Emma’s tongue circle her asshole. She squeezed her throat around Harry’s cock as she continued to suck him, adding to his pleasure.

“Good Hermione, just like that,” Harry praised as he felt Hermione’s throat constrict around his cock as she bobbed her head, expertly milking his cock.

Emma pushed her tongue into Hermione’s ass, licking her deeply as she pumped her fingers into her slick folds. She reached down, between her own legs, and slid her fingers into her overheated cunt, fingering herself as she continued to tongue Hermione’s ass.

Harry could feel himself getting close as Hermione sucked him, using every trick she knew to get him off. His girls seemed to get better and better at pleasing him every day, but given the amount of practice they got, it wasn’t much of a surprise.

Hermione could tell Harry was holding back her orgasm again, and redoubled her efforts trying desperately to make him cum, hoping that he allow them cum at the same time.

She cupped his balls, teasing them with her fingertips as she continued to work his cock as she pushed her ass back against Emma’s invading tongue at the same time.

Harry felt his balls tighten and knew he couldn’t hold back any longer, grunting he came into Hermione’s waiting mouth. He let out a groan as he felt Hermione’s tongue glide along his shaft, greedily scooping up as much of his cum as she could.

“Share with Emma,” Harry ordered. taking in the disappointed looks on their faces. He smiled inwardly, knowing what they wanted, and how much they would enjoy the surprise he had planned for them.

Hermione nodded, laying down beside him as Emma crawled up her body, settling herself on top of her. They pressed their lips together in a searing kiss, sharing Harry’s cum between them.

“Stay just like that,” Harry instructed as he went back to the box on his nightstand and opened it, taking out the twin’s new invention.

He slid the ring onto his cock, watching as a replica of his cock appeared just below his real one. He smiled, making a mental note to thank the twins the next time he spoke to them.

He moved in behind Hermione and Emma, still entwined in their kiss. He pushed Emma’s knees forward, and making room for himself behind them and took a moment to admire their nubile forms as he lined up his twin cocks with their dripping pussies. He pushed his hips forward, easing inside their slick cunts. ‘Incredible,’ he thought, marveling at the sensations of being inside the silken walls of both their dripping cunts at the same time.

Hermione and Emma moaned in delight as Harry’s fat cocks slide into their overheated pussies before looking at each other in surprise, realizing he was inside both of them at the same time.

Harry dug his fingers into Emma’s hips as he set a steady pace, slower than he normally did as he got used to the dual pleasure he was receiving.

As much as Hermione wanted to know how Harry was inside both of them, she didn’t want to stop him to find out. She set aside her curiosity, resolving to wait until after they finished to question him.

She reached up, tugging on Emma’s hair as she tilted her head up, kissing Emma deeply as Harry gradually picked up the pace.

Emma smiled into Hermione’s lips as she cupped her breast, fondling her nipples as Harry fucked them. Like Hermione, she was curious, but more than willing to wait until later to find out, rather than ruin the mood. She pressed her slick folds against Hermione’s cunt, grinding them together as Harry took her from behind, letting out a soft moan as Harry picked up the pace.

Harry grunted as he pumped his twin cocks in and out of his girl’s pussies, feeling a bead of sweat trickle down his forehead. He had to concentrate so much more to stop himself from cumming inside both of them on the spot, the dual pleasure almost too much for him to handle.

Emma tore her lips from Hermione’s, arching her back as Harry took them. She let out a long, keening moan as she felt her orgasm approaching fast. She could tell Harry wasn’t holding back their orgasms this time and pushed her hips back, matching Harry’s thrusts, allowing him to penetrate deeper inside her.

Hermione rolled her head from side to side, moaning in delight as Harry fucked them, hammering his cocks inside their silken walls as she gasped for breath.

Harry could feel the sweat on his face and chest as he concentrated on holding himself back, but as he his girls moaned and writhed beneath him, he knew it was a loosing battle. Reveling in how amazing it felt to take both of them at the same time, he increase his pace further, getting in a few more strokes before he buried himself deep inside their pussies, exploding inside them with a loud grunt.

Hermione and Emma felt Harry’s hot cum flood their pussies, their eyes widening as it immediately set them off as well. “UGGGGHHH!” “GAWAD!!” they screamed out as their mutual orgasms crashed over them.

Emma gasped for breath as she came down from her orgasm, hugging the sweaty form of her fellow slave tightly to her as she recovered.

Harry looked down at his well fucked slaves, then down at his cocks, now coated in their juices. The twins had outdone themselves. It really felt like he had two cocks.

Harry was still hard, even after his orgasm, and knew exactly where he wanted to try out the twin’s invention next. He aimed his twin cocks at their assholes, slowly sliding his way inside them, loving how their asses felt, wrapped tightly around his throbbing cocks.

Hermione let out a gasp as she felt Harry’s cock ease into her back door, still wondering how it was even possible for him to be inside both of them at the same time.

Emma let out a soft moan as Harry stretched her ass, fully sheathing himself inside her. She squeezed his cock as he slowly picked up the pace, wanting to take as much as pleasure as she could from him.

Harry dug his fingers into Emma’s ass cheeks as his girls milked his cocks. Taking their asses had quickly become one of his favorite things to do, and the pleasure of taking them both at the same time was almost indescribable. He gradually increased the pace as he rode their asses, loving how hot and tight they felt wrapped around him.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Hermione and Emma grunted together as Harry took their asses, pumping his cocks inside them faster and faster with each passing moment, driving them rapidly to another earth shattering orgasm.

“AWGAWD!!” Hermione screamed out, the first to cum. With Emma’s cunt grinding against her clit and Harry’s cock drilling into her ass, she knew she couldn’t last long.

“MASTER!!!!” Emma cried out in ecstasy, throwing her head back as her orgasm crashed over her a few strokes later.

Harry kept pumping his cocks into his girl’s asses faster and faster, holding back his orgasm through sheer force of will.

Hermione let out a loud, keening moan as Harry’s cock slammed in and out of her well fucked ass. She didn’t know where Harry got the energy from, but she wasn’t complaining. She felt another orgasm approaching fast, and with the pace Harry set, she didn’t know how many more times he would make her cum tonight.

Emma thrust her ass back, meeting each of Harry’s thrust, desperately wanting another orgasm before the night was over. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” she grunted, grinding her clit against Hermione’s slick pussy as she pushed her hips back to meet Harry’s thrusting cock.

Harry dug his fingers into Emma’s ass as he felt his balls tighten, knowing that he was close. With one last thrust, he buried his cocks in Hermione’s and Emma’s asses, unloading into them with a loud grunt, setting off his slave’s orgasms at the same time.

As soon as Emma felt Harry’s hot cum flood her ass, she slumped over top of Hermione, a thin sheen of sweat covering her body as she gasped for breath. She pushed her sweat soaked hair out of her face and looked over her shoulder, catching Harry’s eye. With a sultry grin on her face she swayed her hips from side to side enticingly at her master, eager for another round.

Harry looked back at Emma, a matching grin on his face as he felt his cock stir back to life, knowing they wouldn’t get much sleep tonight.

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