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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Thirty-Two


Ron looked up from his conversation with Harry, watching as Nevile and Luna left the party with their pets in tow, and made their way to one of the guest rooms.

He was happy for his friend, glad that he was finally moving past what happened to his parents. It clearly had a lot to do with his new pet, likely giving him something new to focus his attention on rather than a deranged former follower of Voldemort.

He had even kindled a relationship with Luna, who he had to admit filled out in all the right places after she finished Hogwarts.

“So you never really told me how you ended up with Narcissa,” Harry asked. “How did you pull that off?”

“Well, I told you how the Malfoy’s were having money problems,” Ron replied. “Lucius took out a large loan from the Goblins and ran off. Then it was up to Narcissa and Draco to make good on the loan payments.”

“I was making a deposit at Gringott’s when I saw her, arguing with one of the tellers, and demanding an extension, and a better interest rate for her loan.”

“I assume they weren’t interested,” Harry said with a knowing smile.

“Not in the slightest,” Ron laughed. “They wanted their galleons back plus interest. That’s when I stepped in, introducing myself as one of Draco’s old school friends.”

“I covered her loan payment and told her to contact me if there were any other issues with the goblins, and the rest is history.”

Harry looked at his friend suspiciously. There was definitely more to this story. It was all just a little too convenient for him. Lucius takes out a large loan and promptly disappears, leaving his wife and son on the hook for the loan. Then Ron just so happens to run into Narcissa Malfoy on the same day the loan payment was due?

He had seen the way Ron looked at Mrs. Malfoy the first time he saw her, and every woman he had dated since shared at least a passing resemblance to her.

Harry let it go. In the end, it was just an idle curiosity for him. It didn’t really serve his interests to expose whatever Ron was up to.

“I’ve been meaning to ask Harry,” Ron said, changing the subject. “Have you heard anything from Percy? We haven’t seen him for a while now. It’s not like him to stay away for this long.”

“Sorry Ron, I haven’t,” Harry lied, remembering that he still had to deliver Percy’s goodbye letter. “I haven’t spoken to his since he sided with the Ministry.”

“Yeah,” Ron agreed. “I thought I’d ask, just in case. My parents are getting a little worried.”

“I’ll let you know if I see him,” Harry replied.

“Thanks mate,” Ron replied. “I’ll see you in the morning. I think I need a little alone time with my slave,” he said with a wink. “Let’s go Narcissa,” he said to the former Mrs. Malfoy.

Narcissa gracefully rose to her feet, following Ron without a word.

Ron closed and locked the door to the guest room before he pulled Narcissa into his arms, kissing her hungrily. “I can’t get enough of you in this outfit,” Ron said as he broke the kiss.

“I know Master,” Narcissa replied. “We were nearly late to the party, because of it.”

“Yes,” Ron smiled, “and I think it’s about time we picked up where we left off.”

Ron led Narcissa to the wall. “keep your hands right here,” he said, lifting her hands up, and holding them against the wall.

Ron took a step back, admiring his slave. She was a vision of beauty with her cheek pressed against the wall and her ass sticking out.

He picked up the hem of her dress, tucking it into her waistband as he admired her ass. He had taken inspiration from Harry, and got Narcissa a plug the day after Harry, Hermione and Emma came to his house.

He reached out, kneading her ass cheeks with his hands, loving the feel of her smooth and supple skin. “You know Narcissa, you have the best ass I’ve ever seen. Did your former husband ever tell you that?”

“No master,” Narcissa admitted. Her marriage to Lucius was a political marriage, nothing more, and he had lost interest in her soon after she became pregnant with Draco.

Her master always did this, and she was never sure why. He always wanted to know what Lucius thought of her and what he would think if he could see her now. He took a strange interest in hearing about her former husband’s failures, especially when she admitted he was a better lover than her former husband ever was.

Ron unbuttoned his pants and freed his throbbing cock. ‘God, what this woman does to me,’ he thought. It was like he had a perpetual hard on whenever he was around her.

She had been his fantasy woman, from all the way back to the Quidditch game when he was a student. She was there to see her son play, and he caught a glimpse of her in the stands. It hadn’t even put him off when he found out she was Draco’s mother.

When he first started on this path, he had been afraid that she wouldn’t live up to the fantasy he had built up in his head, but he had been both surprised and aroused when he found out that she actually exceeded them.

For all her talk about manors and decorum, she was an absolute hell cat in bed, not to mention all her knowledge of pureblood customs and politics aiding in his business dealings.

He lined his cock up with her slick pussy, smiling when he noticed she was already wet for him. He pushed forward, sliding his throbbing cock into her pussy, burying himself in her tight cunt.

Narcissa let out a low moan as her master’s cock stretched her pussy just right, loving how big his member was, and how skilled he was with it.

Ron held Narcissa’s hips as he drove his cock forward, gradually picking up the pace, until his thighs were slapping into Narcissa’s ass.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Narcissa grunted as her master fucked her, pushing her ass back with each of his thrusts, and adding to their mutual pleasure.

What she had done with the muggle born’s had turned her on so much, but as good as her release felt with them, it was no match for the hard cock that was currently slamming into her quivering pussy.

Ron slid his fingers from Narcissa’s waist, trailing them up her sides, and cupped her ample breasts through the thin material of her silk blouse. He had become very familiar with them over the last few months, and loved how well they fit in the palms of his hands.

He continued to thrust his cock into her warm, tight cunt as he flicked and pinched her nipples through her blouse.

Narcissa let out another groan as her master worked her nipples. This was why she found it so exhilarating fucking him. He was many years her junior, but had so much more experience than her, and knew exactly what she needed. It sometimes felt like he could read her like a book.

Ron became annoyed by Narcissa’s blouse, keeping him from what he wanted. Rather than take his time undoing each button, he grabbed the fabric from either side and pulled sharply. A moment later, they both heard the telltale sound of cloth ripping, followed by the clatter of several buttons hitting the floor.

Ron quickly pulled the remains of Narcissa’s blouse away, throwing it to the floor. He returned his hands to her breasts, enjoying the warmth of her skin, and feeling the beads of sweat forming on her heaving chest as he continued to fuck her from behind.

Narcissa let out a loud keening moan as her master picked up the pace again, practically hammering his cock into her slick folds. She pushed back with each thrust, just barely matching his pace as he fucked her closer, and closer to a powerful orgasm. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!”

Ron knew Narcissa was close, she just needed an extra push to go over the edge. He slid one hand down between her parted thighs and pinched her clit as he pinched her nipple with the other.

“GAWAD!!!” Narcissa screamed out as she came unexpectedly, drenching her master’s cock with her cum.

She breathed hard, trying to catch her breath as her master fucked her through her orgasm. She knew by now that he was far from done, especially with the look he gave her when she put on the schoolgirl outfit.

Ron took hold of Narcissa’s plug, twisting and turning it as he slowly pulled it from her ass, all while continuing to fuck her, but at a slower, more sensual pace.

It took a supreme amount of effort on his part to hold back, fighting the urge to cum as he stared at her asshole. It was still gaping from when he removed the plug, and one of his favorite places to put his cock.

Narcissa moaned as she felt her master pull the plug out of her ass, already knowing what he planned to do next.

She remembered when he first showed her the plug and told her so matter-of-factly that she would wear in from then on. It had made her furious, absolutely hating the idea. Even though she accepted him as her master, this was a step too far for her.

That had led to their first argument as master and slave, and also her first spanking. Ron had enjoyed it so much that now she couldn’t go more than a week without receiving one.

He seemed to pick up on every slight mistake she made after that, using it as an excuse to put her over his knee, and when he couldn’t find any, he invented them.

She had found it so demeaning, at least at first. No one had ever spanked her before, not even by her parents, and to have someone so much younger than her administer it only added to her embarrassment.

After her master turned her ass various shades of pink and red, he always followed it up by fucking her. There was just something so erotic about the feel of his throbbing cock pumping into her slick folds as she felt the sting on her recently spanked ass.

Sometimes there wasn’t even a separation between the two. He would put her on all fours and take her from behind as he spanked her.

Before long, she found herself looking forward to her spankings just as much, if not more, than her master. Now she got wet just thinking about the next time her master would put her over his knee, tear off whatever clothes she was wearing, and spank her.

Narcissa let out a low moan as she felt the head of her master’s cock press against her asshole. It was already slick with her cum, allowing it to pop inside her with little difficulty.

She took a deep breath and waited for him to push his cock inside her the rest of the way. This had been by far the hardest thing for her to accept. Ron had started out small, putting a thumb or finger in her ass as she came. Her orgasm had distracted her the first time that she hadn’t even noticed what he had done until after she came down from her orgasm.

It had been a shock to her, scandalous even. She had never even heard of such a thing before. Her former husband had never tried anything like that with her.

Then he had started with his brother’s inventions, sticking all manner of things in her ass. She had hated it, at least at first, but her Master was nothing if not persistent.

She went from hating it, to tolerating it, until eventually he was putting his manhood back there on an almost daily basis.

It would have mortified her to admit it out loud, but she began to enjoy when he took her ass. The dull ache as he slowly pushed himself inside her, stretching her ass to accommodate him, and the feel of his hot cum flooding her ass. Even now it sent shivers of desire down her spine.

Ron looked down at his shaft buried in Narcissa’s ass with a smile. He loved how tight and velvety smooth her ass felt, how she squeezed his cock as he pulled out, and how she clenched and unclenched her ass around his shaft when held himself inside her.

He put his hands on her hips, holding her in place as he slowly pulled out his cock, until only the tip was left insider her, then pushed back in just as slowly. He stretching her ass gently, until he felt her muscles relax, accepting him inside her.

“OHHHHH!” Narcissa let out a long moan as her master took her ass. She pushed her ass back with each thrust, squeezing his cock with her ass, increasing both their pleasure.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” she grunted as Ron picked up the pace, pumping his cock into her ass. Each thrust punctuated by his thighs slapping into her ass with a clap.

Ron did his best to hold back, but after the show Narcissa had put on with the other girls, the absolutely sinful outfit she was wearing, and how recently he had fucked her pussy, he only managed a few more strokes before he held her tightly against him as he unloaded into her ass with a grunt.

Narcissa let out a groan of her own as she felt her master’s hot cum fill her ass, setting off another orgasm for her.

Ron pulled his cock from Narcissa’s ass, watching as a glob of his cum landed on the floor before he sat down on the bed. He took a moment to catch his breath, admiring the sight of his well fucked slave.

“Narcissa,” Ron ordered. “Get my cock ready for another round.”

Narcissa turned around and dropped to her hands and knees. She crawled to her master, putting a sensual sway in her hips as she got between his legs.

She stuck out her tongue, running it from his balls to the tip of his shaft as she licked him clean. When she was satisfied, she took him in her mouth, flicking her tongue along the underside of his cock, and coxed it back to life as she bobbed her head up and down on his shaft.

Ron ran his fingers through Narcissa’s hair as he watched her diligently suck him. “You’re so good at this,” he complimented. “How did a proper pureblood princess become so good at sucking cock?”

Narcissa pulled her lips from her Master’s cock as she cupped his balls in her hand, while using the other to pump his shaft. “Practice, master,” she replied huskily, thinking about how much time she spent with her master’s cock between her lips.

“Let’s see what else you’ve learned,” Ron said as he held her hair, guiding her lips back to his throbbing cock.

Narcissa kissed the head of his cock before she took him in her mouth again, bobbing her head a few times to prepare herself before she took him in her throat. She had recently learned to suppress her gag reflex, allowing her to take his cock all the way down her throat.

She remembered watching as Potter’s mudbloods did this for him, the seething jealousy that formed in the pit of her stomach as she watched them do something she still struggled with, then the feeling of accomplishment as she finally mastered the skill herself.

She constricted her throat, massaging her master’s cock, as she felt him come to attention inside her.

Ron let out a groan as Narcissa worked his cock, reluctantly tugging on her hair and pulling her off his cock. If he wasn’t careful, he would cum right down her throat.

He lay down on the bed, “come up here Narcissa,” he ordered.

Narcissa obediently crawled onto the bed, throwing a leg over her master’s waist, and straddling him. She lowered herself onto his hard cock, letting out a soft moan as she slid down his length.

Ron groaned as he grabbed Narcissa’s hips, loving the feel of his slave’s hot cunt wrapped around his cock.

Narcissa bounced on her master’s lap, lifting herself up, until just the head of his cock was inside her before she dropped down, sheathing him insider her.

“Just like that Narcissa,” Ron praised as he looked up at her bouncing tits as she rode him.

Narcissa moaned as she fucked herself on her master’s cock. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” she grunted, grabbing her tits and pinched her nipples as she edged closer to her next orgasm.

She had grown to love the feel of him inside her, and how often he fucked her. In all her years of marriage, she had never thought it could be this way. This man, so many years her junior, fulfilled her in ways her husband never could.

Ron sat up, wrapping his arms around Narcissa as he crushed hip lips to hers, exploring her mouth with his tongue as she continued to bounce on his cock.

He snaked his hands down her back and cupped her ass, thrusting his cock into her dripping pussy, and falling into rhythm with her.

Narcissa tore her lips from her master’s, as she arched her back, letting out a long moan as he dug his fingers into her ass, fucking her harder and faster. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” she grunted, as she rode the edge of her orgasm.

Ron pushed two of his fingers into Narcissa’s ass as he continued to fuck her, pumping them at the same time he thrust inside her slick pussy.

“GAWAD!!!” Narcissa screamed out as she felt her master’s fingers sink into her ass, taking both her holes as he fucked her to another orgasm.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” she grunted as he fucked her through her orgasm, quickly bringing her to the edge again.

Ron leaned forward, pushing Narcissa onto her back as he continued to slam his cock inside her, and tease her asshole with his fingers.

Narcissa moaned as the change in angle allowed her master to penetrate her even deeper than before. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” she grunted, but just as she was about to cum, Ron pulled out, making her groan in disappointment.

Ron grabbed Narcissa’s ankles and lifted them over her head, taking advantage of his slave’s flexibility as he slid back into her pussy.

Narcissa moaned as Ron’s cock filled her pussy again, hammering inside her. “OH god!”

Ron took full advantage of the new position, fucking Narcissa hard and fast, quickly sending her over the edge again. He looked down at the pureblood princess, a thin sheen of sweat covering her body as she tried to recover.

He slowed down his pace, giving her a chance to catch her breath before he pulled out his cock and lined it up with her asshole, and slid inside with a single thrust.

“OHHhh,” Narcissa moaned as her master returned his cock to her ass. She looked up at him, getting even more aroused by the smoldering look in his eyes as he claimed her asshole for the second time tonight.

He moved slowly, sensually, as he stretched her asshole. A thrill of desire tingled down Narcissa’s spine as he held her gaze. He was just so dominant and commanding like this. She secretly loved when he took control like this, bent her to his will, and took what he wanted from her.

She had never felt like this with anyone before. To be lusted after, to be taken, to be owned. She had never known this was what she needed until Ron came into her life.

He was the one that pulled her out of her shell, introduced her to the debauchery that she now reveled in. Given the choice, she knew she could never go back to being the proper pureblood wife, frigid and cold, upholding the pureblood customs and traditions she had been suffocating in.

“Fuck my ass harder, master,” Narcissa pleaded lustfully.

Ron looked down at the pleading, submissive face of his slave and felt himself getting even harder. He picked up the pace, plundered her ass, and loving how she squeezed his cock with every one of his thrusts.

“AAH! AAAH!! UGH!” Narcissa moaned as her master fucked her, loving the feel of his throbbing member inside her well fucked ass.

Ron buried his cock inside Narcissa’s ass, and with one last thrust, emptied his balls with a loud groan.

When the hot cum flooded her ass, Narcissa’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came hard, “AHHHHH!”

Master and slave looked into each other’s eyes, their bodies slick with sweat, and breathing hard as they recovered from their mutual orgasm.

Neither one of them was ready to call it a night, but they both needed a breather before they moved on to the next round.

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