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The Legacy of Merlin Notes and Updates

Chapter Updates

May 25th 2023 – Chapter 25

No major changes, just the final edit I didn’t have time to finish before posting on Wednesday.

Jan 31st 2023Chapter 13

I updated the second meeting between Harry and Ted in this chapter. This was due to some feedback I got on chapter 12. This was done to establish Albus as a powerful figure in the wizarding world and also shed some more light on his motivations. 

Jan 31st 2023 – Chapter 14

This one is a minor update to Lily and Albus’s conversation about James. It establishes that a stint in Azkaban is also possible consequence for James’s actions

Planned Updates

  • March 15th 2023 – Increase the number of early access chapters for the Professor and Third Year tiers from 3 to 4 chapters.  (sorry, I had planned to do this for the first of March, but i’m not completely happy with the chapters I am planning to post, I need a little more time to get them right) DONE

Story Updates

  • Chapter 15 is the end of the pre-hogwarts arc of the story. 
  • The second arc will be Year Zero, which will start on Chapter 16 and cover Harry’s first year. I have it planned out as about 40 chapters give or take 

Future Updates With No Set Time Frame

  • Increase the number of early access chapters for Professor, Third Year, and Second Year by one chapter (this will probably happen in between March and April depending on how fast I can write

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