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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Twenty-Six

Hermione woke up with a smile on her face as she stretched her arms above her head, taking in the beautiful morning. The smell of the ocean air wafted in through the open window, and she could hear the birds chirping as they moved from tree to tree. The island truly was a paradise.

When Emma came up with the idea for Harry’s present, she had been initially worried, not about Harry’s reaction. The way he looked at them, and the other things they did before, made it more than clear that it was at least something Harry wanted to try.

She knew how big Harry was, and had been worried that he wouldn’t fit, or that it would hurt, but last night proved that she had been worried over nothing.

There was a dull ache at first, but it faded quickly. He had been patient and took it slow, stretching her asshole to accommodate him, and in the end it felt amazing. Harry had been so attentive and careful to make sure it felt good for her she couldn’t wait to do it again.

Hermione sat up in bed, only then realizing that Harry had put her plug back in her ass. She had gotten so used to it being back there, she hardly even noticed it anymore.

She felt an unexpected wave of arousal course through her at the thought of it. Harry had claimed her ass, and kept it under lock and key just for himself. It made her feel desired, lusted after, a feeling she had become addicted to over the last few weeks.

Emma woke up next, feeling the cool breeze on her back now that Hermione was no longer snuggled in behind her. “Morning Hermione,” she yawned.

“Good morning Emma,” Hermione replied with a smile.

“Last night was incredible,” Emma said. “I had no idea it would feel that good.”

“Me either,” Hermione admitted unashamedly. “…Do you think he’ll want to do it again? Maybe today?”

“I would be surprised if he didn’t,” Emma laughed. “He might have enjoyed it even more than we did.”

“Let’s get ready,” Emma said, taking Hermione’s hand and leading her to the bathroom.

When the girls returned from their shower, they looked at the clothes Harry had chosen for them. It was another set of bikinis, but different from the ones they had been wearing before.

The tops were made of a scaled copper, with delicate strings of copper connecting the two triangular pieces together.

Emma held the top to her chest, wondering how comfortable they would be to wear. She yelped in surprise when the strings snaked behind her back and neck, tying themselves together automatically.

“Hmm,” Emma said as she got over her surprise and examined the top. “It’s actually a lot more comfortable than it looks.”

“It must have a comfort charm built into it,” Hermione mused as she held up her top as well, letting the stings connect.

They both looked down at the bikini bottoms. It was another triangle of scaled copper with a string coming from each corner.

Hermione held it in front of her, letting out a yelp of her own when the bottom string slipped between her legs before connecting at the back.

“That’s interesting,” Emma mused as she tapped Hermione’s plug.

“What is?” Hermione asked curiously.

“The strings are connected to your plug,” Emma replied as she put on her own bikini bottom.

Hermione went to the mirror and turned around to look. The strings were so thin that from the right angle she couldn’t see them at all. She smiled, liking how it looked on her.

“Let’s go, Harry must be waiting for us,” Hermione said, making her way to the kitchen.

Harry looked up from his newspaper and smiled at the sight in front of him. The metal bikinis were definitely a good choice. He got the idea from one of Dudley’s old comic books, the ones he hid away from his parents.

“Hello Master,” Hermione and Emma said as they sat down in front of Harry.

“Hello girls,” Harry replied. “You look great,” he said, smiling appreciatively.

Hermione and Emma smiled at the compliment as they sat down to eat their porridge.

“While you were asleep, I found something interesting,” Harry said. “One of Percy’s trunks had a false bottom, and it had some documents about Neville,” he said, placing the documents he ‘found,’ on the table.

After seeing how well Hermione and Emma reacted to Ron and Narcissa, he decided it would be the perfect time to bring Neville into the fold.

“What do they say?” Hermione asked curiously. Was Neville involved in this as well?

“According to this,” Harry said, pointing to one of the documents. “Neville hired ‘Arcanum’ to track down Bellatrix Lestrange.”

“Lestrange?” Hermione asked in surprise. “Why would Neville want anything to do with her?”

“Who’s that?” Emma asked curiously.

“She’s a Death Eater,” Harry explained. “She’s been on the run since the end of the war.”

“And also the one that tortured Neville’s parents,” Hermione added.

“I thought she was dead,” Hermione said, “there’s hasn’t been a sighting in months for her, or the Lestrange brothers.”

“If we go by the date Percy took payment, it’s already been a few months,” Harry pointed out, further reinforcing the deception of Percy being Arcanum.

“This doesn’t make any sense,” Hermione said, shaking her head. “If Neville had her all this time, why did he place a bounty on her?”

“To make everyone think she was still out there,” Emma realized. “And make Longbottom manor the last place anyone would think to search for her.”

“You’re right,” Hermione realized. “After everything Neville said about her, and all the time and money he spent searching for her, it makes sense.”

Harry smiled internally at his girl’s deductive skills. They would be a huge asset to his future plans, whether they realized it, or not.

“We need to find out what’s going on,” Harry said. “Neville might know more about the covens and what happened to us.”

“Do you think it’s safe?” Hermione asked. When she found out what Ron and the twins had been up to, it caught her by surprise. It made her realize she didn’t know them as well as she thought she did.

After what they just found out about Neville, she wasn’t sure what he would do when they showed up.

“I think it should be ok,” Harry replied. “Neville was on our side during the war. He wanted to beat the Death Eaters just as much as us.”

“As long as we stick to the same story we gave Ron and the twins, he won’t suspect anything, but just like last time, you might have to do things. Neville has to believe that you’re both my devoted slaves.”

“We can do that,” Emma replied. Playing with Narcissa had been a lot more fun than she expected, and truth be told, she was looking forward to doing it again.

“Hello Neville,” Harry called from his fireplace.

“Hi Harry,” Neville smiled. “It’s great to hear from you. What have you been up to?”

“A lot, actually,” Harry replied. “There’s something I wanted to talk to you about. Would it be ok if we stepped through?” He asked, gesturing to the cloaked forms of Hermione and Emma.

“Who are they?” Neville asked curiously.

“It’s Hermione and her mother,” Harry replied.

“Oh,” Neville said in surprise. “Sorry I didn’t recognize you, Hermione. Sure come on through.”

Harry stepped through the fire place followed by Hermione and Emma into Neville’s study.

Harry looked around. Neville’s study hadn’t changed much since he was last here, but the improvement to the wards for the manor were noticeable.

“Hermione, Harry,” Neville greeted. “A pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Granger,” he said, holding out his hand for Emma to shake.

“Nice to meet you,” Emma replied. “Hermione’s told me all about you.”

“What’s going on, Harry?” Neville asked when he noticed the serious looks on all their faces. “Did something happen?”

“We need your help,” Harry said. “When I went to Australia with Hermione, someone kidnapped us. I had to pay a lot of money to buy our freedom, and even after that, they only let us go after we did some kind of bonding ritual,” Harry explained.

“What? What’s that?” Neville asked, feigning ignorance. The less he had to do with the covens, the better. He didn’t want to risk them finding out about Bellatrix.

“It’s a ritual that bound Hermione and Emma’s magic to mine,” Harry explained, playing along as well. “There’s a group of wizards and witches that have taken over the muggle world, and probably most of the magical governments as well.”

“I’ve never heard of anything like this,” Neville denied, but on the inside he was in full panic mode. What was Harry planning on doing? Surely he wasn’t planning on fighting the covens. That was suicide.

“It was a shock to us as well,” Harry replied. “But we need to find out what they’re up to, and what they want with us. That’s why we came to you. We need people we can trust.”

Neville could only nod, proud that his friend had come to him for help, but equally worried about what Harry was going to ask him to do.

“Girls, drop the cloaks,” Harry ordered, picking up on Neville’s nervousness. If this was going to work he needed to keep Neville distracted.

Hermione and Emma obediently shrugged off their robes, letting them pool to the floor, and revealed their bikini clad forms to Neville.

Neville’s eyes goggled as he took in the sight of Hermione and Emma. They were beautiful, looking almost like twins rather than mother and daughter. ‘It’s no wonder why they were kidnapped,’ Neville thought. ‘There isn’t a pureblood alive that would turn those two down.’

“I know I’m asking a lot, Neville,” Harry said, “but I need your help. We have to find out how far up this goes, and what their plans are.”

Neville looked back and forth between Hermione, Emma, and Harry. When Harry said they went through the ritual, he hadn’t expected this. He thought that at most they would complete the ritual, but just ignore it afterwards. Maybe he could trust Harry with his secret as well? After all, Harry trusted him enough to tell him his.

“I have something to tell you as well,” Neville decided, ringing the bell sitting on the desk.

Hermione and Emma expected Bellatrix to walk through the door with a collar locked around her neck, the same as Narcissa, but were both shocked to see her crawl into the study on all fours. Even more surprising, she arrived on the end of a leash, held by a house-elf.

“Thank you, Mipsy,” Neville said, taking the leash, and showing off his ‘pet’ to his friends as Mipsy popped away.

“She has a tail,” Hermione said in surprise, looking at the appendage protruding from her ass. It looked so real, it even moved from side to side like a real one.

The look of anger on Bellatrix’s face as she glared at everyone was the only thing that remained the same about the formidable witch they remembered. She looked years younger, no older than twenty-five, and anyone else that saw her would have a hard time even recognizing her.

Harry had to admit to himself that Bellatrix’s picture hadn’t done her justice. She was far more beautiful than he had thought, perhaps even more so now that she learned her proper place.

It really was the perfect revenge after what she had done to Sirius. A strong and formidable witch, now utterly dependent, and at the mercy of someone else.

“What’s going on Neville? Who is this?” Harry asked, now his turn to feign ignorance.

“Let’s sit down,” Neville said, gesturing to the chairs.

Harry sat down in the armchair, with Hermione and Emma kneeling at his feet.

Neville sat down on the sofa, then patted his lap. “Up,” he ordered.

Bellatrix remained silent as she climbed onto the sofa, draping herself over Neville’s lap.

Neville ran his hand up and down Bellatrix’s back, like he was petting a cat. “I’ve been searching for Bellatrix for a long time, with little to show for it.”

“When I was just about to give up, I received your letter, Harry,” Neville replied. “I didn’t want to at first, but eventually I met with the person you recommended.”

“What are you talking about, Neville?” Harry asked, pretending to be confused. “I never sent you any letter like that.”

He couldn’t allow Hermione and Emma to think he had any prior contact with Arcanum. But for Neville to accept help from ‘Arcanum’, he needed an introduction from someone Neville trusted. It was the only way he could get Bellatrix into his hands without revealing himself.

“You did,” Neville said, now confused. “Mipsy, show Harry the letters.”

The house-elf popped in, depositing the letters on the coffee table before disappearing again.

Harry picked up the first letter, skimming thorough it. “I sent you this letter, the one that said not to go after Bellatrix on your own, but not this one,” he said, picking up his second letter.

“I’ve never traveled to Denmark,” Harry lied. “And I’ve never met this Arcanum person.”

“What?” Neville asked in shock. “He said he met you…”

Harry exchanged a look with Hermione and Emma, plastering a look of confusion on his face for them as well, before he spoke. “It looks like my handwriting, but I promise you, Neville. I never sent you this letter….”

“This doesn’t make any sense,” Neville said, thoroughly confused.

“How much money did he ask you for?” Harry asked.

“200,000 galleons,” Neville replied.

“…. I think that’s your answer,” Harry replied. “There’s very few people in Britain that could put that much money together, especially after the war.”

“I guess that’s possible,” Neville conceded.

“And this is Bellatrix Lestrange. I take it.” Harry said, glad that Neville had accepted his lie so readily.

Neville nodded.

“The ones that kidnapped us used similar potions on Emma,” Harry added. “But I thought you wanted to bring her to the Ministry. What’s she doing here?”

“That was the original plan,” Neville confessed. “Then Arcanum made me realize it was only a matter of time before she escaped again, and killed god knows how many other people. It’s safer for everyone if I keep her here.”

“And why is she crawling around on the floor with a tail sticking out of her ass?” Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

Neville’s face flushed red for a moment before he answered. “She acted like a wild animal when she went on her killing sprees. I thought that if she wanted to act like an animal, I would treat her like one.”

Harry nodded knowingly. “Well, she’s certainly more well behaved now, than the last time I saw her. Where did the tail come from, by the way?”

Neville smiled proudly, “it’s a plug I ordered for her, and she wears it at all times,” he said as he grabbed it, watching as it wrapped around his arm. “Bellatrix can control it, but I also have a master override and I can take control of it whenever I want as well.”

“I’m surprised she hasn’t said anything yet,” Harry observed.

“Her collar keeps her under a silencing charm,” Neville explained. “If she wants to get my attention, she has to do it just like a real pet would.”

“Neville, I’m forming a coven,” Harry explained, getting to the real reason for his visit. “I need to find out who ordered Hermione and Emma’s kidnapping, and if they have any more plans for them. The only way to do that is to join the covens.”

“Harry,” Neville said delicately. “You’re talking about some of the most powerful wizards and witches in the world. They’re not going to like it if they find out you’re spying on them.”

“What do you know about them?” Harry asked curiously.

“Not much. My grandparents were members,” Neville explained. “I didn’t find out about it until recently. I don’t think my parents even knew about it.”

“Wait, that makes you a legacy member,” Harry said. “You can make a request to the Triumvirate to send me an invitation.”

“Even if I joined you, there would only be the two of us. You need at least five to form a coven,” Neville replied.

“I’ve already asked Ron, Fred, and George. With you, we have the five we need,” Harry replied.

“…I don’t know Harry,” Neville said nervously. “What you want to do… it’s dangerous.”

“I know Neville,” Harry replied. “But we can’t spend the rest of our lives living in hiding, or looking over our shoulders, wondering what they’re planning for us next.”

At the look on Neville’s face, Harry realized his approach wasn’t working. Neville was just too cautious. “Why don’t we have a drink?” He asked, changing tact. “We’ll let the girls play, and you can think it over.”

“Let the girls play?” Neville asked in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“I just found out about it from Ron,” Harry explained. “It might be easier if the girls show you, actually.”

“Alright,” Neville agreed, not really sure what Harry meant. “Bellatrix, go play with Hermione and Emma,” he ordered.

Bellatrix slithered off of Neville’s lap and stalked over to the Hermione and Emma, like a lion stalking its prey.

It didn’t give her quite the same thrill as killing, but it was a close second. Putting uppity mudbloods in their place had been something she enjoyed in her school days.

Hermione and Emma crawled forward, meeting Bellatrix in the middle as they stared each other down.

Without warning, Bellatrix pounced forward, knocking Emma to the ground and landing on top of her. She snaked her fingers between Emma’s legs and pushed them into her cunt, pumping her fingers furiously. Using her other hand, she held Emma’s neck, pinning her to the ground.

Emma was caught completely off guard, and for a long moment she did nothing as Bellatrix fingered her. Despite her shock and the pressure on her neck, she felt herself getting turned on as it continued.

She tried to break Bellatrix’s grip, but the other woman was clearly ready for it as she held on, pumping her fingers even faster.

Hermione moved behind Bellatrix, trying to pull her off, but it was her turn to be caught by surprise. Bellatrix’s tail wrapping snugly around her waist before dipping down between her thighs, and plunging into her pussy.

Hermione yelped as Bellatrix fucked her with her tail. She tried to unwrap it from her waist, but was no good. She couldn’t move it, much less pull the end out of her pussy.

“UGH! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Hermione grunted as the tail somehow got longer and thicker, fucking her even deeper than before. At the rate she was going, Bellatrix would make her cum in just a few minutes.

Emma wasn’t doing any better as Bellatrix continued to finger her. “GAWD!” She moaned when Bellatrix added a third finger.

Neville watched the whole thing from his chair, enthralled. Now he understood why his grandfather had joined the covens. He had never even thought to have Bellatrix ‘play’ with other slaves before, but now that he saw it, he would make sure it happened regularly.

Hermione pressed her chest into Bellatrix’s back, reaching around kneading Bellatrix’s breasts as she sucked on her neck between moans. She hoped that if she could distract her enough, she could break her grip.

Bellatrix let out a moan of her own as the mudblood found just the right spot, but she wouldn’t let them win. She would make them both cum, like the sluts they were.

Hermione trailed her fingers down Bellatrix’s chest, gliding her hand down to the apex of her thighs, rubbing her engorged clit.

Now it was Bellatrix’s turn to get aroused as Hermione worked her clit. She redoubled her efforts, plunging her fingers and tail deeper into their pussies, determined to make both of them cum before she did.

Emma’s grabbed Bellatrix’s wrist, hoping to stop her, but the pureblood was stronger than she looked.

“AWGAWD!” Emma grunted, unable to hold back anymore as she came on Bellatrix’s fingers, gasping for breath.

Hermione was not far behind her. “UGHHH!” She screamed out as Bellatrix forced an orgasm out of her. Her tail was just too much for her. She slumped to the ground, breathing hard.

Bellatrix grinned in triumph as she looked between the two defeated mudbloods, cum leaking from their pussy as they lay on the floor. She knew they didn’t stand a chance against her.

The grin quickly vanished when her tail went limp. She looked at Longbottom in shock, catching him turning off her tail.

Hermione quickly realized that Bellatrix’s tail was no longer tightly wrapped around her waist, and was quick to take advantage. She got back onto her knees, pushing Bellatrix to the ground, and pulled on her tail, determined to not let her use it again.

Neville watched as Hermione pulled on Bellatrix’s tail, and used his ring to unlock it for her, eager to see what she would do with it.

Bellatrix struggled to get up, but she had fallen on the other mudblood, who now had her legs wrapped tightly around her waist.

Hermione felt the tail release, letting her pull it from Bellatrix’s ass. Inch by inch, she pulled before it finally came out with a soft pop.

Hermione stared between Bellatrix’s gaping asshole, and the five inches metal plug in surprise. She wondered how she could keep something that big inside her, and for so long.

Hermione sat on Bellatrix’s legs, pinning them done as she leaned down, pulling Bellatrix’s ass cheeks apart, and rimmed her ass.

Bellatrix’s eyes popped open as she let out a strangled moan at the unexpected pleasure of the mudblood’s tongue on her asshole.

Hermione pressed two fingers into Bellatrix’s cunt, pumping her fingers as she licked.

“UGHHHHH!” Bellatrix moaned, forgetting for a moment she was supposed to get free.

Emma was quick to take advantage as she grabbed Bellatrix’s hair, roughly pulling her down and crushing their lips together in a searing kiss.

Bellatrix struggled to break free for a moment, but eventually gave in to the kiss, losing herself in the moment as she parted her lips, allowing the mudblood to explore her mouth.

Hermione could tell Bellatrix was close, she was dripping all over her fingers. She just needed an extra push to bring her over the edge.

She pressed her tongue deep into Bellatrix’s ass as she added a third finger to her cunt, quickly pumping them in and out.

Bellatrix tore her lips from the mudblood as she arched her back, screaming in pleasure as she came hard. “AAAAHHHH!”

Hermione looked down at Bellatrix in satisfaction as she gasped for breath, but she was far from done.

She reached down, picking up the tail and inserted it into Bellatrix’s pussy, pumping it in and put a few times before pushing the other end in the Bellatrix’s ass.

Bellatrix thrashed in Emma’s grip, moaning in pleasure as Hermione used her own tail to fuck both of her holes. “Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” she grunted as Hermione quickly worked her towards a second orgasm.

The dual pleasure of having both her holes fucked at the same time, and the tongue exploring her mouth, sent her into overdrive. She pushed her ass back with each thrust, impaling herself on both ends of her tail as she moaned wantonly, completely lost in the moment.

“AAAAH!” she grunted as the mudbloods pulled another orgasm out of her before she slumped to the ground, gasping for breath.

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