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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Twenty-Three

After Narcissa caught her breath and untangled herself from Hermione and Emma, she crawled back to Ron and knelt by his feet, followed by Hermione and Emma doing the same. 

“Narcissa, you’ve got some work to do,” Ron said as he gestured to his crotch. 

“Yes Master,” Narcissa replied. She reached out, unbuttoning his pants and pulled down his zipper. Reaching into his boxers, she pulled out his cock, leaned down, and started licking his shaft.

‘Not a bad idea,’ Harry thought to himself. He could certainly use some relief as well. “Hermione, Emma, take care of this for me.”

“Yes, Master,” they replied eagerly, still aroused by what they did earlier with Narcissa. ‘Maybe this time Harry will let us cum,’ they thought.

Hermione took the initiative, moving between Harry’s legs as she unbuttoned his pants, freeing his cock. She leaned down, licking his shaft, bathing it with her tongue before she wrapped her fingers around it, massaging his dick with her hand.

Emma moved to the other side of Harry’s leg, wrapping her lips around the tip of her Master’s cock, licking the pre-cum off the tip as she sucked him greedily.

Harry leaned back in his chair, enjoying the attentions of his girls. It never ceased to amaze him how eager they were to please, and how adventurous they were when they let their inhibitions slide.

Ron ran his fingers through Narcissa’s hair as she sucked on his cock, proud that she had learned her lessons so well. “Good girl.”

It constantly surprised him how little experience the former Mrs. Malfoy had when they first met. If he had been in Lucius’s place, and had a beauty like this at his beck and call for the last 15 years, she would have hardly left the bedroom.

She was still learning, of course, but there was something to be said for natural talent, and training her to his liking.

Hermione leaned down as she jacked Harry off, taking his balls into her mouth, sucking on them gently as Emma continued to suck on his tip. She couldn’t wait to taste Harry again.

Emma moved her lips down, taking more of Harry’s cock into her mouth as Hermione dropped her hand so she could focus all her attention on working Harry’s balls. 

Narcissa pulled back as she felt the tip of Ron’s cock pressing against the back of her throat, doing her best to suppress her gag reflex, growing annoyed when she felt Ron tighten his grip on her hair, keeping her in place. 

She knew what he wanted, but she wasn’t ready to take him further inside her than she already had. To distract him, she reached up, cupping his balls as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, finally getting him to loosen his grip on her hair.

Emma took Harry down her throat to the root, enjoying the feel of his shaft resting snugly in her throat. She had gotten better at holding her breath over the last few days and could comfortably keep him in her throat for a couple of minutes at a time.

She constricted, and released her throat muscles, massaging his cock, earning a grunt of approval from Harry as she worked his cock. 

 Ron knew he couldn’t hold out much longer, not with the way Narcissa was bobbing her head up and down on his cock as she sucked him while working his balls at the same time.

He reflexively tightened his grip on Narcissa’s hair as he unloaded into her mouth with a grunt and watched as her cheeks puffed out. 

“Swallow it,” Ron ordered. “I don’t want you spilling a drop.”

There was just something immensely satisfying about watching the former aristocrat stare up at him, her mouth full of his cum, and the look of indignation on her face as she swallowed his essence never got old.

Narcissa swallowed, refusing the to admit that the taste of his cum had grown on her, before turning to watch as the two muggleborns sucked their master.

She felt a twinge of jealousy as she watched one of them take their master’s cock all the way down their throat with ease, something that she still struggled with.

Emma knew Harry was close now. She could tell by the tight grip Harry had on her hair. She pulled back just enough so that his cum would land in her mouth instead of going down her throat as she ran her tongue down the underside of his shaft.

Harry knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. “Cum at the same time as me,” he ordered as he unloaded into Emma’s waiting mouth. 

Emma moaned around Harry’s cock as she came, followed quickly by Hermione. She pulled her lips off Harry’s cock, sealing them tight, making sure not to spill a drop. 

“Emma, share with Hermione,” Harry ordered as he zipped himself back up.

Hermione leaned over eagerly, pressing her lips to Emma’s as she pressed her tongue forward, seeking entry.

Emma parted her lips, sharing Harry’s cum with Hermione.

“Still using the old voice control collars, eh?” Ron asked

“Voice control?” Harry asked, confused. “What do you mean?”

“You need to talk to the twins,” Ron replied. “When we raided the pureblood houses, they found some collars, too. After a while, they figuring out how they worked. Then they started making improved versions of them and started selling them.”

“How long have the twins been doing that?” Harry asked, surprised to have never heard about it.

“It took them a while to figure out the enchantments, so they’ve only been selling them for the last four or five months,” Ron explained. “But they’ve been doing pretty well on them, a lot better than they ever did with their joke items.”

“Do they have a lot of customers?” Harry asked curiously. 

When he operated as Arcanum, everyone in the know had been pretty tight-lipped about everything. Most of what he learned came from Voldemort’s memories, and those were decades out of date.

“They’re just starting out, so not too many yet. All of their business is word of mouth, but they can charge pretty much whatever they want. Their customers have deep pockets, and don’t mind spending the money,” Ron explained.

“How many witches and wizards do you think are keeping slaves?” Harry asked. 

“That’s a tough one to answer,” Ron replied, scratching his head. “I didn’t even find out it was happening until we raided that first house.”

Harry nodded. That’s how it was in Voldemort’s time as well. It was all kept very quiet. “How did you find out about it, exactly?”

“Like I said before, we were raiding pureblood houses,” Ron explained. “One of the first place we hit was the Lestrange house. We weren’t really expecting anyone to be there. With them being on the run, it was the last place we expected them to turn up.”

“We found them in the basement, Bellatrix, Rodolphus, and Rabastan Lestrange. We caught them by surprise and took down Rabastan and Rodolphus before they even realized what happened.”

“Bellatrix, though. She must have seen us somehow. She managed to shoot off a couple of spells, but must have realized the odds were against us and apparated away.”

“I wanted to take the galleons and get out of there in case she came back with reinforcements, but Fred and George wanted to look around. They found a hidden room. That’s where we found out about the ritual.”

‘Well, that certainly explains why I had such an easy time taking her down,’ Harry thought.

“It’s getting late, mate. Why don’t you stay for dinner?” Ron offered. 

“Sure, sounds good,” Harry agreed. He needed to find out what else Ron and the twins got up to.

They made their way into the dining room, with the girls following behind. Narcissa continued past them to the kitchen to get their dinner.

Ron and Harry sat down at the table, with Hermione and Emma kneeling on the floor on either side of Harry.

“So, who else in your family knows about this?” Harry asked.

“As far as I know, just me and the twins,” Ron explained. “Although Percy’s been up to something,” Ron said thoughtfully. “Sometimes we don’t see him for days or even weeks at a time.”

Harry paused for a moment. He knew it was only a matter of time before they noticed he was missing. He would have to arrange for them to find the letter soon.

“Do you think he found out somehow?” Harry asked. 

“I’m not sure,” Ron admitted. “I mean, he just worked at the Ministry. He didn’t really see too many purebloods, and they wouldn’t really have a reason to tell him about it, anyway.”

“So, now that you know everything, what do you plan to do, Harry?” Ron asked. 

“I don’t know,” Harry replied. “From what we were told, they’re stopping the muggles from starting another world war. I guess the first step is infiltrating them, finding out what’s really going on.”

Narcissa returned with their dinners, placing them on the table and kneeling at Ron’s feet. They fed the girls as they continued their discussion. 

“So, how do you plan to do that?” Ron asked. 

“From what we could find out, once a wizard attains a certain amount of power and wealth, they’re approached by the covens,” Harry explained. 

“I suppose you would qualify then,” Ron agreed. “Oh, I forgot to mention. When we were searching the Lestrange home, we found a book. It went into detail about the ritual.”

“A book?” Harry said in surprise. “About the ritual?” He knew those were extremely rare, and guarded jealously by the purebloods. “Can I see it?”

“I don’t have it,” Ron explained. “The twins do, though. I don’t think they’ll have a problem lending it to you.”

“Thanks Ron,” Harry smiled. He already knew there was no way to break the ritual, but the insight he could gain from reading the book would be useful.

“Is there anything Narcissa knows?” Harry asked. He never really had the opportunity to question a high-ranking pureblood about it before.

“Tell him Narcissa,” Ron ordered.

“Yes Master,” Narcissa nodded. “It’s true about the covens. They control the muggle world, they have for decades, and defeating them won’t be easy. They’re some of the most powerful magic users in the world, and they hold high-ranking positions within most of the magical governments as well.”

“Even if you could somehow defeat them, they’re actively working to keep the world safe from the muggles. You would need to replace them at the very least.”

“What do they want?” Harry asked. “What’s their end goal?”

“They’ve already achieved it,” Narcissa revealed. “They control everything.”

“They must have a hierarchy?” Harry asked. “There must be someone in charge.”

“They’re called the Triumvirate,” Narcissa revealed. “It’s a group of the three most powerful wizards in the world. No one knows who they really are, but they make all the decisions. All the covens report directly to them.”

“How do they bring in new members?” Harry asked.

“The first step is forming a coven,” Narcissa revealed. “Then an existing member would need to offer an invitation to join.”

“Do you know anyone that can do that?” Harry asked.

“I did, but that was before the war. They’re all either in hiding or dead,” Narcissa explained.

Harry nodded. He doubted a former Death Eater would willingly offer an invitation, especially for the one that killed their Master. He would need to find someone on his own.

“I guess that’s that,” Ron added. “Unless you can track down someone willing to give you an invitation.”

“If I can, will you join my coven?” Harry asked.

“Let me think about it,” Ron offered. “In the meantime, though, I am hungry for something else. Do you mind?” He asked, gesturing at Narcissa.

“Not at all,” Harry replied, immediately catching his meaning. “I think I might just do the same.”

Ron pushed his empty plate aside and bent Narcissa over the table. “Legs further apart,” he ordered, giving a light slap to her ass. 

Narcissa said nothing as she spread her legs further apart.

“Good girl, now spread your ass cheeks open for me,” he ordered. “I want to see all of you.”

Ron looked down at the woman he had fantasized about for years as she reached back, exposing her cunt and asshole to him. When he first spoke to her, she was every bit the prim and proper pureblood wife. Frigid, aloof, and dismissive. She wouldn’t have even looked twice at him. It was amazing how many things could change over just a few short months.

Ron unzipped himself, sheathing himself inside his slave’s waiting cunt. He loved the feel of her pussy wrapped snuggly around his cock.

Narcissa bit her lip to keep from moaning as Ron pumped his dick inside of her. As soon as he bent her over the table, she was wet for him.

It was so uncivilized, doing such things at the dinner table, but what could she expect from someone so boorish?

“Hermione, Emma,” Harry ordered, “up on the table.”

“Yes Master,” they replied as they copied the same pose that Narcissa was in, bending at the waist, and pressing their chests against the tabletop.

Harry stood back, enjoying the view. He had been a little worried in the beginning, not sure if they would stick with the plan, but he had been pleasantly surprised. They followed every one of his orders without question.

“Spread your ass cheeks for me,” Harry ordered, watching as they followed his instructions, showing him their plugged assholes and cunts. They both looked like they were ready for him. He could see their wetness dripping down their legs.

Harry moved behind Hermione first, holding onto her waist as he lined up his cock with her dripping cunt. “Tell me what you want, slave,” he demanded.

“Ohhh,” Hermione moaned as she felt the tip of Harry’s dick tap against her pussy lips. “Master, please, I need you.”

“You’re going to have to be a little more clear than that slave,” Harry laughed as she rubbed his dick along her pussy lips without actually penetrating her.

“Please Master,” Hermione groaned, as a shuddered in arousal. Was Harry really going to make her say it, and in front of Ron, no less?

“Please what?” Harry demanded as he held his cock between her ass cheeks, pressing his hips forward to rest against her ass.

“Oh god..” Hermione moaned as she felt a tremor run through her body. It wasn’t fair. Harry had only let her cum once since they got here. He knew how badly she needed it.

“What was that slave?” Harry asked, enjoying the position he had placed her in.

Hermione closed her eyes, letting out a shuddering breath when Harry tilted his hips forward, but still refused to put his dick inside her. She had no choice. She had to say it. “Please, Master… I need it, I need your inside me,” she begged.

Ron couldn’t help but watch Harry in amazement. Who would have thought the same girl that had tried to free house-elves in their school days would be naked, collared, and begging her Master to fuck her? He would have to try the same trick with Narcissa some time. 

Harry pushed his cock inside Hermione’s dripping cunt, pressing his hips against her ass as he waited. It was so easy to push Hermione’s buttons when he got her all worked up like this. 

Hermione was confused. What was going on? Why wasn’t Harry doing anything? She turned her head, looking over her shoulder questioningly. Then she saw it, the grin on his face.

She knew what he wanted, and with the way he had her pinned to the table, and with Ron watching them, she didn’t have much of a choice.

Swallowing her pride, she looked Hary in the eye. “Please, Master… fuck me,” she begged.

Harry nodded as he moved his hips back before pushing them forward again, building to a steady rhythm. 

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” Hermione grunted with each of Harry’s thrusts, pushing her ass back to meet each of his thrusts. Her toes curled as she arched her back, savoring the feel of Harry’s cock thrusting into her. 

‘Damn,’ Ron thought as he picked up the pace with Narcissa. ‘I definitely have to do that with Narcissa.’

Narcissa had given up all pretense of containing herself when Ron picked up the pace. She knew it was wrong. She shouldn’t be moaning like some kind of deviant. She was the daughter of a noble house, but she just couldn’t contain herself anymore and let out a low keening moan as Ron hammered into her.

Emma watched from her place at the table enviously as both Hermione and Narcissa moaned wantonly as their masters fucked them. She wondered when she was going to get her turn.  

Then she felt it. Master had turned on her plug. She could feel the powerful vibrations coming in waves. She arched her back, pressing her hips tightly to the table as she moaned, now feeling silly for thinking her Master had forgotten about her.

Hermione ran her fingers through her hair, as Harry continued to thrust into her. It felt good. It always did with Harry, but something was off. Harry wasn’t fucking her the way he normally did, with the same power and dominance she craved. She groaned internally as she realized he was going to make her say it.

“Please, Master…” Hermione moaned between thrusts. “I need more.”

“More what slave?” Harry demanded, slowing his pace to accentuate the point.

“Please, Master… I need more… Fuck me harder,” Hermione begged.

It was like a switch went off after she finished speaking. Harry immediately picked up the pace, slamming his hips forward, his thighs slapping loudly into her ass as he took her.

“Eeeeek!” Hermione squealed as Harry hammered his cock into her pussy. She grabbed the edge of the table, her knuckles turning white as she tried to hold on. He had never fucked her like this before. She had never felt so dominated, so submissive before, and she loved it.

Ron knew he couldn’t last much longer. He had tried to match Harry’s pace, but was falling short. Narcissa had already cum twice, and with one last thrust he emptied balls into Narcissa’s waiting cunt with a loud grunt. “Argh!”

Ron leaned back into his chair, pulling Narcissa back with him and settling her on his lap as he caught his breath. 

Narcissa leaned into her master heavily, struggling to keep her eyes open after the best fuck she had ever received.

Hermione was barely holding on. She was right there, but Harry wouldn’t let her cum. He had never fucked her this hard before, or for this long. She had given up all pretense of control she thought she had, along with any sense of propriety she felt she had left. “PLEASE MASTER!!,” she screamed. “Please! Let me CUM!!” she begged.

Harry looked down at Hermione, her body glistening with sweat as she finally became the wanton slut he wanted. “Cum for me, slave.”

Hermione screamed out, arching her back as she rode out the most powerful orgasm of her life, “AWGAWD MASTER!” followed by a second, and incredibly a third, orgasm back to back.

She slumped onto the table, breathing hard, as she tried to get ahold of herself. She could barely move. There was a river of cum flowing down her legs, and amazingly, she could still feel Harry inside her, still hard as a rock, even after all that.

“Alright, your turn Emma,” Harry said, pulling his cock out of Hermione’s well fucked pussy, causing an audible squelching sound when he did.

Emma looked up at Harry in awe, his cock glistening with Hermione’s juices. She rubbed her thighs together. She had never wanted her Master more than at this moment.

Emma expected Harry to move behind her and fuck her the same way he did Hermione, so it came as a surprise to her when he pulled her to her feet and turned her around, so that her ass was pressing into Hermione’s.

“Lean back,” Harry ordered, helping Emma to lie down on top of Hermione with their backs pressed against each other.

Emma spread her legs to help balance herself as Harry moved between them, holding onto her hips. She looked up at her Master. “Please fuck me, Master,” she asked huskily. “Make me cum.”

Harry leaned forward, his cock already slick with Hermione’s juices easily slid into Emma’s cunt with a single thrust.

“Oh god,” Emma moaned as Harry fully sheathed his cock inside of her. She could still feel her plug pulsating inside her ass, increasing her pleasure even more.

Then Harry moved his hips, but unlike with Hermione, it wasn’t a slow, steady rhythm that built up slowly. It wasn’t making love, it wasn’t slow or gentle. Harry was fucking her with wild abandon, slamming his hips forward, pounding into her pussy with long, powerful strokes.

Emma held tightly to Harry’s shoulders, doing all she could to hold on. “UGH! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” she screamed out every time Harry slammed into her. She was in ecstasy. Pure, hedonistic ecstasy. This was the fucking she had always dreamed of receiving. 

Hermione lay across the table, too tired to move as Emma lay on top of her, keeping her pinned to the table as Harry thoroughly fucked her.

She was completely spent. ‘How could Harry still be going after all that?’ she wondered.

Harry gripped Emma’s waist tightly with one hand, keeping her balanced on Hermione’s ass as he fucked her. Deciding to take it a step further, he lifted Emma’s legs into the air, one after the other, resting them on his shoulders.

Emma’s eyes bugged out of her head as the new angle opened her up even more to her Master’s cock, allowing him to penetrate her even deeper. She was breathing hard now. A sheen of sweat covered her body as she did all she could to hold on. “UGH! UGH! UGH! UGH!!” she groaned as Harry kept up his relentless pace.

Narcissa watched on mesmerized. She had never seen something so erotic, so intoxicating. Would Ron be able to fuck her like that, too?

Hermione moaned as Harry and Emma continued to rut on top of her. She was doing all she could just to stay awake. 

All of that went out the window when she felt her plug activate, sending powerful waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She let out a low moan, not knowing what to do. Harry had never exhausted her like this before. She didn’t think she even had another orgasm left in her.

“Cum for me, Emma,” Harry growled as he continued to slam into her.

Emma arched her back as the powerful orgasm rocked her body, “AAAAAHH!” she screamed out as her orgasm washed over her.

“Again!” Harry demanded, crushing his lips to Emma’s, cutting off her next scream of pleasure before another orgasm ripped through her body.

Emma’s head was spinning, two amazing orgasms so close together, and her master was still going strong. She was so glad Hermione was here with her. There was no way she could satisfy their master on her own.

Harry thrust one last time into Emma’s quivering cunt, finally emptying his load, but not before ordering both Hermione and Emma to cum one final time.

“MASTERRRR!!” Emma screamed out as she orgasmed again, moaning as she felt their combined juices leaking out of her cunt and drip onto Hermione’s ass.

Hermione was not far behind. “AAAHH!” she screamed out as another orgasm rocked her. Her eyes dropped, exhaustion truly settling in as she struggled to stay awake, much less move.

Harry calmly zipped himself back up and helped Hermione and Emma off the table. Both of them dropped to their hands and knees, not having the strength to stand up.

“Wow mate,” Ron exclaimed. “I had my doubts about you being able to keep Hermione under your thumb, much less her mother as well, but I stand corrected,” he said, settling Narcissa on the floor as he stood up as well.

“So, does that mean you’re in?” Harry asked. He didn’t want to admit it, but he needed Ron and his resources on his side. If he could get the former Mrs. Malfoy as his slave, he would be a useful addition to the coven he was forming.

“I’m in,” Ron confirmed, holding his hand out for Harry to shake.

Harry smiled, shaking Ron’s hand. “It’s getting late, and the girls are tired. I think we’ll head home.”

Ron smiled, “good idea mate, Narcissa is looking a bit tired as well,” he said, looking down at his exhausted slave.

“Hermione, Emma, we’re leaving,” Harry called out.

Hermione and Emma crawled to Harry’s feet, no longer having the strength to stand up, their eyes drooping heavily as they leaned on each other for support.

“Good girls,” Harry praised. “You’ve made me a very proud Master,” he said, apparating them back to the island.

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