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The Legacy of Merlin Chapter Eight

Harry sighed as he walked through the streets of London. He did get some answers to his questions from Nimue, but it had left him with far more new questions than he knew what to do with, along with a nagging doubt in himself.

When he solved Merlin’s cypher, it was his greatest accomplishment, something that proved he was more than what his family always told him he was. But he couldn’t ignore the connection between himself, Merlin, and the vault.

It was with these heavy thoughts that he stepped into a pub for lunch. ‘Maybe I can think more clearly after I have something to eat.’ It was small and not very busy. Harry sat down at one of the tables, idly watching a news broadcast as he decided what to have.

“This is Laura Sommers with local 8 news interrupting your regularly scheduled program to bring you a special report.”

“Behind me is a tunnel that collapsed approximately 30 minutes ago, and to make matters worse, there is an overturned school bus clearly visible underneath the rubble.” 

“So far, no one has emerged from the bus leading rescue workers to believe that the driver and the children inside are unconscious.”

“What can I get you?” A waitress said as she stepped between Harry and the tv.

“What?” Harry asked, his attention focused on the news broadcast.

“What can I get you?” the waitress repeated, a little annoyed.

“Oh, sorry,” Harry replied. “Just a burger and chips, please.”

“Coming right up,” the waitress said, turning on her heel and taking his order to the kitchen.

Harry turned his attention back to the news broadcast.

“Recuse workers still can’t evacuate the passengers for fear that the tunnel could collapse at any moment,” the reporter said, the worry clearly evident in her tone.

“We are currently awaiting special heavy equipment to temporarily reinforce the tunnel so that it is safe for rescue workers to enter, unfortunately they are stuck on the M25 due to a traffic jam.”

Just as the reporter finished speaking, Harry watched in shock as a large chunk of cement fell onto the bus. Thankfully, it just glanced off the side, leaving a large dent, but not collapsing the structure of the bus.

He then watched in shock as he saw a man jump the police barricade and rush towards the bus.

“Wait!” Laura said in surprise. “A man just rushed inside the tunnel. He’s making his way to the bus. He’s trying to get through the back door! The door is stuck. He can’t get through. It must have been damaged in the initial collapse,” Laura speculated.

“The man is now desperately kicking on the door. I can see it bending! He’s through! I can see him now. He’s carrying two of the children out now. They’re unconscious,” she said in worry.

“The paramedics are looking after the children, and it looks like the man is going back in now… No! Police on site are trying to stop him.”

“They’re arguing, but I can’t make out what they are saying from here.”

“The man just shoved one of the police officers out of the way and ran back in!”

“He’s back on the bus now. He has two more of the children with him. They’re unconscious, but otherwise unharmed,” Laura said in relief.

“The police are arguing with him again. They’re trying to get him away from the tunnel.” 

“NOT A CHANCE IN HELL! EITHER HELP ME OR GET OUT OF MY WAY!” the man shouted loud enough for it to be picked up on camera.

“It looks like he convinced the police officers to help. They are going into the tunnel with him!”

Harry watched in awe as the now three men made their way into the bus, each of them dragging out two small children with them.

As soon as they brought the children to the waiting ambulance, they turned around again, going back into the tunnel and pulling out six more children with them.

“I have just been informed that there are only four more children left,” Laura said in relief. “I can see the two police officers emerging from the bus now with the children.”

“The other man is still inside the bus,” Laura reported. “… I see him coming out now. He has the bus driver. It looks like the driver received the worst of it. He has a head wound that’s still bleeding quite badly, but it looks like they are all off the bus.”

Harry could only watch in horror as the tunnel shook after the reporter finished speaking. Large chunks of cement started raining down on the bus driver, the man, and the school bus. When it was over, both men were covered in chunks of cement.

The bus was completely destroyed. The roof had collapsed in, and had anyone been inside, they most definitely would not have survived.

“The two police officers are shifting through the rubble now,” the reporter said in a somber tone, the relief from earlier completely forgotten.

“The hero that stepped in to save the children is being pulled out of the rubble now. There are multiple cuts and what looks to be at the very least two broken arms, and possibly a leg. He is unconscious,” the reporter said, downcast as the paramedics carefully moved him to a waiting stretcher.

“The police have now extracted the bus driver,” she continued sadly as she looked away. “… He didn’t make it.”

The camera then focused on the man that had started the rescue, showing a clear image of his battered and unconscious face.

“Whoever this man is, he is a hero. He went into a terrible situation when no one else would. If anyone watching this broadcast knows him, please go to The Royal London Hospital… I don’t think he has much time left.”

Harry looked at the screen in horror. He recognized him. It was Ben!

Harry practically flew out of the pub, his order completely forgotten as he hailed the nearest cab and went to the hospital.

Harry was filled with anxiety as the cab made its way to the hospital. The minutes ticking by felt like hours as Harry was overcome with worry.

When they arrived, Harry rushed to the main entrance, only stopping long enough to pay the fare. 

He reached the front desk. “There’s a man you brought in. His name is Ben Parker. He was the one of the news that rescued the children from the tunnel. Is he alright?” Harry demanded. “Can I see him?”

“Are you a friend or family member?” The nurse asked as she looked up from the file she was reading.

“I’m a friend,” Harry replied. “Please, can I see him?”

“Can you contact his family?” The nurse asked. 

“No,” Harry shook his head. “I only met him a few days ago. He’s from the United States. He’s here on vacation by himself.”

“Your friend isn’t doing well,” the nurse answered. “The doctors are assessing him now, but he sustained a lot of injuries. It will be at least an hour before they’re done, probably longer.”

“I’ll wait as long as it takes,” Harry said as he sat down on a chair in the waiting room.


“Minister Fudge, I have a report for you about the vault,” Saul Croaker said as he walked into the Minister’s Office.

“Good news I hope?” Fudge asked. 

Ever since Harry had solved the cypher, the Ministry had been inundated with owls from not just the general wizarding public, but also professors and historians from around the world asking to view the contents of the vault.

So far, the Ministry had kept it under wraps under the guise of inventorying the vault, but the narrative would only hold up for so long.

“Some,” Saul answered. “We completed a basic inventory of the vault, but it is very limited.”

“Let’s have it then,” Fudge asked.

“There are 97 books on the shelf. We can’t make out the titles because of the magic obscuring it. There is a sword of unknown origins in the vault, as well as a large book sitting on a pedestal. We are assuming it’s a journal, and there is a large chest against the wall,” Saul answered.

“That’s not really much more than we already know,” Fudge surmised. “Has there been any progress on getting past the protections?”

“None.” Saul shook his head. “We’ve even had a team of curse breakers from Gringotts examine it.”

“They said they’ve seen nothing like it. They can’t even find the rune matrix for the wards.”

“There was a flash of light when Harry entered the vault,” Fudge remembered. 

“Yes, the only theory we have at the moment is that Harry Potter has been imprinted as the key to the vault, and he would have to retrieve the items himself. There’s no other way to get in.”

Fudge was afraid of this. Harry had no obligation to retrieve the contents of the vault, let alone give them to the Ministry, and he was struggling to even think of anything even remotely worthwhile he could offer to him in exchange. He already had a fortune at Gringotts.

“Alright, I’ll reach out to Harry Potter and see if there’s anything we can work out.”

Saul nodded as he left the office.

Cornelius leaned back in his chair, thinking about his meeting with James Potter. It had gone as well as he had expected.

He had never told anyone, but there was a series of two-way mirrors strategically placed around his office that recorded everything that had happened.

It was especially useful in ferreting out spies and the various listening charms that were attempted in his office on an almost daily basis.

Not all of them could be traced, but some led back to noble families, members of the Wizengamot, even ministry workers as well. It proved to be extremely useful when he needed a bill passed or a piece of legislation to be blocked.

The best part was, every time they sent someone to figure out how he was catching them out they always looked for listening spells and charms, not physical objects, and certainly not a two-way mirror the size of a nail head, all but invisible unless you were looking specifically for them.

This was the perfect time to call in his favor from Rita Skeeter. Her credibility was at an all-time high thanks to the WWN broadcast, and the exclusive interview with Harry Potter afterwards, something no other news organization had done.

And best of all, Rita had a history of exposing secrets, so he could easily claim that he did not know how she found out about his meeting with James Potter as well.


Harry sighed as he ate the last bite of the cold sandwich he got from the vending machine. He had been waiting for almost four hours. The nurses and doctors could only give him a few sporadic updates.

They had attempted emergency surgery for his internal injuries, but after only half an hour, they deemed he was too far gone for the surgeries to be of any help, and more likely to shorten his life rather than extend it.

The doctors told Harry he could see Ben as soon as he woke up, but with each passing minute, he wondered if Ben would wake up at all.

‘It’s not fair,’ Harry thought. ‘Ben is a good person. He doesn’t deserve any of this. Why are so many terrible people allowed to exist in the world, but not him?’

“Harry Potter,” a nurse called out to him. “Mr. Parker is awake. We’ve told him you’re here and he would like to speak with you.”

“Ok,” Harry nodded somberly. He would at least get to spend some time with his friend before he passed.

“Harry,” the nurse said softly. “I want to warn you before you see him. He’s sustained a lot of injuries and is very weak. You need to prepare yourself, because it will be a shock.”

Harry nodded as the nurse led him to Ben’s room. He took a deep breath before he turned the doorknob and stepped inside.

The nurse had warned him, but it was still difficult to see Ben like this. He was heavily bandaged. His chest, arms, and legs were covered in them. There was also one wrapped around his head, and Harry could see that the blood was already soaking through it.

There was definitely some swelling in his face, and Harry could tell that he had difficulty breathing from the hitch in his breath.

“Is that you, Harry?” Ben asked with difficulty.

“It’s me, Ben…” Harry trailed off, not knowing what else to say. After all, what can you say to a person who you know is dying?

“Come sit down here,” Ben said slowly, having trouble getting the words out.

Harry sat down in the chair beside Ben. “I saw the news report. When I found out it was you, I came here as fast as I could.”

“I know… the doctors and nurses… They said there was someone waiting to see me. I hoped… that it would be you,” Ben said.

“Why did you have to go in there, Ben? Why didn’t you wait for the rescue workers like everyone else?” Harry asked sadly.

“Believe me.” Ben let out a wheezing laugh. “It wasn’t my first choice either.”

“Then why?” Harry asked. “Why would you risk your life for them like that? You didn’t even know them.”

“Someone had to, Harry,” Ben replied simply.

“You told me that helping other people was good, that all the good you put out into the world would come back to you one day,” Harry said sadly. “But it was a lie. Look what happened to you. Where is all that good now?”

“It’s in this room with me… right now,” Ben said, looking up at Harry with conviction.

“What are you talking about? Nothing good happened today.” Harry retorted. “The world is just a cruel and terrible place.”

“I know it seems that way now, but I promise you it’s not,” Ben denied. “You need to believe that.” 

“You’re going to die, Ben,” Harry felt deflated. “I don’t see any of that good today.” 

“You’re right Harry, I’m going to die, and it’s difficult to find the good in times like this, but it’s still there.” 

“When I woke up in this hospital bed I was so afraid I was going to die alone, that there would be no one with me at the end, just some well-meaning strangers.”

“Then the doctors told me there was someone here waiting for me, that they knew my name, that they had been waiting for me.”

“You… You are the good I put out into the world, returning to me,” Ben said, his voice thick with emotion.

“When I die, it will be in the company of a friend. In the end, that’s all anyone can really ask for.”

Harry couldn’t hold it back anymore. The tears just started streaming down his face. ‘Why was the world like this? Why was it so cruel? Why did good people have to die? Why did bad get to keep people keep living?’

He hadn’t cried like this in a long time, not since he was five, when he had lost someone else.

“It’s alright Harry,” Ben said comfortingly. “When it’s our time, it’s just our time.”

“It isn’t fair,” Harry said, wiping away his tears.

“No, it’s not,” Ben agreed. “Life never is, but I’m glad that I got a chance to meet you.” 

Harry just looked back at him with watery eyes.

“Tell me Harry,” Ben asked. “When I gave you the money, did it help you?”

Harry nodded his head. “Yes.”

“Did you pay it forward? Were you able to help someone else?” Ben asked.

“No,” Harry shook his head. “Not yet.”

“That’s ok… I know you’re a good kid, you’ll get the chance to.”

“Do you think you can do something for me, Harry?” Ben asked.

“Anything,” Harry said. “Just name it.”

“I’m married. My wife’s name is May,” Ben said. “She doesn’t know what happened. The nurses tried to call her, but she must have been out. Can you call her and tell her I love her? Tell her I’m sorry we won’t get to have that dance I promised her.”

Harry felt his heart break at that moment. Ben was dying in front of him, and he never once thought about himself. It wasn’t right, the world shouldn’t work this way. He wouldn’t let it work that way.

As soon as Harry had that thought, the world flashed away around him. Everywhere he could see was just white, he was in a void of complete nothingness.

Harry panicked, wondering where he was, looking around for anything. Finally, he saw something far off in the distance. As he ran closer, he could see it, a wooden bridge.

Harry walked out onto the bridge. There was a figure walking towards him in the distance, slowly getting closer. It was an old man with a beard, weaning gray robes, and holding a staff in his hands.

The man finally came to a stop in front of him.

“Who are you?” Harry demanded. “What is this place? Where am I?”

“You are in your mind, Harry, and I am Merlin,” the man answered.

“Merlin? But how? You died more than a thousand years ago,” Harry answered in surprise, realizing what was happening. “Nimue said it would be my most recent incarnation that I would meet first.”

“… Nimue,” Merlin paused. “… I have not heard that name in a long time.… Then she must have already explained what’s happening to you.”

“She told me I would have to meet each of my incarnations, starting from the most recent. So how are you here?” Harry asked.

“I am not sure,” Merlin answered. “In my lifetime, across all of our incarnations that I have met, we have always followed the chain. This has never happened before.”

“How did you get here and how am I here?” Harry asked.

“You are the Prime. You drew upon the chain,” Merlin answered.

“The Prime? What does that mean?” Harry asked.

“You are the Prime incarnation of our soul,” Merlin explained. “And you called me forth.” 

“Every time you call upon an incarnation, we begin in your mind, and you must choose to allow us in or send us back.” 

“So the question is, why have you summoned me? What has happened?” Merlin asked.

“I have a friend. He’s hurt badly and I want to save him, but I don’t know how,” Harry explained. “I need to get back to him. He doesn’t have much time left.”

“I understand now,” Merlin nodded. “And you need not worry about the time. In the confines of your mind, time moves much more slowly. While we are here, only moments will pass in the real world.”

“What do you understand?” Harry asked.

“The need to save someone you care about is a powerful force,” Merlin explained. “That need allowed you to reach me because I know the magics you require, the ones your more recent incarnations don’t know of.”

“Can you save my friend?” Harry asked desperately.

“It doesn’t quite work that way, Harry,” Merlin explained. “With every incarnation, it is the same soul and the same magic. What you gain is our knowledge and our experiences. I have no magic to wield. I would have to teach you what you need to know.”

“How long will that take?” Harry asked.

“A long time,” Merlin answered. “What you ask for is not an incantation you recite while you point your wand. These are the deep magics.”

“You must commune with magic itself, understand how it interacts with the world, and how you connect with it. Only after that can you do this.”

“There must be something?” Harry asked. “What good are all these incarnations when they can’t save the people I care about?”

“Harry…,” Merlin said. “What you ask for is not wise.”

“So, there is a way?” Harry asked.

“It is dangerous, Harry, very dangerous,” Merlin warned.

“What is it? Tell me,” Harry demanded.

“If you let me in, I can guide your magic through the spell,” Merlin explained. “But you are not ready for this, Harry. This will tax your magic like nothing you have ever felt before, and you may not survive it.”

“You mean I would have to accept you as the first link in the chain?” Harry asked as he remembered Nimue’s warnings.

“Yes Harry,” Merlin answered. “And I am certain that Nimue has warned you of the dangers of doing so before you are ready.”

“I implore you, Harry, spend your friend’s last moments with him. You are not ready for this.”

“You’re not how Nimue described you,” Harry observed. “She said that you would ask for something in return for your help.”

“Yes, who I was the last time I saw Nimue. I would have done exactly that,” Merlin agreed. 

“I was lost. I delved too far into our incarnations, and while I learned many things, some beautiful, some terrible, I lost a piece of myself each time.” 

“It took a long time after that to recognize what I became, and even longer still, to find my way back.”

“… I can’t let Ben die,” Harry said, deciding. “He is a good person. He doesn’t deserve this.”

“Then you have decided,” Merlin said as he held out his hand for Harry to take.

Harry reached out, clasping Merlin’s hand, and he was suddenly back in the hospital room with Ben.

“Are you okay, Harry?” Ben asked.

“Why? What happened?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know,” Ben replied. “You just stopped moving, like you were frozen”

“I’m ok,” Harry replied. “And so will you,” he promised.

“What are you talking ab-” Ben said, but stopped in shock as he looked into Harry’s eyes.

Harry’s eyes glowed an unearthly, almost angelic white as Merlin’s will guided his magic. From there, the light spread to the rest of his face, flowing down his shoulders, then his arms.

Harry reached out, touching Ben’s chest. Somehow, he could feel everything that was broken. He could feel the cracked and broken bones, lacerations, internal bleeding, spinal cord damage, the bruising to his heart, all of it.

Harry slowly started feeding his magic into the injuries, speeding up Ben’s natural healing exponentially.

He first started with the heart, regenerating and knitting together the muscle fibers, and then doing the same for the broken ribs.

Ben didn’t know what was happening, but he could feel the pain in his chest that he felt when he woke up slowly fade. He could finally breathe without feeling the pain of each breath.

Then he felt the skull fracture, and the broken bones of his arms and legs disappear as well. 

As he felt the deep lacerations across his body healing, the light surrounding Harry abruptly stopped and he slumped over.

“Harry? Harry?” Ben asked in panic, trying to shake him awake. “What happened? Are you alright?”

His raised voice must have alerted the doctors and nurses outside because they quickly rushed in, looking at his heart monitor and asking question after question.

“What happened?”

“Why did you scream?”

“Where are you feeling the pain?”

“I’m FINE!” Ben finally shouted, sitting up. “Check on the kid, is he ok?”

The nurses and the doctors in the room all stopped in shock as they stared at the man that was literally on death’s door a moment ago. He shouldn’t have been able to sit up, let alone yell with all the injuries he sustained.

“Don’t just stand there!” Ben shouted. “Is he ok!?”

A doctor finally reached down to check on the boy, slumped over in the chair and checked for a pulse. “He has a pulse, but it’s very weak,” he observed.

“What happened to him?” The doctor asked.

This put Ben in a difficult position. Would they believe him if he told them what really happened? What would the government do if they found out what Harry could do?

“We were talking, and he just passed out,” Ben lied. “Is he going to be ok?”

“I’m not sure,” the doctor said. “His pulse is weak, and he’s very thin for his age. There are some signs of malnutrition as well.”

“Put him on the other bed,” the doctor told the nurses. 

As the nurses removed Harry’s shirt and connected the leads to the heart monitor, they all stared at him with worry.

Without the baggy shirt, they could all see how thin he really was, and the heart monitor showed his heart beat getting weaker still. 

The nurse connected the IV into Harry’s unresponsive arm with worry. She had seen very few children in the condition that Harry was in.

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