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The Real Wizarding World Chapter Nineteen

Harry walked up the beach to join his girls, taking off his t-shirt and dropping it down on the ground with their tops. 

“Hello Harry,” Emma said huskily from behind Hermione.

Harry smiled. “How would you girls like to try something fun?” Harry asked as pulled something out of his pocket. 

“What’s that?” Hermione asked curiously. 

“It’s Gillyweed,” Harry explained. “It let us breathe underwater.”

“That does sound fun,” Hermione smiled as she thought about what they could get up to under the water.

Hermione and Emma followed Harry as he waded out into the water, taking a bite of the gillyweed before they dove under the waves. 

As they swam deeper under the ocean, Hermione marveled at the schools of fish swimming around them along with the all coral growing around them. Further off in the distance, she could even see the faint outline of a sunken ship.

Emma felt much the same as Hermione as they explored the depths of the ocean together, marvelling at what they found. 

After another hour of exploring, Harry directed them to a flat, sandy patch of sea floor, away from the sharp edges of the coral. 

Harry reached for Emma, pulling her into his arms as he kissed her deeply, exploring her mouth with his tongue.

After they pulled apart, Emma looked down to see that Harry had unclasped her bikini bottoms and pulled them away. 

Harry then did the same for Hermione, drinking in the sight of both their nubile forms, as they floated in front of him.

Hermione bent at the waist, unbuttoning Harry’s shorts, and allowing them to drop to the ocean floor. She took Harry’s cock in her hand, guiding it to her mouth. She had never even considered sex underwater before today. Before all this happened to them, sex was the furthest thing from her mind, and now she could barely go a day without craving it.

Holding the base of Harry’s cock, she guided him down her throat, massaging his shaft with her throat muscles as she used her fingers to stimulate his balls.

It surprised her when she didn’t feel the normal burn in her lungs for air, even after holding Harry insider her throat for as long as she had.

She looked up at Harry and realized what was happening. The gills along the sides of her neck were doing the breathing for her, not her lungs.

Harry groaned, running his hands through Hermione’s hair as she sheathed his dick inside her throat. Hermione was always a fast learner, something he was exceptionally happy about now.

Emma moved behind the floating form of Hermione, cupping her breasts in her hands as she played with her nipples, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her daughter, as she watched her suck Harry off.

Harry looked down at Hermione. It had been about five minutes now and she still had his cock buried in her throat. ‘We definitely have to do this again,’ Harry thought as he enjoyed the leisurely blow job Hermione was giving him.

Emma floated down underneath Hermione, cupping her ass and gently pulling her ass cheeks apart, giving her better access to Hermione’s dripping cunt. She tilted her head up and started tonguing Hermione from behind as she reached up, playing with her clit.

Hermione moaned around Harry’s cock as she felt Emma lap at her exposed cunt, moving her legs further apart to give Emma better access.

Emma took the opportunity to move to Hermione’s front, plunging two of her fingers into Hermione’s folds as she sucked on her clit, increasing Hermione’s pleasure even more.

Harry grunted when Hermione bobbed her head on his cock, matching the pace Emma had set. He knew it wouldn’t be long now. Hermione and Emma’s technique seemed to improve by the day. They were always finding new and inventive ways to please him.

Hermione pulled back, keeping Harry’s cock in her mouth as she felt his hot cum spurt into her mouth. She smiled around his dick as she pulled back, sealing her lips tight to make sure none of his cum escaped her lips.

Hermione floated down to Emma, locking their lips together, and sharing Harry’s cum between them.

When they finished, Harry guided Hermione to lie on her back and for Emma to get on top, putting them in a 69 position, then moved back to enjoy the show.

He loved seeing his girl like this, knowing that he was the one that made them that way. Mother and daughter turned into his perfect little sluts.

Hermione didn’t need any prompting as she grabbed Emma’s ass, pulling her cunt down to her waiting tongue. Emma soon followed, diving into Hermione’s cunt to return the favor. 

Hermione let out a low moan as Emma took the initiative, sucking on her clit and kneaded her ass. Not willing to be outdone, she pumped two of her fingers into Emma’s slick cunt.

Harry watched as his girls got further into it as they tried to out due one another, writhing on the sea floor. Before he knew it, he was already at full mast again. 

He swam in behind Emma, pushing Hermione’s fingers out of the way as he sheathed himself inside her waiting cunt in one stroke. He gripped Emma’s hips tightly in his hands as he pumped in and out of her slick folds. 

Emma arched her back up at the unexpected move from Harry, moaning out in ecstasy. 

Harry grabbed Emma’s hair, pulling her up so that her back pressed against his chest as he took her from behind. 

Emma closed her eyes tightly, her toes curling as Harry pumped his shaft in and out of her cunt while Hermione pinched her clit. She loved how wild and sinful her sex life had become. How Harry was willing, and able to indulge her in the kinds of things she had always dreamed of doing, but never had the courage to.

“AWGAWD!” Emma screamed out as Harry changed his angle slightly and sent her over the edge with his next thrust.

Harry released her hair, letting her slump down onto Hermione as he pulled his cock out of her well-used cunt.

Emma turned her head to see Harry swim in behind Hermione, his cock still hard and covered in her juices.

She moaned as she felt Hermione’s tongue return to her well fucked pussy, searching out any of Harry’s remaining cum within her folds.

Harry positioned himself between Hermione’s legs, pulling them further apart, as he slid his full length inside of her.

Hermione moaned as she felt Harry’s cock fill her greedy cunt, followed by Emma’s hands on her tits, pinching her nipples and teasing her as Harry worked up to a steady rhythm, thrusting his cock inside her.

Harry gripped Hermione’s hips tightly as he fucked her, gradually picking up the pace until he was hammering his cock into her pussy. 

As Harry picked up the pace, Hermione looked up at Emma’s cunt. She was practically sitting on her face, her cunt positioned invitingly close to her.

Hermione craned her neck up, giving Emma’s cunt a long slow lick before grabbing her ass and pulling her down.

Emma was still recovering when she felt Hermione’s tongue slide over her cunt and moaned in delight when Hermione thrust her tongue inside her, eating her out.

She looked at Harry lustfully as he fucked Hermione. He was so strong, so virile, especially when he was fucking them. It never ceased to turn her on. 

Emma leaned forward, pressing her lips to Harry’s in a searing kiss as he fucked her daughter. She had never dreamed that sex could be this good.

Harry grunted as Hermione’s warm, tight cunt practically milked his dick with every one of his thrusts. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer, especially so soon after fucking Emma, but he held off as long as he could.

Hermione could tell Harry was getting close. She worked three of her fingers into Emma’s sopping cunt, determined for all three of them to cum at the same time. 

Emma’s eyes popped open at the unexpected, yet welcome, intrusion. She was almost there, she could feel it. 

With one last powerful thrust, Harry buried himself deep within Hermione’s cunt, filling her with his seed. 

Harry’s last thrust set Hermione off as she came hard, writhing on the seafloor as her orgasm overtook her.

Emma was next as she felt Hermione’s fingers pumping in and out of her cunt even faster as she rode out her orgasm. 

The trio lay on top of each other as they came down from their mutual orgasm, catching their breath.

Harry pulled his dick out of Hermione’s cunt and helped his girls stand up. He could tell the gillyweed would run out soon. He put his swim trunks back on, and picked up Emma and Hermione’s bikini bottoms as he pointed to his throat, then up to let the girls know it was time to go. 

Hermione and Emma nodded in understanding, following Harry’s instructions as they swam after him and back to the beach.  

Hermione, Harry, and Emma broke the surface of the water just as the gillyweed ran out and stepped out of the water.

“Wow,” Hermione exclaimed, “That was amazing.” 

Emma nodded in agreement. “Yeah, we definitely need to do that again soon,” she said as she picked up the bikini tops they left behind, but made no move to put it back on. 

“I got the idea from the second task,” Harry said, referencing his and Hermione’s fourth year. “This was a lot more fun than the Hogwarts lake in winter, though.”

The girls nodded in agreement as they made their way back to the villa. They hadn’t realized it, but with the time spent exploring, and their other ‘activities’, they had been under the water for hours, and the sun was about to set. 

They had completely missed lunch, and were feeling it now. 

Hermione and Emma washed the salt and dirt from their hair and stepped out of the shower, taking a moment to watch the last few rays of sunlight disappear, revealing the starlight sky.

The lights of the city had always blocked out most of the stars, making it almost impossible to get a clear view of the stars.

Hermione stared down at the bed, looking at the clothes Harry had laid out for them. The old her would have been angry with him for being so presumptuous, but now she realized that there was a freedom that came with not having to make all the decisions.

The dresses were beautiful, clearly very expensive, and just like all their other clothes, left little to the imagination.

They were a dark black and low cut with a double slit that went to the hip. It was made of a tightly woven mesh of silk strands, strategically placed to cover their most intimate areas.

Harry had also laid out a box with a set of diamond earrings and matching diamond chokers for each of them. The chokers had a passing resemblance to the collars Arcanum forced them to wear, only thinner and a mixture of gold and diamonds instead of iron. There was even a set of stiletto heels set out for them.

“Harry must be planning something special,” Emma said as she looked through everything that Harry had picked out for them. 

Hermione could only nod in agreement as she imagined what they would look like. She would have never had the courage to wear anything even remotely this daring before. She was far too self-conscious then.

Hermione and Emma smiled as they got dressed, and did their hair. After everything that Harry had risked for them, he certainly deserved a reward.

Harry waited patiently for his girls. Their dinner was ready, braised lamb chops with scalloped potatoes. He knew Hermione and Emma would be practically drooling over the meal, especially after their breakfast today.

It was another subtle way for him to make them dependent and submissive to him. Especially with Hermione, who had been so willful and opinionated at school.

The time it took them to get ready had been well worth it when he saw them at the top of the stairs. He watched as his girls descend the stairs in the clothes he had selected for them. The black dresses stretched snugly across their chests and flowed freely down their hips, hinting at everything but holding back just enough to leave at least a little to the imagination.

The chokers looked lovely on their necks, but he still preferred them with their proper collars and plugs. He knew he had to play it carefully, but he was confident he could have them back in their proper attire soon.

“Wow,” Harry smiled. “You both look beautiful,” Harry complimented. 

“Thank you,” Emma smiled. “You look pretty nice yourself,” she complimented. Hermione nodded along, taking in the black suit with the crisp white shirt he was wearing.

“This all looks wonderful,” she complimented as she stared at the meal that Harry had prepared for them. Her mouth was watering. She could practically taste the food already.

“Where did you learn to cook like this, Harry?” Hermione asked. “This looks like it came out of a five-star restaurant.” She said as they sat down on either side of him. 

“It was after Hogwarts,” Harry explained. “I did some traveling and picked up a few recipes along the way.”

Harry sliced a piece of lamb, holding it out on the tip of his fork for Hermione to eat.

Hermione leaned in eagerly, taking the first bite, savoring the delicate flavors as they danced across her tongue. She hummed in delight. It tasted even better than it looked. 

Emma took the next bite, enjoying it just as much as Hermione did. She could certainly get used to eating like this.

“Maybe we should talk about what we should do next,” Harry suggested as he took a bite of his own.

“They kidnapped us, intending to turn us into slaves,” Hermione summarized. “And we still don’t know if they did this as a way to manipulate you into joining them, or if you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“We also don’t know who we can trust,” Harry added, “or even how many people are involved, and how far up this goes.”

“Arcanum is the brother of one of your friends, Ron, wasn’t it?” Emma asked.

“Yes,” Hermione agreed. “It’s possible he doesn’t know what’s going on, but there’s no way to know that for sure. There’s also a possibility that one or more of his brothers could know about it as well.”

“Percy also said a small group of witches and wizards who operate separately from the magical government controls the muggle world,” Harry added.

“He also said there was someone that paid to have us kidnapped,” Emma added. “If that’s true, there’s someone out there that didn’t get the galleons they were supposed to as ‘compensation,’” she reminded them. “Now that Percy is dead, it’s only a matter of time before this person comes looking for us, since they won’t be able to find him.”

Harry nodded. “We have to figure out who it is, and what to do about them. Is it better to make him think ‘Arcanum’ ran off with the money or is it better to pay him and keep Arcanum ‘alive’ to see what else we can learn?”

“As much as I hate the idea of it, I think it would be better to pay them,” Hermione offered her opinion. “Arcanum, being ‘alive’ is far more useful to us than him being dead. The connections he had are our best chance to figure out what’s really going on.”

“How are we going to do that?” Emma asked. “Percy didn’t leave behind any records of that stuff,” she reminded them. 

“I’ve been thinking about that,” Harry replied. “Percy wouldn’t have just left that kind of information out in the open, but he definitely would have kept records of it.”

“You’re right,” Hermione agreed. “We need to go back and search the place again. We also need to make it look like Percy and his group abandoned their base and are still out there somewhere.”

“Then I guess it’s decided,” Harry said. “We’ll let everyone believe Arcanum and his underlings are still alive.”

Emma stood up from the table when they finished eating and took Hermione’s hand. “Now there’s just one more thing to take care of,” she said as she led Hermione back to the bedroom. “Give us about twenty minutes, Harry.”

“What’s going on?” Hermione asked when they got back to the bedroom.

“I was looking through the chests, and I found something I think Harry is going to like.” Emma smiled as she walked to the closet, pulling out a bag.

Hermione looked inside the bag curiously and started pulling out the items.

“What do you think?” Emma asked.

“I think Harry’s definitely going to like them,” Hermione smiled as she pulled out two sets of matching lingerie. After the day at the beach and the dinner Harry made them, he certainly deserved it.

She admired the revealing set of black silk lingerie, complete with garter belts and stockings, imaging how they would look in them.

Hermione and Emma shimmied out of their dresses, letting them drop to the floor as they got ready.

“Keep the necklace and the earrings on,” Emma said as she put on her thong and started connecting the garter belt to her stockings. 

“Good idea,” Hermione said as she looked in the mirror, admiring the choker necklace again. 

A few minutes later, they were both dressed and ready for Harry. “Come on,” Hermione said as she led Emma to the bed with a wicked smile. “Let’s give Harry something to look at when he comes in here.”

Hermione lay down on the bed, pulling Emma on top of her, so that Emma was straddling her waist. 

Emma followed Hermione’s lead, leaning her head down, and touching her forehead to Hermione’s. She arched her back, accentuating the curve of her ass, ensuring it would be the first thing Harry noticed when he came in.

Hermione looked up at Emma’s lips, just inches away from her own. ‘I don’t think Harry will mind if we start the foreplay a little early,’ she thought as she pressed her lips to Emma’s.

Emma didn’t need any convincing. She returned the kiss, pressing her tongue against Hermione’s lips, seeking entry as she palmed Hermione’s breasts over her bra. Before they knew it, they had lost track of time, fully engrossed in what they were doing.

They used their hands and tongues to explore each other’s bodies, not noticing when Harry arrived.

Harry stood at the door, mesmerized by the sensuality on display in front of him. He took another moment to enjoy the show before he moved onto the bed to join them.

Hermione and Emma came back to themselves when they felt the bed shift beneath them, blushing as they saw Harry leaning over them.

“Don’t stop on my account,” Harry said from behind Emma as he reached up, unclasping her bra and palming her breasts in his hands. 

Emma smiled at Harry before she looked down at Hermione, kissing her again. She enjoyed the feel of Harry’s strong hands fondling her breasts. She let out a soft moan as he rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, adding to her pleasure.  

Harry pressed his chest against Emma’s back, pressing his hard on firmly between Emma’s ass cheeks as he watched his girls make out. 

Emma groaned as she felt Harry wedge his cock between her ass cheeks, his shaft pressed against her asshole, reminding her what she had to look forward to. 

Hermione looked up to see Harry behind Emma, sucking on her neck as he joined him in their foreplay. 

She snaked one of her hands down her chest, dipping her fingers into the waistband of her thong, and over her bare cunt, before she plunged two of her fingers inter her pussy. 

She moaned in pleasure at the combined feeling of Emma’s hands on her breasts, and her own fingers pumping inside of her.

Harry leaned back, hooking his thumbs onto the waistband of Emma’s thong and expertly flicked the delicate hooks on either side, unhooking the waistband as he pulled the thong out from between her legs, tossed it to the floor.

Emma’s eyes widened in surprise as Harry did something and she felt her thongs fall away. She groaning into Hermione’s mouth as Harry returned to grounding his dick against her ass as he sucked on her neck. 

Hermione looked down in surprise when Harry did the same thing to her thong, casting it aside as well. 

Harry held onto Emma’s waist as he lined his cock up with her dripping cunt, taking a moment to enjoy the view of her sculpted ass before he plunged into her depths with practiced ease.

Emma broke the kiss with Hermione, burying her face in Hermione’s ample chest as Harry sawed his dick in and out of her cunt, building up to a steady rhythm.

She grunted and moaned as Harry’s cock somehow found just the right spot with each of his thrust. 

Harry pressed down on Emma’s ass, pushing her down so that her cunt pressed tightly against Hermione’s.

He pulled out just before Emma could cum, pushing his cock into Hermione’s cunt next.

Emma groaned as Harry slid out of her. Just a few more seconds and she would have cum. She could feel Hermione’s pussy grinding against hers with each of his thrusts. Harry was teasing her, giving her just enough to keep her on edge, but not enough to let her cum.

Emma reached underneath Hermione, unhooking her bra and freeing her tits. She sucked one of Hermione’s nipples into her mouth, biting delicately on her nipple as Harry fucked them both, alternating between them with every few thrusts.

Hermione let out a loud moan of pleasure at the duel pleasure of Harry’s cock plunging into her depths while Emma sucked on her tits. She reached up, tangling her hands in Emma’s hair, holding her tight to her chest as she moaned wantonly, enjoying everything Harry was doing to her.

Hermione growled lustfully when Harry pulled his cock out of her slick folds again. He could always tell when she was about to cum, and knew exactly when to pull out to keep her from cumming.

Harry mashed his lips to Hermione’s, sandwiching Emma between them as he explored her mouth with his tongue, fondling Emma’s breasts beneath her at the same time. 

Emma lay there expectantly, waiting for Harry to put his cock back inside of her. She knew she was close now. Harry would definitely make her cum this round.

Harry leaned back, pushing Emma slightly forward and grabbed Hermione’s ass, lifting her into a better position as he slammed back into her. 

“OH, oh, oh OH, OH, OH!” Hermione grunted as the new angle allowed Harry to go even deeper inside her, quickly driving her towards a powerful orgasm.

Emma was a little disappointed when Harry skipped her turn, but quickly got over it when Hermione latched onto her tits, massaging them in her hands as Harry fucked her.

She ground her cunt into Hermione’s hips, rutting against her to increasing her pleasure as she waited for her turn. 

“AWGAWD! HARRY!!!” Hermione screamed out as she came. Her hands dropped to the mattress as, as her eyes closed, blissfully passing out.

Emma looked down at Hermione. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing deeply. With the orgasm she just had, it came as no surprise. 

That was when she felt Harry’s hand on the back of her head, pressing her forehead into Hermione’s shoulder, as he raised her ass back up. She was already so close, Harry only had to thrust into her a few times before she erupted around him with a scream of ecstasy. “MASTER!!!!”

A moment later, she felt Harry empty his balls into her with one last powerful thrust. Her eyes drooped as she came down from her orgasm, joining her daughter in a blissful sleep.

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