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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Twenty-Nine

Hermione, Harry, and Emma stood in the living room waiting for their guests to arrive. They knew what was at stake. If Neville, Ron, Fred, and George didn’t all agree to join them, it would be a major setback for them. They had to get all of them on board, no matter what.

Hermione and Emma, dressed in their matching schoolgirl outfits, knelt in front of the fireplace, ready to greet their guests. They had forgone their underwear, seeing little point in wearing them tonight.

Their pleated skirts were just short enough to show off their garter belts and the tips of their stockings.

Their sheer white blouses were unbuttoned and knotted to contain the swell of their ample breasts. While their red and gold striped ties hung loosely from their necks, accentuating their sensuality even more.

They each wore a matching set of sling-back stiletto heels to complete the sultry look.

Harry stood between them wearing a crisp black suit, staring down at them proudly. His girls had done everything he had asked of them and more. He knew they would help him seal the deal tonight.

Neville was the first to arrive, stepping through the fireplace with Bellatrix in tow. He wore a black suit, similar to Harry’s, and greeted his friend with a wide smile. “Hi Harry,”

“Hi Neville,” Harry said, reaching out and shaking his hand. “Thanks for coming. The others should be here soon.”

He looked down at Bellatrix and couldn’t help but smile at her predicament. Her ass was a rosy pink, clearly the result of a recent spanking. She had a look of utter humiliation on her face, most likely at the prospect of her enemies seeing her in the state she was in.

She had a tie around her neck, the length of it elongated to form a leash, and held firmly in Nevile’s hand. To add insult to injury, it was in the Gryffindor colors, instead of the silver and green of her own house.

“Good, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about first anyway,” Neville said as he stepped out of the fireplace.

“Bellatrix maybe a touchy subject for the others, especially after everything she’s done,” Neville started. “I was hoping you could keep it between us, who she really is.”

“Don’t worry, Neville,” Harry patted his friend’s shoulder. “Your secret is safe with us,” he said, liking the idea of Bellatrix being robbed of the notoriety and fear of her reputation on top of everything else she had lost.

“Great,” Nevile smiled with some relief. “I’ve trained her to respond to Bella, so I don’t think anyone will put it together.”

“Why don’t you have a seat?” Harry suggested, pointing at the couches. “If you’d like a drink, let Emma and Hermione know.”

“Thanks, Harry,” Neville said as he moved past him and sat down on the couch. He had been looking forward to this party ever since he got the invitation. After what Bellatrix had done with Emma and Hermione, he was eager to see a repeat performance.

Bellatrix curled up at his feet without putting up a fight, a testament to the training Neville put her through.

Ron was the next to arrive, with Narcissa a step behind him.

Narcissa wore a similar outfit to Hermione and Emma, but instead of a black pleated skirt, she wore gray, to match Ron’s suit. She had also forgone her blouse entirely, leaving her ample breasts on full display.

“Thanks for coming, Ron,” Harry said, shaking his friend’s hand.

“We’re mates, aren’t we?” Ron said with a smile. “Besides, I can’t let you have all the fun, now can I?”

Ron and Narcissa stepped out of the fireplace. Ron joined Neville on the couch, catching up with his friend, while Narcissa knelt at his feet.

Harry watched them out of the corner of his eye, trying to see if Ron recognized Bellatrix, but other than a compliment about her looks, he didn’t seem to notice.

Fred, George, and were the last to arrive, along with their slave Mary.

She had on a pleated red tartan dress, an obvious nod to her Scottish heritage. Her stocking were white, along with the matching garter belts. She also wore a tight cotton blouse, unbuttoned half way. Her nipples poked through her blouse, an obvious sign of her arousal.

As Harry looked at her, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had seen her before, but he couldn’t remember from where. All he knew for certain was that she hadn’t attended Hogwarts at the same time he did.

“Hello Fred, George,” Harry greeted. “I’m glad you decided to come.”

“We wouldn’t miss it,” Fred smiled.

“Especially after Ron told us who else was attending,” George added as he took in the sight of the other girls in their schoolgirl uniforms.

“We’re just about to get started,” Harry said, motioning to the living room.

“Thank you all for coming,” Harry said as he looked around the room. “I received a letter from the triumvirate, formally inviting me to join the covens. They said I need a minimum of four members to form a coven, and you’re the only people I trust to do that with.”

“What are you going to do when you join?” Fred asked. He and George had been on the fence about helping Harry with this. On the one hand, it would give them access to a much richer customer base, but depending on how Harry handled things, they could also end up making a lot of powerful enemies.

“I need to find out who ordered Hermione and Emma’s kidnapping,” Harry explained. “I don’t want us to have to look over our shoulders for the rest of our lives. One way or another, we need to end it.”

“What about the covens themselves?” Neville asked. “What are you planning to do about them?”

“Nothing, as a whole,” Harry explained. “We know they do a lot of work keeping the muggles from starting world war three, so destroying the organization isn’t something we want to do.”

“After we find out who ordered the kidnapping, and deal with them, then what?” Ron asked.

“Then we find out for ourselves what their agenda really is. If all they’re doing is keeping us hidden from the muggles, and stopping them from killing each other, then we won’t do anything.”

Ron nodded, trusting his friend. “Alright, I’m in.” Harry had never steered him wrong before, and he doubted he would start now.

“Me too,” Neville replied, patting Bellatrix’s head. He had already made his decision when Harry visited him the first time.

Fred and George looked between their friends, realizing they were the only ones still on undecided.

Harry gave them a chance and invested in their business when everyone else saw them as a joke. In the end, it came down to loyalty. They couldn’t turn their backs on him now.

“We’re in too,” Fred and George replied.

Harry smiled. He had his coven and was one step closer to finding the person who attempted to take what was his. After he dealt with them, he would take his rightful place, replacing the triumvirate.

“Then I think it’s time we celebrated,” Harry smiled.

Hermione and Emma flashed a smile at Harry, before eying each other lustfully. They crawled to the center of the living room, their movements slow and seductive.

They looked into each others eyes, locking their lips together in a deep, passionate kiss. pressing their bodies together in an erotic display. The sound of their moans filled the room as they gained the undivided attention of their allies.

Emma reached forward, untying the knot from Hermione’s blouse and pulling it off her shoulders before casting it aside. She cupped Hermione’s breasts in her hands, reveling in the softness of her skin against her fingertips.

Hermione let out a groan as Emma’s skilled fingers kneaded her breasts. She could feel the tension building inside her as Emma’s touch sent waves of pleasure throughout her body.

She reached for Emma’s blouse, deftly untying the knot, and eagerly returning the favor as she cupped Emma’s breasts in her hands.

Neville watched from the sidelines, enjoying the show. He had no idea Hermione would have such a wild side, but he certainly wasn’t complaining.

He looked down at Bellatrix, curled up at his feet. She had come a long way from when Arcanum delivered her to him. She was still stubborn, believing she could somehow escape, but he didn’t mind. The little game they played kept things interesting, and the sex afterwards more than made up for it.

“Don’t be shy, Bella,” Neville said, lightly slapping Bellatrix’s ass. “Go have fun,” he pointed to where Hermione and Emma were kissing and groping each other on the floor.

Bellatrix looked up at Longbottom. Her ass still stung from the spanking he gave her before he dragged her here. She looked between him and the mudbloods as she considered her options.

Longbottom made clear what he would do if she disobeyed him. She didn’t think she could live down the humiliation of being spanked publicly, even if they didn’t know who she really was.

Despite what she thought of the mudbloods, she also couldn’t help the spark of arousal she felt when she saw them, and what happened at their last encounter.

She got to her hands and knees and slunk forward to join the mudbloods, eventually choosing the less humiliating of the two options.

“Narcissa, go join them,” Ron ordered, curious to see what kind of debauchery his pureblood slave would get up to with the the other slaves.

“Yes Master,” Narcissa replied. As soon as her master received the invitation, she knew his choice was a forgone conclusion.

Narcissa approached the pet slave, dropping to her knees in front of her before grabbing her face with both hands and planting a kiss on her lips.

The pet slave struggled at first, but Narcissa was ready for it. She took hold of her collar, pressing their lips together more firmly. She slipped her tongue past her fellow slave’s mouth, exploring her mouth as she took control.

Narcissa was positive she had met the slave before, but she just couldn’t place it. ‘She must have been a former servant of a pureblood family,’ she thought. ‘I probably just saw her in passing, and just remember her face.’ She thought quickly dismissing it.

“That’s quite the slave you have there,” Ron complimented, as the four girls moved from kissing to groping and fondling. “Is she a muggle born?”

“I think so,” Neville replied, sticking to the lie he had crafted. “While I was traveling, I met a pureblood that gambled away most of his family fortune. He sold her to me to clear some of his debts.”

“Well, you hit the jackpot,” Ron complimented. “I bet he’s probably regretting that decision now.”

“I think so too,” Neville smiled, glad that his lie was holding up.

“You’ve been gone a while,” Ron continued. “Did you have any luck finding the Lestrange’s?”

“No,” Neville shook his head. “I never even came close. They were always long gone by the time I showed up.”

“Still, the Lestrange brothers are dead,” Ron replied. “I read in the newspaper they were found in their old manor house.”

He wasn’t sure how Neville would react to what he and the twins had been up to, and would rather not take the risk of him bringing it to the attention of the Ministry.

Neville nodded, “I read about that too, but no one had seen Bellatrix in months. For all I know, she could already be dead in a ditch somewhere.”

“That’s true,” Ron agreed. Bellatrix had taken quite a few spells when he and the twins fought her. If she didn’t get her injuries treated, there was a good chance she was already dead.

“Mary, don’t be shy,” Fred said in an encouraging tone as he looked down at his former headmistress kneeling on the floor in front of him.

“Go make some new friends,” George added.

Minerva glowered at her former students before she moved to join the girls. She asked herself again how it had came to this? Becoming the plaything of her two most troublesome students.

They had planned out everything so intricately, from the moment they kidnapped her, making it so that she could never go back to her old life.

They used her to market their illicit products, putting her on all their advertising. Even if she could reclaim her old life, her reputation would be ruined. How could she show her face at Hogwarts, much less reclaim her old job with all the posters and adverts featuring her naked body? Who would respect her after learning the truth?

Worse still, could she even go back to her buttoned down life after everything she had done over the last few months? Could her newly awakened sensuality ever be satisfied by the trappings of her old life?

Emma straddled Hermione’s hips as they kissed and fondled each other, grinding their wet, heated pussies together as they moaned in pleasure.

Narcissa and Bellatrix were in much the same state as they deepened their kiss, exploring each other’s mouth with their tongues.

Bellatrix could feel the sweat on her forehead, the dampness between her legs. She breathed heavily, struggling to contain her desire, her whole body aching for release.

She understood now why Longbottom refused to let her cum for the past two days, but relentlessly teased, and kept her on the edge of an orgasm.

He wanted her hot and bothered, willing to set her inhibitions aside to find release, even if it was with her own sister.

Narcissa didn’t have much experience with women, almost none, in fact. The one and only time had been with Potter’s muggle-born, and now she was taking part in an orgy.

She felt a mix of excitement and nervousness as she explored the soft curves of the women beneath her, eager for what came next.

She had never dreamed she could fall so far by accepting her now master’s help with something as simple as a loan payment. It seemed like a lifetime ago.

As she slowly slipped in to her master’s control, her life had become unrecognizable to the one she shared with her former husband. Her master pushed her past all the limits she thought she had, making her to do things she had looked down upon muggle-born for even considering, and love every second of it.

Minerva knelt beside Hermione and Emma, watching them together lustfully. She felt a throb of desire as she rubbed her thighs together.

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Hermione’s skirt, tugging it down her hips, revealing her sculpted hips and ass.

Minerva ran her hands over her former student’s ass, squeezing and kneading her ass cheeks, enjoying the feel of the supple flesh beneath her fingertips.

She gently pulled apart Hermione’s cheeks and leaned down, licking the crack of her ass, and earning a gasp from her former student.

Hermione moaned in delight as she felt a warm, wet tongue licking the rim of her ass and wondered who it was. The former death eater, the pureblood slave, or the mysterious redhead?

She refused to break her kiss with Emma to find out. The thrill of not knowing, adding to her excitement.

Minerva reached for Emma’s skirt next, pulling them down her legs, and dropping them in the pile of clothes on the floor.

She rubbed her thighs together as she watched Hermione and Emma grind their hips together. It was like a sensual dance between the two as they drove each other towards a mutual orgasm.

“Wow guys,” Harry said to Fred and George, taking in the sight of the sultry redhead. “That Mary of yours was a great find,” he complimented. “She looks so familiar. Did she attend Hogwarts too?”

“No,” Fred replied quickly.

“Definitely not,” George added. “Her father was probably a pureblood, though. We might have attended Hogwarts with one of her half brothers or sisters.”

Harry could tell the twins were hiding something from him, that much was obvious, but he wasn’t sure what. He could only guess it had something to do with Mary or who her parents were.

He would have to look into it, but later. He couldn’t afford to scare of his allies, especially so soon after recruiting them.

Hermione moaned in pleasure as she tore her lips from Emma’s. She turned around, dropping into a sixty-nine position, craving more. She placed her hands between Emma’s thighs, pushing them apart as she leaned in, exploring the slick wetness of Emma’s slit with her tongue, delving deeper and deeper into her core.

Emma let out a throaty moan as she buried her face between Hermione’s thighs, eager to return the favor. She ran her tongue along the slick folds of Hermione’s sex, savoring her unique taste.

Minerva couldn’t contain herself anymore. The erotic sight in front of her was just too much. She moved behind Hermione and pulled the plug from her ass, dropping it to the floor with a clatter. She leaned in, tracing her finger around the rim of Hermione’s ass.

Hermione let out a throaty moan as Mary teased her with the tip of her finger, tracing circles around her sensitive back entrance. Her ass was still gaping after the removal of her plug, and she could feel Mary’s hot breath on her sensitive skin.

As Mary pumped her fingers inside her ass, Hermione shuddered in pleasure, arching her back and pushing back on Mary’s fingers.

Bellatrix broke her kiss with Narcissa, as she heard a loud moan beside her. The mudblood’s were at it again, reminding her she still had to pay them back for what they did to her the last time.

She pushed Narcissa off her and moved to the other side of Hermione and Emma. With a firm grip, she rolled them onto their side, and pulled the plug from Emma’s ass. She speared the mudbloods ass with her tongue, determined to make her cum like the slut she was.

Emma’s eyes popped open as a soft, wet tongue wriggled it’s way into her ass. “OHHHH!” She moaned loudly as the tongue explored the depths of her ass.

Emma could see Mary behind Hermione, tonguing her ass as well. She turned her head to see a mop of dark hair behind her and knew that it had to be Bellatrix’s skilled tongue inside her.

Narcissa stared after the pet slave in outrage. How dare that slut just ignore and push her aside like that? Determined to make the pet slave pay for her insolence, Narcissa moved behind her, ready to deliver a spanking she richly deserved, but stopped as she got a better idea.

Bellatrix looked over her shoulder, startled when she felt someone lean over her. ‘Narcissa? What’s she doing?’ She thought.

Narcissa said nothing as she grabbed Bellatrix’s hair in a tight grip and shoved her face into Emma’s ass. Then she grabbed the end of the pet slave’s tail and shoved it into her pussy.

Bellatrix growled in outrage, and frustration. She didn’t have the leverage to push Narcissa away. She writhed and strained as her sister unknowingly fucked her with her own tail.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Bellatrix grunted as Narcissa pumped her tail inside her pussy. Her body tensed as her tail started to vibrate, sending shivers of pleasure down her spine, intensifying the pleasure she was already feeling, and nearly sending her over the edge.

She knew it was Longbottom. He was the only one that could control that part of her tail.

Hermione couldn’t hold back anymore. Her face contorted into a mask of ecstasy. A loud scream escaped her lips, “AAAAHH!” as she came over Emma’s face. The combination of Mary rimming and fingering her ass, along with Emma licking her pussy, was just too much for her.

Sweat beaded on her skin as she slumped into Emma arms, catching her breath as she came down from her powerful orgasm.

Bellatrix slipped her arm between Emma’s parted thighs, plunging her fingers into Emma’s pussy as she continued to tongue her ass. She was determined to force an orgasm out of the mudblood before Narcissa did the same to her.

She didn’t know what Narcissa’s problem was, but it was infuriating. She had made it that much more difficult to put the mudblood in her place.

Narcissa’s eyes narrowed in anger as she looked down at the uppity slave who continued to ignore her. She pulled Bella’s tail from her ass before shoving it back inside, fucking both her holes at the same time.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Bellatrix grunted as Narcissa made things even more difficult for her. Every one of her nerve endings was on fire as she struggled to hold back her release. It felt like forever since Longbottom last let her cum, and the ache she felt between her thighs was almost unbearable.

Emma moaned in delight as Bellatrix’s skilled fingers and tongue worked her pussy and ass.. She could feel her orgasm building. ‘Just a little more,’ she thought.

“AWGAWD!!” she screamed out as Bellatrix unexpectedly added another finger to her slick pussy, sending her over the edge into a shuddering climax.

Bellatrix only had a moment to celebrate her victory before her own orgasm struck. “UGHHHH!” She grunted as Narcissa shoved both ends of her tail inside her, stretching and filling her ass and pussy to their limits.

Narcissa looked down at the pet slave in triumph as she lay on the ground, gasping for breath, both ends of her tail still buried deep inside her.

Hermione moved between Minerva’s parted legs, lowering her head to the beautiful redhead’s glistening folds. With a flick of her tongue, she lapped at Minerva’s pussy, determined to return the favor.

Minerva’s eyes widened as her former student found her sweet spot, expertly licking her dripping pussy. Her hands went to Hermione’s head, intent on pulling her away, but stopped when Hermione sucked deeply on her clit, making her shudder in ecstasy.

Her lust took over as she held Hermione’s head between her legs, arching her back in delight.

“OHHHH!” she moaned as Hermione expertly played her body like an instrument. She gave into her urges, grinding her pussy against Hermione’s eager lips as she surrendered to the intense rush of pleasure that was consumed her.

Narcissa pushed Bellatrix onto her back and straddled the still recovering woman’s face, determined to have an orgasm of her own, now that she had shown her who was in charge.

She rubbed her pussy on the Bellatrix’s face, moaning as she felt her warm breath on her wet pussy.

When Bellatrix didn’t react quickly enough, she grabbed one of the pet slave’s legs, clenching it tightly against her side.

With a swift motion, she spanked the disobedient slave’s exposed pussy. Slap! Slap! Slap!

Bellatrix let out a sharp yelp as her younger sister delivered a stinging series of spanks to her pussy. She desperately tried to pull away from her grasp, but Narcissa had a surprisingly firm grip on her leg, again denying her the leverage she needed to free herself.

Bellatrix yelped as the next spank landed on her sensitive clit. She bit her lip, knowing what Narcissa wanted, and realized that she would only stop when she got what she wanted.

Bellatrix pushed down her pride, knowing she didn’t have a choice, and licked at Narcissa’s pussy, breathing a sigh of relief when the spanking finally stopped.

Narcissa ground her pussy against Bella’s face and chin as the pet slave finally learned her place. She tilted her head back, playing with her tits as Bella sucked on her swollen clit.

Bellatrix could smell the sweet and musky scent of Narcissa’s arousal. She tried to free one of her arms to use her fingers on her, determined to get this over with as quickly as she could, but received a sharp slap to her pussy for her efforts.

She groaned internally, realizing that Narcissa wanted to draw this out, and would only allow her to use her tongue.

Narcissa moaned in delight as the slave sucked on her clit. ‘At least she knows what she’s doing down,’ she thought as the heat built up between her thighs, an orgasm fast approaching.

Minerva moaned into Emma’s mouth as she kissed her former student while Hermione licked her slick cunt and fingered her tight ass. Every one of her nerve ending was on fire as the pleasure built up within her. She surrendered completely to the debauchery unfolding around her, focused only on the rush of her coming orgasm.

Hermione wedged a third finger into Mary’s ass as she sucked deeply on her clit, adding to the redhead’s pleasure.

“AWGAWD!!” Minerva screamed out as her orgasm crashed over her. She collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily. At times like this she felt almost addicted to the sex, another problem she could lay at the feet of her two would be masters.

Narcissa came shortly after Minerva, grunting as her cum landed on Bellatrix’s face, sending shivers down her spine. “UGHH!”

Hermione and Emma crawled back to where Harry was sitting. Their supple bodies glistening with sweat as they knelt at his feet.

Narcissa, Minerva, and Bellatrix followed after them, kneeling at their respective master’s feet, and catching their breath.

Harry ran his fingers through Hermione and Emma’s hair, silently congratulating them on the show they put on.

Hermione looked up at Harry’s crotch, noticing the obvious bulge in his pants. She looked up at him, silently asking him for permission. When he gave her a small nod, she unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing cock. A shiver ran down her spine as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, feeling it twitch and throb in her hand.

Emma knelt on the opposite side of Harry, and leaned over, tracing her tongue along one side of Harry’s shaft, as Hermione mirrored her actions on the other.

Harry leaned back in his chair, letting out a groan of pleasure as his girls lavished their attention on his cock. On more than one occasion, he had thought about calling one or both of them back from the orgy to attend to him. But the sight of their writhing bodies was just too arousing to put a stop to.

Emma leaned down, taking Harry’s balls into her mouth and swirled her tongue around them.

Hermione took his hard cock into her throat, bobbing her head up and down as she used her throat muscles to massage his cock.

Harry ran his fingers through Hermione’s hair as she eagerly sucked him. He could feel himself getting closer and closer to the edge. After the show the girls put on, he knew he wouldn’t last long.

Hermione felt Harry’s cock twitch in her throat and pulled back slightly, knowing how close he was. She kept his shaft in her mouth as she continued to suck him, twirling her tongue up and down his length.

Harry couldn’t hold back any longer. His body tensed as he let out a groan, releasing his seed into Hermione’s eager mouth.

Hermione sealed her lips around Harry’s shaft, savoring the salty taste of his cum, not allowing a single drop to escape her lips. She then leaned over, pressing her lips to Emma’s as they shared his cum between them.

“Bella, take care of this for me,” Neville ordered, pointing at his crotch, eager for his own release.

Bellatrix knew this was coming. After what she and the salves did, she knew Longbottom would be hard as a rock. She hated when he made her suck his cock, hated how he made her crave the taste of him, and when she was free of the damn collar, she would make him pay dearly for this.

Her ass still hurt, thinking about how many times Longbottom spanked her before she finally gave in. All the subsequent ‘training’ tools he used to suppress her gag reflex. The feeling of being completely at his mercy was almost overwhelming at times.

She glumly moved between his legs and freed his cock, taking him in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, trying to ignore his groans of pleasure and how his fingers felt running through her hair.

She slid her tongue along the underside of his shaft the way he taught her, feeling the weight of his manhood on her tongue.

“Good girl Bella,” Neville praised as she sucked him. It had taken him far less time and effort than he had thought to get her to this stage. All the spankings he administered had been an excellent motivator.

Bellatrix despised it when he praised her. It felt like she was giving up, surrendering to his will, and becoming nothing more than his obedient pet.

It felt like a lifetime ago when she fought on the front lines of the war, dealing out death and destruction.

“Deeper Bella, just like we practiced,” Neville ordered as placed his hand on the back of her head, pulling her forward until his cock bumped into the back of her throat.

Bellatrix let out a grunt as she relaxed her throat, taking a deep breath before she took him in her throat. She felt the ridges and veins of his member as it slid down her throat.

Neville held Bellatrix’s hair tightly in his grip as she milked his cock. The heat and tightness of her throat almost sending him over the edge.

He looked over to see that Mary and Narcissa had returned to their respective masters as well.

Narcissa had her face buried in Ron’s crotch as he leaned back, obviously enjoying her attentions while Mary knelt between Fred and George.

She held their cocks in each of her hands as she jacked them off, alternately taking them in her mouth and sucking them.

He returned his attention to Bellatrix as he felt the familiar tightening in his groin. “Here it comes Bella,” he warned. “I don’t want you spilling a drop,” he said, releasing his seed.

Bellatrix sealed her lips around Longbottom’s cock, glad to at least have a warning this time.

A moment later she felt the first spurt of his cum coat the back of her throat. Her cheeks puffed out, straining to contain his essence.

When she was sure he had finished, she pulled her lips off his cock, and carefully opened her mouth, showing Longbottom his seed.

“Good girl Bella, you may swallow,” Neville ordered.

Bellatrix closed her mouth, swallowing down his seed. Hating that she had grown to enjoy the taste of his cum, almost looking forward to it. Especially when she compared it to the dry and tasteless pellets, he forced her to eat for every meal.

After Ron and the twins finished with their slaves, they all took a much needed breather, refreshing their drinks and catching their breath.

They gathered around the table to discuss what they knew about the covens, the triumvirate, and what their plans should be.

Before anyone had a chance to speak an owl flew through the open window carrying a letter. It landed on the table, dropped the letter and took off again.

‘What’s this about?’ Harry thought as he picked up the letter and began to read.

“What is it?” Ron asked curiously.

“It’s from Luna,” Harry said in surprise. “She says she knows about our plans, and wants to join us,” he read.

“Luna… Luna Lovegood?” Ron asked, just as surprised as Harry.

Harry nodded. “She said that she knows some things about the covens and the triumvirate, and that she can help us.”

“Any objections to hearing her out?” Harry asked as he looked around the room.

“No,” they replied, curious to find out what she knew and how she found out about their plans.

“Alright,” Harry agreed, adding Luna to the wards to allow her safe passage.

The fireplace flared to life a moment later as Luna appeared, and she she wasn’t alone.

Following behind her, and on all fours was a petite Asian woman. Her delicate neck was encircled by a silver collar, with a leash clipped to it.

She wore a pair of black leather stockings that buckled her ankles tightly to her thighs, forcing her to crawl on her hands and knees.

Her hands were balled into fists and encased in a pair of matching leather mittens made to resemble a set of paws.

The one similarity she shared with Bella was the tail plugging her ass.

Luna smiled, “sorry I’m late. It took longer than I expected to get my pet ready.”

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