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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Twenty-Seven

Neville shifted in his seat, amazed by what he had just witnessed. To see Bellatrix put in her place like that had been both arousing and thrilling. He would have to give some serious thought to joining Harry, especially if this was the kind of thing he could look forward to.

Hermione and Emma crawled back to Harry, still very much turned on by what they had done, and knelt at Harry’s feet, resting their heads against his legs, unconsciously providing another arousing display for Neville.

Harry ran his fingers through his girl’s hair proudly, knowing they had played their part to perfection.

“Come here, Bellatrix,” Neville ordered, pointing to his feet. He would have to put some more work into her training now that he saw how well Harry trained Hermione and Emma.

Bellatrix got to her feet shakily, and crawled back to Neville, slumping at his feet. She didn’t want to admit it, but the mudblood’s got the better of her at the end.

“I hope you don’t mind, Neville, but after the show the girls put on, I need a little relief,” Harry said. “Girls, you know what to do,” he instructed.

Neville was a little confused about what Harry meant by ‘relief’ until Hermione unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

“Bellatrix, take care of this for me,” he said, following Harry’s lead as he pointed at his crotch.

Bellatrix looked up from the ground tiredly before pushing herself to her hands and knees. The last thing she needed was for Longbottom to have another reason to spank her, especially with an audience. Swallowing her pride yet again, she moved between his legs and pulled out his cock, licking up and down his shaft as she prepared to take him in her mouth.

Neville groaned in pleasure, running his fingers through Bellatrix’s hair. “You’re getting good at that,” he complimented.

Bellatrix viciously hammered down the feeling of pride that swelled up in her chest at Longbottom’s compliment, reminding herself again why she was doing this.

‘I’m still the same witch that was on the front lines of the last two wars,’ she thought to herself. ‘I need to wait for the right opportunity. I haven’t been beaten.’

Hermione and Emma looked down at Harry’s throbbing member lustfully before then leaned down, bathing his cock with their tongues as they prepared to suck his cock.

After the show the girls put on, Neville was practically aching for relief. Grabbing a fistful of Bellatrix’s hair, he guided her lips to the head of his cock. “Suck,” he ordered, getting tired of the delays.

Bellatrix seethed at being ordered about and manhandled by Longbottom, but stopped herself just before she did something she would regret. There was nothing to gain by disobeying his orders now. She would get her chance, she just had to be patient.

Bellatrix parted her lips, taking the tip of his cock into her mouth, sucking gently as she used one hand to pump his shaft and the other to work his balls.

Neville leaned back in his chair in satisfaction, but kept a tight grip on Bellatrix’s hair, holding her on his cock.

Hermione leaned forward, taking Harry’s cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down his shaft, sucking him while Emma moved between Harry’s legs and tongued his balls.

Harry looked down at his girls with pride as they worked his cock together. He would have to think of a suitable reward from them later. The display they put on with Bellatrix had gone a long way to winning over his normally timid friend.

Neville groaned in pleasure as Bellatrix sucked him deeper into her mouth, but he wanted more, and he wasn’t willing to wait. He put his hand on the back of Bellatrix’s head, pulling her forward, and pushed his cock into her throat.

Bellatrix had just learned to suppress her gag reflex and knew to hold her breath as Longbottom’s cock filled her throat. She hated how demeaning this was. She was a Black, a member of an ancient and powerful pureblood family, and one of the most feared killers in the magical world. This wasn’t something that was supposed to happen to her.

Harry ran his fingers through Hermione’s silky hair as she massaged his cock with her throat, enjoying the moment. He knew he wouldn’t last as long as normal, not after the show they put on.

Neville loved the feel of Bellatrix’s tongue on his shaft as she worked his cock. She didn’t know it, but she had a natural talent for cock sucking. It had only taken a few days for her to suppress her gag reflex and she was a very quick learner.

He looked down at the lithe form of his pet, enjoying the raw sensuality on display. He was so glad he listened to Arcanum instead of turning her over to the Ministry like he originally planned. She was the gift that kept on giving.

“Get ready,” Neville warned. “I’m going to cum soon.”

Bellatrix quickly sealed her lips around Neville’s cock, ready for him to unload into her mouth.

She remembered how furious Longbottom had been with her when she spat out his seed the first time. He had spanked her ass red, ordering her to never let a single drop escape her lips ever again.

Neville grunted as he came, staring down at Bellatrix sternly, silently reminding her what would happen if she misbehaved.

Bellatrix averted her eyes as she she swallowed his seed, and licked his cock clean, hating Longbottom all the more for making her do something so demeaning.

Harry groaned as his girls worked his cock. They seemed to get better at it with every passing day. He didn’t even have to tell them when he was going to cum anymore. They seemed to know even before he did.

Hermione felt Harry’s cock twitch in her mouth, and pulled back realizing he was going to cum soon. She sealed her lips around his shaft, and savoring the salty-sweet taste of his cum as he erupted into her mouth.

Emma leaned over, pressing her lips to Hermione as they shared his cum between them.

“Sorry about that, Neville,” Harry said, pretending to sound apologetic. “The girls just got me worked up. I thought I was going to burst.”

“That’s fine Harry,” Neville replied. “I felt the same way… Is this the kind of stuff that happens in the covens?” He asked hopefully.

“This, and more,” Harry replied. “In the covens, they expect slaves to entertain their masters, and take care of their every need.”

Neville felt his reluctance to join Harry fade as he considered the possibilities. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to join him? Maybe he could even find another playmate for Bellatrix.

“When they kidnapped us, they already had a buyer lined up for Hermione and Emma. I had to pay them off to save the girls. I need to find out who the original buyer is and make sure they don’t try something like this again,” Harry explained. “That’s why I need your help Neville, I can’t do this without you.”

“I can get you an invitation,” Neville replied. “But other than that, I don’t think I would be much help to you. I was never an active member. I just recently found out they existed.”

“We have to start somewhere,” Harry replied. “From everything I’ve found out so far, they’re more dangerous than Voldemort ever was. We need to know what their plans are.”

“And you think someone else intervened, and gave you the opportunity to buy Hermione and Emma first?” Neville asked.

Harry nodded.

Neville looked at Harry, then down at Bellatrix, Hermione and Emma. He knew he might regret this later, but he wanted to help his friend. And if he could take care of some of his own needs along the way, all the better.

“Alright Harry, I’m in.”

“Great!” Harry smiled, glad that he had won Neville over, and could move forward with his plans.

“So what’s next?” Neville asked.

“I need you to send a letter to the triumvirate inviting us to join,” Harry said. “Then we have to find out who wanted to kidnap Hermione and Emma, and why.”

“What are you going to do when you find them?” Neville asked.

“I don’t know yet,” Harry lied. He didn’t want to risk scaring off Neville by telling him the truth. “We’ll have to figure that out when we learn more about the covens, and what they planned to do to Hermione and Emma.” Whoever tried to take his girls, their fate was a slow and agonizing death.

“I don’t know much about the covens, Harry. At this point, you probably know more than I do,” Neville admitted.

“Narcissa Malfoy is Ron’s slave now,” Harry replied. “She’ll tell us what we need to know.”

“What?” Neville asked in surprise. “How did that happen?”

“I don’t know all the details,” Harry replied. “But apparently the Malfoy’s lost most of their fortune after the war paying out reparations. She agreed to be Ron’s slave so she wouldn’t end up on the streets.”

Neville was surprised. He’d never heard of a pureblood agreeing to be a slave before. He would have to ask Ron about it the next time he saw him.

“We also need to find out what these covens are really up to. I don’t think it’s as simple as stopping the muggles from going to war. They must have some other goal in mind to do everything they’ve done,” Harry explained.

Neville nodded along. He had never really thought about it before, but the triumvirate was far too secretive about what they claimed to be doing. What Harry said made sense.

“Let’s have a drink,” Neville suggested as he pulled out a bottle of fire whiskey and two glasses.

“Sounds good to me,” Harry said when he saw the special reserve label. With Neville and Ron on board, he was sure that he could convince Fred and George as well.

“Harry?” Neville asked. “Why don’t we let the girls play a little more?” He asked, trying not to show how eager he was for an encore.

“They are looking a little bored,” Harry agreed with a knowing smile.

Bellatrix looked across the room at Hermione and Emma, feeling a little worried. The only reason she got the upper hand on them was because of her tail, and Longbottom still hadn’t turned it back on yet.

This time it was Hermione and Emma’s turn to stalk forward on their hands and knees with a predatory gleam in their eyes.

Bellatrix unconsciously crawled back as they got closer, only stopping when she bumped against Neville’s legs.

“Go play Bellatrix,” Neville said as he leaned forward from his chair, giving her a couple of light spanks. “Smack! Smack!”

Bellatrix looked over her shoulder at Longbottom, glaring at him angrily, only for him to point to a spot in the middle of the room. “Now,” he ordered.

Bellatrix huffed, realizing she didn’t have a choice in the matter and crawled forward reluctantly, keeping a watchful eye on the mudblood’s.

Hermione and Emma circled around Bellatrix, choosing their moment carefully.

Bellatrix looked back and forth between them, wondering who would try something first. Out numbered or not, she was determined to at least put up a fight.

Emma pounced from behind Bellatrix when she turned away, pushing her onto her back and straddled her before the former death eater had a chance to react.

Bellatrix tried to wriggle out from under Emma, but Hermione quickly grabbed her wrists, pinning them to the ground. She moved forward, using her knees to hold Bellatrix’s arms down as she knelt over her, positioning her pussy above Bellatrix’s mouth.

Bellatrix tried to turn her head, but it was no use. She could see the mudblood’s cunt hovering just above her face, brushing up against her lips.

She was determined not to give in, refusing to do what they wanted, or at least she did until she felt a sharp slap land on her pussy. It was quickly followed by another, and another. “Smack, smack, smack, smack!”

She tried to wiggle her hips and pull up her legs to avoid the spanking, but the mudblood was a step ahead.

Emma flipped around, turning her back to Hermione as she grabbed one of Bellatrix’s legs. She lifted it into the air and clenched it against her side, leaving the pureblood’s pussy exposed.

Bellatrix squirmed as the mudblood continued to spank her pussy, and as hard as she tried, she couldn’t break her grip. “Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!”

After another twenty spanks Bellatrix couldn’t take anymore. She swallowed her pride, and gave a tentative lick to the mudblood’s pussy. She was glad they couldn’t see her face. She would never live it down if they saw how red it was.

Hermione moaned in delight as she cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples as the former Death Eater licked her out. She could tell Bellatrix was inexperienced, but the thrill of dominating her more than made up for that. She ground her pussy down on Bellatrix’s lips, increasing her pleasure as she let out another moan.

Emma stopped spanking Bellatrix when she heard the moan from Hermione. She rubbed Bellatrix’s thighs and pussy, encouraging her to keep going.

Bellatrix could feel the mudblood’s wetness dripping onto her tongue as she licked her. The taste wasn’t as bad as she thought. Far from it. She fond she actually liked it, not that she would ever tell them that.

“UUUUUGHHH!” Hermione moaned as Bellatrix hit just the right spot.

A new thought entered Bellatrix’s mind as she licked the mudblood. They might have her outnumbered and pinned down, but it didn’t mean she was out of options. She would make these mudbloods cum like the whores they were, and when they stopped to catch their breath, she would turn the tables on them.

Emma dipped two of her fingers into Bellatrix’s cunt, pumping her fingers, determined to make the other woman cum.

Bellatrix let out an involuntary squeal as the mudblood fingered, and teased her clit, but she was determined not to cum. She wouldn’t give either of them the satisfaction this time.

Neville watched the girls writhe on the floor, entranced. It was even better than last time. He could see Bellatrix giving in, slowly losing herself as the need to cum overtook her senses.

Harry looked on as the orgy continued, feeling himself get hard again. His girls definitely knew how to put on a show.

He glanced at Neville, watching the show hungrily, and smirked. He was hooked.

Despite her best efforts, Bellatrix knew she was losing ground. The mudblood fingering her had just too much experience. It wouldn’t be long before she made her cum.

She redoubled her efforts on Hermione’s pussy, sticking her tongue deep into her cunt. She wished she could use her hands. That would at least give her a fighting chance.

Hermione moaned in delight as Bellatrix tongued her, admiring the natural talent of the other woman.

Emma worked a third finger into Bellatrix’s cunt, earning a moan of pleasure from the former death eater. It wouldn’t be long now. She could tell Bellatrix was close to another orgasm.

Bellatrix groaned as the mudblood found exactly the right spot. She tried desperately to hold on, but knew it was a losing battle.

Emma pressed down on Bellatrix’s clit with her thumb as she pumped her fingers, sending Bellatrix over the edge.

“UGGHH!!” Bellatrix groaned out, her voice  muffled from between Hermione’s thighs as the Emma forced an orgasm out of her.

Bellatrix’s screams of pleasure set off Hermione as well, “GAWAD!” She grunted as she came over the older woman’s face.

Bellatrix lay there panting, trying to catch her breath as the mudblood dropped to the floor beside her in much the same state.

Emma looked down at Bellatrix and Hermione before getting an idea. She picked up the end of Bellatrix’s tale and pushed it into Bellatrix’s well used cunt, slowly fucking her with it.

Bellatrix let out a soft moan as Emma fucked her. She didn’t have the strength to fight back after her latest orgasm. She tried to push away the tail, but Emma easily slapped away her hands.

“Ugh… Ugh… Ugh… Ugh… Ugh…” Bellatrix grunted as Emma slowly picked up the pace, working her towards another orgasm.

After catching her breath Hermione sat up and turned Bellatrix onto her stomach. Then pulled her legs underneath her so she was on all fours again with her cheek pressed against the floor.

After placing a searing kiss on Emma’s lips, she took the tail from her, pumping it into Bellatrix’s dripping pussy.

Bellatrix could only groan as her new position allowed Hermione to penetrate her even deeper than before.

Emma moved in front of Bellatrix and grabbed her hair, guiding her lips to her cunt, eager for her release. After the orgasm Hermione had, she wanted to see how good the former death eater was for herself.

Hermione spanked Bellatrix as she fucked her with her own tail. Smack Smack Smack Smack! Turning the pureblood’s ass from a pale white to a rosy pink.

Bellatrix grit her teeth as the mudblood spanked her. It wasn’t as hard as when Longbottom did it, but it was still enough to sting. She knew she lost this round badly, and what the mudblood wanted her to do for the spanking to stop.

Bellatrix pressed her face into Emma’s pussy, tonguing her clit, relieved when Hermione finally stopped.

Hermione fucked Bellatrix with one hand, cupping and squeezing her ass with the other as she massaged away the sting of the spanking she had just delivered, while admiring how firm and tight Bellatrix’s ass was.

Bellatrix moaned, enjoying the feel of her tail sliding in and out of her pussy as the sting from her spanking slowly faded away under the touch of the mudblood.

She pushed two fingers into Emma’s cunt, pumping them in and out as she sucked the other woman’s clit, forgetting for the moment what she thought of them as she felt her next orgasm approaching.

Hermione picked up the pace, pistoning Bellatrix’s tail in and out of the woman’s cunt, pushing her closer and closer to the edge.

Emma moaned in delight as Bellatrix used her other hand to tug on her plug in her ass as she sucked and fingered her. The dual sensation of both her holes being stimulated was too much for her. With a cry of ecstasy, she came over the face of the former death eater. “OHHHHHH!”

Bellatrix continued to lick the mudblood as the other one fucked her from behind. She was so close now. “UGH!” She grunted as she came suddenly, coating her tail with her juices.

The girls slowly untangled themselves and returned to their respective masters. All three slumping to the floor as they recovered from their latest orgasms.

“Wow Harry,” Neville said. “That was incredible. I had no idea it could be like this.”

“I know what you mean,” Harry agreed. “It caught me by surprise too, but witches need this. Deep down, they love submitting to the will of a powerful wizard,” he said subtly hinting at what Neville had done with Bellatrix.

“Then we’ll be able to do this again?” Neville asked hopefully.

“Count on it,” Harry agreed. “By the way, consider visiting Fred and George’s shop. In their back room, they have all kinds of things that you and Bellatrix will like.”

“I’ll do that,” Neville agreed.

“Well, I guess we’ll head out then,” Harry replied, leading Hermione and Emma to the fireplace. “I’ll let you know when I hear from the triumvirate.” He said, returning to the island.

After Harry left, Neville moved behind the still recovering Bellatrix, and unzipped his pants.

He grabbed onto her tail, pulling her back towards him, slamming his cock into Bellatrix’s pussy. She was still wet from her recent orgasm, allowing him to set the pace he wanted.

Bellatrix could feel Longbottom’s thighs slapping against her ass as he took her. She unconsciously spread her legs further apart, giving him better access, craving the feel of a stiff cock inside her, even if it was Longbottom’s.

“UGH! UGH UGH UGH UGH!!” Bellatrix grunted as Neville pushed her head to the floor as he fucked her, changing the angle so he could get even deeper insider her.

Neville moved his hands to Bellatrix’s hips, gripping them tightly as he picked up the pace. Watching her with Hermione and Emma had made him instantly hard. It took all his willpower not to push Hermione out of the way and mount his pet then and there.

Bellatrix let out a low moan as Neville took her. As much as she hated him, he was the best fuck she ever had. “UGGGGHHHH!” She grunted loudly as she came over his cock.

Neville was able to get in three more strokes before he buried his dick in her cunt and unloaded. ‘God, this is so much better than sending her to Azkaban,’ he thought.

Hermione was still turned on after they returned to the island. She had loved every second of dominating the former death eater, making her cum. Then forcing her to eat her out. One look at Emma and she could tell she felt the same way.

“You were incredible girls,” Harry praised. “I wasn’t even sure Neville was going to join us until you convinced him.”

“Well, there is something you can do if you want to thank us,” Emma said seductively.

“What did you have in mind?” Harry asked, already knowing exactly what she wanted. Hermione and Emma may not have even realized it yet, but they were insatiable, almost addicted to his cock at this point.

Hermione and Emma nodded to each other before they dropped to their hands and knees, pressed their foreheads to the floor and pulled their ass cheeks apart.

Harry moved behind his girls, fondling their asses. “Tell me what you want,” he ordered.

“Please master, fuck us,” Hermione begged.

“And where should I fuck you?” Harry teased as he pulled out their plugs.

Emma moaned in delight as she felt the cool air on her asshole. “In my ass, master,” she begged.

Harry moved behind Emma, sliding his cock into her pussy, setting a slow and deliberate pace as he coated his dick with her juices.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” He teased, pushing the tip of his thumb into her ass.

“Yes, Master,” Emma pleaded as she pushed her ass back against his thump. “I need it.”

“Alright Emma, here it comes,” Harry said as he pulled out of her pussy and pressed the head of his cock against her asshole, slowly easing his full length into her hot, tight ass.

Emma let out a low moan as Harry stretched her asshole, driving her wild. She dug her fingers into the carpet as he sawed his cock in and out, slowly working up to a steady rhythm.

“What about you, Hermione?” Harry asked as he fucked Emma’s ass at a leisurely pace.

“In the ass too, Master,” Hermione replied wantonly.

Harry dipped his index finger into Hermione’s pussy, coating it with her juices before circling the rim of her ass, earing a moan of pleasure from her.

Emma could feel her ass stretching to accommodate Harry’s cock. “Please master, I need more,” she begged. “Go faster.”

Harry ignored her, keeping the same pace as he dipped his fingers down into Hermione’s pussy, coating his finger again before he pushed it into her ass.

“Please, Master!” Emma begged again, this time more desperately. “Fuck my ass harder!”

Harry smiled as he picked up the pace, pumping his cock into her ass, loving how needy his sluts had become.

Emma let out a long, keening moan as Harry took her ass, loving every second of it. She was so close now. ‘Just a little more,’ she thought. But just as she was about to cum, her master pulled out. She let out a groan of disappointment, knowing that he was teasing her again, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Harry lined his cock up with Hermione’s ass and eased his way inside her tight ass, earning a low moan from Hermione as she pushed her ass back against his cock.

Harry held onto Hermione’s hips as he gradually built up the pace. His thighs slapped loudly against Hermione’s ass with each thrust.

“UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” Hermione grunted, loving the feel of Harry stretching her back door.

Emma looked over her shoulder, watching Harry and Hermione fuck. She reached down, plunging two fingers into her pussy, thrusting them in and out as she watched the erotic display.

Harry looked at Emma, and realized what she was doing. He gave her ass a sharp slap. “Keep your ass spread for me,” he ordered.

Emma quickly reached back, spreading her ass cheeks again, feeling like Harry had caught her with her hand in the cookie jar. “Yes, Master.”

Harry pulled out of Hermione’s ass and switched back to Emma, drilling into her ass with long, powerful thrusts.

Emma let out a loud squeal as Harry plundered her ass, not expecting him to switch back to her so quickly. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!” she grunted as Harry fucked her relentlessly, driving her wild.

“AWGAWD!!!!” she screamed out as Harry pinched her clit, sending her over the edge into a sudden, and powerful orgasm.

Emma slumped to the floor, gasping for breath after Harry pulled his cock from her ass.

Without waisting a second Harry switched back to Hermione’s ass, keeping up his relentless pace.

“Oh god Master!” Hermione moaned as Harry took her. “That feels so fucking good!”

Harry reached down, pulling Hermione up into his lap as he fucked her ass, holding her up by her hips as he thrust into her.

“Oh god! AAH! AAH! AAH!” Hermione moaned from her new position. “Don’t stop Master please!!!” she begged, amazed at how deep inside her ass Harry was able to get with each thrust.

“GAWAD!!!!” she screamed out as she came hard, slumping in Harry’s arms.

With his dick still firmly lodged in Hermione’s ass, Harry put her back down on all fours as he continued to fuck her.

Hermione gasped as Harry kept going, not even giving her to catch her breath as he pistoned his cock into her ass. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!”

With one last thrust, Harry buried his cock deep in Hermione’s ass and unloaded.

Hermione let out a strangled grunt as she felt Harry’s cum flood her ass, setting off another orgasm for her.

She moaned wantonly as she felt Harry’s cum leak out of her ass and drip down her leg, knowing Harry was far from being done with either of them.

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