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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Twenty-Two

“Ron?” Harry asked. “She’s a pureblood. What happened? How could she possibly end up a slave?” Harry asked the question he had been dying to know since he found out about them.

When he operated as Arcanum, none of his clients had been comfortable acquiring a pureblood. He later found out it was an unspoken rule amongst them. The daughters of pureblood families were off limits.

“That’s the most interesting part,” Ron revealed as he ordered Narcissa to kneel at his feet. “She isn’t actually a pureblood. None of the black sisters are. They share the same father, but their mothers were a muggleborns.”

“It was obvious that after a few generations, their magic was getting stunted, amongst other things, and their father found some muggleborns to strengthen the magic within their family line,” Ron continued.

“As for how she became my slave, you can thank her former husband for that,” Ron laughed. “After he lost most of his family fortune, he took out a big loan with the Goblins and put up Malfoy Manor as collateral. Then he ran off. From what I heard, the goblins can’t even find him now.”

“But why would he just run off?” Harry asked. “Why not just sell the manor to clear his debts?” 

“There really isn’t much of a market for old manor houses,” Ron shrugged. “It’s well above what most half bloods can afford, and the remaining purebloods don’t really have much of a reason to have a second large property. He would have ended up with a fraction of its true value.”

“So he ran off with the money, but he left his wife and son behind?” Harry asked.

“My guess is he got greedy,” Ron answered. “The money he got was a small fraction of his previous net worth and he didn’t want to share. He’s probably on a beach somewhere, hiding under a new identity.”

“That still doesn’t explain how Mrs. Malfoy became your slave, though,” Harry pointed out.

“I’m getting there,” Ron smiled. “The next part is about Draco. It fell to him after his father disappeared to make good on the loans. So he started by selling everything that he could inside the manor, but it still wasn’t enough. He couldn’t keep up with the payments, and fell behind on them. Gringott’s was even threatening to foreclose. That’s when he started looking for work.”

Harry kept his features schooled, he knew what was coming up next. “It sounds like he needed a lot more money than any normal job would pay.”

“Yeah,” Ron laughed. “But somehow he managed it, started making payments, even cleared some of the late payments, and everything was looking good for him. He was almost out of the woods.”

“Then he disappeared. He told Narcissa that he was doing a big job and wouldn’t be back for a couple of weeks. He should have been back four days ago.”

“Ok… so he’s just late coming back. What’s the big deal?” Harry asked, playing along. 

“He was never late before,” Ron replied. “He also ended up missing the last payment. There’s only a few ways he could have made the money he did. None of them are safe or legal.”

Harry shared a look with Hermione and Emma as he considered what to say next. “Do you think he had something to do with what happened to us?” Harry asked.

“Kidnapping and selling muggleborns would have done it,” Ron nodded. “But he just as easily could have been smuggling drugs, or robbing other purebloods.”

“I doubt he had anything to do with what happened to you three, though,” Ron pointed out.

“Oh? Why’s that?” Harry asked, interested in hearing his reasoning.

“From what you told me, you paid them and then they let all three of you go,” Ron explained. “You didn’t fight them, so no one would have ended up dead,” Ron said as Narcissa flinched at the reminder of what had happened to her son.

Harry nodded, glad that Ron was buying the story.

“Sorry, went off on a tangent there,” Ron added. “You’re probably wondering what I have to do with all of this, right?”

“Yeah,” Harry nodded. 

“I’ve actually wanted to tell you for a while now, but I wasn’t sure how you would react. I guess I didn’t really have anything to be worried about, though,” he said, glancing meaningfully at Hermione and Emma.

“I haven’t actually been in Auror training,” Ron confessed. “I’ve just been using it as a cover with everyone.”

“Then what have you been doing?” Harry asked.

“Near the end of the war, Fred got a tip about some Death Eaters. They were hiding out in one of their estates and were planning on fleeing the country. We knew we had to hit them before they escaped, so that’s what we did. Me, Fred and George snuck in. We caught them just as they were emptying their vault in the basement.” 

“They weren’t expecting us, so we were able to get the jump on them, and killed all both of them. That’s when we saw it. It was almost 300,000 galleons. We knew we couldn’t just leave it there to be picked up by the Ministry, especially with how corrupt they are, so we took it.”

“That’s when we got to thinking, there were plenty of Death Eaters estates, and if one of them had a vault in their home…”

“Then they probably weren’t the only ones,” Hary finished. “So, you’ve been stealing from Death Eaters,” Harry smiled. “That’s not a bad idea. I wish I had thought of it.”

Ron smiled. “I wanted to tell you, mate, but we didn’t know how you would have reacted.”

“No,” Harry held up his hand. “I get it. You took out some Death Eaters, and you reduced their war chest at the same time. It was a good plan.”

“Still, we had a few close calls. It would have been a lot easier with a fourth,” Ron admitted. “Especially when we ran into the Lestrange’s.”

“The Lestrange’s?” Harry asked, his interest peaked. He had wondered how Bellatrix ended up in the shape she was when he found her.

“Yeah, we thought they’d abandoned the manor a long time ago. We didn’t expect anyone to be there,” Ron replied.

“Are they all dead?” Harry asked. “I know Neville will be glad to hear it.”

“The brothers are,” Ron confirmed. “Bellatrix not so much. She managed to escape, but we hit her with a few spells, too. She’s probably holed up somewhere recovering.”

“That’s too bad,” Harry said, hiding his smile. “Neville’s been looking for her. Last I heard, he put up a bounty of 150,000 galleons.”

“That’s a lot of money,” Ron agreed. “Considering her current condition, someone might get lucky and bring her in.”

“I still don’t get how you ended up with Mrs. Malfoy, though,” Harry said.

“I met Narcissa at Gringott’s. I overheard her asking for a loan extension. After a little convincing on my part, she told me everything.”

“Long story short, I bought out the loan from the Goblins, and I’ll be closing on Malfoy manor soon.”

“I gave Narcissa an offer. She could either accept me as her Master and stay, or she could take her chances with her remaining sister, Andromeda. A day later, she agreed,” Ron said.

Harry looked at Ron, then down at Narcissa. This was absolutely perfect. Who would have thought that Ron, and by extension the twins, would be so enterprising? He knew Ron was up to something, especially with all the times he met with Narcissa, but he hadn’t expected this. 

“So, what do you plan to do next?” Harry asked. 

“Next?” Ron asked. “I’ve got everything I ever wanted, a big pile of galleons, a nice house, and a beautiful woman at my beck and call. What more is there?”

“The covens controlling the muggle world, and from the looks of things, a good portion of the magical world too,” Harry pointed out. “I want to find out what’s really going on, don’t you?”

“Hmm,” Ron thought about it for a moment. “I’m curious, but at the same time, I don’t want to fight another war, or risk losing what I have now.”

“They attacked and kidnapped me, Hermione, and Emma,” Harry explained. “And they fight a lot better than most of the Death Eaters we faced.”

“… Let me think about it,” Ron replied noncommittally. “Narcissa, get me a drink. Fire Whisky, neat. Anything for you Harry?”

“Sure,” Harry replied. “Hermione, go with Narcissa. I’ll have the same,” Harry ordered.

Narcissa and Hermione rose to their feet gracefully. “Yes Master,” Hermione said as she followed Narcissa into the other room.

Harry couldn’t help but glance at Narcissa’s ass as she left. Ron was a lucky man. He had no idea the former Mrs. Malfoy was hiding a body like that under her robes.

“I know, right?” Ron laughed as he caught Harry staring. “She’s an absolute wildcat in bed, too.”

“I know what you mean,” Harry smiled. “Believe it or not, Hermione and Emma are the same way.”

“Hermione? That is a surprise,” Ron laughed. Who would have thought their bookish friend would have such a wild side?

Narcissa returned with the tumbler of fire whisky. She handed it to Ron before she knelt at his feet again, followed by Hermione doing the same.

“You know Harry,” Ron said as he took a sip of his drink. “I think the girls are getting a little bored.”

“Oh?” Harry asked, knowing exactly what he was thinking and playing along.

“Hmm,” Ron replied, “I think we could use a little entertainment while we enjoy our drinks. What do you say?”

“What did you have in mind?” Harry asked, taking a sip as well.

“Let’s see how well the girls get along with each other,” Ron suggested. “If we’re going to work together to find out what’s really going on, we should know that first, right?”

Harry took a quick glance at Hermione and Emma, getting a subtle nod from each of them. He smiled inwardly after Ron said what he did. It sealed the deal. He knew Emma, and especially Hermione, wouldn’t risk losing an opportunity like this.

“It’s fine, mate,” Ron added, perceiving Harry’s silence as nervousness. “They all agreed to be sex slaves, and this is part of the deal.”

“… Alright Hermione, Emma, stand up,” Harry ordered. “I think both of you are a little overdressed.”

Hermione and Emma nodded to each other with a look of determination before they undid the clasps on their tops, letting them drop to the floor, then hooked their thumbs into the strings of their loincloths, pulling them down as well.

“On the rug, Narcissa,” Ron instructed, pointing to the rug by the fireplace. Narcissa said nothing as she crawled to the middle of the rug.

“You two Hermione, Emma,” Harry instructed. 

Hermione and Emma responded with a “yes Master,” as they dropped to all fours and crawled over to Narcissa.

Hermione looked at the blonde woman kneeling on the floor in front of her, feeling nervous. She knew what she had to do. She needed to maintain her cover, but this wasn’t just a stranger. It was the former wife of Lucius Malfoy, the man that had tried to kill them multiple times during the war.

Narcissa took the decision out of Hermione’s hands when she leaned forward, pressing her lips against hers. Hermione’s eyes widened as the older woman pushed her onto her back and straddled her waist before she pushed her tongue into her mouth.

Narcissa looked down at the muggle born between her legs as she broke the kiss, conceding that the girl at least looked the part of a proper consort. When the girl tried to sit up, she pushed her back down, kissing her more aggressively, letting her know who was in charge.

Emma didn’t remain idle as this was going on. She moved behind Narcissa, pressing her chest against the blonde woman’s back as she snaked her hand down her side and between her legs, her fingers running down the thin strip of curls as she pushed two of her into the blonde’s cunt.

It was Narcissa’s turn to be surprised when the other muggle born moved in behind her, doubly so when the woman started pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt. She tried to sit up, but the other woman that was practically laying on top of her now easily pushed her back down.

Hermione looked up to see Emma behind Narcissa and then followed her arm down to see her fingers firmly lodged in Narcissa’s cunt. A wicked smile made its way onto her face as the balance moved back into her favor. 

She reached up, tangling her fingers in Narcissa’s hair as she pulled her back down and arched her back, holding Narcissa’s face to her breasts.

Harry watched from his seat as Hermione became more aggressive with Narcissa with equal parts amusement and arousal. She always started out so timid and nervous, but it always fell by the wayside when she got her motor running.

Ron was thinking along the same lines as he watched from his seat, now seriously considering Harry’s offer, especially if this was what he could look forward to as they learned more about these covens.

Narcissa let out a low moan as the muggle born hit just the right spot, making her realize the situation was quickly spinning out of her control. It wasn’t even fair. There were two of them. She needed to swing things back in her favor.

She leaned back, pushing her ass against Emma’s hips as she reached between Hermione’s legs. ‘Two can play at this game,’ she thought as she pinched Hermione’s clit before slipping two of her fingers inside.

Hermione grunted as Narcissa pumped her fingers inside of her while pressing down on her clit with her thumb.

The older woman certainly knew what she was doing. She idly wondered how a pureblood housewife was so skilled at pleasing other women.

Ron watched the girls perform, the bulge in his pants becoming uncomfortably tight as they got into it. He had expected Narcissa to be stiff and uncomfortable with Hermione and Emma, but her obvious skills pleasantly surprised him. He would have to ask her about it later.

Narcissa bit her lip to keep from moaning again. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was enjoying herself. It had been far too long since she had been with another woman, let alone two.

Emma reached up with her free hand, cupping Narcissa’s breast and pinching her nipple as she tilted her head and sucked on the blonde’s neck.

Narcissa couldn’t hold back anymore, not after Emma’s latest trick. She leaned her head back, letting out a keening moan as she came, drenching Emma’s fingers. 

Emma wrapped her arm around Narcissa’s waist and leaned backwards, dropping onto the plush carpet holding Narcissa on top of her. She kept her arms tight wrapped around the other woman’s waist, giving Hermione time to sit up.

Hermione didn’t waste the opportunity. She quickly got between Narcissa’s spread legs, pushed her thighs apart, and leaned down, licking Narcissa’s cunt. She was eager for her own chance to force an orgasm out of the haughty blonde. 

Ron looked down at Hermione’s ass, getting a good look at the plug wedged in her ass for the first time. He had to admit, it looked good on her.

“The plugs are a nice touch, Harry,” Ron complimented. “I was just thinking about getting one for Narcissa, too.”

“Thanks,” Harry replied, taking a sip of his drink. “The girls didn’t like them in the beginning, but I think they’ve got used to them now.”

“How long do you keep them plugged?” Ron asked curiously. 

“They’re always plugged,” Harry explained. “It’s much easier to keep them clean that way. I only ever take them out when I have something else to put in there.”

“I can’t imagine they were too happy about that decision,” Ron laughed, remembering how bossy Hermione was when they were younger.

“That’s exactly why I do it,” Harry laughed with him. “They used to forget all the time who the Master was, and who the slaves were. This way they have a constant reminder of who’s in charge, and who makes the rules.”

“So this isn’t just to fool the covens? You’re really going for it, huh?” Ron realized. Harry wasn’t just putting on an act.

“You know me, Ron,” Harry said meaningfully. “I don’t do things halfway.”

“So, does that mean you took their asses?” Ron asked. Looking at Hermione and Emma now, he certainly would have been tempted.

“Not yet,” Harry replied. “The most they’ve had in there are their plugs and a couple of fingers. Although I did have them eat out each other’s asses a few times. They seemed to like it.”

“Why wait?” Ron asked. “The plugs must have stretched them out enough by now.”

“I guess I’m sentimental,” Harry replied. “I’ve been waiting for a special occasion.”

“I wish we talked ages ago, mate,” Ron said, shaking his head and sharing a knowing smile with Harry.

Narcissa looked down at the strumpet currently exploring every inch of her pussy with her tongue. She let out a moan when the girl sucked on her clit, having long since abandoned the idea of escaping the other one’s grip, content to observe the girl’s skills for herself.

She had to concede the muggle born knew what she was doing, teasing her, keeping her just on the edge, without letting her cum.

In a fit of frustration, she gripped Hermione’s hair, and started thrusting her hips against the younger woman’s face, willing her to get her off.

Hermione smiled internally. She had Narcissa right where she wanted her. She quickly took a moment to lick her index finger before positioning it right above Narcissa’s asshole.

Following Narcissa’s rhythm, she thrust her tongue deep inside the blonde’s pussy, at the same time pushed her finger into her ass.

Narcissa’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as the strumpet’s unexpected move. She had never allowed anyone back there, not even Lucius, and now this tart had the temerity to do so?

Getting over her initial shock, Narcissa took a breath, ready to give her a piece of her mind, but before she could say a word, Hermione pushed a second finger into her ass and locked her lips around her clit, sucking deeply.

The angry retort Narcissa had planned fell by the wayside. “UGHHH!” she screamed out in pleasure as Hermione plundered her ass and ate her out at the same time. She was close now, so close.

Hermione used her free hand to push a finger into the blonde’s slick cunt, now fucking both of her holes, determined to wipe the haughty look off her face.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Narcissa moaned as Hermione pumped her fingers into her cunt and ass. She knew she wouldn’t last long now, especially with the other one pinching her nipples and kissing her neck at the same time.

“AWGAAAWD!” Narcissa screamed out her second orgasm as she came all over Hermione’s face. 

‘That was incredible,’ Narcissa thought as she slumped onto Emma. It wasn’t quite as good as when her Master fucked her, but it was definitely a close second. 

She hoped the next time they played it would be just one of them, positive that she would have a better showing if she wasn’t double teamed.

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