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The Legacy of Merlin Chapter Twenty-Seven

Harry ran through the hallway of the second floor. He could feel the magic he had been searching for over the last few weeks. It was much stronger today, easier for him to detect.

“It’s all hallow’s eve,” Merlin explained. “Certain magics are stronger at this time of the year. It’s no surprise you can feel it so clearly.”

Harry didn’t respond. He turned the corner, pushing past the other students as he continued to track the magic. He was getting close, he could feel it.

He threw open the door of one of the unused classrooms, rushing inside, only to stop and look around in confusion. “It’s gone again,” he sighed, disappointed.

“You’ll get another chance,” Merlin said confidently.

“How do you know that?” Harry asked.

“You should be able to feel it, too,” Merlin explained. “The ambient magic is getting stronger, and it will continue getting stronger until some time after midnight. When the magic appears again, you’ll be able to find it.”

“I hope so,” Harry replied, checking his watch. He was already fifteen minutes late for charms class.

He turned on his heel, jogging to class, and hoping the Professor wouldn’t be too upset with him.

“Mr. Potter, good of you to join us,” Professor Flitwick, hint of annoyance in his tone upon seeing him.

“I’m sorry, Professor,” Harry replied as he went to sit beside Ron. “I lost track of time.”

“See that it doesn’t happen again,” Flitwick warned. “The next time you’re late, I will have to deduct house points.”

“Yes Professor,” Harry agreed as he got out his books.

“Alright class, today you’ll be practicing the mending charm, reparo. Open your books to page twenty-seven and start reading. After you finish, you’ll get a chance to try out the charm for yourselves,” the Professor explained.

“Psst, Harry, where were you?” Ron whispered. Harry had run out of the great hall halfway through breakfast like he was being chased.

“I’ll tell you after class,” Harry whispered back as he opened his textbook. He had already read the chapter, but this would be the first time he attempted the spell.

Ron nodded, going back to his own reading, happy with his progress. He had recently made it to fourth place in the ranking, putting him neck and neck with Hermione for third, and just behind Malfoy for second place.

Harry looked up sharply from his book. The magic was back again, just above him. He fought down the urge to rush out of the classroom in search of it again. He doubted the Professor would be happy with him if he did.

He could feel the magic, just on the edge of his senses, and making it impossible to concentrate on Flitwick’s lesson.

“Well, Mr. Potter, do you have the answer?” Flitwick asked again, noticing how unfocused and distracted Harry was.

“…What?” Harry looked back at the Professor in confusion.

“I asked you if you had the answer,” Flitwick repeated with a frown on his face.

“I’m sorry Professor, I don’t know.” He said, not having heard the question in the first place.

Hermione’s hand immediately shot up, ready to answer.

“Yes Miss Granger, go ahead,” Flitwick said, noticed her hand up.

“The reparo charm was invented by Orabella Nuttley in 1754,” Hermione answered.

“Very good, Miss Granger,” Flitwick praised. “Take five points for Gryffindor.”

Hermione beamed, happy to find a question that Potter didn’t already know the answer to.

“What can the charm be used to repair?” Flitwick asked. “Go ahead Mr. Malfoy.”

“Inanimate objects,” Draco answered.

“And what can it not be used to repair?” Flitwick pressed.

“Living beings, objects damaged by dark curses, and complex magical objects,” Draco rattled off what he remembered from the book.

“Good job, Mr. Malfoy, five points to Slytherin as well,” Flitwick replied.

“What about modifiers to the spell?”

This time Ron raised his hand.

“Mr. Weasley,” Flitwick called, surprised that Harry hadn’t even bothered to raise his hand yet.

“Papyrus Reparo. It’s used to mend torn pieces of paper,” Ron answered.

“Correct. Take five points for Gryffindor Mr. Weasley,” Flitwick said happily.

Harry was oblivious to all of it as he continued to track the magic. It was closer now, much closer, just outside the door of the charms classroom. If he didn’t know any better, he would say the magic was taunting him.

“Are you sure you’re ok mate?” Ron asked. Harry always seemed so focused on what he was doing. It was strange seeing him so distracted.

“What? No, I’m fine,” Harry replied. “I’m just having a little trouble concentrating today.”

“Alright class, in front of each of you is a broken teacup. I want you to practice the reparo spell on those,” Professor Flitwick instructed.

He watched as his students practiced the spell to varying degrees of success as he walked around the room, noting that Harry, unlike everyone else, had yet to even attempt the spell.

Draco pulled out his wand, concentrating on the teacup in front of him, “reparo.” He said, watching as the teacup slowly knit itself back together after his fourth attempt.

When he finished the spell, he caught sight of Potter staring around the room again. It looked like he was searching for something, and whatever it was, it was far more important to him than his lessons.

Ron was the next one to get the spell correctly, looking down at his repaired cup proudly.

“Excellent work Mr. Malfoy, and Mr. Weasley, take five points each,” Professor Flitwick smiled.

Hermione looked up in surprise from her cup to find that not only had Draco beat her, but so had Ron. She wasn’t sure why, but over the last week or so, she had to concentrate twice as much as she used to on getting her spells right.

Taking a deep breath, she focused her mind on the cup in front of her, picturing it back together, “reparo.”

She felt a strain on her magic as she watched the cup intently. The broken pieces slowly fit themselves back together as the cracks slowly faded away.

“Good work, Miss Granger, take two points for Gryffindor,” Flitwick said as he examined her cup.

By the end of class, half the students could cast the spell correctly, but surprisingly Harry wasn’t one of them.

Harry rushed out of the door, chasing after the magic, but as soon as he did, the magic was gone again. He looked around in frustration, unable to pick up even a trace of it.

Ron looked at his friend with concern. They had just finished transfiguration class, and Harry seemed to be even more distracted than he had been in charms class.

Professor McGonagall had been far less forgiving than Flitwick, docking points the second time she caught him not paying attention.

“What’s going on, Harry?” Ron asked after they left transfiguration.

Harry sighed as he looked around again. The magic has dissipated again, just when he finished the class as well.

“Harry?” Ron asked again.

“Oh, sorry Ron,” Harry replied. “What were you saying?”

“I asked you what’s going on,” Ron repeated, annoyed that he had to spend most of the day repeating himself.

“Nothing,” Harry denied.

Ron sighed, he had enough. He wanted to know what was going on, and he was tired of being brushed aside.

He pulled Harry into an unused classroom and shut the door behind him. “It isn’t nothing Harry. You’ve been acting strange all day. I know you could have easily transfigured your mouse, but you didn’t even try, so what’s going on?” He pressed.

Harry sighed as he looked at his friend, realizing he couldn’t put off telling him what was going on any longer. “I’ve been picking up on something strange inside the castle,” he confessed.

“What?” Ron asked, confused. “What are you talking about?”

“This is going to sound strange, but there’s some type of magical object inside the castle. I can feel it moving around every few days, then it just disappears. Today I felt it much more clearly than I before,” Harry explained.

“Why are you the only one that can feel it?” Ron asked. “How do you even know if it’s real?”

“It’s real,” Harry assured him. “I’ve been training since we came to Hogwarts on magic detection.”

“…Ok,” Ron said skeptically. “Let’s say I believe you. Why do you even want to find this thing?” He asked.

“Whatever this thing is, it’s not normal,” Harry explained. “It can move on its own, and it’s leaking magic, a lot of it. It might be something dangerous.”

“Do you think it has something to do with Egwu and his friends?” Ron asked.

“I’m not sure,” Harry replied.

“Ok,” Ron nodded. “What do you want to do about it?”

“I want to find out whatever it is,” Harry replied. “And I think today is the best chance I have to do it.”

“Alright,” Ron agreed. “I’m in.”

“Thanks mate,” Harry smiled as they walked to the great hall for lunch. Maybe it would be easier to find it with a little help.

Hermione watched as Ron and Potter arrived. They were late coming back from transfiguration. She smiled to herself. The extra work she and Draco were doing was paying off, and it seemed like Potter’s slacking off was finally catching up with him.

Harry sat with Ron in the common room, playing a game of chess, when Harry felt the magic again.

It was late, and there weren’t many students left in the common room, only a few of the older students sitting around the fireplace talking, and Hermione sitting on the couch across from them, reading a book.

“I can feel it again,” Harry whispered. “It’s much more clear than it was before.”

“Alright,” Ron whispered back, putting away the chess set. “Let’s go.”

Harry nodded, and they made their way to the door, trying not to draw any attention to themselves.

“What are you doing?” Hermione demanded, looking up from her book as she saw Ron and Potter standing beside the door.

“Keep your voice down,” Ron whispered.

“What’s going on?” Hermione whispered back. “It’s past curfew. You aren’t leaving the tower, are you?”

“We’re looking for something,” Harry whispered. “We won’t be gone long.”

“Just wait until tomorrow,” Hermione replied. “One of the prefects, or the professors are going to catch you.”

“We can’t,” Harry replied. “There’s not enough time to explain.”

“Please Hermione, don’t say anything,” Ron implored, glancing at the older students meaningfully.

Hermione looked between Potter, Ron, and the older students, trying to decide what to do. She had worked really hard to earn the house points she did today. If they got caught, all her hard work would be for nothing.

‘It would be so easy to get the attention of the other students,’ she thought. ‘They could definitely stop them from leaving,’ but she just couldn’t bring herself to tell on them.

Hermione sighed, feeling like she might regret this later. “Alright, I’m coming with you then.” If she went along, she could at least keep them from getting caught.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” Harry replied. “I think-”

“I wasn’t asking permission,” Hermione interrupted. “Either I come with you, or we find out what the older students think about all this.”

Harry sighed, not having much of a choice. “Alright, let’s go.” Tonight was his best chance of tracking down what he was looking for. He knew he couldn’t let this opportunity slip through his fingers.

The trio walked out the door, closing the it behind them silently as they left the tower.

Harry looked around, detecting the magic he was looking for. “It’s this way,” he said, walking down the hallway.

“What’s he looking for, Ron?” Hermione asked as they followed behind Potter.

“Harry said that he felt a weird magical object moving around the castle,” Ron explained. “We’re trying to find out what it is.”

“He felt a magical object?” Hermione asked skeptically. “What does that even mean?”

“I don’t know,” Ron replied. “But I believe him.”

“Potter what’s going on?” Hermione demanded. “What do you mean you can feel magical objects?”

“Keep your voice down,” Harry said, looking around to make sure there was no one within earshot.

“It’s something I’ve been working on since we arrived at Hogwarts,” Harry explained.

“Why?” Hermione asked, this time quieter, her natural curiosity winning out.

“It’s supposed to help with dueling, knowing what spell someone’s going to cast before it leaves their wand,” Harry explained.

Hermione studied Potter carefully. She didn’t think he was lying. He at least believed he could feel this magic.

“What are you going to do when you find it?” Hermione asked.

“I’m not sure,” Harry said as he led them to the staircase. “I guess it depends on what it is.” He said, pointing to the top of the staircase. “It’s that way.”

Hermione and Ron looked up the winding staircase leading to the top of the astronomy tower.

“There isn’t supposed to be any astronomy classes tonight,” Hermione said, furrowing her brow.

“Stay behind me,” Harry said as he walked up the staircase, doing his best to say in the shadows.

Hermione and Ron moved behind Harry as they crept up the stairs behind him.

“I hear something,” Ron whispered. “I think there’s someone up there.”

“I hear it too,” Harry agreed. “It sounds like chanting, but I can’t make out what they’re saying.”

As they crept closer, they could make out six figures wearing hooded robes. They were standing around something.

“Over there,” Harry said as he pointed to an alcove further ahead. “We should be able to see what’s going on from there.”

They carefully crept to the alcove and peaked their heads out. They could see something chained up between the hooded figures.

Harry stared closer, his eyes going wide as he spotted a large, hairy leg. He recognized what it was immediately. An Acromantula, a large one. It was thrashing against the chains, but not making any sounds. “Must be a silencing charm,” he murmured.

“What are they doing?” Ron whispered, in shock, as he stared at the largest spider he had ever seen.

“Harry, you need to leave now!” Merlin demanded as he heard what they were chanting.

‘What is it?’ Harry thought, ‘what’s going on?’ He had never heard Merlin sound like this before. He sounded almost afraid.

“I’ll explain later, but you need to leave now!” Merlin implored.

“We have to go,” Harry whispered.

Just then the moonlight light up the face of one of the hooded figures. “That’s Beatrice,” Hermione exclaimed. “What’s she-”

Harry quickly covered Hermione’s mouth, pulling her back. “Be careful,” he hissed. “They almost heard you.”

Hermione struggled in Harry’s grip. ‘There must be a reason they’re out here,’ she thought. If Potter would just let me go, I could ask her.

Hermione’s eyes went wide, and she stopped struggling. She looked on in horror as each of the hooded figures pulled out a silver dagger from their robes.

She could see the moonlight glinting off the blades as they raised them in the air, bringing them down on the helpless Acromantula, over and over again.

The spider screamed silently as it thrashed around for a few seconds before convulsing, then dropping limply to the floor. Blood poured from its wounds, spreading out across the stone floor.

“RUN!!!!” Merlin shouted in Harry’s mind.

A sickly green light emanated from the dead spider, enveloping Beatrice, and what was almost certainly the rest of the study group.

“We have to go now,” Harry hissed as he let go of Hermione, leaving no room for argument.

Hermione and Ron didn’t have to be told twice as they scurried after Harry, both terrified by what they saw.

Ron was in a rush to leave, his long held fear of spiders coming to the forefront of his mind as he struggled to fight down his panic. He didn’t notice the display case against the wall as he ran, bumping into the side of it with his shoulder.

You could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed, then the study group turned as one towards them.

Andre looked across the hallway. He couldn’t see who they were. It was too dark for that, but he knew he couldn’t let them escape.

“Stop them!” Andre demanded as he aimed his wand at the intruders.

“Fumos,” Harry said quietly, casting a thick shroud of smoke around them as they made a beeline for the stairs.

“Stay low!” Harry said, pulling Hermione and Ron down, just as Andre’s spell sailed over their heads, followed by several more from the others.

“Keep running and don’t look back,” Harry warned. “We can’t let them see our faces.”

Hermione and Ron, hot on Harry’s heels, didn’t question him as they followed him down the stairs as quickly as they could.

Harry looked around frantically for a place for them to hide, but couldn’t find one. They could already hear the footfalls of their pursuers on the stairs. If they didn’t do something soon, Andre would catch them.

“Fumos! Fumos! Fumos!” Harry shouted, filling the hallway with as much smoke as he could as he ran towards the second floor staircase.

Ron looked over his shoulder at the thick cloud of smoke as he ran. The spell hid their identities, but also made it obvious which direction they were going in.

His moment of distraction cost him. A spell burst out of the smoke, hitting him in the leg, and sent him tumbling across the floor. He could hear them getting closer, and worse still, they were dispelling the smoke.

Harry looked down to see Ron, trying to stand up, but failing. He came to a stop, and pointed his wand at Ron’s leg. “Finite,” he said, countering the jelly legs jinx, and pulled Ron to his feet.

“Thanks mate,” Ron said grateful, that he could move again.

“Keep running, and watch out for more spells,” Harry warned as they continued down the hallway. With Andre so close behind them there wasn’t much else they could do.

Harry cursed the fact that he brought Ron and Hermione along with him. His goblin portkey could have easily whisked him away, but it was only good for one person, and he couldn’t leave Ron and Hermione behind to face Andre alone.

Harry spotted the stairs, and dashed down to the first floor. He cast another set of fumos spells to hide them again, but it was getting less and less effective.

The study group was prepared for the spell now, and were blowing away the smoke almost as fast as Harry could produce it.

“They’re going to catch us,” Hermione said breathing hard, She knew she couldn’t run much further.

“We need to slow them down somehow,” Harry agreed.

“I have an idea,” Hermione said as she pulled out her wand. “Glisseo.”

Harry and Ron watched as the bottom half of the staircase flattened into a slide.

“Good idea Hermione,” Ron praised as they set off again.

‘It was supposed to effect the whole staircase,’ Hermione thought in confusion as she followed after the boys.

A few moments later they heard a loud crash, and the shouts of their pursuers.

“We need to find a place to hide,” Harry said, looking around desperately. “The staircase bought us a little time, but they’re going to catch us at this rate, and there’s too many of them to even consider fighting them off.”

“The forest,” Ron said. “It’s our only chance!”

They quickly made a beeline for the door, dodging spells as the study group started to close the gap again.

Harry shoved open the door as they ran outside, thankful for the cover of night. They no longer needing the fumos spells to keep their identities hidden.

Hermione stared at the imposing trees, remembering what they were told during the welcome feast. A shiver ran down her spine as the moonlight played off the tree branches, making the forest seem even more ominous than usual.

She looked back, still able to make out the figures of the study group as they chased after them. She gulped visibly as she followed Potter and Ron into the forest.

“We have to keep going,” Harry said, veering hard to the left, and off the path. “Over there,” he pointed to a large bush.

Ron and Hermione quickly followed after Harry, ducking into the bush and staying low.

Hermione did her best to calm her breathing, making as little noise as she could, hoping the study group hadn’t seen them dive into the bush. Her heart pounded in her chest as she hear the footfalls of the study group getting closer and closer.

“Do you see them?” Lucian asked as he looked around. “I think they went that way.”

“No,” Ismelda replied. “Did you see who they were?”

“No,” Lucian shook his head. “How did they even get past the aversion charm?”

“Maybe they followed one of us,” Ismelda replied.

“Maybe,” Lucian replied, reluctantly. “Let’s check over there,” he pointed further into the forest.

After a few moments, Hermione let out the breath she had been holding, moving to stand up before Harry grabbed her shoulder, shaking his head. “They’re still out there. We can’t risk them finding us,” he whispered.

Hermione nodded as she sat back down, looking around to see if she could spot them. It wasn’t easy in the dark, but she could see the faint light emanating from their wands as they moved around them.

“What were they doing?” Hermione asked.

“It looked like some kind of ritual,” Harry replied. “The Acromantula was probably the sacrifice.”

“It was an empowerment spell,” Merlin supplied. “They took the magic of the acromantula and added it to their own.”

‘You said that was one of the rituals you locked away in the vault,’ Harry thought.

“Yes,” Merlin agreed. “So either they rediscovered it, or they found a copy of the spell that I missed.”

How much stronger are they?’ Harry thought.

“At least two, maybe even threefold,” Merlin replied.

‘The ritual felt wrong,’ Harry thought, unable to think of a better way to describe what he sensed.

“Yes,” Merlin agreed. “It’s also extremely dangerous to them as well.”

‘What do you mean?’ Harry thought.

“They’re bodies were nowhere near ready to absorb that amount of magic,” Merlin explained. “They’ll only have a few months, possibly a year, before the excess magic damages their magical pathways permanently.”

‘Why do all this if it’s only going to strengthen them for a few months?’ Harry thought in confusion.

“I don’t know,” Merlin admitted. “The ritual will hamstring their magic, possibly for the rest of their lives.”

“Harry?” Ron asked, watching as the study group spread further out, now searching the bushes and trees for them. “What do we do?”

Harry counted the figures, spotting only four of them. “Two of them aren’t here. They’re probably waiting for us to show up at the castle.”

“We should go back,” Hermione suggested. “Maybe there’s a way we can sneak past them.”

“No,” Harry said, shaking his head. “They’ve probably already set traps for us. If we go anywhere near the castle now, they’ll find us for sure.”

Hermione nodded reluctantly, conceding that Potter was probably right. She just wanted to get out of the cold, curl up in her bed, and pretend she never followed Potter and Ron out of the common room.

“Did you find it?” Ron asked. “The thing you were looking for?”

“No,” Harry shook his head. “I could tell it was there with them, when they did the ritual, but not what it was.”

“I can’t believe no one heard us,” Ron observed. “I thought for sure Filch or his cat would have come running after all the noise we made, or at least some of the prefects.”

“…You’re right,” Harry realized, his eyes widening. “And why would Andre take the risk of doing something like this inside the castle? Unless they knew no one would find them.”

“They’re coming this way again,” Hermione said, fearfully pointing at two of the two cloaked figures.

It didn’t escape her notice that they were using spells meant to harm, but not kill them, making it clear they wanted to interrogate them first.

“We have to go further into the forest,” Harry said. “It’s the only way to avoid them.”

“Further in?” Hermione asked, trying to decide what was worse. The creatures in the forests or the people hunting them.

“They’re spread pretty far apart,” Ron observed. “We could probably get the jump on them if we’re careful.”

“No,” Harry shook his head. “They’re all in sight of each other. As soon as we use a spell the light will give us away, and the rest of them will be on us in a second.”

The trio carefully moved out of the cover of the bush, as they moved further into the forest, making sure to keep each member of the study group in their sight.

It was going to be a long night.

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